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Confirmed: UM Canes DT Luther Robinson will not travel to Kansas State -- not good for a position that was already in need of help

Way up in the sky en route to Manhattan, Kansas for Saturday's noon game at No. 21 Kansas State.

Ah, airplane Internet connection -- the marvels of modern technology.

The not so uplifting news: CaneSport.com reported this morning that defensive tackle Luther Robinson will not be traveling to Kansas State, and I just got it confirmed by a UM official who did not want to be identified. Suffice it to say that the UM official is well informed.

The UM official said Robinson "wasn't out there all week, so I don't believe he'll be traveling. He's currently on the team, but his status is unclear.''

I have a feeling Robinson's future with the team is shaky, but don't know what the resolution will be.

CaneSport reported that "apparently, his dad went off on the coaches this week because he thought Robinson should have played more in Boston. ...Apparently, Luther got caught up in it and actually refused to practice at least one day this week. Details beyond that are still sketchy.''

From what I've been told, this is pretty accuurate.

If you recall, coaches wanted Robinson to switch to the offensive line in the offseason, but he emphatically did not want to do that. Then he got into great shape, Coach Al Golden said, and became part of the rotation at D-tackle.

Robinson forced a fumble in UM's opener at Boston College.

On the newest depth chart released Monday morning (two days after Boston College game), Robinson, a 6-3, 288-pound redshirt junior, is listed as a co-backup (along with redshirt freshman Corey King) behind starter Olsen Pierre.

Golden told us Corey King would travel to Kansas State, but he didn't say anything about Robinson.



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Not very smart, Luther. Son, your daddy should have told you that you don't make it to the NFL when you're not on the field getting reps.

Sounds like Luther's going to be bunking with Ray Ray this season.

Luther was the most effective Pass rusher in the BC game.

Should have played more!

Whats wrong with people? Complete idoits if this is true. Another weed that Golden has to get rid of.Parents getting at coaches for playing time,what is this...Pop Warrner??? The nerve of some people. How about work hard and be dominate in your position;thats how you "earn"playing time. The Shannon erra is gone,nothing is given anymore.Yet another badly needed scholarship available for a kid thats willing to work hard and be a force instead of a problem. KICK BUTTS UP AT K-STATE TOMORROW FELLAS. GO CANES!!!

You're suppose to play where the coaches want you. If you don't like it, you're obviously not in it for the team.

Just another NFL bound homer. We don't need ya. You must follow the process. Stop riding coattails of past greats.

You think Warren Sapp or Wilfork would pull this crap?

addition by subtraction. That kind of selfish garbage is what we need to rid our canes of. I dont recall hearing that McGaheewas pouting because he was behind the depth chart behind Portis and even freshman gore, and Jackson and DJ Williams. He bided his time and in 2002 he killed it. And worked his butt off to earn the number one job. I just feel kids (and their stage paents) should learn from others mistakes, work hard and everything will take care of itself!

no Luther Robinson, no Curtis Porter = no penetration against a read option team= very tough to win. we will have to put up 40+ points again. lets go canes.

agreed, maybe we have to line up in the old 4-4-3 we ran in HS, pop warner days...we got some "blended type guys" that could be big safety and smaller linebackers/DEs...plenty of corners...KS will run, and the QB falls forward most of the time...just no QB Draws for 20+ yds after they send everyone deep and let our DLine penetrate...on 3rd and 18...QB gets 20...give them a taste of their own medicine, run it, let Morris roll out maybe he takes off ..keep 'em honest...GOD Bless all of ya', and lets play 4qtrs young men!

If he refused to pratice he should be thrown off the team. Lewis or Sapp would never refuse to pratice!

Luther is a good DT. He proved it in the spring, and he proved it in fall camp. He proved it at BC also.

I think he should play more.

Can't wait for the game. Representing in Section 18.

Unbelievable. Another screwup by golden and the def. coor. Those morons run a 3 down lineman defense when a guy who has worked his heart out would have made a perfect fit for a four down lineman defense.

