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Quick UM Canes recap from today's press conference with Golden: Not so good on Denzel, iffy on Dalton, good on some others.

University of Miami coach Al Golden addressed the media today at his weekly news conference.

Here are the points you need to know:

*Middle linebacker Denzel Perryman, who suffered a high-ankle sprain against Bethune Cookman, is still in a boot and is not expected to play against North Carolina State. Golden said if he had to say now whether Denzel will play Saturday, the answer would be "No.''

*Golden still has hopes that punter Dalton Botts, who also has an ankle sprain -- but not a high-ankle sprain -- will play Saturday. Golden expects Botts to try punting later this week. If I had to take an educated guess, I'd say he doesn't play, but maybe he's a fast healer. Either way, the coach said he is having usual kicker Jake Wieclaw and redshirt freshman Matt Goudis (I wrote about him today in The Miami Herald) compete with each other as if Botts is not playing Saturday. Keep in mind that Wieclaw has not punted since high school. Wieclaw is a fifth-year senior.

   When asked what his reaction was to Wieclaw missing the 22-yard field goal at Georgia Tech the other day, Golden said "shocked.'' He didn't want to elaborate on what, if anything, went wrong mechanically. It might have had to do with the complete operation. Backup quarterback Ryan Williams became the holder when Dalton Botts got hurt. Botts is the usual holder. Also, Paul Kelly is the new snapper since Sean McNally's season ended with an injury against Bethune-Cookman.

* Golden said safety Vaughn Telemaque, linebacker Gabe Terry and defensive back Andrew Swasey will be back this week. But at safety, A.J. Highsmith is still expected to start opposite Deon Bush.

* Golden said freshman linebacker Raphael Kirby, who has been injured and has yet to play, practiced a lot more Tuesday than Golden had expected he would.

* Golden and Art Kehoe heaped praise on senior right tackle Ben Jones, who participated in more than 50 plays at Georgia Tech and graded out very high.

Of note: Offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson nicked himself in the ribs area, or side, during the Georgia Tech game. Offensive line coach Art Kehoe said he's fine now.

Also: Right tackle Ereck Flowers also was nicked up in that game. He's supposed to be OK, too.

Don't forget about tickets to NC State selling for $9 if you purchase them at the BankUnited Center ticket office BEFORE 9 a.m. There is a limit of those tickets available for that price, but as of right now, there are still tickets left.

Step right up!






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Jim, do you have a link to that complaint? I mean, the reason we are waiting so long for the NCAA is that they have not even provided the complaint yet.

The 72 players claim is only made by Shapiro/Robinson, not by the NCAA. And the 2 million in benefits is far more than even Yahoo's claims.

"Shapiro, in 100 hours of jailhouse interviews with Yahoo, said some of the impermissible benefits were done with the knowledge or direct participation of at least seven coaches in the Miami football and basketball programs. The benefits included but were not limited to cash, prostitutes, entertainment in his multimillion-dollar homes and yacht, paid trips to restaurants and nightclubs, jewelry, bounties for on-field play (including bounties for injuring opposing players), travel and on one occasion, an abortion."

His biggest cash claim was for 10000 dollars. even if he did so for each of the 72 players (which he does not claim), that would total 720,000. I ask you to doubt your source of the claim that the complaint has 2 million in impermissible benefits.

The NCAA needs PROOF to make an allegation, and even Shapiro has not provided proof of his abortion claim. So that gets removed.

The injury bounty claim sounds odd, since we didn't injure any opposing stars during our games since Troy Aikman way back in the last century.

None of the seven coaches have been called out or punished by the NCAA, so that still seems to be a lie, especially in the case of Randy Shannon, who was on record as saying he was not welcome around the team.

Frank Haith is now at Missouri, and the NCAA has done NOTHING to him, for example.

The cash, prostitutes, jewelry, restaurants and nightclubs, and visits to his home are far from being provable, large, or even likely, since none of those claims outside of a dippling 5k in food and drinks have been proven after over a year of searching.

So, as you can see, this is more likely to fall FAR below the USC and PSU and OSU levels. In fact, we might be done just with the suspensions and bowl ban we already went through.

