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Video, plus Al Golden's post-game comments after the FSU loss

UM coach Al Golden's post-game's comments after the Florida State loss.

On the decision to start Stephen Morris...
"I thought it looked better on Friday than clearly it did on Thursday. Until you see him go out there and run around and actually stress it like he did in pregame, we were uncertain. I don’t regret playing Stephen in this game. I thought he gives us the best chance to win the game, and we didn’t get it done."

On keeping the game close until the fourth quarter...
"I thought we played hard. I thought we coached hard, I thought we played hard, and we lost to a good team. That’s it. We lost to a team that is ahead of us right now. We have to develop our guys and recruit some more and keep working, and don’t make any excuses. They’re a better team right now. We had opportunities that we did not convert. They did - hats off to them. Clearly they have an excellent pass rush and got to our quarterback, and we’re not doing the same on the other end. We’re not getting to the quarterback in four, and obviously we let [EJ] Manuel out too many times.

"They wore us down a little bit because we weren’t converting on third down on offense. I think we were 25 percent for the day, had to keep giving the ball back and we just couldn’t hold up. Then it turned into a field position game. Just too many opportunities - too many catches down field we didn’t make, too many interceptions we didn’t finish, and obviously an onside kick that we couldn’t get a better look than we got, and to not convert it is a shame."

On the timeout situation at the end of the first half...
"There was a lot of confusion obviously. I knew they had one timeout left, so that was their answer for the 10-second run-off, and then they said it was the half so I lost half my team. Obviously I wasn’t worried about that, but if we’re in the situation where it’s the final kick of the half, we’d like to get Seantrel [Henderson] and Malcolm [Bunche] and our big people in there. Just so much confusion.

On the performance of the offense...
"We just have to keep getting better. We’re playing a lot of good teams. We certainly have to be more efficient - that’s fair. We have to do a better job on third down, I don’t think there’s any question about that. We have to make some plays on the ball. We had some chances downfield, where we have to make those catches. We just have to take a deep breath. It’s been a long 12 weeks against a really tough schedule playing a lot of young guys. We need to take a deep breath, get healed up and see where we’re at over the next couple days. See if we want to practice at all or if we won’t, we’ll see, and then get ready for Virginia Tech."

On Duke Johnson’s injury...
"I have no idea to be honest with you. I couldn’t even tell you what it is. I was told he was out. I think they x-rayed him, that’s all I know.

On the importance of the bye week...
"It’s critical. We’re hanging on by a thread. We need time off. Brutal schedule, eight weeks in a row, young team. We need time off."

On the defensive momentum during the game...
"I think we got worn out a little bit. You have to keep pace with them and you have to convert on third down. We weren’t making the plays. Clearly they’re rotating three backs in there and they wore us down a little bit in the fourth quarter. We probably needed another takeaway, we had opportunities. They’re throwing the ball into Cover 2 for 30- or 40- yard gain and it should be an interception. We have to come through and make a play there.

"As I said to the team, give Florida State a lot of credit. They’re a very good team right now. They’re deep, and that’s okay. We know what we need to do. They’re ahead of us right now. We need to buckle down and get better. We need to develop our current team and we need to add to it."

On the team’s fast start...
"I think it was a better feel - I think that’s fair. The last two times we’ve played at this level, we didn’t look the same – Kansas State and Notre Dame. It’s fair to say it was a different look, a different feel, a different focus. I can say honestly that’s what I told the staff last night and that’s what I told the team. It did feel different. Just disappointing we didn’t convert on a couple more opportunities to give ourselves a chance. I’m disappointed in that. We have to get back to work there. I’ve been saying it all year we have a long way to go as a team. Are we competing? Yes. Do we execute all the time? No. We had some costly penalties and we had some costly errors in the game and that’s on me. I have to get that fixed."


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This team needs a bye week badly. Other than 2 games this year, UM has played some pretty solid teams. Now they have to deal with Va. Tech and that's going to be another monumental struggle. As has been the case for years, UM's schedule is set up ridiculously.

Defense did enough to keep us in the game!

