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Perryman expected to be out for Georgia Tech; Duke named ACC Rookie of Week again; Seantrel could win a starting job this week

Barring a huge surprise, the Miami Hurricanes will be without starting middle linebacker Denzel Perryman when they play at Georgia Tech Saturday.

Perryman has a deeply bruised high ankle sprain -- according to someone close to him -- that will keep him out at least a week if not longer. He has a protective boot on his ankle and will be reevaluated later this week when the swelling goes down.

All coach Al Golden told the media Monday morning was that Perryman didn't practice and that he didn't know his condition.

UM will likely turn to junior Jimmy Gaines in the middle this week. He and sophomore Gionni Paul took the majority of the snaps at middle linebacker Monday.

Georgia Tech has scored more than 50 points in back-to-back games for the first time since 1936. Against on Saturday, the Yellow Jackets ran for 461 yards and passed for another 133.

> Freshman running back Duke Johnson was named ACC Rookie of the Week for the second time this season on Monday. Johnson scored four touchdowns in Saturday's 38-10 win over Bethune-Cookman and ranks second nationally in all-purpose yards.

Jorge Milian of the Palm Beach Post and I spoke to offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch at length today about how he plans to balance his desire to use Duke often in his offense versus protecting him and making sure he's around for the duration of the season. So far, Fisch said he hasn't had to overuse Johnson because Mike James (5.2 yards per carry) and Eduardo Clements are doing a good job. He estimated Johnson got in for about 35 snaps Saturday. I'll have more on Fisch later.

> Golden said offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson is in the mix for a starting job this week -- at left or right tackle -- after having his best game for UM since Golden has been around. Fisch said Henderson continues taking most of his reps at right tackle in practice, but he could start at left tackle. Coaches don't see it as a big deal that Henderson isn't taking reps on the left side. Henderson got in on 52 snaps and graded "very high" according to Fisch.

> While safety Vaughn Telemaque remained out of practice in a big, bulky knee brace Monday, there was some positive news. Freshman linebacker Raphael Kirby and receiver Allen Hurns were out there participating in practice. The real test, though, will be Tuesday.

UM didn't do any hitting Monday. Players wore shorts, jerseys and hats during Monday's practice. Golden said he wanted their bodies to take a break.


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good stuff jim, but reality is golden is here to stay awhile. no matter the record, he is signed for many years.i like that you used facts, and somewhat agree with you. i think since he is gonna be here, i will hope for the best, i see temple, and i KNOW temple aint miami, but he built it to last, not a one year wonder. and if he can do it, we will be good for years. how long? only time will tell. but it wont be this year, or next, thats for sure. have a great day as always, go canes

cdtt, thanks coach. imean, like, you are coaching me as, like,a cheerleader. like, you know, your, like a real good coach..dufus

Good stuff, facts don't lie. All AG has to do if fire his whole defensive staff. By the way, I'm starting to question our offensive coordinator. His play calling stinks. AG needs to start micro managing things.

With Denzell out someone needs to step up. Look at his highlights against GTech last year. It's goin to be hard replacing that.

she can probably kicked your sorry as*.
Why not take your trolling self out of here.

They way to slow down the triple Option as played by GA Tech is to knock the QB on his butt every time he runs, whether he pitches it or not. Take a penalty once or twice if you have to.
Besides getting beat up physically, he'll have those beatings on his mind.

Gallo, Kiffin is a poser, and got his gigs due to his dad. Brian kelley has won nothing at notre Dame as yet, other than beating our sorry behinds 2 years ago.
Fisher blew a turd last year. He'll find a way to lose to NC State, os some such.
At least 2 losses.

Butch Davis was a savior, no argument there. But in the early 90's, the competition for Florida players was far less, and UM was able to reload much faster.
Now, besides the 7 Florida schools, the ACC and Big East are hot and heavy.

6 years of previous mediocrity prior to Golden has made recovery most difficult. At least Davis took over a program that had seen great success prior to his taking over. Not Golden.
The damage done by Randy Shannon, and to some extent Larry Coker cannot be underestimated.

Damage was done from the top...Shalalalalala. How many NC's done during her tenure? When did the problems start? When was Shalalalala hired?

