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UM's Wednesday practice report: Kirby continues to improve; no leaders emerging at offensive tackle

Hurricanes coach Al Golden told reporters after Wednesday's practice his team’s energy “wasn’t good enough.”

Asked if it might be a byproduct of the team relaxing coming off a big win at Georgia Tech, Golden said: “I don’t really care because all I’m worried about is today, so it’s really important that our guys just get better today, everybody check the boxes today, attention to detail, and the rest of it will take care of itself.”

After spending all last week preparing for the Yellow Jackets’ spread option attack, UM is now focused facing a more conventional offense in NC State.

“The transition’s hard,” he said. “We tried to wash that out, flush that out on Monday, and here we are on Wednesday and we got most of the game plan, if not all of it, in.”

Freshman linebacker Raphael Kirby practiced more than expected on Tuesday and Golden said Wednesday that Kirby’s health continues to improve. Asked if he would play in Saturday's game Golden said: “We’ll look at it on tape, but he’s making progress and he’s moving in the right direction for sure.” 

Golden would not indicate any leaders in the position battles at either offensive tackle spots. Ereck Flowers and Ben Jones are currently listed as co-starters at right tackle, and Malcolm Bunche and Seantrel Henderson are fighting for reps at left tackle.

“They’ve got to keep fighting and be consistent,” Golden said. “All of them should play.”

Golden did not specify either if a receiver would receive an increase in reps with Malcolm Lewis sidelined for the season after the gruesome ankle injury he suffered late in the first quarter in Atlanta this past Saturday. But he did mentioned freshman Herb Waters and fifth-year senior Kendal Thompkins as candidates for the job.

Golden has a track record with Tom O’Brien, head coach at NC State, that dates back to the 90’s. He was linebackers coach at Boston College from 1997-1999 under O’Brien and a graduate assistant at Virginia for three years prior while O’Brien was offensive coordinator there.

Golden says, however, familiarity with the opposing coach will not help him this week. What he’s seen from O’Brien thus far this year deviates from what he would expect.

“On offense, it looks different,” Golden said. “Each team is different for him. He does things with [quarterback Mike] Glennon that he wouldn’t do with [Russell] Wilson… So, again, there’s not too much familiarity in terms of what they’re going to do.”



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Go Canes!!! Beat NC State!!!

Will be at the stadium at 8am sharp. Time to watch the Canes hit, stick, bust dick, and talk shyt, talk shyt, talk shyt!

Duke scores 4 TD's two weeks ago. Mike James scores 4 TD's last weekend. This RB coach is the goods. The WR coach is the goods. Golden put together a great staff all the way around. The Canes have a better coaching staff than the Dolphins, again...

Anybody, Anywhere, Anytime. Let's go CANES!


There's a lot of ways UM can get back to the top: U can do it quietly, sort of in the mindset of a silent assassin. Or U can get back to the top with a "braggadocious" attitude. Like how JJ let 'em dress in fatigues.

It looks like "Goldy has chosen the low road, which is OK. Along the way he might have to get rid of somebody on the coaching staff. I can feel "Goldy "thinking" and "tinkering" the roster, which tells me he's got an eye on the future. But this could change in a heartbeat: Pending sanctions, etc. Defections.

Losing to KSU is not acceptable. Let's get back to the days when UM lost only one game a year, if that.

For those who subscribe to InsidetheU.com, anybody see that video of Tyriq McCord completly jumping over the head of Kelvin Cain as he's walking? Tyriq has serious athletic ability. That dude will lay some havoc on Glennon.


Hopefully we don't have the inevitable let down factor. It happens to most teams.
Also, 4 solid quarters, something we've yet to do.

Cool Cat,

You're quickly joining Jim Gallo, Canesfan 72, and Rchy as the stupidest posters on this blog. The Canes lost to Penn State after wearing them fatigues. You do know that right? Did you think that out before you posted that garbage?

we're 3-1 and leading the Coastal and you're talking about coaching changes? I'm sure you should get back to eating your paint chip sandwich and let us fans enjoy watching our young guns grow up. Some of you just don't have the balls or the brawn to handle a rebuild of this magnitude.

There sure is a lot of trolls on this blog.

Hey FightiShibis: I want to be just as optimistic as U. But even U have to admit, girl, that this defense leaves a lot to be desired. I think you're smart enough to also admit that there are probably one or two current coaches that deserve to be here. The others simply don't.

As far as that paint chip sandwich, I'll keep on chowing down, for a team loaded with talent but up against administrative incompetency just doesn't add up, girl. Rebuild? Magnitude? Plrase, mam!!!

hey FightinShibitis: Was that U I saw walking Biscayne the other day?

