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Confirmed: UM Canes DT Luther Robinson will not travel to Kansas State -- not good for a position that was already in need of help

Way up in the sky en route to Manhattan, Kansas for Saturday's noon game at No. 21 Kansas State.

Ah, airplane Internet connection -- the marvels of modern technology.

The not so uplifting news: CaneSport.com reported this morning that defensive tackle Luther Robinson will not be traveling to Kansas State, and I just got it confirmed by a UM official who did not want to be identified. Suffice it to say that the UM official is well informed.

The UM official said Robinson "wasn't out there all week, so I don't believe he'll be traveling. He's currently on the team, but his status is unclear.''

I have a feeling Robinson's future with the team is shaky, but don't know what the resolution will be.

CaneSport reported that "apparently, his dad went off on the coaches this week because he thought Robinson should have played more in Boston. ...Apparently, Luther got caught up in it and actually refused to practice at least one day this week. Details beyond that are still sketchy.''

From what I've been told, this is pretty accuurate.

If you recall, coaches wanted Robinson to switch to the offensive line in the offseason, but he emphatically did not want to do that. Then he got into great shape, Coach Al Golden said, and became part of the rotation at D-tackle.

Robinson forced a fumble in UM's opener at Boston College.

On the newest depth chart released Monday morning (two days after Boston College game), Robinson, a 6-3, 288-pound redshirt junior, is listed as a co-backup (along with redshirt freshman Corey King) behind starter Olsen Pierre.

Golden told us Corey King would travel to Kansas State, but he didn't say anything about Robinson.



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I think we got a case of a player needing to grow up.

Really CC? JJ would actually play someone who misses practice because he got his panties all in a wad over not playing enough? JJ would play a guy who had his daddy come over and fight his battle? Don't think so.

Simple, you don't practice - you don't play. Nothing to do with graduating from college or high school physics. Has everything to do with respect. Stand up and be a man. Sounds like Luther has some growing up to do.

Refusing to practice is a sure way to lose your job , Luther .

Posted by: Joe | September 07, 2012 at 04:24 PM

Um, that would be "there's no I in team", not me.

Most here have said that.
I believe the best thing would be for a big helmet in hand apology from Luther (in private), and a PUBLIC apology from Dad.
OlSage, considering the terrible job Singletary did with basically the same players Harbaugh took to 13-3, I'd highly advise AGAINST doing, saying or following ANYTHING Singletary did. He was a total washout.
Guys like him, Magic Johnson, Jordan, etc, are WAY too intense and "do like I did it" guys. Usually, they make BAD coaches. especially with today's ESPN generation.

Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Leon Searcy, Jerome Brown, Sean Taylor, Melvin Bratton, Michael Irvin, Cortez Kennedy, Ken Dorsey, Russell Maryland, Warren Sapp… Not one of those guys put themselves before the team. Those are just a few of the Great ‘Canes that have made the U what it is. I can’t believe the self-entitled punks that think they are the most important part of the equation. When you start thinking like those mentioned above. When you start putting team first. When you start looking at your coaches and teammates as family. Then maybe the ‘Canes will get back to the dominance that once made them feared by EVERYBODY. The lip service doled out by so-called ‘canes of recent years is pathetic. Luther, your daddy wants you to play more? What’s up with that? Work hard, bust your opponents in the mouth. I guarantee you’ll start. And you could end up on a list like the one above. Wouldn’t that be the greatest compliment of all.


Just stop! You're either a mole or a complete waste of sperm. How does Bama run their 3-4 multiple set defense so effectively? How does the Patriots run their 3-4 multiple set defense so effectively. Your so quick to pop off about physics and physics has nothing to do with it. Maybe you should bone up on evolution and embrace the evolution of a complex defense that will reap huge rewards once the youngsters get it. Physics? LOL! A retard calling people morons on a message board?