Okay people, NCSt's QB Glennon is/was supposed to be all that and a bag of chips. NCSt. also has a stable of good RB's. NCSt. has owned UM the past 2 times they've played including '08 when Russell Wilson showed why he is a star. I was at that game and none too happy. NCSt has only played 1 team this year of any value, Tenn. and lost. They played UConn and won 10-7. NCSt. can play but they will win only if UM let's them. Go 'Canes!

I'm going to Vegas this weekend wish I could be there! Will be watching in the sports book at the Caesar's Palace! Go Canes!!!!

Well said, RVC, Russell Wilson will be a problem, but NCState has not seen an offense with the weapons Miami has yet, either.

Will be a fun game to go to and a fun game to watch.

Jim Gallo....you tool....72 players and 2 million.....hahahahahahahahhaha.....thats funny. Here is reality.....the NCAA has a 4 year statute....they are not going back 10 years to investigate. They do not have the time nor the money to do so. On top of that....no one will co-operate (players) with them as they do not have to. All I saw were pictures with players.....less then $10,000 was admitted to from Jacory and Co. Need a calculator?? UM co-operated fully....all players are gone. Keep dreaming home slice.

a comment about the marching band, get a new director. i base this upon watching miami playing in a bowl game in orlando against wisconsin, wow, what a band, they can play music, and march. big ten band is outstanding. and yes, watching the canes winning was geat after k state. hopefully, this will continue. go canes

Nope.....the Sean Allen deposition is collaborating the shapiro claim plus they have copies of checks. The USC investigation is nowhere near the severity of the Miami claim. Look if you remove the money...there is no doubt that Miami players were being entertained by a booster (shapiro)....they have pictures. The NCAA was at the Allen deposition and he (Allen) under oath added support to the NCAA claim. No way we are in a bowl this year.

Would love to be back in Miami to support these guys, last time I got to see them live was at the Emerald bowl in San Francisco when Jahvid Best cut through the Canes like they were butter. Teams always strive of the Home crowd, even thought our defense is still learning, Lets give them some help by confusing the Wolfpack with some noise. I know i'd be pumped and extra motivated if heard my home crowd was bringing the noise!

and with all due respect to these young players, please dont compare them to being the next "sean taylor" "Ed Reed" or "Devin Hester"...Let them make a name for themselves...New Generation

And of course Donna Shalala is at the forfront of this as well. How in the world is she still there?


Hope you are right about the sanctions issue. Out of our control. UM handled it as well as possible. What else can you do? I believe the character of the program has changed under Golden. He is a no BS guy.

And Ben Jones from that much maligned 2008 Northwestern class, way to go, man! Be tough, be a monster out there! Proud of you!

Can't wait to be at Saturday's game. These guys deserve our support. Golden is the man for the job, as is his staff. We see progress taking place, and kids maturing. I love guys like Eddie Johnson, a star in the making, Duke, Dorsett, Morris (who is emerging as I predicted), Chick and so many others.

It was good to see a quality guy like Mike James have a pivotal game against G Tech.

Our offense is potent and will only become stronger. The 4th down stop by the defense at Tech was a game changer. They have lots of room to develop, and I hope they take a leap Saturday. Pressure on Glennon is key to the game.

As this team continues to develop, we see flashes of a very exciting Canes team. Golden is a man of passion and heart. He is a tough guy who is not afraid to love his players. This is a rare combo, and we are fortunate to have him and his staff.

So, let's get out there Saturday, make some noise, support the Canes and hopefully take home the big W!


Don't blame me, I was under oath.

Wish I could be at the game with my fellow 'Canes fans. I'll be in Chicago. Who else is going?
By the way, NCSt. has a 6'4" receiver who is like Streeter. This may be a problem. NCSt. has a balanced rushing and passing game unlike GT where a forward pass is considered to be a trick play. I'd be lying if I said I was nervous about our D facing this balanced attack but I'm cautiously optimistic. Go 'Canes!

Please be courteous to our NCSt. guests. They were courteous to us in '08.

Ill be in Chi town repping my U.

Cane72- Man what are you purring in that pipe? Lets see, if you graduated from Suntan U in 1972, that means you were some weed smoking anarchist hippie during the summer of love. Man them mushsrooms really did a number to your frontal lobes because you make no sense/ "Well under way to a losing season"? Are you serious with that comment?