Very poor play calling by the OC after the first quarter! UM 10 FSU 3

FSU 13 UM 10 at Half

Second Half Play calling was just as bad as the second quarter!

Second Half Drives with UM First Down Play Call

FSU Miss FG FSU 13 UM 10
UM Drive 1-Pass Result Sack -6yrs (3 plays Punt)
FSU FG Good FSU 16 UM 10
Drive 2-Pass Result Incomplete (3 play Punt)
FSU Punt
Drive 3-Pass Result Sack -6yrs (9 plays FG - But had a throw out of bounds in the end zone on 3rd and 2 from the FSU 10)
Drive 4- Pass complete for 3yrds (3 plays Punt)
Drive 5- False Start on Pass Call (8 plays Downs)
Drive 6- Pass does not matter at this point...game was well over...

We had 26 First Down Play Calls (including the 4 first downs on the last Drive)...we ran the ball 9 times for 36 yards and 1 TD

We passed the ball the other 14 times with 7 Incomplete, 2 Sacks -6 yards each,1 False Start, 1 FSU Penalty, and were 3 completions for 28 before the Last Drive where were were 3 for 50 yards.

That is 71% Negative Plays!!!!!!!!!

Instead of having Second and 6 7 more times in the game, we were second and 10 or more 10 times in the game!

We had 4 3 and outs...2 with Incompletes on First Down.

FSU scores after 3 of 4 3 and outs for 16 points.

No wonder we lost the game!

Morris was 25/43 (7/7 on the last drive). That means he was 18/36 with 7 incompletes on First Downs with 2 additional Sacks.

That means he is 18/29 with out those 7 Incompletes on First Downs...that is 62% and if you add in the 7/7 on the last drive he would have been 25/36 69.4%!

I bet we run the ball on the 7 first downs for an average of 4 yards a carry like we did not the 9 other first downs an we have a chance at the end.

I do not think it is Morris checking to all those First Down Pass Calls...Most of it is calls from the sidelines...

Offensive Play Calling has been poor in the Second and Third Quarters all season...OC gets away from the run game too quickly...

Why does OC call toss to Duke into the boundary all the time?

Why have I not seen the Counter Play Duke and James had long runs at the first of the Season?

I am just complaining at this point...but I feel the OC has taken the running game away from us with his play calling...

It seems like after the Morris 566 yrds...we have totally gotten away from what was working....

Now that I got that off my chest...

Reality...this game did not matter...

Need to beat VT & Duke (will be a challenge at Duke)...Hope they are out of it by the time we play them...Duke has @FSU, Clemson, @GT, and UM

Still it is a 2 game Season! I think we will beat UVA.

Maybe it is hopeful thinking, but it seems like when out backs are against the wall we play better...

OC, our backs are against the wall for the rest of the Season!

We have no experience. Alot of these guys like Moore, Ivery, King (was injured in preseaon) will hit the weights right in off-season. as far as offense, I felt when Malcom went down we lost our most talented and reliable receiver. Morris is walking wounded right now and duke is fighting injuries and there is nothing we can do because Mike james is not a stud back and Eduardo is a situational guy. Things will get better. If I am Alex Collins, I would definately come to the U because it will be him and Duke splitting carries.

THANKS Players U R GR* its not your fault coachessuckdick!!!

It's not over ..just be positive ...it might be a rematch...CANES

To echo what Jerry wrote previously, I'm more disappointed with the lack of player development Miami has displayed over the previous years. I see no one on the team that has progressed to the point where you say "That's an NFL player there". If you look at players like Clowney from South Carolina or Lacy at 'Bama you can see NFL potential in them. Chickillo was just as highly rated coming out of High school, yet has not performed to that level. In fairness, no other player on the D-Line has stepped to help him, but a player of his caliber should be demand double teams that could free other players. Coaches need to step up and develop the talent that choose Miami over Alabama, FSU and USC or we will continue to be mediocre at best.

There is no fire in Morris, just all Shaq like in his interviews. Everything is all good in the land of rainbows and unicorns!! What a piece of hot garbage!!!

I thougjt the team displayed great heart against a tough opponent. The defense kept is on the gake throughout and they were able to turn fsu over a couple of times. I think the offense has been our main problem in big games.