BC didn't force Golden to go to a 4-3 defense. The base defense is a 4-3. Do you understand that? Do you understand what being multiple and being able to show odd man fronts means? Did you notice in obvious passing downs "3rd and long" Coach D dialed up some 3-4? That's where this game has evolved to.

Get over it! Golden and Coach D aren't going anywhere anytime soon. It's only a matter of time until the defense is strength of the team. People already admit the tackling, physicality, and never quit attitude is better. Once these kids know their playbook in and out Coach D is going to rock some offenses. You want an aggressive defense when we don't have the personnel to run that style of game plan yet. Right now we're a bend and don't break defense that keeps the play in front of us so we don't get exposed and give up the game changing plays. I'll take 500 yards of offense on our D if they stiffen up in the redzone and hold the offense to FG's all day long.

Quit trolling mole...

BTW, Corey King is worthy to step in.
As was mentioned earlier, the QB draw has been lethal against us (and also my Dolphins) for years. I was surprised BC didn't go with it near the goal line.

Klein could kill us with it, unless our DC (hopefully) designates a "spy" on Klein.
Denzel is my choice. If Klein gets past Denzel, the rest will be moot...a 20+ yard gain. We need to hit him early and hit him hard.

Well I think a parent and player like any person in any organization has a right of grievance or right to voice their opinion. I re-watched the game and thought Robinson played the best of all the d linemen. He or his parents shouldn't have taken it this far and left it up to Luther to prove he deserves to be a starter.

I must also admit I do not believe D'Nofrio should be at a coordinators status. I see too many instances were it is "clearly" obvious he is above his level. I think this is the first overt instance where players have a lack of confidence in his judgements and coaching abilities. While you may want to critize the player, remember the team includes coaches and like you, they know if their manager sucks!

Say good bye to DT Jaynard Bostwick who I believe is related to Luther. Like I told you, Goldens good work will be undone by his dedication to his buddy D'Nofrio

Hopefully it all works out for LR. I don't know the facts so I'm not going to comment.

About tomorrow...
KSU will control the clock. I don't see us scoring 40+ because we just wont have a lot of possessions.

I'll sign for a 1 point win here and now.

C -A -N -E -S CANES!!!


Exactly what are you expecting out of the defense right now? This defense is starting at scratch this year. The entire roster has been overhauled on that side of the ball. Randy left the defense in shambles. The best players on D who show the most promise are true Sophomores or Freshmen"Chick, Perryman, Gunter, and Johnson". VT and McGhee are the Seniors of the secondary and they have been very average their entire tenure at Miami. Highsmith and Rogers are Juniors who have done nothing at Miami yet. Name a DT leftover from the Randy era? Porter and Robinson? Poter has been made of glass since he stepped on campus and Robinson has a crappy attitude. Were you really expecting anything but more injury news or attitude adjustments out of these two this season? Pierre, Smith, Grimble, Moore, and King are all brand new additions to DT.

Love how all of you mention the 500 yards off offense but fail to mention the turnovers which changed the games. All with a defense which returns a handful of guys. Our fans are completely unrealistic in their expectations of our new DC. Coach D will go down as one of the best DC's this program has ever had. There's a reason Temple asked him to stay as HC. That Temple D was downright nasty and was the backbone of that team. Growing pains on this side of the ball were to be expected this year.

Also, all of you mention that Coach D took too long to make adjustments? The old coaching staff would have never made the adjustments the entire game. BC drove for two TD's and Coach D made adjustments and the Team went on a 41-9 rampage from there on out. What more do you want out of a defense made up of underclassmen on the road for their first start?

You must have some close ties to all those recruits. Just shut up already and worry about the season. You and old man CaneFan`72 must be related or at the very least you two are on the trailor park shuffle board team

Unbelievable - UM will play the game without its 2 best D-tackles. Robinson' dad is so out of line it's unreal. He put Luther in a bad spot, but the kid is old enough to do what was right, and obviously, that was to practice and continue playing. What's to be gained here? How did the father help his son's career for the future. What a dope. The kid can transfer and sit the year out and what does that do for him. Just who is the grown up here. It's certainly nobody in the Robinson family.


