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Quick UM Canes recap from today's press conference with Golden: Not so good on Denzel, iffy on Dalton, good on some others.

University of Miami coach Al Golden addressed the media today at his weekly news conference.

Here are the points you need to know:

*Middle linebacker Denzel Perryman, who suffered a high-ankle sprain against Bethune Cookman, is still in a boot and is not expected to play against North Carolina State. Golden said if he had to say now whether Denzel will play Saturday, the answer would be "No.''

*Golden still has hopes that punter Dalton Botts, who also has an ankle sprain -- but not a high-ankle sprain -- will play Saturday. Golden expects Botts to try punting later this week. If I had to take an educated guess, I'd say he doesn't play, but maybe he's a fast healer. Either way, the coach said he is having usual kicker Jake Wieclaw and redshirt freshman Matt Goudis (I wrote about him today in The Miami Herald) compete with each other as if Botts is not playing Saturday. Keep in mind that Wieclaw has not punted since high school. Wieclaw is a fifth-year senior.

   When asked what his reaction was to Wieclaw missing the 22-yard field goal at Georgia Tech the other day, Golden said "shocked.'' He didn't want to elaborate on what, if anything, went wrong mechanically. It might have had to do with the complete operation. Backup quarterback Ryan Williams became the holder when Dalton Botts got hurt. Botts is the usual holder. Also, Paul Kelly is the new snapper since Sean McNally's season ended with an injury against Bethune-Cookman.

* Golden said safety Vaughn Telemaque, linebacker Gabe Terry and defensive back Andrew Swasey will be back this week. But at safety, A.J. Highsmith is still expected to start opposite Deon Bush.

* Golden said freshman linebacker Raphael Kirby, who has been injured and has yet to play, practiced a lot more Tuesday than Golden had expected he would.

* Golden and Art Kehoe heaped praise on senior right tackle Ben Jones, who participated in more than 50 plays at Georgia Tech and graded out very high.

Of note: Offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson nicked himself in the ribs area, or side, during the Georgia Tech game. Offensive line coach Art Kehoe said he's fine now.

Also: Right tackle Ereck Flowers also was nicked up in that game. He's supposed to be OK, too.

Don't forget about tickets to NC State selling for $9 if you purchase them at the BankUnited Center ticket office BEFORE 9 a.m. There is a limit of those tickets available for that price, but as of right now, there are still tickets left.

Step right up!






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Next player up mentality! Bring it on NCState!

As for tickets, how about just selling them at $9 all the time until these games are sold out until there's a higher demand and there's no longer a need to do so? If you got seats open get the butts in them. They're bound to buy a $10 beer or a $20 hot dog don't you think?

FightingIbis... I like what you're saying in regards to the tickets. Bennie Blades said that they gave away free tickets with BK whoppers back in the day. Either way people need to go and support these players. Some of the best talent in the country comes from our backyard and they decided to stay and play in front of their community. It's the least that the community can do is support their hometown athletes. Hell I've only missed 3 home games since I was 12 and I'm 33 now. Even the last 5yrs I've been living in Homestead and I still made it to the games and traveled to Tampa and Tally.



Limit the big runs/plays and we can win. NC State has a good coach and prepares his team well. We gotta mix in some stunts and blitzes to throw their QB off. Go Canes!

Got Frat reunion tailgate at the USF ( Alma Mater) vs FSU this weekend so I'll probably miss the live game but you can bet I'll record and watch later.

I got my first ticket back in the early 80's with a whopper purchase. Been a season ticket holder ever since. Our fans have no excuse to be at these games with $9 tickets.

Got my tickets, sec 127! Let's go Canes!'

O yea, I paid $50 a pop too, no excuses we live 3 hours away! This team is earning our support to come out to all the games! Keep it up Canes...

Anyone notice our offense shined when we lowered the number of screen passes? Bubble screens drive me nuts! Rashawn Scott is wonderful one minute and terrible the next. Anyone see the pass where Morris hit him between the 8 and 0, for a first down,and he dropped it? If we plan man 2 man this weekend, and tackle, we should beat NC State. Can we use Duke as a defensive back? LOL. I want to see more of Tyriq McCord. Dude was lights out against Bethune Cookman and part of (at the end) K State game.


Canes, I'll be in my usual Club Level/season ticket section near the visiting team (I choose that section to talk crap to the opposing team)



Wish the parking was $9,hopefully they can get this lowered in the near future.

