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UM-Georgia Tech set for a 3 p.m. kickoff on Sunshine; other Canes notes

Write it down.

The Hurricanes’ Sept. 22 football game at Georgia Tech will be televised live at 3 p.m. on Sun Sports in Florida, the Atlantic Coast Conference office announced Monday.


> Golden said there's no timetable on Curtis Porter's return from an appendectomy.

> As for receiver Allen Hurns, who sustained his second head injury since camp began Saturday, Golden was encouraged Monday but said he's not sure when Hurns will return.

"He looked good today. I can't share too much of what the protocol all is. But he looks good. I'm happy he looks good. We're just going to be cautious," Golden said. "He's an inspirational leader and we've got to get him back."

> As for the struggles of left tackle Malcolm Bunche, who was beaten for a sack and a forced fumble at Kansas State, Golden said: "I thought the snap got him in the beginning. I thought they jumped on him to be honest with you. Again, we can't have that no matter what the elements are. We face that in our conference. He has to work on his punch. But I thought he responded well. Overall, we didn't play our best game up front."

> Why did Kacy Rodgers lose his starting spot at safety?  "Deon Bushwas more productive, Golden said. "We just try to communicate to the kids quickly and accurately. We try to tell them exactly what happened in the game and we presented the facts that Deon was more productive. That doesn't mean Deon is going to start this game. He's No. 1 today. We'll see how they practice today and evaluate that for the rest of the week. Certainly, Deon when he played with the ones with the same opportunity was more productive."

> What can UM's defense do differently? "We have to keep working, some guys have to get better. Some guys we're really counting on have to step up," Golden said.

"This is a challenge right now for our playmakers to be consistent. ... guys that made plays in BC, some of them didn't make plays in this game to be fair. Not only did we get outcoached but their playmakers played really well and ours didn't play as well as they did against BC. We need Eddie Johnson played like he played against Kansas State and Denzel Perryman playing like he played against BC. We need all those guys playing together on the same day, executing the same way.

"Same thing on offense. With Duke Johnson or Stephen Morris or the offensive line. We just didn't put it together for two games now. Not one. The first one gets masked because we win. But we made a lot of mistakes in that first game. And I knew standing here a week ago if we didn't get fixed it, it was going to be trouble in Manhattan and it wasn't. They're a Sugar Bowl team with nine seniors starting on offense and six or seven starting on defense and we got licked."

> Golden put more of the onus on Stephen Morris' failed touchdown run late in the third quarter when he took the wrong angle and Mike James missed a block.

"I think Mike didn't realize he had crossed the line and he was looking for an outlet," Golden said. "Stephen has to trust his speed and just hit it. If you look at the T in the end zone, if he just ran for the T he's going to score. Instead, he went outside and Mike couldn't quite make the block. But if he trusted his speed and size he would have scored. He'll learn that."


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dam no comments from yall cane fans??? lol lol


It's going to be a long year :(

That said:


Guys hang in there we are dealing with freshmen and sophomores and its going to take time. The thing I would say that I am the most disappointed in is the lack of presence pressuring the qb by Chickilo. I know he is a true sophomore but I thought he would be more dominate than he has been. Heck I don't believe I have leard his name called in either game. These kids will grow up as the year goes on and will be much better as the year precedes.

Regardless of what transpires, I'm willing to wait it out till we hit jackpot. And we will.

i'm tired of hearing the "freshman,sophomore" excuse..this is d-1 football,university of miami,not temple..we demand top athletes to step in and perform..we demand our coaches to know how to coach,not give excuses every week or throw the player under the bus,al...and if the d-coordinator isn't cutting it,as is the case here,you cut him in the clear and not worry about your friendship or what he did at temple...come on..you compare the U to temple???..i'm sure butch davis isn't doing much these days..don't forget he was jimmy johnson's d- line coach..or dave wanstedt who was the d-coordinator..enough is enough....