Two best DT's? Pierre and Smith are the two best DT's right now on this roster. What has Porter or Robinson done to be considered the two best exactly? Do you just make unvalidated claims as if they're truth and then believe your lies to yourself? LOL!

Some of the fans are completely out of touch with reality. The reality is this defense is being rebuilt from the ground up. The future isn't in Robinson or Porter. Pierre, King, Ivery, Briscoe, and Moore is the future at DT. Robinson is going to cry his way off the depth chart and Porter will always be injured.

Cane fan and Tampa cane should both be ignored. They make the stupidest comments on this blog and never ever can they back up what they say. Neither one of them contributes to this blog in a positive and intelligent way. Now here come the insults.

IAmAwriter: What about Cain? he's got the size, speed, height to be everywhere. He's the secret weapon. He is not a scrub. U line Cain up as LB, could disguise him on DL.


Can you say three down linemen a few more times? I can't quite make sense of you're trying to say.

That's called "schemes," that's called "disguising," Cain at DE, LB, heck "disguise" him at S. OUR D is not making the right reads and that is COACHING. Just like in the VT game with QB literally looking Ray Ray in the eyes and scoring.


"Our fans are completely unrealistic in their expectations of our new DC. Coach D will go down as one of the best DC's this program has ever had."

That's not unrealistic?

There's nothing in his track record at UM that would suggest he'll keep his job after this year, never mind become one of the best DCs UM has ever had.

Despite what you'd like to believe, D'Onofrio was coaching the defense last season and a lot of the problems that led to losses for the team (lack of blitzes, lack of pressure, lack of pressure-related turnovers, and giving up QB runs and TE/FB screens) showed up in game 1 of year 2.

No doubt, he'll have all season to show Golden what he can do, but I don't care a bit about what he did at Temple, his defense was BAD in year one and is off to a BAD start in year two.

Let's hope he gets it turned around tomorrow and the players are able to get some pressure on K State's quarterback!

I agree with you lieutenant. (ltcdolphin)
I also agree with FightingIbis who told Canefan72 to "Quit trolling mole..."

As soon as I read a couple of Canefans posts I thought to myself SELF? Where is the gator fan that is always here and on every other sport sections blogs. Aha! Is Canefan72 a mole gator fan? Quite possibly. Quite possibly.

you all want to see the meaning of passion? You all who think AG doesnt have love for this U should watch a video on raising canes (YoutUbe also)- Dropping a brick. or soemthing like that. It shows the players getting to the BC game, during and after. Good video. Dropped a tear.

This team may not go 12-0 yet, but they are for real. They have passion for this U. A55holes who think they know what they are talking about like cane72 and cool cat should just keep off this blog.

1-0 in the ACC
1-0 overall.

Whats to bi--tch about? LAst year it was the other way around starting off!


Nothing in his track record?
Coach D installed a top 10 defense at Temple with a roster full of recruits nobody wanted or 2 stars. He was so highly touted he was Temple's 1st choice to take over as HC when Golden left for Miami. He is the goods and will be mentioned with top DC's by the time he leaves here. This program is lucky to have him at DC. The coaches can only do so much. The players have to play the game and right now this defense is made up of underclassmen who are going to make ME's.

Go down the roster and look at all the youth on the defensive side of the ball. Eddie Johnson stripped a ball and Gunter picked it up. Neither one of those players ever played a down last season so someone must have got them ready to make a big play against BC. Perryman is already the best LB on the roster. Someone put him in position to make the INT and take it to the house against BC.

This defense is taking longer to learn and install because it is a much more difficult defense to grasp. Once this defense develops Coach D is going to look like a genius. What he'll be able accomplish with Miami talent is downright scary.