Does anyone on here think we would have had a better team or have a better record if golden would have let storm stay at the U instead of trying to run shannons players off.I know that bridge water would have been an upgrade at qb and Eli Rodgers would have been another nice wr for us. The dc problem is that he has not adapted to the Miami way of playing defense. He did not have to totally scrap everything and start over. I don't think the players have bought into whatever style of defense that is. The defense is extremely porous out there and the coach doesn't need to be on the hot seat? We will see very soon how you all feel about this regime. I hope we win or at least put up a fight but I'm not going to hold my breath. Stop protecting these coaches the U does not look good out there and they need to improve on every aspect starting with the coaches.

YOu all need to stop. AG will do nothing to put Donofrio on the hot seat till the end of the season if this continues. Stop predicting bc you all are -know-nothings.
Clearly it will depend on our record and defensive stats at the end.

Gionni Paul can cover for Perryman for now. Clements and James must take some slack off Duke.

The tight ends need to catch the ball. Theyre like brick hands. #80 dropped two passes in his hands agianst BCU. He dropped another 2 or 3 against BC

I will continue with my predictions.

UM 27 GT 20

Unfortunately the UM v ND will be an L/ I hope im wrong

@ Jim
Butch might have been down on scholarships, but the team was not dealing with all of the distractions like last year. Fans were screaming for Butch's head early on just like you and others are doing now.
The K-State game was men against boy's. K-State controlled both sides of the line of scrimmage. I hope if the team learned anything out of that game, it was to pound the other team to submission. Don't take their foot of their throat.
I am not happy with how the D has played, but with out controlling the line of scrimmage it is tough to win games. Firing all the D coaches 3 games into the season does not sound like a good plan to me. I say let the season play out, and see if the team improves and becomes consistent on both sides of the ball.
I can not pick against my Canes so we win on a late field goal. Glad I am not a betting man.

As always


I know many of you all could give a dang, but with the addition of Kellen Winslow to the Patriots roster the canes are back on top with the most players in the NFL.


Why would any recruit want anything less?

How the hell is Kirby already back? I'm sure he won't be ready for this game, but something tells me we're gonna have a full squad by the time FSU comes into town.

Gtech is no threat to us. They lost to sorry vtech this year. Who has their defence locked. The thing about miami this week is we know they are running the ball. K state ha a passing and running qb. Yall will be shocked this weekend, i promise. Our offence is really the key. We score 30 we win. Let them key on duke, but their defence is no better than bc. Who have they shut down to give you that impression. Dont fall into a hole of we are the worste team in football just because kansas state gave us what we needed. Dont be shocked if um wins this game. I'll snatch your football cards.

@jim gallo ..i can say i don't fully agree with what you say,but if i don't see any improvement thats how im gonna feel..the talent is there..the freshman are playing pretty good..Al Golden can coach but his cords are killing him..Coach Fisch needs to figure out what he wants to do and go with it..me personally i would just line up I formation and run the ball and playaction..especially against G.T..they will run the ball regardless it is just will they be 5 and 6 yard runs or 20yds or better..they have to establish something win or lose..but i do believe they are fully capable on offense..anytime you can honestly let a guy touch the ball 15 time and he might score 3 out of those 15...and the wideouts they have you have a chance but fisch have to let them have a chance...Coach Donofiro i am still gotta see if it is him or the freshman..it is hard playing with young guys and pretty much everyone being first time starters...some kids can have good individual games but on defense you have to play as a unit..and they are mixing and matching a lot..but the team and the coaches have got to show improvement

I'd have to agree with most comments on here, our d-line really needs to step it up and disturb some things in the backfield against GT. I understand its a new scheme, but shouldnt we improve week to week despite the new scheme? I think the shocking thing for me isnt seeing players out of position (thats bound to happen at some point, even in the NFL) but just seeing out guys get physically dominated. Where is U Tough? Where are the guys driving through their tackles?
That said I think our offense is key this week. If we can get some points on the board early and put GT in a position such that they are playing from behind we may have a shot. While GT can certainly break big plays (see UVa game), the clock generally works against them. All we would need to do is slow them down a bit and keep them from scoring on long plays (a tall task on its own). Regardless of the recent play, I believe in Golden and the Canes. Lets build on the KSt loss and work our way back to relevance.

Gallo there you go again...Johnny one note..fire this fire that...
Something doesn't work in your opinion "fire it." Don't you know any other commentary?..

Well news flash NO one will be fired..