UCane305 - I sit in section 122 and just to my right is the opposing team's band. This is due to the fact that I can't stand our "BAND OF THE HOUR" for the life of me. They are garbage. It's great when we play FAMU or BCC. Great bands. Plus I have a nice angle shot of the field at row 23. LETS GO CANES!!!!

Never understood why Miami has problems filling their stadium. Most of the players on the team are from south Florida. Faimy, freinds, coaches, and fans who have watched these players morph into what they have become, seemingly, should turn out in drorves to watch these kids play and represent their community. Miami is so unique. It is, perhaps, the only team that enjoys massive fan support within an opposing team's stadium, Nation Wide. I live in New York and If they were the New York Hurricanes, their season tickets would be sold out for the next 100 years. It's unfortunate that a team that has enjoy such success over the past 30 years, success that reflects positively on its community, locally, receives fairweather support. I think the players enjoy playing on the road more than they enjoy playing in Miami!

I have been attending the games since Howard Buck was the coach and we beat Rollins College for the first time. We played University of Havana twice that year. Those were the good old days were you lined up four big dline men and it was go time.

Why do the Canes have trouble putting butts in the seats?
Easy. Can you trust the coach to put in four down defensive linemen, move linebackers up, put on a blitz?

Or will golden and DC go back to three down and prevent (a win) defense? Will the OC call flat passes for one yard gains or throw down the field timing routes? Will the moron with the siren be silenced? Will fat short shallaalalalaa be there with her stupid grin and infantile two handed U symbol?

South Florida fans are knowledgeable after decades of Cane NCs and Don Shula Dolphins. South Florida fans do NOT accept mediocrity. You play smart, aggressive football on both sides of the line of scrimmage, and you win, or you leave south Florida and go someplace where mediocrity is acceptable. It is that simple. Why should anyone back losers with excuses?? Too young, to immature, too inexperienced, NCAA sanctions, waaa waaa waaa.

NO. It is either good sound coaching or GTFOutta here. So, what's it gonna be golden balls, defunnio?

i agree with canes4life,i hate the bubble screen,wide receiver screen..take it out of the play book..it's a very low percentage play,and rarely works...golden needs to have whatever rb he choose's to start get at least 20-25 carry's a game..a running back need's to get into a groove..and rotating 3 backs every couple plays is not the way..stop tying to make every one happy..

It's hard to compete when your a private college...And being a long time alum., Coral Gables would never have allowed an on campus stadium..imo..G-d I miss the OB..

"Never understood why Miami has problems filling their stadium." Really? Miami is a very small school -- it has less than 10k undergrads and, hence, most of the people who go to the games have no affiliation with the university whatsoever. Add this to the fact that the Dolphins play on Sundays, and the local "football fan" with no affiliation with the University needs to choose between UM tickets or Dolphins tickets. Most don't have the time (or the $) to do both. All things considered, Miami does fairly well in terms of attendance--at least in big games and when the team is playing well. Because of the small alumni base, attendance will never compare to that of Ohio State, Florida, Alabama etc. Never has; never will. Attendance will increase as the team improves (particularly if the Dolphins keep losing).

Im a Cane living in North Florida and will make the trip down. Cane fans, go out and support this young group of men trying to earn their way back to the top. They deserve it and benefit from the home crowd. We have a lot of preachers in South Dade, go out and Walk the Walk.

Show yourself Cane fans!

Re attendance. It's about time they woke up and started discounting the tickets. I've said this befor- an empty seat gatehers no momentum. If I had paid the full shot for tickets, i would be a little peeved but its best for the U. As another poster said, Miami is a small school In 1983, if you assume every UM grad since 1926 was still living, and went to the championship game that year - they would not have filled the orange Bowl. remember- an enrollment of 12-12,000- 20% of which are elite Centra/South American kids- come to the US for education- no culture shock. that leaves about 8,000 american kids- 50% from out of state, that leaves 4000 locals, half of which go back to homes in Fla outside of Dade County. age and infirmity as, well as distance has deferred me from going down the past few yrs- but I luv those canes. They will have to build up a local fan base- they should offer discounts to the kids at Miami- Dade, church groups, crossing guards, service men in uniform- house staff at Jackson Memorial ( the OB was walking distance from Jackson) etc.
Another problem is they have not put a good product on the field. Even though they seem to have more spirit and seem to be coming on remember they have yet to beat a ranked team- only a 3pt favorite over NSC. I hope they have a "real" 39,000 this week GO CANES

Canefan72 your way way outdated and all your talk about 4 down is garbage. Get with the new game.

this school couldnt fill the OB when they were ranked #1. 50000 is a good crowd, especially in that stadium. then there is always the fact miami usually has a huge letdown after a win like that. miami fans think the same after every win, like, we're getting better, acc champs, we are relevant now, but reality is, they beat an average GT, and will probably lose this week. so for all those people with the go to the game stuff, get over it.