I heard all this same BS when Butch took over to rebuild. He was no good in our fans eyes. Hell some dumb fan flew a plane over the OB calling for his head. Then all of the idiots went crazy when Butch built monster and hauled ass? Treated him like crap too up until he proved all the haters wrong.

You clowns will flip flop on Coach D just like your type did with Butch.

CaneFan72 we were in a 4 man front most of the game and never got pressure with it. The defense settled down after a bad start and played credibly after that. Comparing Golden to Shannon is like comparing Tiger Woods to John Daly and there is no comparison. Sttle down and let the coaches coach as I know there isn't a POSTER here QUALIFIED to tell them how to do their job.

Well said fighting ibis. Now white heron move on

Eudo: It's not how many points KSU scores, although that's important. It's about "how" they score those points.

Word: This DC is the second coming of Nix, but on defense. If your boy "Goldy gets rid of DC, then I'll soften the criticism.

I tell U what: If "Goldy gets in the DC's face like RS did Nix, something's up......

One other thing for all of the people hating on coach D. Right now Olsen Pierre is the best DT on the roster and was a Temple commit that most of our fans griped about when Golden was hired. "What is this Temple" most of the idiot fans said.

Let's all agree that most of you complaining couldn't find your ass with your hand without directions. How about letting the coaching staff build this monster and you clowns sit back and enjoy the ride?

Rome wasn't built in a day...

Sounds like another Shannon holdover who believes in entitlement, not talent earning you playing time

4 defensive linemen that can put a little pressure on a QB.

FightingIbis, no need to set up straw men, read what I said, "nothing in his track record at UM", "I don't care a bit what he did at Temple".

As I said on a previous blog, I'm not as down on D'Onforio as most UM fans, most want him fired. I was happy to see a few late blitzes and turnovers in a win.

He is on the hot seat with the fans and in the media because his defense had characteristic flaws all of last year that showed up again in game 1.

He has all season to define year 2, hopefully he turns things around and becomes everything you and Golden think he is. He can quiet a lot of the noise by calling a good game on Saturday.


Coach D is on the hotseat with the fans? Who cares? Our fans are morons. These are the same fans who called for Butch's head and then cried when he hauled ass.

"Nothing in his track record at UM"? "Don't care what he did at Temple"?

You're one of those fans I'm talking about. Let me say this again, Coach D built a top 10 defense at Temple with recruits nobody wanted and a handful of two stars. That Temple D was nasty! It was the backbone of that entire team.

Let me guess, Coach D won't build a great defense because you don't care what he did at Temple right? Again, who cares what you have to say? You're not even a nobody you're a never has been. Yeah, Coach D won't do well with Miami caliber talent. Keep telling yourself that. What screen name will you be when he proves you wrong?

I love how you just say year 2 like that's truthful. Year 1 he was working with the same talent that went 6-6 the year prior. Coach D was handed zero depth. He had to grab a CB who couldn't even start at Wake Forest to play CB. True Freshmen were forced in the interior of the line because there was no depth. Then when the season was over all of those players he worked with left and in came a huge signing class so he had to start from scratch again. You'd think a fan would support the hard work he's putting in. But considering most of our fans ask if any of us would like to biggie size our combo meals I understand none of them have built something from the ground up before.

Go on hating Coach D. He isn't going anywhere and neither is Golden. He's here to put the U back on the map. I hear Jimbo and FSU have openings for more fans.

Next man up mentality. Seantrel worked his way up in the rotation and so will Robinson as long as he can respect who's team this is. If he thinks he earned more reps but the coaches didn't recognize it then he needs to continue rising up to the occasion when his number is called until they do recognize his work.

The only reason I can see not playing Robinson every snap is to keep him fresh so the snaps he does play he can go harder than the worn down offensive line.

shannon got in Nix face according to cool cat. And said what cool cat? Because it surely didnt work. Besides, Nix was an offensive coordinator.

i agree with eudos last post. Last year was a wash for all the coaches- it was the first full season and there were tons of suspensions- not the least of whom was Adewale Ojomo, and a few key injuries such as Ramon Buchanon.