Jim Gallo,

I'm sure that $2 million dollars you're claiming Shapiro spent is as accurate as the rest of the garbage you spew. Like I said, 12 players were investigated and the NCAA came back and said there was about $3k in dinners, drinks, and jerseys. The longest suspension of any of those players was for 6 games. Now compare that to the UNC players who were ruled completely ineligible by the NCAA to ever play D-1 football again and our players slap on the wrist is nothing.

If 12 players were investigated and $3k of improper benefits were found then the other 60 players probably received around another $15k in dinner, drinks, and jerseys from the con-man. Most of the Shapiro allegations have been ruled BS by the NCAA. The con-man made up most it.

Like I already said,when recruits go to Bama, UF, FSU you think they don't have a booster buy them some dinner, drinks, and give them a jersey of a former player who they admire? GTFOOH!

Miami investigated the con-man and came back with nothing. Nevin Shapiro was a pillar in the community prior to the FBI figuring out his ponzi scheme. Nevin Shapiro is lying con-man same as you. Your $2 million dollar theory is about as accurate as Butch's players no longer being on the team after the 2002 season.

You should crawl in a hole and kick your own ass...

You young whippersnappers were probably not born back when NC State coach O'Brian was at BC and BC always gave Miami a tough football game.

I'd like to see Miami win. But with golden and the boys versus O'Brian, not too sure that will happen with the crap formations and plays they ran against BC and KSU if they go back to them against NC State.

I'll say it again for those who missed it and our slow learners and coaches. Four down defensive linemen, blitz, move linebackers closer to line of scrimmage, man to man pass defense with two free safeties. On offense, no flat passes for one yard gains, only down the field 10-15 yard timing passes. And start getting some passes to the tight ends.

CaneFan72, if all our passes are 10-15 yards, opposing teams will see that, scout it, and just defend that. It is the reason we sometimes toss short drop offs and sometimes go deep, based on what the defense is leaving open.

I agree with one thing you said. We are not using our tight ends as well as we should. They are MORE than just blockers for Duke, but they can catch those bullets from Morris that #80 dropped.

Look you are clueles...I dont care what your opinion is. its makes no difference to me. Nevin Shapiro was never a pillar of anything...are you on dope or dog food? He was a loser for Miami beach High...no more. Goldens staff is already implicated in the new round of NCAA allegations. Miami has already entered into an agreement to return $83,000 it has recieved from Shapiro. So like ive said you are cluless ($10K what an idiot) You have no idea how deep this is gonna be.....and it will be deep and i bet hard sanctions against Miami. They have phone records, copies of cancelled checks....deposition under oath that Miami assistants recruited in violation with phone records before and right after the recruit contact. Really, you are a complete idiot.

Jim Gallo,

You're full of shyt. Miami already gave back all monies Shapiro donated to the university. Before the FBI figured out the ponzi scheme Nevin Shapiro was a pillar of the community. He was so good at what he did millionaires gave him a billion dollars to invest. If anyone had anything on this guy prior to the FBI figuring him out then he wouldn't have a billion dollars to play with. You got that fecal matter eater? Is that computing? Bernie Madoff was a pillar in his community until it was discovered that he too was a con-man just like Shapiro. Hindsight is always 20/20 and you can't even get that right.

12 players were investigated last year and only 9 were punished because of $3k in improper benefits. None of the players were suspended the entire year like was the case at UNC. They received a dinner, some drinks, and a jersey while being recruited. Big focking deal! Out of the other 60 players probably only 45 received benefits and it was probably to the tune of around $15k just like the other 12 players who were investigated. This goes on at EVERY major BCS football program. Hell the definition of a booster is "1. A person or thing that helps increase or promote something, in particular. 2. A keen promoter of a person, organization, or cause: "athletic booster clubs".".

You call yourself a fan but you've been exposed troll. You would take the word of a con-man and a yahoo journalist "laughable" and their hit piece at face value over the University you claim to love so much? GTFOOH! You're such a loser.

Your $2 million dollar theory just doesn't add up. But that's to be expected from you. You never have any facts to support your BS claims. Jim Gallo blah, blah, blah....

Canefan 72,

I'm so glad you have zero input with this coaching staff. Just run 10-15 yard routes blah, blah, blah! 4 down linemen fronts blah, blah, blah! Whipper snapper this, whipper snapper that, blah, blah, blah!

Question Jim, what was the mighty Tom Obrien's record back when he was giving Miami good games when he was at BC? Oh yeah, that's right, STFU!