How about these facts. Lets assume a family of four buys the $9 tickets:

Parking: $30
2 waters, a beer, one soda: $12
One hot dog (this family has to share it): $5

Total: $83

You all really think the good cane city folk can afford this?

Yesterday, I called the Canes ticket office to purchase seats for the N.C. State game and after 15 minutes of being put on hold with the mind bending message every 20 seconds reminding me that all agents are busy I gave up.

Today, feeling energized and with a new 'can-do' attitide I called the ticket office again only to be met with the same routine. Only this time after being put on hold for 10 minutes the phone began to ring allowing me faith in mankind knowing an agent would be picking up the telephone to take my ticket order...only no agent picked up the phone and the line went dead. I give up!

I can't help but wonder how many other people encountered this stupidity and also gave up.


I agree that times are tough in this country with Obummer running the show like the monopoly man with his play money, but your numbers only factor in "IF" the tickets were that cheap... I agree it's ridiculous what has happened since leaving the OB. It's criminal in fact. Check this out, I think these numbers are more accurate. You tell me...

Tickets for 4 at $30 a pop - $120
parking - $30
2 waters ($5) - $10
1 beer - $6/8 - lets just meet in the middle and say $7
1 hot dog - $5

Grand Total - $172

Tell me what you think...

What I would like to know is where were all of U so called football geniuses when those two losers Coker and Shannon were coaching the team. I never saw a Jim Gallo, or a Canes72 whatever up here pissing and moaning about those two nimrods that couldn't coach their own johnson up. But yet now that we have a more than competent Head Coach who is leading us back to where we belong, all I see is U two dipsticks typing away like a couple of old bags in a hair salon bitchin and moaning. If U are a Cane then act like it. If not then go support your team and leave ours alone. I do get why U two would bad mouth Golden if U are a Gator or some other SEC wanna be Cane though. It's because U know Golden and company are a threat to your little candya$$ playground and U know the Canes are coming back and take your titles that will be ours.

canetillidie, the $9 tickets are real, but you have to go to the univ to get them in person. i live 4-5 hrs away, and if i could get one, i would be at the game. but that wont happen, so ill watch on tv. i had season tix at the ob, but after the vir game, the last, i have not been since. i went to games from the 60's til that fateful day. put the prices where a working man can afford them, i will go. until then, i have a house, family and many other things to support. i will always love the game, i miss being there, but also add 100 bucks in gas for the 8-10 hrs driving. go canes

$9 is a good price for some college tickets. $30 is just fukn ridiculous try $10 well get better support.
Now as for the team, I believe we should be favored in this game, only thang that scares me is Miami haven't won 3 games in a row in a long time. Can we handle success, and media shine. Saturday we will see.
As for the offense, Mike James looks good this season, wish to use him more(nothing against duke). Running backs needs to get in a rhythm, they can't if u sub them ever play. Duke looks better than Lamar Miller did last year, at least he knows the down and distance. I like to see Davon Johnson more to he can play and is consist, like to Herb Waters, and Rob Lockhart more to they deserve to play. Kendal Thomp, give it up and Rashawn Scott u look like a superstar one min and scare the next. Get wit it son u have all potential.
Omg the defense-coordinator I guest this is what it is. Sad maybe during off-season AG gets him one. Lets play hard and Um defense.

Go canes

if we can beat NC State, I can easily see the Canes finishing 9-3...! Georgia Tech could not cover our WRs. let see can NC State do it!

Lets go Canes fan. Lets support our team. I will be in Savannah for the wknd. If i wasnt i would be at the game. The team need you. The country is watchin you. Lets show our support. Go Canes

Championships is all that matter:
"all I see is U two dipsticks typing away like a couple of old bags in a hair salon bitchin and moaning."

Laughed so hard I started coughing

Back when I attended UM (and before) our games were usually at night. it was cooler (relatively), but there was an excitement. The OB, lights, time to get a buzz on, etc.
Games at NOON, when there is SO much else going on, when it is downright uncomfortable to be in the sun that time of day, etc.
Simple. TV money. As we are no longer elite, we can't get those 6PM prime time starts like the big guys anymore.
So we're forced to play our games when CSS, FOX SN, ESPN9, etc will televise them.

