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ACC announces future scheduling formats for football, basketball, baseball (check out last paragraph)

Oct. 3, 2012

Needham, Mass. (theACC.com) - Atlantic Coast Conference Commissioner John Swofford announced today future scheduling formats and conference policies as approved by the ACC's Faculty Athletic Representatives and Athletics Directors. The announcement was made following the annual ACC Fall Business Meetings.

"The addition of Notre Dame gives us an opportunity to reinforce a number of conference rivalries in basketball and Olympic sports while also giving our schools greater flexibility in nonconference football scheduling," said ACC Commissioner John Swofford. "With Pitt, Syracuse and Notre Dame joining us, it is an exciting time in our league and our schools have made decisions that position us extremely well for the future."

A breakdown of the action items are listed below:

With the addition of Notre Dame playing five games annually against ACC teams, the league has determined it will play an eight-game conference schedule for 2013 and beyond. Divisions, primary crossover partners and rotating opponents from the opposite division will remain consistent to what was previously announced.

Men's and Women's Basketball
The ACC will continue to play an 18-game conference schedule with the addition of Notre Dame. The scheduling model will be based on a two-partner format.

Each year, teams will play every league opponent at least once with the two partners playing home and away annually. In addition to the four annual games against partners, the remaining 14 conference games will feature home and away games with two rotating opponents and five home-only games and five road-only games.

The two-primary-partner format preserves competitive balance and builds upon traditional rivalries while providing the opportunity to create new ones.

Boston College - Notre Dame and Syracuse
Clemson - Florida State and Georgia Tech
Duke - North Carolina and Wake Forest
Florida State - Clemson and Miami
Georgia Tech - Clemson and Notre Dame
Maryland - Pitt and Virginia
Miami - Florida State and Virginia Tech
North Carolina - Duke and NC State
NC State - North Carolina and Wake Forest
Notre Dame - Boston College and Georgia Tech
Pitt - Maryland and Syracuse
Syracuse - Boston College and Pitt
Virginia - Maryland and Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech - Miami and Virginia
Wake Forest - Duke and NC State

Following the regular season, the ACC Tournament format will continue to feature all league members. The Tournament will begin with three games on Wednesday, followed by four games on Thursday and Friday, two semifinals on Saturday and the championship game on Sunday. The top four seeds will continue to receive byes into Friday's quarterfinal round.

In the annual ACC/B1G Challenge, the decision was made to include the 12 teams with the best RPI from the previous year.

Beginning with the 2014 season, the ACC Baseball Championship will feature 10 teams in a six-day event. A double-elimination format will be used Tuesday through Friday followed by two single-elimination games on Saturday and the Championship Game on Sunday.

Conference Policy and Procedures
The decision was made that should a member institution be ineligible for postseason competition due to NCAA sanctions, it will be ineligible for regular season or divisional recognition.




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Let's go Canes!!!

Let's go Jack!!!

I'm so pumped for ND... I can't wait man! There ain't enough YouTube videos to feed this hype! I need it to be Saturday already!

Yeah.. It is really an exciting time. Excellent job Swofford.http://www.priceperhead.com/

So Vaughn Telemaque is "challenging" Rogers (insidetheu reporting). Vaughn is a complete disappointment. One of the touchdowns last week was on a long pass by NC State to an open receiver in the endzone. Standing 4 ft. from the receiver: Vaughn, with his back to the ball, staring the receiver in the face. Idiot. The ball dang nearly hit Vaughn in the head. In the same game, Vaughn did hit a receiver so hard, that he forced a fumble. But that dude could not intercept/break on a ball to save his life.

Some Canes like Perryman on the outside. Not a good idea. When you have a D-line as bad as ours, Perryman stops the run up the middle. I have full trust in Johnson at Strongside and Paul at Weakside. Let's get it done! Lay some wood!


looks like another "miami rule". we may not be able to affect championships right now, but we can still get rules made for us like the old days.

Can anybody confirm if the U is playing the gators in yankee stadium next year??

Sorry, that was my other personality before. Here's a question, if I kill that guy, can I still live?

are you tired self?

Jim I heard miami as going to be played at Yankee stadium but I am not sure if it was the Gators or not.

You mean miami will play the yankees? That means we will have 11 players and they will have 9. Of course, if 2 of them are like me, with split personalities, that would be 11 to 11.
Sometimes I confuse myself!

What did the running back from Columbia High say about UM and also the linebacker from Miramar? Manny, can we have some recruiting NEW"S please? I will say it again if U are a true CANES fan SHOW UP TO THE HOME GAMES!!!!!!I've been a season ticket holder for years and I'm out their in the hot sun in the 400 level so let's go.

"The decision was made that should a member institution be ineligible for postseason competition due to NCAA sanctions, it will be ineligible for regular season or divisional recognition."

So the canes can't compete for the ACC title.
How is this news? They have been unable to do so since the beginning of time. The canes cannot even show up to the championship game, we all knew that already.

John is still putting the screws to Miami when he can, a new commissioner is needed that isnt so much against Miami, we are not dummys ,John you should be more proffessional.