Watch the KS game and Miami lose due to not running a four down lineman defense. For want of a lineman, a first down stop was lost. For want of a stop, KS scored. For want of stopping the score, Miami lost. For want of winning a game, a winning season was lost.

Stupidity adds up, golden and his supporters have enough to fill an old orange bowl.

coker went downhill after Butch left.
Then, we had the Shannon years, nada, zip.
Now, we have the Golden years. Again, with a 3 down lineman defensive front, golden has proven himself to be an idiot.
It looks like Miami needs a house cleaning from the top down, shalalalallaalallaa, the athletic director, golden his coaches.
And get a smart Dean, a smart AD, a smart head coach with a great winning record from anywhere.

See ya. Get this loser off the team.

His daddy crying about his PT just resulted in zero PT.

Get rid of the trash Golden. Anyone who thinks that Golden is screwing up is insane. You "so called" Canes fans who want to be negative go root FIU. The team doesnt need you and the "REAL []_[] fans" dont want you.

Miami does need a house cleaning of dumb@$$ fans like CaneFan72.

@CaneFan72: Dude, calm down. You're giving up on Golden after 13 games? Seriously?

If this is true then Robinson better come back to the staff hat in hand or he needs to be off the team to free up another scholly. He needs to remember that Damien Berry was a 3rd or 4th teamer before he rose up.

Wow, daddy complaining about playing time? Is that serious? Two words- See Ya. Daddy needs to go find a pop warner coach to bully, it might work there. Ridiculous Golden even has to put up with it. Unreal

For the people saying he should have played more... How about leaving decisions like that to those who are in the know... Just because you may have watched the Spring Game and/or the BC game -- that doesn't make your opinion any more relevant... The coaches see him all week and if they don't think he is worthy, then he probably isn't... Go []_ _[]

golden losing great players and whining he does not have enough tough linemen and not having four down defensive linemen in on every defensive series.

That is pure, loser mentality stupidity.

I hope the Herald eye on the u blogging after the last game and a golden losing season will be about me telling you morons "I told you so." Hope you will all show up to apologize and admit you were wrong.

Wait and see. 3 down linemen when Miami is on defense throughout the game tomorrow and Miami loses. A loss that did not need to happen. No one in the stands in the games at the end of the season to hear the constant siren noise every third down. oh gee, darn.

Canesfan 72, you demonstrated what you knew about football strategy yesterday, which is zero. Again they ran the 3 man lines on long yardage situations. They subtracted a lineman for a DB, most teams do that, and they changed it up during the game on long yardage sitUations. So please if you don't have a clue don't confirm it but posting.

Canesfan72 please man quit showing what you don't know. Please you look like a fool.

Canefan72....if your a true Canes fan than you respect what Golden has done...Last Saturday was the first time in years that I saw a team come together and fight...Nobody wants to hear the negativity we have enough to deal with outside of the Canes Fam...do all of us a favor and go buy a gator jersey...GOLDEN for President

CaneFan72 thank you for that moronic rant. He doesnt have 4 down D-lineman to play straight thru. If Robinson was a stellar player like his daddy thinks so then Golden wouldnt of had to bring JUCO Darius Smith aboard. They had 3 line man cause the corners where playing soft coverage so the had an extra backer in the game. When its all said and done we will be able to say I told you so Canefan72 is a fraud.

Come on guys. First we have idiot gator fans on here and now we got one of our own-Canesfan72-acting like a moron. What is Coach Golden supposed to do? An upset parent gets his kid to hold out on practice and the coach is supposed to do nothing? When my children acted like that I took a wooden paddle to their rear ends. Not just to build their character, but because my other kids were watching to see what they could get away with!! We can argue 3/4 vs 4/3 all day long but I'm pretty sure the coaches, who study the hell out of the film, know more than we do. Let's go to K State and play hard. Hopefully we win but if not, I just hope the kids can walk off the field knowing they fought hard until the end.

