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UM Canes WR Malcolm Lewis "done'' for season; Punter Dalton Botts has sprained ankle

Just got off the phone from teleconference with UM coach Al Golden:

*Wide receiver Malcolm Lewis is "done'' for the season, but Golden said he believes Lewis will qualify for a medical hardship waiver. That would be great and it would mean this year would count as a redshirt year. Golden said he's leaving it up to compliance to make the final decision on whether Lewis qualifies. Miami would have to apply for the medical hardship waiver.

Golden told us that in addition to the dislocation of Malcolm's ankle, "there's probably a fracture involved'' and that Malcolm will certainly have "some type of procedure done.'' I'm thinking he means surgery, so I asked the coach if that's what he meant. He said he feels uncomfortable discussing players' injuries, so he didn't expound.

*Punter Dalton Botts sprained his right ankle, Golden said, but the coach said it's not a high-ankle sprain, which is good. He said he's hoping Botts can maybe start kicking Thursday. I have a strong feeling Dalton will not be kicking this week. But let's see.

*Golden said he hopes fans will show up for this Saturday's noon game at Sun Life Stadium. The opponent: North Carolina State (3-1). This will be NC State's first ACC game. The Wolfpack's only loss came in the opener to Tennessee by a score of 35-21.

*Freshman running back Duke Johnson is ranked No. 1 in the nation in all-purpose yards. He is averaging 209.5 per game. DUUUUKE!





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Get well soon Malcolm!

Golden just oozes class. This program is very lucky to have landed this stud HC.

Shut them haters up Golden!

Thanks for being a Hurricane Malcolm! Heal soon and the U Family is here for you.

Way to go CANES! Way to go Golden, lucky to have you, BEAT NC STATE!

Best Wishes to Malcolm for a speedy recovery. Keep your head up and hang in there.

Hang tough, Malcolm. Hope you get the redshirt year, and come back stronger than ever!

duke.very very good. get well soon. golden top notch.

Duke :0

Coach Golden is class personified. I wish Malcolm a speedy recovery. If the team can just remain focused and concentrate on just the next game I believe that they will continue to manifest good results.

Funny, if we had lost, and we might of, we would be boiling Golden in oil. I know because I was getting frustrated with the Canes progress. Now to keep it up, no let down, we have to get beat NC State, the schedule will be getting much tougher.

We were at the game yesterday. Outstanding performance by the Canes. I believe we saw a whole lot of growing up yesterday, and I think we will see them get better and better.

Malcolm Lewis very clearly has the Heart of a Hurricane. First of, wishing him healing and relief of pain. Secondly, I hope he is able to fully recover and have the career at the U that he deserves....he put it all on the line for the team, and that should be rewarded.

Coach Golden is first class....we are lucky to have him....the players know it and now all the recruits know it. He displayed his genuine concern for his players out there.....that jerk Saban never bats an eye when one of his players gets hurt....kids will notice....

There was a strong showing of Canes here in the ATL....how about a strong showing at home? Callin all of you out in MIA.....REPRESENT!!!!!

Golden is able to tap into something. Ben Jones, Davon Johnson, Streeter, Jacory, etc. They respond to him. Arthur Brown we were told was not good enough to get on the feild and he is now looking at being a 1st round pick. Trust me, I seen what he did at temple.

*Golden said he hopes fans will show up for this Saturday's noon game at Sun Life Stadium."

No disrespect intended to Coach Golden, but the fans hope there will be a reduction in ticket, parking and concession prices.

I wonder whose hopes will be realized first?

Publix is sponsoring $9 tickets....see the Canes website. Parking is controlled by the stadium, not the U.

@FanaboutTown If you cared about UMFB, then you'd pay. Youre probably just another internet fan who never shows up.

I guarantee FanAboutTown is no fan at all. I hope all you internet fans show up and support this team instead of complaining about them!!! Yesterday,I had a GREAT TIME at the game. I will be there Saturday...I am watching this team grow up before my eyes!!

@ diane haws Any word on the concession prices? Will Publix be providing subsidies on those as well?