The 'U' has played GT tough in the last 3 games so the Coaches have a template from which to work..
If the right 'Canes show up with the attitude they need to make a statement and shut up people like you Gallo, then we win and what do you say... Sorry they might have a decent year.

To analyze this year, it is difficult, because we are shown that when the players keep their positions and do not free lance on defense, the 'Canes improve their effectiveness.

The offense has to score each time they have the ball..Give me field goals, and Special teams, and we will be in it to the end.. Go Duke!!!!!!

It will be a close game, but I am not counting out my 'Canes, and neither am I pulling a Gallo like beat down of the Coaching staff as the season is just getting rolling, and each game the players mature just that much..

I feel we can pull off this upset, and the team is just quietly doing their thing with SOMETHING to prove.
Do NOT count Miami out in this game.
Go 'Canes Always

Kansas State drubbed Miami because golden and the DC helped them with no LBs, no stopping the KS QB from running, and No blitz so no stopping the KS passing game.

I am amazed that people who get paid to do something do not know WTF they are doing. How would you like an airline pilot as incompetent in flying as Miami's coaches are in football?? Would you buy a ticket?

DEs MUST turn the end runs back inside where there should be at least two inside LBs waiting. It is nuts and professional incompetence to let running backs get outside where there is no help and a lot of open field to do shake and bake or for a QB to have all day to pass. Count 1001, 1002, 1003, and a QB should be on the ground if he has not gotten rid of the ball. Morris could roll out to buy some time, but he will not be able to buy a lot. Get some tight ends in the passing patterns, too. They are usually smarter about getting open and big, big tight ends are a lot tougher to tackle.

To the poster named )Champions all we care about), you are an example why reading comprehension is so important. I didn't suggest David Shaw be the answer. In fact I never mentioned or implied anything about David Shaw. I clearly stated it was Standford's Offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton! We need lots of things but my reading coach and military biographies has taught me that effective and swift changes can occur concurrently, but it always from the very top then down. Reading is fundamental :)

Mr. Jim Gallo makes an excellent point. Miami's stock has fallen and while the initial excitement of reorganization was viewed positive, we now know his staff doesn't have the knowledge or know how. We have to act before recruits start dumping our stock. Our brand is being discounted throughout the country.

Nice to see the focking morons are out in full force. 55 true sophomores or younger on this roster tells me this team is young and Bill Belichick couldn't do better with the outcome. Duke Johnson is the top performing freshman in the nation so Golden must be doing something right with him correct? Flowers is the top performing freshman O-lineman in the nation so Golden must be doing something right with him. Deon Bush is coming on right now so he must be getting coached up.

Any of the upperclassmen left on this roster were apart of the 6-6 atmosphere from the incompetent era of corch Radio Shannon. I don't expect jackshyt from them except to be injured or out of position like they've been they're entire time here at Miami. If you clowns are counting on them to do anything it just further proves your unrealistic goals and expectations of them.

Carry on you focking morons. I'm enjoying watching the future of this program develop before our eyes. That future is Duke not Mike James. That future is Malcolm Lewis not Kendal Thompkins or Davon Johnson. But I don't expect stupid focking Miami morons who claim to be Canes fans to understand how a rebuild works. These are the same clowns who called for Butch's head when they flew planes around the OB with banners that read "From National Champs to National Chumps thanks Butch!". Those same focking morons then are the same focking morons now pulling the same BS on this blog. Amazing how history repeats itself. You can't fix stupid...

@ CaneFan72
How can there be 2 inside LB's for when the DE's turn the runner back inside unless you are playing a 3-4 defense?
I thought you said basic Physics says a 3-4 will not work?
If the DE's don't do their job what do you do? Fire them?
Wait it is College. I guess the coaches have to teach, and work with the players till they get it right.

Maybe you should let the people being paid to coach, coach the team. After all their jobs are on the line.


If we win the coin toss Sat. coach, please don't give them the ball. If our defense is as bad as the "experts," our posters on this page say, then wouldn't it be a bad idea to give them a chance to score right off the bat?

ibis, if Miami has four down linemen and NO linebackers, the six offense blockers will open a hole regardless if there is an NFL defensive lineman or linemen playing for Miami. Duhhhhh. The coaches tell the players like LB to stand back 5 yards from the line of scrimmage and let the offense run over our defensive line all day long.

canetally, 4 down defensive linemen plus 2 inside LB equals 6 defensive guys to tackle a ball carrier IF the DE turns the end run or the triple option back inside. IF the DE fails to turn the end run back to the middle and pursuit, the half back with a wide receiver in the flat only has to beat one Miami defensive back.