For the people saying he should have played more... How about leaving decisions like that to those who are in the know... Just because you may have watched the Spring Game and/or the BC game -- that doesn't make your opinion any more relevant... The coaches see him all week and if they don't think he is worthy, then he probably isn't... Go []_ _[]

Posted by: CanePride | September 07, 2012 at 01:45 PM


Do you think that the coaching staff is going to deliberately not play a guy who they know can play, just to screw the kid or boost the coaches ego? No! Why? Well, because we as fans will root for any coach that coaches our beloved 'Canes. On the other hand, the coaches job and lively hood ACTUALLY DEPENDS on winning games. So while we as fans think that WE have a more vested interest in the outcome of games than the coaches do, we are wrong (sorry to break the news to you). The coaches have a lot more ridding on wins and losses than we do.

BTW, Luther's Dad was wrong for talking to the coaches about this. Talking to family members, his friends and even at the Barber shop is one thing, but to actually tell the coaches about getting his kid more playing time was out of order on his part. Luther for refusing to play was extremely disrespectful to the coaching staff as a whole. The relationship can be salvaged though if Luther goes to the coaches and humbles himself and makes amends. He is a talented kid and would like to see him finish his college career as a 'Cane. Hopefully the blood is not that bad between Coach Golden and the Robinson family and Luther and Daddy do the right thing a rectify this divide between them and the coaching staff. I know everyone is saying "good riddance" and "we don't need him on the team", but in actuality, we do need Luther talent wise, it is his attitude that we don't need. If the attitude can be adjusted, I think both parties can work things out.

Amen Cane4life,

Give him the boot!!! there is no time for this crap!

Canefan72. You are a one trick pony that does not know your trick. How many times do you get shown as an idiot before you learn.

You all know, especially the old timers, that being a "cane" was about attitude, the "US" against the world attitude. Not the "ME" against the world attitude!! and that is the cancer of the recent past with our team.... I still feel the pain of seeing that pathetic showing of our last game in the OB. a team full of self servers..... I will never for 1 moment believe it was a lopsided talent issue in that game. But I can say last year I never had that kind of pain watching a team play witha team mentality. I dont say all was perfect or there was no issues, but they were small enough that the cancer didnt kill the "team first".... in the BC game we saw how a team. ( no matter how young or in experienced ) can play and hold it together during adversity. What this team and I stress the word team, needs is belief in eachother and the coaches and thier system....but not to make themselves bigger than the team! Or set themselves and their own goals ahead of the team goals. And to refuse to pratice/compete/study or participate in "TEAM" functions is totaly against what is the nature of a winning program. And that is what true canes are all about....

agreed 4life. Brother needs to put his ego aside, be a man (we all have had to eat ---t at some point in our lives ) and apologize, and make amends. In the NFL what does this get you? Your prima donna a55 gets cut or you may not even make the initial roster. Its truer in the NFL where instant results matter more because it means $$$$.

Sorry, pops. No more room for babies.
toss him off the team, Coach!

You complain about the defense, but in reality that's a complaint about the current coaching staff.

People on here don't want to bash the current coaches; they would rather bash the players and Randy Shannon.

Nobody has bashed the players, and no one has bashed Shannon her. And if you think the strategy was flawed you're as stupid as Canesfan72,

I am a Die-Hard UM Fan and season ticket holder for over fifteen (15) years. Luther Robinson is a solid player who been at UM for three years or more. I respect that Coach Golden play the player’s base on performance, and I must say L-Rob played well enough in the BC game to start against K-State. Considering that we are building players mentally as well as physically to perform at the highest level each week.
I watched the game at BC and L-Rob played at a higher level than most of the other D-lineman’s. I must say, the whole defense did not do well and I based that on the defensive coordinator coach- D. Coach-D must be made accountable as well; he did not make adjustment until late in the game. He needs to take a look at the old defensive formations used at UM in the 80’s, 90’s and the 2000 &2001 year. Heck, the other university do, I heard three different universities on ESPN say that they studied and uses the old UM aggressive style and schemes. They must be disciplined, aggressive and play with reckless abandon. The coaching staff must let the players play with an attitude and not hold them back from game to game by demoting and promoting, just to make a point each week. It’s time, to turn them loose, by the way, they are hurricanes and this is the “U”, enough said…..Go Canes.>>>