I am waiting for Jimmy boy to say he was wrong about KState being a average team. They just went into Oklahoma and won. They are now ranked 8th in the BCS.
Did everyone know that KState only had 100 more yards on us this year than last year. Difference in the game was the offense didn't show up, but OU's didn't ether.
Maybe Jim can go and help OU's coaches too.
I see no reason we can not win this NCST game. Key to winning is no turnovers, and the OLine playing like they did last week. These 2 things happen, and we win this one pulling away. 38-21
As always

the key to this game is a young man named Chick. If Chick plays this week like he did at the end of last week and we can have a presence up front that will make life easy on the young DB's, the D may have a chance to create some turnovers

Not worried about the offense, I think Jedd will open up the playbook.....that kind of thing happens when you take a team down field for a game winning drive.

GT the game where Morris really became the man? I hope so......and oh yeah hit somebody puh-lease!

Canes all day!!!!!

I think with this team, it is still week to week and they have yet to develop the consistency Golden is looking for. I do believe they are moving in the right direction and I just hope they keep working, taking it one play at a time, and doing the job they are each supposed to do with full attention to detail. Keep your heads down and keep working hard guys and you'll be where you want to be.

Cool Cat,

Waiting on your stupid fatigues comment? You do realize Jimmy allowed those fatigues and then Miami lost that National Championship game correct? That comment was good and stupid but I come to expect it from a few of you cats on here.

Also, please name these coaches that deserve to be here and the ones who don't. Please forward it to Golden so he can not give two focks, the same as me.

You also mentioned impending sanctions and defections in that epic fail of a post you conjured up. But you're just a real Cane fan keeping it real right?

LOL! Focking moron...

I'm convinced Cool Cat, Jim Gallo, Canesfan 72, and Rchy are all the same loser sitting in momma's basement eating turd sandmiches trolling a Miami Hurricane Football blog. And people wonder why I support abortion?

Wearing fatigues did NOT cause the Canes to lose to Penn State. Testverde threw 7 interceptions. Bud Wilkenson said that one turnover is like giving the other team 60 yards because you don't get to punt. So, Testaverde gave PS 420 yards of offense.

Ask golden if he is going to use four down linemen or use his DC's prevent (the win) three down linemen, no blitz, zone pass defense so I know whether the Canes are going to win or not or have two TDs scored against the Canes on NC States first two offensive possessions like at BC?

Ask golden if he is going to move the linebackers two yards from the line of scrimmage or continue to give up four yards on a run play by NC State?

Ask golden if he is going throw flat passes for one yard gains or 10-15 yard passes down field on timing routes.

Ask golden if he is going to get rid of that stupid siren.

just build on it each play each drive each qtr each half each game each week.....just build on it....get ahead and stay ahead. keep running we are good at it! keep throwing the 10/15 yd slants....we are also good at it! create turnovers....sounds simple...but football is not really complicated...its strength vs sfrength....utilize the 2 minute offense...we are really good there. God bless

Testerverde threw 4 ints that game and that happened to be the worst game that team played all year...I remember in a post i wrote the 4th game things would shake out...the offense is pretty much set in stone(also said on a previous post that davon or kendall thomkins needs to be this years streeter) ..the defense i said bush would be taking over by the fourth game ..the lbs i was clueless and also on the dt's i didn't know..but the point im making is they are starting to settle down and starting to play together..the defense played as a unit the first and fourth quarter of the GT game bcuz they are getting familar...the more the season goes on the shorter the rotation is gonna be..the only spot in heavy rotation is the lbs and dtackles ..this game against NC State is very important ..1) you win this game 3-0 in the ACC..2)you win this game and you are more than likely ranked and then play a top ten team on the road..really can set the season right....3)the defense (in my opinion) played pretty good but, now it is time to play an overall game...This game will be start of an 7-5 season or an 9-3 season or better...Improvement..Improvement..the Talent is and always has been there

can someone tell me how to look at previous comments i wrote in the blog

To pull of the victory this weekend the "U" must have a strong pass rush and solid o-line play. Up to date the "U" has had a difficult time getting to the QB. As stated above NC State does run a conventional offense. So to raddle a conventional offense a defense must apply a consistent pass rush. Love what I saw from the O-line versus G Tech. If the O-line plays like they did last week and they provide Morris with enough time to make plays as well as open holes for James/Duke a victory could be at hand. But the "U" is a young team. So as fans we just don't know what to expect week in and week out.

I'd like to know if there is ANY other Div I team with a record of 3-1 (including 1 top 10 opponent) who is starting FOUR Seniors TOTAL...and that includes our TWO Senior kickers. Can you imagine how good this team could be this time next year, nevermind how well they are playing today....Scarry!

CCC, if you started all pros, much less seniors, on a three down lineman defense and a zone pass defense in the secondary, they could NOT win.

golden and defunnio using a three down lineman defense and zone is NOT a defense. It is a gift to the other team to score every possession.