Big difference for a halfback sweeping wide to get through 6 guys versus one. But then, I can't fix stupid. If a coach does not know these simple, elementary things, he does not belong even coaching pop warner kids for no money much less a college team for a million bucks paycheck. The coaches do NOT tell the DE to cross into the offensive backfield two yards to stop the end run. The DC is playing a bend don't break defense which is a prevent defense which just prevents Miami from winning except against pushover schools.

As to the other 5 DBs besides the six in the box, 3 must play tight man to man on receivers to give pass rushers a couple of seconds to get to the passer and two free safeties to help out on pass coverage or come up to help out on a run when the runner has passed the line of scrimmage. It is elementary, Watson. Duhhhhhhhh.


You're a focking moron. That is all...

That's is the most idiotic thing I have ever heard. Bellicheck couldn't do a better job. You are obviously the only moron on here. What is so hard about bringing a safety down in the box. Even with the defense playing so far off the ball they aren't locking any receivers down. A team can win if you stop either the run or the pass but it makes the job that much more difficult when they can do both. Teams don't respect us anymore and golden is doing a good job recruiting but his coordinators are stinking up the field. We will see on Saturday

CaneFan I would rather play 4-3.
DE's job is to hit the QB as fast as he can to take away the option. CB is responsible for turning the play back to the LB and pursuit.
I would think a 4-2 takes away to much speed and muscle by removing a LB.
I would like to see the whole D move closer to the line, Show blitz and back out. Give different looks.
Just my thoughts. I do not think the coaches are as bad as you do. I will wait till the end of the year to judge.
This game will be won by the OLine.

I read some ones post and they made reference to golden Gavin to come in and save a program that Shannon destroyed. Has anybody been watching ucla? Mora has come in three games and is gettin the most out of them. He came in and put players in the right situation to make plays. Dno needs to do the same I will give him the fact that a couple of our linebackers have been knicked up but we are an attacking defense. We must stop the dive and make sure that end makes the qb pitch the ball. I believe if we will win Green, Paul and Gunter will have to tackle extremely well for us. I say Gunter because I believe he and McGee are our most physical corners and the must turn everything inside. High smith has the potential to have a big game. On defense if we can get something out of those players we can win this game. We just have to dictate where they pitch the ball. The great Miami teams use to eat the option. Can we please get at least one st to a least get some type of penetration across the line?

Rich Rodriguez is another example of a coach coming in and getting the most out of what he has on the team. Im hard on the defense because I thought they could be strength of the team. I hope that dc has emersed himself in the film room of the great hurricane defenses beating up Nebraska and others to get a good idea on how to beat the option. This coach has a foundation of which to build upon. He was never a dc so why come in change a system that was already in place to defend this type of team. I just feel like he could have done a better job in adapting to our strengths. Stoping the option was a staple of Miami teams. I understand that these players our young but I think that playing foot ball in the state of fla from Optimus on up that they had had to play or defend the option wing tee or whatever. There is no need to reinvent the wheel! Miami defense attack and react not react then attack.

Bill Belichick couldn't get more out of this roster than Golden right now. Yeah, I said it. The problem isn't coaching. The problem is youth and experience.

All of you ass clowns need to put your stupidity away and let Golden rebuild. None have a focking clue as to what you're talking about. You morons always want to mention other programs but they aren't in the mess Miami is in.

Miami has 41 freshmen, 24 Sophomores, 29 Juniors, and 14 Seniors. The upperclassmen are part of the 6-6 era. The freshmen and sophomores are the future and they are showing promise. Duke has the 2nd most all purpose yards of any player in the nation. The future is bright but this wasn't supposed to be the year.

Bear Bryant would have about the same outcome right now. Just STFU already and support the team. None of you morons have a focking clue or you'd be a coach at the D-1 or NFL level. Morons!

Well with Paul Gaines and Kirby Miami should be ok..The thing is that Green and Chick will have to give 100% every play, plus the DT's must demand a double team...we should be ok, however last year our offense helped a lot in that game..

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