@UMPride9NCs Who the f are u to question my fanhood because I have the gall to point out that asking the fans nicely to come out probably is not going to be effective? This isn't about me anyway, it is about not having 40,000 to 50,000 empty seats on game day. Do you really think trying to shame people for not coming is going to put butts in the seats? Really? Good luck with that. Enjoy the empty stadium.

$9 tickets tomorrow at the BUC from 8:30 to 9am its the Publix $9 before 9 promo.

$9 friggin bucks folks, get yo cheapasses to the game and pack the stadium!

In the end it was the discipline of this team that won the game. They stayed in Coach Golden'a game plan. It was a total team effort. Let's hope and pray ML has a successful recovery. This team as class and a great big heart. Go Canes.

Ummmmm, we only house 10,000 students. Some schools, the entire student population can fill a stadium. Our school can only fill up the lower level behind the goal post. LOL

Great WIN HURRICANES!!!! Malcolm get well soon we need you.

If they ever want people to show up, they might want to consider ending the 12 noon games in the dead of boiling heat. Just an opinion, but the 12 noon games are ridiculous.

Get well soon Malcom, U were turning into a straight up baller at WR for us. Get well and come back bigger, stronger and faster. We are with U #9

Go Canes from Vail, COlorado. This was a huge team effort and heart was all over the place. We are coming back led by a class act head coach

The reason for the noon kickoffs is because of Miami's decline in the last few seasons. The networks no longer consider them prime time worthy. We might get 1 late kickoff this year so dont complain and bring your sunscreen as I do.

I sincerely feel bad for Malcolm. I sincerely hope he will get well. His health is more important than football right now.

Instead of noon, why don't they start the game at 1 pm

First and most importantly, Get well Malcolm, we will all be wishing you a speedy recovery.

Second - I will be at the game to show my support! People come up with every type of excuse not to come to a game, but I bought tickets on StubHub for freakin $15 a piece. Drive with some friends and split the parking "Its tooooo hot" Give me a break, you live in South Florida, you dont think its just as hot in Gainesville, or Orlando, or Mississippi, every Texas school. Yet they get 50k easy, there are 6 million people in South Florida, you ever been to the mall on the weekend? Its a zoo!!, no one cares about football down here, or sports in general, (Marlins, Panthers, Dolphins, Canes, even the Heat have trouble putting people in the seats until the playoffs start, and even then they have to ask the crowd to get loud lol) Have you guys ever been to a real college town? Most of them are in the middle of no where!! but the atmosphere that is created from tradition has people driving hours on game day and tailgating, it is the "thing" to do, and something that people look forward to all year long, unfortunately when we lost the orange bowl, we lost a lot of tradition and that is not something can be replaced.

Let the losers and fake fans make excuses about why they cant come, but when we return to glory, it will be THAT MUCH SWEETER to say that WE were at the games when only 20k showed up.!!!

Lets go Canes, I am not expecting the world from you, just hoping to see continual improvement throughout the year! Everything else is a plus!

By 2014, when duke,bush,tracy and team r juniors, Kevin Olsen will be the redshirt fresh qb as he can sit out next yr while morris is a senior, this team is going to be a great team. WITH THAT SAID.
Beat Nc State, we go to chica vs No Dame(top 10 now i think) at 4-1, and a road win at undefeated and overrated NDame puts U back on the map.. having 3 tuff road games @bc,kst,gt, and a home win vs nc st shuld prepare us for a nice prime timer vs No dame. THIS IS IT FELLAS.. Can be 5-1 and ranked if we win next 2.......If Both Miami and Nd r 5-1 if canes win, U have to put U ahead of N Dame in polls. How could u not?? no dame has beaten NO ONE. Mich is horrible, mi state is young, and they r not world beaters folks

First off: Malcolm, get rest, recuperate and get well soon. I know you are disappointed, but use this year as a year to get to know the offense better and come back bigger, faster, stronger and better next year. The 'Canes fans are behind you and your family and can't wwait to cheer for you on opening day in 2013.