Meddling by parents in areas they don't belong always ends up hurting the meddlers and the kids. In this case you have two kids. They would be Luther Sr. and Luther Jr. The dad made things harder for Jr., but Jr. didn't act like a man, so kids they both are.

Toss his a-- off the team!
If this baby is not willing to put the work in (as he's shown he's obviously not) then open the door and point him toward his liberty!
I like what Golden has done in getting these player to understand that hard work pays off, and I don't think anyone here can say the don't see the benefits on the field in the form of strength, lack of injuries, and better focus.
Good job coach Golden!


Well said ibis. Fact is our D is incredibly talented but also young and inexperienced. I love how the D played against BC for most of the game with the exception of our awful DLine. Do you people out there understand that Golden and Donofrio inherited a mess? UM had been run to the ground for the previous 9 years slowly but surely.

Neither the DC nor coach Golden did at Temple what we hope they'll do at Miami, taking a gutter Big East team to a .500 team isn't the same as taking a .500 ACC team to a national contender.

The difference is, that with all the difficulties and a 6-6 record, coach Golden has said all the right things, done all the right things, and has the compete confidence of the fan base.

Coach D'Onofrio has a lot of excuses for the media but in year two he knows what personnel he has, he knows the talent of the teams he's facing, and he needs to adjust his play calling.

I like Coach D'Onofrio and I like his overall philosophy of "bend but don't break", but he needs to adjust to the players he has. If the defense plays tomorrow like they played last week, UM will lose and it will be his fault. Period. They can't cover receivers while the quarterback stands back there all day and the defensive linemen can't create pressure on their own. That's just where the team's at.

I never said any of the things you attributed to me in your last post and I'm not interested in being your "anti-Golden" and "anti-D'Onofrio" counterpart. You strike me as a huge d*ckhead more interested in insulting people on the internet than talking UM football.

Enjoy the game.

Our offense will have to carry us this game. The d just needs to keep everything in front of them and make tackles. Someone said in their post that our dc needs to look at some of those old hurricane defenses and he is right. The dc is trying to play the traditional big ten type defense with hurricane type players. I liked the fact we got those turnovers but he has to be more creative on d. I am assuming that there are a bunch of grown ups on this site but maybe not. It would be good to read fans talking about helpful info about the canes and the opponents not this going back and forth with each other. Y'all sound like a bunch of b's. We have to read through touch bs to get to the real stuff.

just another undiscilpined spoiled "brat" who should have handled the situation on the practice field His father is obviously a catalyst in all of this. just like RR and SH. we would be better off without him. let him transfer to Fla A&M or some other program that will put up with both he and his father

The game is on FX for Cane fans outside of Miami.GO CANES 2-0 .


"Taking a gutter Big East team to a .500 team isn't the same as taking a .500 ACC team to a national contender."

You couldn't be more wrong or misleading. Temple was kicked out of the Big East it was such a dumpster fire. Temple was THE WORST team in D-1 football and the athletic department was going to end the football program all together. Golden took Temple from being the worst football team in D-1 to beating UCONN 30-16 in his final season and UCONN won the Big East that year and played in a BCS. Golden is the reason Temple was even asked back into the Big East after being booted. Coach D's defense was ranked 16th in the nation that season and he did it with nobodies and two stars as I've already stated.

Coach D hasn't been making any excuses. Saying the youngsters are blowing assignments isn't making excuses, it is called stating facts. He was handed chicken shyt and you expect him to have turned it into chicken salad within game #13? Coach D doesn't have a philosophy of bend but don't break. This team is at a stage where he to run a defense that is bend but don't break. See the difference? The defensive gameplan will change as the experience of the personal and depth changes. How can you claim to like someone and then "put them on the hotseat" because of your own unrealistic expectations? That seems irrational to me. Are you a woman?