Keith you said it brother..
Team is spelt with every single player looking out for the guy next to him and the whole Group looking out for each other..Coaches included..

Free forming Dad's and players would NOT fit into this.

It goes back to the quote that Clinton Portis gave..he said "In order for the U to be the U again, each player has to GIVEUP all the selfish ME tendencies and play as a Team... The reason the 'U' has lost its swagger is that there were too many wannabe stars and not enough team. Go bak to Team and the 'U' will be back"

Now that is a guy that called it...
and the philosophy of Coach G is to make sure the process works.

Some Dad having his feathers ruffled about playing time, and trying to call out Coaches, - who are in effect Teachers- showing these athletes how to play hard, and go to the next level, needs to have his head examined...How will the Coaches even trust this player, and will this incident repeat after refusing practice?.
What is next?

My take sit him out for 2 Games let him think about this..play sparingly and by the 4-5 th game have him show to his team mates and Coaches that this was an anomally..Never happen again.Full apology to all..Father apology needed also..

Parents sit back, but for goodness sake let the Coaches Coach that is what they are there for, and being trustworthy Guardians of kids who are so important. Go kick the wall but don't interfere, Please.
Newsflash Canesfan72..this is the SECOND game..give it a rest and root for the 'Canes. We are in the year 2012. The'Canes will be back. Canes 28-KS -20
Go 'Canes Always.

Canesfan72, what a joke! Coach D is working with a roster of zero depth and zero experience. The defense is a base 4-3 that shows looks of of a 3-4 like Bama is running. Your 3-4 gripe shows you know jack shyt about football. When coach D sends the blitz you ask for and the other team burns us for a TD you'll be griping about that too. How about shutting up and letting Coach D develop his defense that was lights out at Temple? He has more football knowledge in his pinky finger than any of you know nothing wannabe coaches.

As for Luther Robinson, the only reason he forced a fumble was because he finally got penetration but was going to miss the tackle and got his hand in the ball. He lucked his way into a good play. Other than he did nothing to impress the rest of the game. For his daddy, him, or anyone else to be making demands shows just how stupid people are. He was an inch from being shown the door and he puts in a little bit of work and now the coaches are supposed to kiss his butt? That kid and his kind of attitude can haul ass.

The U is in this mess because corch Randy Shannon the incompetent illiterate ran the program into the ground. How about giving Golden and his staff more than 13 weeks to implement their system before claiming you may know better?

I hope Golden takes the complete page out of Mike Singletary's book on attitudes. You can't coach them, you can't win with them, you can't play them, you just can't. The Canes had a QB a few years ago that daddy got involved and look what happened to him. These kind of daddy's little boys cause distractions to the entire team. Some will agree, some will disagree and that will divide the entire team. Caution to all daddy's. Just because he is your son does not make him a super hero you portray him to be. BUTT OUT

Robinson is another "Shannon Guy". Weed & Seed Golden. We need producers, not losers. He may have stripped the ball, but he never touched the quarterback. I want Klein D-Cleated


Whether or not he played well or "should have" played more, to refuse to practice because of it is the exact opposite of what you do. Go ahead, set up a meeting with coach. Find out why you're not playing more. Then work on your craft to get more downs. But most of all work your ass off in practice and EARN your way onto the field for game day.

So lets check and balance.....You play the position where you are told and in return you get an education at an excellent school. Sounds like a good deal papa Robinson now be a real man/dad and explain this to your son and work things out with the coaches.