For fans in Florida, this, and the fact the damned stadium is miles away from hard core fans is a killer.
Of course, as already pointed out, our recent history of mediocrity doesn't help. Like many cities, Miami supports winners.
Well, sort of.

However, like many alums who live in other states, we support the U financially, with whatever little we can spare these days.
My guess is, though, what I pledge goes to one opt Donna's pet projects like sharing home and away cultural events with some 3rd world country.

Say what U want, but the DC is still the problem and a big one. These are some of the best receivers the U has ever had. This receivers coach deserves some credit. But there are still no schemes on D. And where in the heck is the versatile Cain?

Use Johnson to better set up the pass. Johnson is good for several game breakers and spirit killer runs. Get DL to apply pressure, the secondary needs some coaching. McGee's long run down was good, but U got to prevent plays like that from the beginning.

championships: You just a cluless idiot. Putting the coach stuff behind, what difference does it make. We are still so messed up with this coaching staff and the impending sanctions. Let me clue you in....we are not going to any bowl this year no matter what the record is, and probably not one next year. (maybe since Golden gave up 1 bowl last year). USC lost 30 scholarships plus 2 bowls.

Their violation was: (reggie bush basically)

1. lack on institutional control
2. impermissible inducements
3. extra benefits
4. exceeding coaching staff limits

UM (with 72 players & 2 million in benefits...not just 2 with usc)

Bylaw 11, involving impermissible compensation to coaches;
Bylaw 12, involving amateurism of athletes;
Bylaw 13, involving improper recruiting activity; and
Bylaw 16, involving extra benefits to athletes.

you are in a dream world.

oh....btw, usc lost the appeal.

No tickee, No laundry,
Don't call the ticket office. Go online to Google. Then type in Miami Hurricanes Football tickets 2012. Scroll down to the different sites (you will have several to choose from). Find the site with the best price for the seats that you want and order them.

about time...AJ Highsmith has been a rock at safety, I saw that during fall camp.

why not put the 9 dollar tickets online, for those who dont live near campus. thats a good way to get people started going again. but the team better show up, or it will be hard to get them back.

Oh really Jimbo, I am a clueless idiot. Are you sure U aren't trying to convince yourself that U are not the real idiot? Look here U fucktard, I know more about the Canes, the present and their history than your little piss ant brain could ever know. It is true that U are just another obsessed fan of another team who has taken it repeatedly up the arse for years. The Canes possibly might not go to a bowl this year if they choose to because it may benefit them with this whole shapiro thing and if they do thats fine. But nothing and listen closely dipsh!t, can stop Golden from fixing the mess he was left, and the Canes rising up and destroying all of CFB. So dream boy go crawl in the bed and bang your dog or let him bang U whichever way U are swinging U freak (we all know there ain't no woman going to be there) and powt about how there ain't jackSh!t U can do about the dynasty that is being built by Golden and company brick by brick. The Canes are going to be just fine!


Thank you for the advice.

Go Canes!

Jim Gallo,

Once again you are completely full of shyt. $2 million in benefits? I'm convinced you're a mole who has no life. What kind of slug sits on another teams site and just makes up random BS? Get a life!

Nevin Shapiro was a con-man who swindled millionaires out of their money. 12 of the current players on the roster were investigated and the NCAA found $3K of improper benefits. Most of that was your typical night out on SoBe. You going to try and claim that FSU, Bama, or UF don't recruit? That's all this is, why isn't Miami allowed to recruit their homegrown talent from $EC or Big State schools? GTFOOH with your BS! Shapiro was a pillar in the community until the FBI figured out his ponzi scheme. You going to claim Miami should have better investigating skills than the FBI?

Focking moron! You continue to prove over and over you're a focking stooge...

Jim GAllo- please shut up. youre stupid.

The morons blogging on this site just don't get it.
WINNING sells tickets. When Coker and Shannon starting losing and golden balls came along with his losing season, THAT is why the stadium is empty. Duhhhhh.

golden balls and the DC and the OC and the Canes were well on their way to another losing season with a three down linemen prevent (the win) defense at BC and BC jumped out to a two touchdown lead and converted first downs every time the Canes went to a prevent (the win) defense. The Canes tied it up with four down linemen and a blitz that led to the Cane interception and tying the score at 14-14.
The Cane OC was calling for worthless passes to the flat instead of down field. Another loser.