Enjoy the game...

Actually it's on FX in San Diego, maybe different where you are. GO CANES 37-21

hey canes fans need some help i'm stuck in singpore for work and would really like to see this gsme any suggestion on where i might be able to watch on the internet thanks and go canes

I read ALL the posts, then I watched the game on my DVR again. I did bunch of research and this is what I came down to.

1. the U attitude, swagger
It has, and always will be US against the world. the key word here is US. HOW DARE some of you, after ALL that has happened put this kid in front of the team and the U. Who the hell is Robinson Sr to have the nerve to call and get in a verbal argument with a Miami coach?

2. RL performance in BC game.
the ENTIRE dline was soft. I don't care if he had the seasons best play and forced the fumble.. how about the other 80 snaps? the dline did not work, so most likely they made changes during practice and he ran to his daddy.

3. RL SR
The SECOND he started going off on a UM coach he should of been told "you are going to ruin your kids career, I suggest you end the call right now before because of you, your kid is off the team"

RL SR I hope you are reading this and you listen good. YOU, killed your sons career. You wanted to yell at a coach? ok... but telling your son not to practice...well you just became his coach and he is on your team not the U.

4. RL

listen kid, parents have ruined so many kids careers it not even funny. I am talking about players who are 10 times more talented then you and are not working at a construction company because daddy decided to be manager a bit too soon.

the season just started and there are 11 more games to go. You are thinking about the NFL way before you should be.

I know before you singed up with the U you watch all the same youtube videos we all did. You read about the program. well...you just showed everyone that is not you. You want to prove us wrong? shut up, get to work, and do ANYTHING you are asked to do to help the team.

5. the trash talkers here about Golden.

this is actually the funniest one I read. I mean seriously if your football skills and strategy was better then the U D-coach or golden you wouldn't be sitting in front of a computer typing a response to an article. You are NO idea what has been tried, tested, analyzed etc..

Seriously guys 3-4 or 4-3, this isn't Madden NFL 2012. These are your players, this young team is very dynamic and you have ZERO clue wtf you are talking about because if you did trust me.. you would be coaching at that level.

6. I am a Cane, i went to school at the U, i was there when the 2001 team killed everyone, I went to allot of away games when we were losing. When Randy S was killing the program.. I supported him. He played at the U! he is the coach and a true fan will hang in there no matter what!!!!

if RL is gone for good.. We might lose every game, we might win every game.. either way..this cane fan will be yelling as loud as he can every game & supporting the team.

GO CANES!!!!!!

If a coach tells you that you need to sit out because we need this player in to win...you not only sit down but you bring that other player some water to a towel.

Fighting ibis. No need to waste your time with white heron aka Eudo. He has been polluting this site for two years and when he is shown to be ignorant he doubles down on his ignorance. You have seen it now your self
He has shown no football knowledge, pretends he works at the U, and loves SHALALALALALA a leader from behind.
Don't waste your time with the white heron.

come on canes help a brother out stuck in singapore wanna see the game any sugestions on a website go canes

Robinson is right. Moron Miami coaches won't play a four down lineman defense with Robinson in there after playing a great game at BC, screw them??????

If I were Robinson, I would transfer to a school that has good coaching and a four down lineman defense, sit out a year, be a redshirt senior. He will still make it to the NFL if he was going to make it playing at Miami.

Stupid coaching and stupid shalalaahaalalalalaa and the AD hiring stupid coaching is inexcusable. I am tired of excuses, year after year for a decade. And do not give me baloney about Shannon's players, young players, bla, bla, bla. The fact that golden and DC used a 3 down lineman defense at BC and got clobbered when they used it tells me all i need to know that they are mediocre coaches.

Not playing Robinson 100% of the time just reinforces that stupidity as to Miami coaching defense.

