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Seantrel Henderson talks about his first action of the season

Seantrel Henderson's transcript from Monday.

How did it feel to be out there for your first game this season?
“It felt good to be out there with my teammates. I was just ready to get out there on the field. I was just ready. I was ready whenever coaches were going to give me my opportunity. I hate that it had to be one of my teammates getting hurt, you know what I’m saying? Other than that I was prepared to get in there. I got in there and I did whatever I could do to help my team.”

Was it tough to come in at the middle of the game rather than starting?
“No, Sir. I don’t think it was tough. I mean, I prepared for the game. I got in enough practice, warmed up good, so whenever I got my opportunity I just took it.”

How did you feel conditioning wise?
“My conditioning was good. I wasn’t very tired during the game even though I only had 22 plays. Other than that, I wasn’t tired at all.”

Is it easier to play on the right side rather than the left, because of kicking with your right side as opposed to left?
“Yes, Ma’am. Ever since I had surgery, my left was a little bit weaker than my right, so I felt more comfortable kicking with my right. I’m still strengthening my left hip and left leg, so I’m getting back stronger. They’re getting back even now.”

In a pinch, could you move to the left side?
“Yes, Sir. Anywhere Coach needs me to go I’m going to play.”

How tough was it to sit out the first game and not travel?
“It was real tough. I wanted to be there with my team; I wanted to be there to have that morale with my team. I’m one of the guys on the team that keeps the team going, keeps the juice up. I wanted to be there, that meant a lot to me. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to travel so it was what it was.”

How do you drown out all the noise, the outside, the people and the tweets and the social media talking about you?
“I just don’t really pay attention to it. I just stay within the team. As long as we have everything going on in the Hecht Center and we’re moving on to the next team and we’re preparing for the next team so we can get a better outcome than we did last weekend, then I’m all good to go. I’m not really worried about any outsiders or any social network and websites that are only distractions.”

What did you grade out against KSU?
“Ninety-one percent. I felt real good about that. I didn’t feel good about the outcome so what I did didn’t really matter.”

Was that the highest grade for a lineman against KSU?
“No, Sir.’’

Who graded highest?
“I don’t remember.’’

Has this been a turbulent year so far for you?
“I mean I had a lot of things going on family and friends wise. I lost a couple of people this summer – car accident and just a couple minor setbacks. I’m just glad to still be here, still alive and still with my team. So I’m good to go.”

Do you feel like it’s been Hurricanes all along, no matter what people say?
“No matter what, I’m always going to be a Cane. In my heart, I bleed orange and green every day.”


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Time for Seantrel to step up and become the star we all know he can be.

Kid sounds humbled by a rough month, best of luck to him, Miami needs his physicality on the offensive line.

And just an aside - any chance UM fans can stop bickering on whether the defensive players or coaches are to blame for the product?

Of course it's a little of both, and I got branded by one of you one track mind blog authorities as being anti-D'Onofrio, I'm not.

He's on the hot seat because you can't fire college players, it's just a fact, he's the one who's going to be fired if he can't turn it around and make this defense work with the players he has.

It doesn't mean he's a bad coach, it's just that his defense gave up 1,000 yards in two games and it's clear that the players can't effectively run his bend but don't break style. They bend, then they break anyway.

So give up the argument, it doesn't matter. The coach needs to switch it up and his players need to play better to save D'Onofrio's job.

I think they have a chance to do it, it all comes down to creating turnovers and UM has some nice young defensive backs.

All about Ga Tech now, two weeks to get ready.

Yah, Seantrel! You are on track. Dominate!

Seantrel sounds very mature and focused.

His daddy signed with uncle luke I heard

Lets be honest its a very young defense. Sure donofrio is doing all he can, The kids have the execute the game plan , They will do that by the end of the season but its gonna take time, Keep in mind there are like 17 freshman, sophmores on the 2 deep thats alot. This team is rebuilding from the mess randy shannon left, The best players on the defense are sophmores and freshman, the dl we knew had depth issues and the lbs were questionable beyound perryman and the dbs were gonna be very young, I don;t know why anyone is shocked at there struggles ,

I'm a big Henderson fan. It's a matter of time before he starts dominating.

they stink

Someone mentioned on the other blog that people on here don't know what they are talking about in terms of defensive schemes and that we should trust the coaches that have been doing this for years.

This is the last point I am going to make on this topic: it would have been nearly impossible for the defense to play any worse than it did on Saturday. KSU punted one time the entire game (in the fourth quarter). They scored on almost every possession they had. They would have scored more points if they hadn't shot themselves in the foot with that stupid trick play near the end of the second half. If myself or anyone else on this blog were coaching the defense, the result could not have been much worse. If there were no defensive coach at all the result probably would have been the same as it was Saturday.

D'Onofrio is paid to get the most out of his players and make sure they are in the right position. It is shocking to me that he blames the players for being out of position. It is one thing to blame players for not tackling or getting beat in coverage, but putting players in the right position is his job as a coach. In fact, he only has two roles as the defensive coordinator on gameday: put the players in the right position and call the defensive plays.

Either he isn't coaching them well in practice and teaching them how to be in the right position or he is not coaching them well during the actual game. He certainly isn't calling very good plays. Everyone can see this, even us arm-chair coaches who have never coached a game.

His manners are pretty on point as well. I had a lot of critism for this kid a few weeks back....but...his attitude in the article showed me that I was the one off base.....good for him!!

Any team with a mobile qb can score 30+ on this defense. We are going to have to score in 30's and not have turnovers in order to have a chance against the good team on our schedule.


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I have been training more here (Miami) than ... I used to train all the time at University of Miami.
-- us open champion andy murray

I love U Miami ...




Posted by: SunnyDee | September 11, 2012 at 12:32 PM



The Big East hopes to remain relevant by grabbing a spot in the Orange Bowl.

“We're working hard on some access,” said an official who did not want to be identified because of the sensitive nature of the talks. “I've been talking to some people regarding the Orange Bowl. I think they're fair-minded people to gain some measure of access. Ultimately, I think we've got a shot to do that.”

For the moment, the Big East has been cut from the herd in terms of staying a power conference beginning in 2014. It does not have a major bowl tie-in. The Orange Bowl is committed to the ACC champion beginning in 2014, but the other spot is open. Notre Dame has been speculated to fill the other spot, but not on a permanent basis.

There may end up being multiple partners, then, for the Orange. The Big East champion, Notre Dame and second-place teams from other conferences could be involved.

It should be noted that there is no buzz about the Big East from the Orange Bowl, at last check.
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Coming off of record-low ratings in 2011, the new season of Notre Dame football on NBC started on a down note Saturday afternoon.

The Purdue/Notre Dame college football game drew a 2.1 overnight rating

Saturday’s 2.1 overnight ranks as the second-lowest for a Notre Dame home opener on NBC since at least 1997 (overnights prior to 1998 were not immediately available).
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I'm getting a little tired of the negativity. No matter if we go 1-11 or 11-1, this is THE U! Nobody can take that away. I'm still a season ticket holder. It is what it is, but I'm a Cane 4 Life. Bethune Cookman or FSStew, I stand with The U! All day long. Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere. We got kicked by K-State. We're still here. We're still the Pipeline. See y'all Saturday.



Ucane305 thank you boss... I am sick of the negative comments and most of all the horribly negative stories. If you're not a fan of the canes don't report on them.I spend a lot of my time on articles just to see the writers say 2 good things then 1 bad every three sentences. Heck, by the time you are done reading the article you are already in mood. If we are canes we support these kids through the good and the bad. After all they are ones out there putting in the work.

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