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Raising Canes video series: Boston College

In case you aren't aware, UM has had a video crew (3 Penny Films) that shoots behind the scenes footage at camp and at games since last year.

Here is their behind the scenes look at the Canes during their opener at BC last weekend.

Courtesy Hurricanesports.com: "Set out to lay one brick every day. Soon, you will have a wall." A powerful metaphor by head coach Al Golden prior to Miami's 41-32 season-opening win at Boston College. The latest Raising Canes episode (Season 2, Episode 11) follows the Hurricanes from Friday night meetings through Saturday's post-game celebration.


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We have the Marlins, Dolphins, AND Hurricanes getting national attention. That feels great!

Watched the video. What a coach!

Duuuuhhhhhhhhh. We be playin' in duh ACC. We be duh bestest conference.
It don't dun help me none get a job after gradumation but I's be a Cane fan f'life. Get me y'all?
Posted by: A cane grad says |

More pearls of wisdom by the one and only cane pig!

Acc sucks? And apearantly auburn or ufelons can compete....gotta give u that 13 point schalacking of bg though.....

Money talks.....Sorry.... cant compete. But the whole country knows anyway...oh yea, the big east sucks and kentucky cant compete either....

Sid is a Moron and doesn't understand. Go get your lil Duke tatoo. Go paint Morris's face on your front lawn. Go post your pictures of your stUpidity.

Is that the best u have....hahahahaha...cant beat ' em , say sumpin' stoopid....

Great Idea ,, this " Raising Canes " Video Series ....

Congratulations to whomever is responsible for this forward looking idea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a great video!

love all of these
they are al on facebook
they will make an amazing long-frmat documentary on how golden took these team from zero to the top

This is great stuff! Thank you for posting it!

Yeah Man

Tim Tebow swallows...

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