Notice this team is getting better. The defense is more stoit and some of these guys are laying hits. We're not there, but its moving in the right direction.

Where do you guys see us getting outcoached? That FSU team made tons of mistakes and left the door open for us. FSU has impressive athletes, but thats all. Golden is getting a lot out of our guys.

The Cane players are great.
But I could see they were going to eventually lose based on observing the lousy defense coaching.

The Canes would run an attacking four down linemen defense with LBs up close for two plays and play man to man in the secondary to constantly force a third and long.

Then, the DC would go back to his 3 lineman defense, LBs off the line, zone coverage, prevent-the-win defense, and FSU would convert the first down.

You can not fix stupid. These coaches, and especially the DC have to go.

If you do not like this analysis, don't act like a jerk and criticize me. Simply watch the replay of the game, count the number of Cane down linemen on defense each play, count the number of yards the Cane LBs are off the ball, look at the zone defense where the FSU receivers got to the empty pockets in the Cane zone coverage with no Cane near them.

Finally, we are not bashing the defense for a change! I thought the defense was respectable. If the offense can do anything the defense would have been even better. I don't understand why we didn't play Ryan Williams at all. Steven Morris clearly was off his game. He throws into double coverage, misses open receivers, and stares down his receiver. I think his biggest problem is that he stares down his initial target. You could see it many times where he never looked over the field-he zeroed in on his primary receiver. I'm also disappointed that we gave up on the running game. Our huge O line needs to establish some physicality up front. Better to pound in the running game than to get pounded in the pass game.

Kudos to the defense. They got some takeaways (could have had more) and forced a bunch of fumbles. They played hard but the youth cannot overcome the inept offense which kept them on the field too long. Let's keep on supporting the team and remember that we are very, very young and will one day grow up and become men among men.

I hope potential recruits can see the reality that the U is just a few good players away from being a great team.
Don't follow the pack. Be a leader and make a difference.
Come to the U!!

The defensive play calling at the end of the half SUCKED!

FSU has 3rd & 15 with 60 seconds until the end of the half. Miami calls timeout to get the ball back, which is the right thing to do.

BUT, then we rush 3 guys and let the QB just sit back and pick out a receiver to get a 1st down. WHAT THE _uck! Why even call a timeout if you are not going to be aggressive an defense.

Just stupid defensive play calling again. Its getting really sickening.

golden says the defense got worn down.

Well, duhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Three down defensive linemen are expected to attack through 6 FSU blockers. WTF??
That is like having to carry a 100 pound sack of grain on your back toward the end of a long game.

The coaching staff lost all of the games lost this year, not the players who are forced to play the coaches' prevent-the-win defense.

I was actually proud of the team last night. I thought they played hard all night. A lot of hard hitting. But a good play for us on defense is allowing 4-6 yards on a running play. We just can stop the run. The problem is up front. Hopefully we will look different next year.

But hey, we are still in this ACC race with Duke leading the pack. NC is disqualified, and VT has to play FSU.

I have been the worst critic of both the team and the coaches.....but last night in a way I saw a team that resembled what REAL canes look like. They were not the same team last night compared to previous games. I thought both sides of the ball played OK....They had to play Morris....Williams would have been a total disaster. One thing I did see what this team is NOT in shape like Golden says they are. The defense had their hands on their hips by the end of the first half. I am glad the blogger are seeing the difference between our staff and the rest of the NCAA....look at Florida, ND and ksu yesterday.....fyi..Duke is for real.

other than morris being off this game. this was as good as they have looked all year. even when they won, they looked better tonight. we have no depth and it shows...everyone played to win. there is a future...go canes

Everyone played hard........
The defense showed great improvement........
All the players are great, the problem is the coaching.....
The recruits will see this and want to come here......
We will get a rematch in the ACC ship game.....
Great turnout, no matter if most wee rooting for FSU...
We need this bye, what a monster schedule we have played, one of the toughest in the nation.....

Really cane clowns? Are you serious????
Aside from your 3 embarrassing losses, you've played the typical pansie ACC slate.