Why doesnt FSU get to play Notre Dame in the new schedule, who is John favoring again, its a shame this man can be allowed to do this to the other teams, he trys to protect his favorite team, what a joke.

Hey "ACC" you dumb mowron- IF UM is ineligible to play in a bowl due to NCAA sanctions. Miami isnt ineligible, the NCAA hasnt ruled yet and it is said they may sometime in 2013- so st--fu.

I as a Miami fan am still holding off judgement on this team. IT IS a very exciting team, but inconsistent. I dont know if they will beat UM, and I clearly dont know about the ACC. I hope UM shows up, competes, and in the end, if they are disciplined, they clearly will haev a shot

Keys for Miami in my opinion:

-Morris needs to avoid throwing into coverage or down the middle- ND safeties and lbs are very disciplined. Tuck the danged ball and run if there is no one open.

- The running game MUST MUST MUST take over. Fisch cannot stray away from running the ball if they start off weak. Stick with it and then add play action. Dont start firing off bombs off the start

- The D has to tighten up coverage on TEs and rbs in that dink and dunk offense

Yankee Stadium game will most likely be against the Cuse...I believe we are to play the GAYtors in "neutral" Orlando next year, but I think they may have backed out last year...

The ACC rule on NCAA sanctions has to do with North Carolina, who are ineligible for a bowl this year. Miami is eligible for a bowl. The NCAA does not look like it is going to rule anytime soon. If UNC finishes at the top of the Coastal standings the team in second will compete for the ACC Championship.

FightingIbis, that is just a sign that you have torn him apart so badly that now he wants to BE you. Can you blame him, he would rather be anyone else other than the fat trailer-shocks destroyer is is today.

If only they didn't make trailer doors so skinny, he could even go outside once in a while. But then the bright orb in the sky would hurt him badly, despite the layer of dirt and sweat on his skin, as he would turn rednecked in minutes, and broil like a lobster in minutes. I think he saw a squirrel through the window the other day, it kept him from posting for a whole twenty minutes while he fantasized about making it his latest victim.

Don't worry, he might steal your name, but he can't steal anything else, not from that industrial winch he uses as a chair....

So Eichorst resigns booo hoo. Who cares. It is however an indictement on the poor leadership in the front office- Sha neh neh and her liberal socialist minions need to go.

Saw something interesting last night. As a result of many injuries Notre Dame will be playing up to three defensive backs that were on offense at the beginning of the season. Kind of a Sam Shields situation. The only thing is that Notre Dame's front seven has not allowed for the DB's to be exposed. They seem to be that good.

Looks like aside from the obvious, that the defense must show up, the matchup bewteen the "U" offensive line and Notre Dame's front seven will be key. If the O-line can give Morris time then Notre Dame's defensive backs could get exposed. According to the so called experts Notre Dame has not faced a passing attack with the speed the "U" has shown so far this season. But cold weather could be a factor since the receivers are not used to catching passes in the cold. Drops could be a problem.

telemaque,ray ray all over again...totally overrated.

Notre Dame, where pedophile priest are worshiped.

" Notre Dame has not faced a passing attack with the speed the "U" has shown so far this season."

More important, Dah U hasn't faced a real defense like ND has this season.
OK, ok you are correct, they did face one such defense already. How did that work out?

Another year, another AD
The revolving door keeps spinning, who's in charge? Who has a clue? A program without leadership. Pathetic.

Another day, another moronic post.
Just stating the obvious

Tally Boy you think the canes will put north of 40 on the Irish? You think the cane "defense" will stop them?
Come on are you in denial and living in La La land like your fellow cane losers.
The Catholics are waiting for you in the land of Obama. They don't play nice. Even God is against your sorry canes He will send cold and rain down on your softies.

Dicky boy
In answer to your first question. No
As I said before 34-24 Canes
Second question. Enough to win the game.
The rest of the post is just more moronic ramblings.
Just stating the obvious.
Another obvious this weekend LSU wins.

We will see Tally Boy.
The smart money is on the Irish thumping the over rated canes in the cold and rain. Over rated even though they are not even ranked! How about that some Moron put them at the end of "others getting a vote", must have been some homer local media Moron with a vote.
I like the Gators over LSU, I think they can take the Tigers. Of course if the canes were playing LSU, it would be the Tigers by double digits ala KSU. Just like ND will do.

Well little Dicky boy you know what they say. Opinions are like A holes. Everybody has one.
Enjoy your envy and hate.
Everyone have a happy and safe weekend. GO CANES!
As always
IT'S GREAT TO BE A MIAMI HURRICANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tally Boy, every one has one and they all stink.
No hate and envy here lil' boy, more like derision and pity.
It looks like it's gonna be a great weekend.
Keep a level head and don't over react to your coming inevitable smack down. We all know it's coming. It must feel good to be clUless, until reality smacks you down.
The windy city is so nice this time of the year.

Can someone please do something about these immature Gator fans who write this garbage on this board over and over? Sick of picking thru their garbage to find an intelligent post.

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