How about letting the coaches who do this for a living draw up a game plan for NC State? They are 3-1 right now and leading the coastal division 2-0. Sound good cupcake?

look idiot boy.....investigation, then penalty, then appeal. Thats how it works. Miami is in the investigation period....NCAA at minimum will penilize Miami on just what both sides agreed happened. Bush at USC recieved as alleged up to $290K. Miami has agreed it accepted $83K not including the baskeball issue and all other gifts to Miami athletes over a 8 year period. USC lost 30 scholarships and 2 bowls....Miami will loose probably 1/2 of the USC outcome. The question is will Golden voluntarily forfeit this year if bowl eligible since the NCAA results will be in 2013. This way that huddle is removed on forward recruiting. So much BS ahead for this organization. meanwhile in state rivals are on a roll. As always sickening.

He was 27-9...whats your point. Still better record than Golden.

Oh plus Tom O'Brien recruited Matt Ryan.....Morris is no Matt Ryan.

jim gallo = Curse. He is obviously trying to stay under the radar to keep from being banned, but the clues are obvious. I made no insults his way, just asked for a link to his 2 million allegation, and he responded with personal attacks.

1. Anti Canes comments, that includes anti canes fans, anti canes players, and anti canes coaches.

2. On here day and night.

3. Not winning to discuss the facts, but is willing to make up his own facts on the fly.

4. Attacking all the people that post on this board.

5. Praising the Gators and Noles as another way to attack the Canes.

I really tried to be reasonable with this guy in the past, but he will soon jump to the next level and start with the ID theft and racist comments. Fighting Ibis and the rest, I suggest you just ignore "jim gallo" (not his real name), as he is trying to ruin the good mood on here after the combination of a 3-1 record, first place in their division, and the apparent disappearance of the other troll that followed him around like a whipped puppy.

Miami has some good talent - maybe even great talent, but we need to find an old fashioned wrecking ball defensive lineman like Warren Sapp or Ndamukong Suh (yea, I know he has not been that good in the NFL). These guys could tie up two or three offensive players on almost every play. Once we free up the defensive players and give them a chance to learn how to play their positions when there is real pressure on the QB, we will see a huge improvement! Anyone know anyone like these guys who might want to risk their futures in the ACC?

Old Canes Dude

Jim Gallo,

You originally had a BS $2 million dollar theory? Now you've retracted that without admitting it and your BS theory is now $83k? So I've basically proven you to be 96% full of shyt, so far.

So now your BS theory is that Miami has accepted to pay $83k? What happened to investigation, then penalty, then appeal you focking dunce? Listen up fecal matter eater, Miami has already paid monies that was donated by Shapiro and that had nothing to do with the NCAA. Does that compute moron? Shapiro was a con-man who was so good at conning people out of money he had millionaires who gave a billion dollars. Understand? Comprehend? Miami gave back money he stole from people. Miami investigated Shytpiro and found nothing. BEFORE the FBI found Shapiro to be a ponzi schemer he was a pillar in the community.

Soooo.... Most of what Shytpiro the con-man has accused the athletic department and our recruits of has been proven to complete BS. You know, like most of what you spew on this blog? Yeah, that kind of BS. 12 players were investigated and not a single one of them were booted from D-1 CFB. They all received minor punishment for very minor violations. Charles Robinson is your typical journalist hack who took the word of a con-man at face value and wrote a sensationalist hit piece on Miami's football program. The con-man has even admitted that he has an axe to grind. Only mental midgets such as yourself believe anything this con-man has to say.

As for Tom O'Brien, I asked what his record was against Miami while he was at BC. You responded with "27-9 what's the point"? My point is you're a GD idiot. Tom O'Brien never beat Miami while at BC. It just further shows your stupidity.

Oh plus Tom recruited Matt Ryan? Morris is no Matt Ryan? I don't even know where to begin with this stupid comment. Hell Golden didn't even recruit Morris????

I think you should run in your mom's garage and hang yourself. You're going to do it anyway when Miami receives their slap on the wrist from the NCAA.

Dont waste my time...I told you what is in the NCAA complaint. Those are the allegations. The testimony from Shapiro is that he gave up to 2 million. Now it is up to NCAA. Nobody has at this time knows what the amount is. How could you, the results have to been given by NCAA. So wtf are you even talking about? Whatever Miami in vestigation was is not material to this NCAA issue. What are a child? Miami will get santioned..period. No bowl and loss of scholarships. Like Manny says 4-8. I agree.