Yours truly- from one dad to another.


What?????????????????Is this guy s father the second coming of Ray Ray s father???????Man oh man.These coddling Dad s are so insecure and such control-freaks.I thought these parents grew up and got over this type behavior when their kids graduated Pee Wee ball.He received a gift....it s called a scholarship.He was not knighted.The guy is not the head coach...and neither is his father.Swasey got him in shape and the guy got confident but as they say................."there s no me in team".I m not sure this guy deserves to finish his scholarship.At work....they call it interference/insubordination and you get fired.The kid will be lucky if dear old Dad didn t already get him fired.That said....the kid s already messed up by his pops and the coaches won t see him the same way again.Next DT........just get ready.This little baby and Pops screwed his career up good.

Ok Guys and Gals, time to put this one to bed and get ready for the game we got less than 24 hours till kickoff, The hopes and prayers for our guys starting now, lets back our team and support our players and coaches and let the rest of this foolishness sort out when it is over ! GO CANES MAKE US PROUD! and by that we mean do your best and leave it all out on the field... the rest will take care of itself!

Damn Luther it's the 1st game of the year. Miami rotate a lot of guys to keep each other fresh. N We was still unable to get pressure on the QB. N u not practicing, What good was going to come out of that. Did anybody watch the game last week. The D needs all the pratice they can get. That just wasn't smart. Especially with one of our toughest game of the year. I hope some good comes out of this.

This is kind of funny. I remember when Butch came and start re-building the house Dennis destroyed (just like Al is doing). People were dogging him out right and left. By the time he finished, he (Butch) could do no wrong. Al will do the same, and all of the band wagoners will jump aboard and act like they were always there.

I notice morons on this site bash me instead of examining what I say about the difficulty three down lineman Miami defense has in trying to stop a run or putting pressure on a passer.

Come on, morons, try to tell me how three defensive linemen can do it. Tell me how three down Miami linemen stop a run with five blockers and a running back, 6 against 3 Miami players for less than a four yard gain. Come on, Morons. You say Golden and DC are such great coaches that they can give up a good lineman instead of putting him in 100% of the time as a DE on a four man defensive line. You guys know it all. Tell me how 3 Miami guys can stack up for 30 minutes of defense play after play against 6 offensive players. You guys do not know beans about football or physics. F = M x A (offense) = M x A (defense). So, unless the defense has some big linemen, the offensive surge and acceleration will not be stopped until linebackers get involved which is four or five yards past the line of scrimmage.

Let's look at a pass rush. Come on morons, tell me how three down lineman Miami defensive players can get through 5 offensive linemen and a blocking back, 2 offensive blockers per each Miami defensive linemen trying to get to the QB in a passing situation. Come on morons, you think I know nothing about football. You tell me how 3 Miami guys can beat 6 offensive blockers. Or does the QB have all day to pass, write a text, take a phone call?

The only answer is that golden is the same mediocre coach that shannon was. But you do not want to hear that. So, wallow in your stupidity and you can be one of the thousand or two who show up to watch Cane home games for the next few years.

BC forced golden to go to a four man defensive line or the Canes would have gotten beat 56 to 7 by BC. As soon as golden and the DC put in a four man defensive front, the Canes began to come back. Why wait until you are down 14 to nothing to put in a four man defensive front? Why is golden a moron for giving up two TDs before changing his losing 3 lineman defense? Why even start with such a weak defense???

Did any of you morons bashing me graduate from college, or did you even pass high school physics?

Luther's dad needs to let his son be a man, and handle the situation himself.
Refusing to practice for more playing time. Not very smart. I guess you really showed those coaches.
I put him in the same boat as Seantrel. Come back if you want to. If not good luck
If you do come back. Shut your mouth, and work your butt off for playing time.
Everyone have a great weekend


U see this would not happen with JJ. If this guy can play let him play. I think we got a case of the players not really trusting the coaches.

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