As regards yesterdays game, GREAT, GREAT victory. Everybody stepped up and made great plays.The team never got down and continued to fight. That is a testiment to the Coaches and most importantly, the players. I am especially happy for Mike James, who many 'Canes fans seem to not value and want to replace with Duke Johnson. In my opinion Coach Fisch is using Duke perfwectly. His time as the featured back will come. Personally Mike, I respect all that you have been through, your GREAT work ethic, your leadership and your willingness to do whatever the team ask of you. All true 'Canes fans should value you now, as you will be playing making big plays in the NFL next year.

I felt sad after watching the game again on DVR and thinking while watching the team celebrating with the fans in the stands up at Boddy Dodd stadium and thinking, wow, the players look like they are getting more support in Atlanta than they do in Miami. That is frigging embarrasing!! Miami is not a prime draw right now, so we will not get any 3:30, 6 or 7:30 games till we PROVE, that we are competetive AND can put fannies in the seats. ESPN is tired of having to tell their cameramen to keep the angles low and away from the upper decks. What does that mean? It means that we will have most home games scheduled at 12 PM. In a perfect world, we would have a 55K stadium built on campus, at a minimum at Tropical Park (They had 50K at the game yesterday and due to the way the stadium is constructed, it looked like a great football atmosphere, so I know it could work here too). Since we do not live in a perfect world, that means we need to get our butts out to SunLife Stadium at Noon on Satuday and support these kids!!! I know it will be hot, but the team you love to brag about needs you!! Please guys, those of you who can afford it, get out there Saturday and let the players and coaches know how much you are behind them!!!!!!

Dom, even though it is too early to talk about being ranked (we need to worry about playing a blinking complete game!!!) IF, we are fortunate enough to be NC State and Notre Dame, even though we would have beat Notre Dame, they are ranked #10. There is no way that an unranked team, which we would be at the time of the victory, would jump ahead of a team that is ranked #10 at the time. Again, IF we were to beat ND, we would probably move up to #20 and ND would probably fall to #17 or 18. Again, too early for this team to talk about ranking, they need to worry about playing a complete game against NC State and we as fans need to worry about getting out to Sunlife Stadium at 12 PM on Saturday.

happy for davon johnson for stepping up big time, you show us you always had something in the tank, no reason why this man wasnt getting more playing time was a top receiver out high school

So if UM were to somehow shock the college football world and win the coastal and Acc championship would it be better for the program to sit out this year's bowl? Think the Ncaa would go a little lighter on the upcoming sanctions?

Watching Al Golden hold Malcolm Lewis on the field was priceless. It says it all how this coach feels about his players. That is something fans like myself don't get to see because we're not at practice etc.... I would think the players feel the same way about this coaching staff. Good luck Malcolm, God speed on your recovery. I agree with Cane4Life, we will not get better starting times until we become relevant again. One thing that was encouraging in this game. Our conditioning was very evident in the second half. The offense and defense made adjustments and the players executed much better. Didn't we hold them scoreless over the last 25 minutes of the game? Think so. Great game Chick, he was a real difference maker. I'm so happy for Davon Johnson too. It's been a long hard struggle for him and I was so glad to see him have a great game. He looked like he was having a ton of fun! I would like to see the Canes put together 4 good quarters of football against NCSU. Go Canes!

Stephen Morris is playing as good as Brock Berlin did back in the days. He has to step it up and play even better. Brock and his teammates did not have killer instincts, because they could not stay focused. I love what Golden preaches to these Canes "Manage your highs and lows". The challenge last week was to manage their lows and it showed that they could do just that when they trailed behind GT similar to how they trailed KSU but did not sink down in the tank. This week we need to show some killer instinct in front a home crowd no matter how big or small of a crowd there is. Hopefully, there is a sold out crowd because that will speak volumes to recruits that even the fair weather fans have bought in to Golden and his staff.

You want THE U to get the five star recruits then fill the stands on Saturday. These kids are tempted to got to the SEC and Ohio State and USC big crowd programs, but we have to show them that we can support our teams just as well as those other programs too. Believe it or not we can help Golden sell the pitch to recruits by simply showing up to every home game.

Ooops! I did not mean to leave out prayers for Malcolm and the rest of the players who are injured. I pray for their quick healing and recovery. I am praying that you get back to where you were before you got injured and that you get a medical hardship so this year won't count against you. Be blessed.