Frostdog, why not take it one week, one game at a time?
Tell the players to stay focused on playing one play at a time. Get in shape with one wind sprint at a time.

The thing this team has to get over is moron coaching using a three down lineman and zone defense. That and flat passing on offense is what cost them at Kansas State and almost lost the other games the Canes played.

The coaches are losers for ever even running those stupid mistakes in the first place.

What really cracks me up is this stupid notion that because U are a freshman, juniors and seniors on the opposing team have an advantage. Anybody knows that any given team can win at any given time.

If U have played the game, sure there is an experience advantage in played years, but that goes out the window when U take the field or court. If I'm playing NCSU, the last thing I'm thinking about is what year everybody on the other team is. It just sounds very stupid and like an EXCUSE. If U don't think U R ready to play in the BIG TIME, then don't play. That's what we used to say back in the day.

Ted: I respect your comment, but it's not the DE position where UM is weak. We can't stop nor rush from the DT position. Not only that, the opposing OL is not moving, let's say frickin' sweeping, the DT's out of the way. That's the weakness no matter the point of field position of the other team. I am a big believer in Cain. He is the perfect versatile player, LB, DE maybe in disguise at DT. That's called scheming and stunting, etc.

Hey Cool Cat,

You forgot to respond under Cool Cat? Now Canesfan 72 responded for you to the fatigues BS you spewed? Did I rattle you Cool Cat? Or should I call you Canesfan 72, Jim Gallo, or rchy12?

The fatigues didn't cause Miami to lose? Well the fatigues didn't have anything to do with swagger either but yet the moron mentioned it. Then when it blows up in his face it means nothing? Focking moron!

4 d-linemen blah,blah, blah! Zone defense blah, blah, blah! Flat passing blah, blah, blah!

Golden and his superb coaching staff is starting to rattle the village idiots. The trolls know he's building a monster and they know how good Miami can be when they're rolling. Miami domination is on the horizon. Grab your ankles trolls because Golden is about to push it in you!

One game at a time and play this one with every and any way to win. Go UM!

Fighting: NCAA has thousands of documents, cancelled checks, sworn testimony and phone records. Plus outside sources corroberating the claims. The Allen deposition sunk them more with the phone records of Golden assistants engaging in improper recuiting. Miami will be recruited against by the other teams on this news. Sanctions will equal USC at a minimum....no bowl this year or next. Athletic dept will be under pressure for money....fallen attendence as well and the lease at the stadium will kill them even more. You have no idea whats going on do you?
Donna Shalala will resign.....mark it, you heard it here first.

Jim Gallo,

You don't really think anybody believes you do you? You act like the NCAA is finding something they've never seen in recruiting before. OMG! A booster who took some recruits out to dinner for drinks and gave them a jersey of their favorite player? Say it isn't so!!!

The FACT that the 12 players investigated last year weren't kicked out of CFB like the UNC players were tells me Miami will be hit with lighter sanctions than UNC. Just because a troll such as yourself comes to a Miami blog with completely conjured up BS doesn't mean squat. When Miami gets a slap on the wrist Jim Gallo will never be heard from again. You'll continue on under Canesfan 72, Rchy12, Cool Cat, or some other fake ass name.

Notice how you won't mention anything about the 12 players and their $3k in benefits where the longest punishment was 6 games? LOL! You're a loser...

I hope you are right. But I dont think so. The result will come soon and what actions the NCAA will take. Your the only one that thinks that. For your info Shapiro was not only a booster in as much as he was 50% owner in a professional sports agency. The Miami program got illegal benefits from a PROFESSIONAL AGENCY. Makes a world of difference. Everyone here is sweeping this under the rug like it dosent exist...trust me it does. There will be no slap on the wrist. Shapiro cant be lying about everything plus he has provided documentation that was corroberated in the allen deposition. Plus they have a time line with phone records by what is being reported. The potential downfall is a program that will take years to recover from. Miss 2 bowls and scgolarships....say by to recruiting and those top playes you have now....expect some will transfer after their parents have a talk with them. Your too young to understand any of this.

Jim Gallo,

I'm not the only one who thinks this. There's plenty of people who understand that Shytpiro was a con-man. Get it? He's a pathological liar. That's what con-men are. Some people actually use common sense when breaking down the Shytpiro scandal rather than taking what the con-man with an axe to grind has to say at face value.

Again, you keep saying the same stupid BS over and over and never mention that 12 players were investigated and none of them were denied eligibility from playing D-1 football??? UNC had players who were kicked out of NCAA football all together? Get it? Those 12 players had major allegations against them. Those allegations were proven to be false and were nothing but very minor recruiting violations.