"Question Jim, what was the mighty Tom Obrien's record back when he was giving Miami good games when he was at BC? Oh yeah, that's right, STFU!"

27-9...are you retarded or what?

2004 Tom Obrian recruited Matt Ryan....he went 27-9 till 2007 when he took the NC state job

2006 bc losses to mia 14-17
2007 bc wins 28-14
2011 bc wins 24-17

Jim Gallo,

What was Tom O'Briens record "against Miami" when he was giving us all of those close games? You think I give a shyt about his 27-9 record? How focking retarded are you? That's why I said STFU!

You talked about $2 million dollars worth of improper benefits and then the number came down to $83k. Now you've quickly whipped up some more BS. You're nothing but a troll you focking imbecile.

Jim Gallo,

One last thing, it's not an NCAA complaint moron. These are allegations from a con-man written by a hack journalist.

The NCAA came out and said Donna Shalala has been more than open and that other Universities should be as forth coming if they are on their campus. You think they're going to throw the book at Miami when they've cooperated the way they have? That's a good way for Universities to never show them any respect and to never cooperate ever again. But you haven't thought of that have you you mental midget?

Step 1- Go get rope.

Step 2- Tie a hangmans noose knot at one end of rope.

Step 3- Tie other end of rope to garage door supports.

Step 4- Get on chair and put your head in the noose "That's the open end of that knot you made in the rope".

Step 5- Kick the chair from under yourself.

Step 6- Now you're dead and you don't have to live with yourself anymore.

Good riddance!

NCAA has thousands of documents, cancelled checks, sworn testimony and phone records. Plus outside sources corroberating the claims. The Allen deposition sunk them more with the phone records of Golden assistants engaging in improper recuiting. Miami will be recruited against by the other teams on this news. Sanctions will equal USC at a minimum....no bowl this year or next. Athletic dept will be under pressure for money....fallen attendence as well and the lease at the stadium will kill them even more. You have no idea whats going on do you?

Donna Shalala will resign.....mark it, you heard it here first.

Jim Gallo,

Why would anybody take you seriously? You're completely full of shyt all of the time. You've heard nothing. You know nothing. You are nothing...

What happened? Couldn't even figure out how to tie that knot? I posted a GD link? Can't even get that right?

@jim gallo

Calm down man really. If the NCdouble aholes had all of this info then why haven't they done anything with it YET? The longer this takes the better it looks for us. If there was sooo much detrimental evidence the decision would be simple. Those 72 players you are talking about have all graduated and moved on. Last time I checked the NCdouble aholes will not go back 10yrs, nor have the ability to subpoena anyone. Did you notice how DeQuan Jones won his case?? He was one of the athletes that shitpiro mentioned and what happened there? Nothing. We have disciplined players with suspensions, restitutions, and dismissals. We turned down a bowl game, we have our own investigation going on at the same time this started and have cooperated in every fashion possible. No school has cooperated in the fashion that Miami has during an investigation. All of that will play into our favor. We have a new staff, new athletic director, and new players. I will agree with you on one thing 1000%, and that is shamalamadingdong needs to go. All of this started the moment she got here. The time frame that shitpiro refers to is when she arrived. She'll take money from everyone and anyone, referring to the check that was handed to her at LuckyStrike in Dolphin Mall. That day wasn't even about shitpiro and that donation, it was about something else and shitpiro just stood up, walked over and took the microphone, gave shalalalalala a check and as soon as she started drooling, he starting talking 5hit. Even the owner of LuckyStrikes came out on the news and said that shitpiro was never meant to speak about anything that day. That he was simply there and then just got up and handed a check to shalalalalala randomly.



I am calm...what r u talking about. Just giving an opinion is all while i work. Some people believe that there will no sanctions...other belive otherwise. I think there will be because no matter that the amount is, acedemic institutions can not take any gratuity from a sports agency and shapiro was that as well as a booster, if you read what his attorney said in the allen deposition you know this will be deeper than you think. Miami can self impose all it wants...means nothing until the NCAA hands down their findings. All that matters now is if we can hold NC under 435 yards...260-270 should win the game. Anything above 435 we loose.

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