Daddy should not have been involved, Dads mistake but this problem should have never gotten this far at all. College football has prima donnas and will have even more now then ever. It is the new normal, not to my liking but reality. Jimmy Johnson dealt with prima donnas both in college and NFL. It takes a good coach (psychologist) to deal with these types of players.....ie Phil Jackson....Pat Riley

Golden should have nipped this in the but at the first sign of a problem. So maybe he is learning but he needs to get a move on it because Miami does attract it's share of prima donnas and they are not necessarily bad kids they just need to be channeled and just might learn a thing or two and become better players....ie DJ Williams

Storm Johnson was run off and he will do well at UCF.

And maybe prima Donna is not the right word, maybe it should be highly competitive kids with not much maturity. And parents who are not very mature sadly.

Cane fan 72 you keep it up. I think you are right about the D.

Everyone else just because one speaks his opinion about his favorite team does not make him any less of a fan. Stop it. It is okay to want to be great and to be great you have to see the negatives in order to make positives.


Hey Guys, have to disagree with you on this one. Whether it is pop Warner, high school, or college a parent has every right to get involved in his kids life and what is best for them. They are not adults yet, and can be easily swayed to do what coaches tell them to do. Penn State coaches for example. Plus, if you really think that coaches care about your kids like you do, then you are kidding yourselfs. Coaches care about wins/loss and job security. Coaches lie to players and parents all the time, see recruiting scandals. Why do you see so many college players transferring? If you think they are all bad kids you are fooling yourselfs. Speaking as a former coach I know what I am talking about, and I wish more parents would get involved with their kids life, so they would have some direction. As coaches our job is to win games, and not raise your kids, that is your job.

What would Schnelly have done in 1980 or 81 when he wss building the infrastructure? What would Jimmy have done during the 1984 season when he had four losses (excluding the Fiesta Bowl loss)? What would Butch have done when he was rebuilding things from 1995 to 2000?

Although, they have more depth, what would Saban, Meyer, Kippin and Miles do today, if they were in Golden's shoes?

ALL of the above would AX this guy immediately and show him the door! At minimum, this kid needs to be penalized by being kept out another game or two, and run excessive extra gassers and laps after practice. He certainly needs to be made an example of, or everyone's parents will start with the same BS.

I doubt Bobby Bowden would have even put up with something like this.

Motivating the kid on the field because he has a bad on field attitude is one thing. But putting up with dereliction and insubordination is another. If Golden tolerates this, he will undermine the winning Hurricane culture he is trying to re-instill.

Moreover, if he keeps this kid, we have to analyze if Golden truly has control of the team. I understand he got similar pressure from outsiders to start Jacory Harris last year (not from the parents, but other representatives). We would have certainly won more games with Morris in 2011. Luther Robinson's father must see some type of opening where Golden would tolerate this to even attempt to pull this "holdout mentality".

Coaches and great managers in the business world all play head games with personnel to get them to compete and perform at optimum level. If this kid and his father cannot handle the challenge, then they do not have the mental discipline to deal with the downs that surely come with the ups.

Instead of holding out last week, this kid should have gotten ticked off, and gone into the weight room like a maniac and just gone crazy on his weight lifting drills. Also, he should have played in practice like Rambo, taking his frustrations out on the offense, and hereby making an impression on the coaching staff. That would have been the better route to take for everyone involved. Especially for Luther, and he more than likely would not only be on the plane to Kansas St., but he would be starting.

A good articles for parents who have kids going to college is coaching abuse, the not so little secret. College coaches have so much pressure from boosters, faculty, etc to do nothing but win. It is a multi million dollar business, and winning is everything. It is like the government telling you how great things are right now. Here is another examples, we were recruiting CBs and told all three kids that we wanted them, knowing we could only take one. We told each one of them and their parents that they were the only ones we were recruiting, they stop visiting other colleges, and we took the best one. The other two kids ended up at smaller division one schools, because all the scholarships were gone. I hate doing it to these kids and parents, but it is a business and you all should be aware of it.

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