Thank You Al Golden and staff for not only coaching these kids to play better football but also for guiding these kids to make batter life decisions like Seantrel Henderson. I was one of the few who were on the fence on this kid, but Golden and his staff pushed the right buttons to get him turned around for the good of the team and for the good of himself.

EK, get over the people in the stands garbage. you really think because your in the stads a 5 star recruit will say,"i'm going to miami". what an ego. golden will sell his product, by games like saturdays. it wasn't a championship game, but it hopefully will help turn the corner here.

you canes people beat an unranked, one dimensional, not very good GT and you would think you are now top 10. get real, ncstate is coming, and we will slam you back to planet earth. or venus, like the girls. wimps the u is dead welcome to mediocrity forever go pack

Coward troll changing his name to pretend to be an nc state fan now?
But for the record, let's pretend you are bragging about:

@Connecticut W 10-7
South Alabama W 31-7
Citadel 52-14
Both GT and BC would trounce these teams, and I bet BCC would give them trouble, too. So, before you go jumping off the GT bandwagon and on the NCSt bandwagon, maybe you might want to know the team you are pretending to like this week.
Oh, and nice job forgetting how to capitalize words, I bet that took years to train yourself to do.

First and foremost get well soon Malcom. Second, I have admittedly been on the fence about whether or not Coach Golden is the guy or not who can lead the program back but after Saturday it is clear that he very well might be. It wasn't the comeback win that was impressive, it was the utter genuine concern for his player that transcends the current state of Hurricane Football he's the kind of guy that kids will "play" for. It's shown in his recruiting and it's shown in players preforming that previously weren't preforming(Streeter last year and apparently Johnson this year and there are others) and it's beginning to show in how the team sticks together. This honestly is an extremely young team, it may not win the Coastal Division this year but I think there is clear evidence of a foundations that's being built that will show diva dens the next two seasons....the loss of Streeter, Fortson, and a few other early departures might have made a huge difference this year but if they didn't buy in then maybe they wouldn't have. Sometimes it's addition by subtraction. Anyone who's ever coached understands that....Lastly I live in Ohio as a Cane fan I endure way more flack than most of you that post and every Div. I school in Ohio has better turn out than UM and it's disgraceful for a program with that much tradition. USC is in LA and even they have turn out and from 1980-2000 and something they hadn't won much at all but the Colosseum was full!!!! Get your AZZes to the game! No excuses, you won't accept any if they lose to NC State so do your part!!!!

Oh, and where is Mr. 4-8 that prdicted losses at BC and at GT. He sure is silent, unless that is the suddenly eager ncstate fan....

I have been a season ticket holder since 1945 until they moved out of the Orange Bowl. I still support the Canes win or lose. However it is very difficult in the open at SunLife. GoCanes

That was the tastiest crow I have ever eaten. I had the "U" losing to GT 45-20. I had crow and rice, crow sandwich, crow on the cob etc. From I can see the developement and conditioning from these players has been the difference so far this season. This Saturday will be another test. NC State is no joke. They do have what many consider a NFL quality QB with several playmakers on offense.

I'll be there Coach....lets do this

AGREE with all of ya' 1. Malcom Lewis, prayers to you son! 2. we got a class act for a coach 3. we showed some heart on Sat 4. NC STATE will be ready to play - their coach Tom O'Brien -- OLD BC guy - you know they always gave us fits...even when we were beating other teams soundly...they were tough and well coached...it will not be an easy game....
this is a potential letdown game after the roller coaster with GT...but, let's keep up with the 2 minute stuff...go downfield...mix in Duke, James, Clements...keep 'em fresh...and OL make the same agressive blocks you made against GT...run to the line, snap the ball...high octane 2 minute push down the field...then let RBs pound away for the time consuming marches down the field...eat the clock...God Bless all my Cane family and friends!

Malcom you are the guy that helped pull these young guys together..My prayers go out to you, and as we all have said have a speedy recovery..
It is said in every misfortune there is a miracle around the corner.. well you might not see it now, but the actions of Coach G and all the 'U' players taking a knee and saying a prayer for you sent more of a message of togetherness than you could ever imagine.
You will be off your feet and recuperating, but I know that you will be at every meeting, every session, every event with your "guys". You are important to our team and part of our future..Don't forget that..use this time to study, and learn..grow that football I.Q so that when the time comes next year to step up you are ready..