Get used to it....the "Miami" brand is gone. Davis, Erisckson and JJ might as well be dead like Knute Rockne. Maybe the city has outgrown the Dolphins and Hurricanes so no pressure to "keep it going" like in the past. Back in the day (cocaine wars) there wasnt as much diveristy in the city like today....you went to high school games on friday, Hurricane on sat and Dolphins on Sunday. There really want much to do other than go to Crandon Park and ride the train or to the airport observation platforms. Everthing seemed to revolve around football. I really think Shalala wants a winning team but is not dying for one....and in typical Miami fashion will be cheap thru the whole process....its sad.

This team is worst than last year's 6 - 6 squad, you need time and talent to get better. Thing is you will be hit with sanctions soon and teams with sanctions get worst for the next few years. A very bad team will get worst with sanctions. Another lost decade.

Listen here. It took Alabama 2009-1992 (17 years) to get back to the ship. Through the non Saban years they were anywhere from horrible (NCAA penalties) to mediocre (MIke Shula years). Auburn has only won one NC. LSU only has 3. Many of these teams have gone years and decades without smelling the ship. FSU hasnt been in it since 2000 but hasnt won it since 1999. We've been close all the way since 2004-2005. So it hasnt been that long. there will be growing pains for sure. You cant expect anyone- inclduing Alabama to win with so many starting freshmen. Miami is doing it out of necessity. 21-24 year olds all things equal manhandle 18-19 years olds. The one thing that concerns me is our lack of Dtackles. The dominant D-line has always been Miami's mantra and it has let us down sorely for the last 5-6 years. Personally I feel that Allan Bailey was a bust, and so was Calais Campbell.

I say lets wait- Recall last year V Tech lost 3 in a row and lost to james Madison. We lost to the best or second best team in the Big 12. Defintely a top 10 team. If UM puts this behind, I see a 9-3 season which I have already predicted.

They will beat VT. They will lose 2 more- FSU, and possibly ND or GT.

UVA -w

1981-2011 UM 5,

You sir are a genius. The majority of your post should go in the Hall of Fame of post on this blog!! The only part I question, is the team going 9-3. I would love that, but they have to show me more.

As regards the rest of the post, you are 100% spot on as regards other teams being out of the NC picture and VT, bouncing back over the past several years after losing a game early. I also wonder myself, which is worse, getting blown out by a ranked team on the road early in the season or a top 25 team losing to a non FBS team early in the season (i.e., Alabama in '07, Michigan in '09, VT and Arkansas this year). Personally, I think losing to a non FBS team is worse.

Again, I am not happy with the loss, but, the season is early, so let's let the season play out. Work out some kinks (especially on the defense) and get some confidence against BCC and lets see how things go against GT in Atlanta on 09/22.

This team cant stop anybody. Gonig 9 and 3 is not going to happen. Same excuses as last year. Players are free lancing. What did they work on all spring and fall camps? Get real too much youth and too many excuses.

If the team is so bad do NOT, and I repeat DO NOT put yourself through the agony of watching the 'Canes.

It is so much easier to go watch someone else.. We are not asking anyone to be Miami fans..

The team can't play so find another brand..the 'Canes will not satisfy..Go kick some tires and look at other models..UConn, Rutgers etc.

We are not asking you to stay with the 'Canes..move on.

The people who care about our team will be here cheering them on, and as Cane4Life said no one was asking for Beamer at VT to get fired after the loss to JMU..but here the mentality is fire everyone after a loss, and we as PSEUDO Coaches, know everything.
If you don't do as we say, then you are not worthy to Coach Miami .

Enough already.
Good post 1981-2011 UM-5.
Go 'Canes Always

Great post 1981-2011 UM5. We have to be patient. The defense RS left was worse than anyone expected. And K State truly is a great team full of older players. I was surprised at how bad the offense was. I expected them to at least give the defense a little rest. The only bright spot I see is the youth and we are in better condition than last year. I agree with others, it will be 2014 when the Canes grow up and become relevant again.

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