When are you morons going to get it? You are all calling for supporting the Canes. Okay, well and good, let's see what kind of defense and offense they run against NC State. If they look professional like our championship teams, maybe golden is on the right track. If they look like golden and DC and OC crap formations, furgettaboutit. I got better things to do like mowing the lawn.

And I am NOT going to JRS until they get rid of the moron with the siren. The old OB crowd knew when it was third down and the whole stadium was yelling "DE FENCE" to support the defense or "block, line, block" to get the offense cooking. Stupid young whippersnappers. We are leaving the country and the Canes to these morons????

Does anyone know where I can buy orange and green ear plugs? One more thing, tell those kids to stay off my lawn!


"Miami booster Nevin Shapiro, convicted of securities fraud and money laundering from a Ponzi scheme in 2010, used investor funds to finance donations to the University of Miami's athletic program, and gave an estimated $2 million in prohibited benefits to at least 72 current or former football/basketball players and coaches from 2002 to 2010. The NCAA report alleges that Shapiro, through his donations, violated at least four major NCAA bylaws"

Quit smoking in yur dorm room green pea....

Bylaw 11, involving impermissible compensation to coaches;
Bylaw 12, involving amateurism of athletes;
Bylaw 13, involving improper recruiting activity; and
Bylaw 16, involving extra benefits to athletes.

jim gallo,

you dont know shyt about anything
yuor just a hater
you see whats happening
the canes will be back to the top ten in the next 2 yrs and be a top team again
we will get through the ncaa

CaneFan'72 is my hero. He can park and poop on my lawn anytime because basically, I am a redneck from Gainesville. That's why i put my UF diploma on my windshield, so I can park in the handicapped zone. That's why UF is changing the grass in the swamp to artificial turf - so their cheerleaders will stop munching the real grass.

Jim, trying to give you the benefit of the doubt here, but you are quoting from the Charles Robinson article that was disputed and disproven a long time ago.

72 players? Try 8.
2 million dollars (not sure where you get that from, even Robinson didn't make that claim)? Try 5 thousand. All repayed.
Basketball? Despite two layers getting suspended just before FSU games (what luck for them), NO basketball players were actually implicated. The 10K supposed payout was shown to be complete BS, since Shapiro's claim it was used to recruit a player made no sense, since the player WAS ALREADY ON THE TEAM.

Try not to accept the word of a bitter criminal as the truth. Heck, his latest allegation has been laughed at so hard that the NCAA is not even considering it.

I know you are making alot of rivals on here, but you can agree with SOME of what they say.

Im not. I am just quoting whats in the complaint. That is not from Charles Robinson. This is why it is taking so long, its very deep and complicated. The point is that this brand as a loyal fan since the 70's as well as an alumni goes crazy over how this brand not only football but baseball as well has gone downhill. And the same people are in charge. How does the board of trustees allow this to happen? My main complaint is the coaching staff....I dont think they were the best pick, my opinion. I havent seen anything since last year. The stats support my thesis. Try to look beyond whats in front of you....USU only had reggie bush basically with nowhere near the Miami allegation. They got 30 sholarships taken plus 2 bowls. Miami is far deeper...so it is only logical that the penalty be at least the same. Why do you think they paid Golden? He truly got sandbagged in his support. Whats there to be so happy about. Every coach in the wolrd is gonna bring up the Miami sanctions to prospectives. The DC is awful. Were blowing the stats out as we speak. No gaining any ground in that area at this junkture. Just my opinion, so if the rest want kool aid.

@ delandcane

I understand that living 8-10hrs is difficult with a family and a mortgage. I can relate since I just started my family and the $100 for gas doesn't help at all. I know the $9 tickets are real but that's if you buy them at the school and I already have my season tickets. That's a great price for a college game, I completely agree with you. But on average the prices are $30ish for most games. I don't have my tickets in front of me but prices for those games are normally posted on the tickets and the prices are amazing. It was never like this at the OB. I do remember the dreadful day against uva. I felt betrayed by a bunch of entitled brats and a coach that couldn't wipe his own a55. But I'm not going to dwell yet I will look to the future since it's become far brighter since Golden came into town. I'm completely sold on him and truly do believe that he not only wants to win here and will do what it takes but wants to do so long term. We have never had that. All of these other colleges have had coaches stay for 10-20 yrs and some much longer and never win a title or only walk away with one. We have had 5 with multiple coaches. It can be done here and now with someone that wants to put in for the long haul, I see it happening again and multiple times in the future. Don't give up the faith my friend. GO U!!!!



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