So far everything points to Shytpiro being full of shyt just like you but you want to try and claim it's really much worse than we all know. As if you have any information that none of us know about? How come you don't address the NCAA president coming out and saying how cooperative THE U has been with them? Here's the quote from Mark Emmert "“The reality is that Miami, the university, has been incredibly cooperative,” Emmert said. “[Miami] President Shalala is doing an incredible job of interacting with us. Donna is doing a great job. She is being very, very helpful.”

So the players who have been investigated got slaps on the wrist. The University has cooperated full. The University held their own investigation of Nevin Shytpiro prior to all of this ever coming to fruition. But it's really much worth than we all know because some moron such as yourself says so?

Whatever you say skid mark...

Jim, the ibis is a turd in drag. Only here to stir up garbage. It would be great if canes fans could have normal blogs but gaysville shuts down early so he comes here.
I hope you are wrong about the penalties, but you usually have alot of facts. I never take the time to check them out, but we shall see. All that matters is we beat ncstate, and don't lay an egg. Usually when we start to believe, reality sets in. GO CANES

so far our 2 ACC wins were come from behind and high scoring games..realty gents..The D has to get much better

@fighting balls

First of all I dont fake my name, im who i am. Why want to get off this blog and rejoin the UFelons blog.

Back to the game, If coach D'Fino allow Chick and company to bullrush and use their speed around the tackles we shall be just fine. As for the linebackes, im starting to like this Tyrone and Armbister kid, along with Denzel and Eddie. I say lets just redshirt Kirby and allow him to recover fully and he'll be a beast next year. I really dont like Jimmy he kust throws his arms out there alot with his head down.

The Db's im feeling better than last year at this time.

Go Canes

by by fightingirsh go cheer for Notre Dame SUCKAAAAA

you people are funny, like anybody even cares about the U anymore. welcome to irrelevance. forever. the pack will take you down, and that will end your dreams of a winning program. owwoooooo

Mark Emmert said the same thing about penn state after they got hit with a $60 million fine and 4 bowl penalty plus 40 scholarships. Whats your point again? It didnt happen? Maimi green pea will get sanctions...just accept it and move forward. So dont get yourself all worked up about this year or the next.

Wait...FightingIbis is a girl?



Bottom line Golden has the Fight in this team, Mars can see it. We gotta win the Media over though to get back sooner. 4 seconds after TD win in broadcast GT game, Network motormouth brings up looming Sanctions.

No lie 4 seconds, and 3rd and 14 when UM coming back Duke takes a screen pass and gets it and the same Network yes man Monotone as can be "Oh he is 4 yards short" then no retraction after its Obvious Duke had it by a yard.
Kinda like the Election slant thats obvious.
Network TV is outta here in 10 years max, due to wireless media. Good Riddens!

cool cat you are not very smart.

KSU this year is very veteran. They are bigger and older than this years version of the U, which has a bunch of freshmen and sophomores who still need to grow. A 22, 23, 24 year old linebacker can do some damage on an 18 year old rb. He knows how to read offensiveschemes more, and has watched more film than an 18 year old linebacker. An example is how Arthur Brown has grown under bettger coaches and just the time he has spent in cfb- That dude is a beast and will be a first round pick. Last year Miami was more veteran and therefore gave KSU a better challenge.

So your comment that a teamchoc full of freshmen is an excuse is bohack. That is, unless it was the 2008 freshmen class from Miami NW in which case most if not all of them s-ked a55 even when they were seniors

@canesfan72...you set goals..if you have played sports before and its in a division and your 2-0..as an athlete your gonna think what if..thats why coaches have to REMIND players to take it one game at a time..I do have a feeling these kids want to do something big...@carolcitycane...i have been saying that all this week



Jim Gallo is probably the person who was posting as "dannyboycane" prior to the season. Loserville.

Gallo who the hell r u an intern at Levin, Papatoni, and Berkowitz??? You last statement putting Miami's situation in the same sentence as Penn States shows how much of an IDIOT you are. That's lilke comparing Manson to Lindsey Lohan. Truth is you have NO idea WHATSOEVER what will happen to Miami, NOBODY does, so quit coming on here like you're a little birdy on the window ledge outside the NCAA HQ's conference room. For crying out loud, the Canes are actually coming together as a team, and this is what is talked about. You're NOT a fan dude, must be a Gator troll or something. Grow up, and GO CANES!!!!!

I never said that....the comment was about how the NCAA director always says the institution cooperates. They all do and he says the same thing over and over. No one compared to PSU.....put the bong down and go to class

Interesting that Coach Golden is considering Herb Waters as a replacement for the injured Malcolm Lewis. When both were recruited their ratings were equal by almost all the rating groups including their national ratings. As a true freshman Waters ought to be given a shot to see what he can do. I think he might surprise everyone.

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