Coach G your ACTIONS spoke louder than words..in fact it SHOUTED across the screen..I am Real, and these are MY 'Canes..You showed a lot of Class.
Thank you....
Go 'Canes Always

Golden Age, se that, i can hit the shift button too. big deal. that all you got, you and your canes are out of your league. GT is a one dimensional offense, with a poor defense. So now your nat. champs. The U is dead. It will never, never be relevant to winning championships again. Keep those precious memories alive, cause the future is dim. GO PACK

Thanks for something to motivate us and put on the wall..
What has NCState won?..
Go 'Canes Always

I'm flying in from Arizona to watch the Canes play NC in three weeks. I hope more people can find a way to attend and show this team some support while they are developing.

Saturday 12pm BE THERE!!!!!

Support your Hurricanes this weekend. I don't want to hear anymore about "the stadium is too far". That's non-sense!!! For that last 5 years I have been living in Homestead and I never missed a game. Now I recently moved back to the Gables so I'm significantly closer!! I don't want to hear, "Oh it's gonna be really hot". THIS IS SOUTH FLORIDA YOU PANSY!!! IT'S ALWAYS HOT AND HUMID!!! YOU SHOULD BE USED TO IT BY NOW!!! Ok I'll try to refrain from the CAPS, but this is getting ridiculous. Support your team. Bunch of these guys chose to stay home and play in front of their community, so show up!!!! We got some of the best sought after players in college football right here in our backyard playing for the hometown team. That's what it's all about.



tuff games ahead, but if this team keeps working together , biulding the blocks one at a time it will be awesome ! Go Canes! Thoughts are with you malcome! stay stong !
Thanks Coach Golden and staff for doing it the right way !

@Connecticut W 10-7
South Alabama W 31-7
Citadel 52-14
Both GT and BC would trounce these teams, and I bet BCC would give them trouble, too. So, before you go jumping off the GT bandwagon and on the NCSt bandwagon, maybe you might want to know the team you are pretending to like this week.

Posted by: Golden Age.


@Golden Age you hit it perfectly! This is what I have been saying since yesterday when I looked at NCST's schedule and the schedule of those they have played this season. It's a joke. Here's the post I left on another article. Pretty much sums up what we both already now just with a little bit more detail..Enjoy

***NCST has't played anyone on their schedule in comparison to those that we have already played. You must take that into consideration. Their schedule...
Tenn 35-21 L
Connecticut 10-7 W
South Alabama 31-7 W
Citadel 52-14 W
Canes are going to win this game. Strength of schedule at least dictates that.

Fswho... The only team of quality that this team has played so far is Clemson. Everyone else so far is a joke. This is a cupcake schedule to build them up. They're putting up 50pts a game but against who? All that tells me is that they are overrated, but we'll see. They were in a good game against Clemson who took the lead only to lose it in the second half. Clemson exposed fswho's weaknesses and simply didn't continue it in the 2nd half. It was their's to lose.

fswho's schedule..

Eddie Murphy St 69-3 W
Savannah St 55-0 W
Wakeforest 52-0 W
Clemson 49-37 W

Same thing can be said about VT...
Here's their schedule
GT 20-17 W
Austin Peay 42-7 W. Who the hell is this????
Bowling Green 37-0 W
Pittsburgh 17-35 L HAHA!
(Mind you...Pittsburgh has only beaten VT and Gardener-Webb 55-10). Food for thought.

The only soft team that Miami has played was Bethune-Cookman. That's it. Boston College looks to have a difficult season since their schedule doesn't look to get any better down the line. They'll be lucky to go .500 this year. Other than that The U has played quality teams. Hell, I'm not even impressed with NDs schedule either. Look at who they have beaten and then go and look at their schedules and how they have done so far.

I'm just going by the numbers that should truly be looked at and taken into consideration and not just scores.

We got this!!! 40-10 CANES WIN!!!!

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