Like I told you before:
Play a good team and you lose
Play a pansie, if you eke out a close win you get all excited, until
you play a good team.
Why would you fools want a rematch, to get spanked again?
Watch out for Duke, they are playing better than ever
Va Tech sucks this year but they got your number
The recruits are bolting to the good programs, you are not one of them.
It still sUcks to be U!

I thought the defense played well enough for us to win with the game with all of our missed oppertunities. Why did we stop running the ball? The coaches don't play like we are u tough we have called a finesse style game all year. The players are young and the coaches are even younger. It's like they alternate stupid play calling every week. Thank goodness for the by week. Vtech lost their starting center a week ago maybe we can exploit that on defense. A loss in this game would be very detrimental to an already struggling program. Again Fsu was a winnable game but some how we found away to lose again.

Captain Obvious, if you have all this time in your wasted life, why not go to an Akron blog and talk senseless stuff there...

WHAT EVER, they lost again. Oh they played w/ heart. Yeah, the defence did for a couple of series. Then the offence decided to head for the showers half way thru the 1st qt. I for one think they are more worried about checking they're twitter acc. than playing football. Fire the whole damn bunch. Coaches, players all of them. Start over in a couple of years. Its a free country, and a free blog. You dont work for UM (it wouldn't matter if u did)or this paper. Don't like what i said go juke youself. Coach talks about a tough shedule. WTFE, its ACC boys the ACC. The sixth rated conf in the country. In sad very sad way,(can't beleive i'm saying this) I'm scared of the Duke game. YEAH THATS RIGHT CANES THATS DUKE. Still feel good about this team,or the mighty ACC. Young, yes its fair to say, but thats just an excuse. What about last year, crickets....., oh ok the year before, more crickets...... Channel your venom to the people who are the ones that are who are out there playing and coaching. Make them accountable. Believe me with all the cottling these losers get they will b fine. They should all feel real good right now. PAPA Al has them all tucked in bed w/ a bottle in their mouths it nite nite time little guys see you in the morning u can play in the sand box if u eat all your breakfest. Sorry Jimmy, Howie, Butch, Dennis, and to all THE GREAT CANES that came before. Words can't express the disappointment.

Losing is painful. Period.

Play calling was poor. 3rd and 2 at the ten and we throw a stupid corner pass that goes out of bounds.
I am less and less impressed with Fisch. That was the game.

No Attack Mentality.

Same as these dumb underneath into the ground passes. Where is the intermediate passing game? Morris played poorly and Williams should have gotten a shot, especially with his rep for accuracy.

Morris overthrew at least 4 deep receivers.

The defensive scheme invites 9 yard plays at a pop, especially when you have no D line and the LBs are often 5 yards back. Receivers easily open. Ours? Never. What is the problem?

I liked Ladarius Gunter's play last night.
The kid has heart and ferocity!

Golden's comments are fair enough. And familiar.
And tiresome. And true.

The Canes need a rest to regroup after 3 straight losses. VT is very beatable and away at Duke will be a big challenge.

If we can win Coastal, it will be a successful season. Much has to change for that to happen.

By the way, great crowd last night!

Our offense depends on the big play, teams limit the big play and make us drive the ball. Our offense is sputtering and it just cost us 2 games.

Shalalalala made the decisions that put us here.

I think we all knew we would lose this game. I watched it mostly to see how much we had improved, and we had. The defense played good except for missed passing defense assignments. I, for one, is happy with our game play. We are young and building and last night proved we are on the right track with development.

TOLD YA recruits, come to tally, where ya at least have a chance at a ring, the only thing ringin' down here is the headaches we gave them boyz.

CaneFan'72, what the f*ck are you talking about? UM didn't play three down linemen all night, every play they had four linemen out there.

Do you really have a chance for a ring at FSU? Jimbo isnt a great coach and Stoops will be gone soon. You're talented but a disorganized mess.

We need some white farm boys on both sides of the line.....mimic ND/KSU/alabama...its not a racial thing but it is a reality if you look at the rosters....or even lineman like 2013 recruit brad henson from nj and a TE like adam breneman 6'5" 225...a monster...Miami has always had a top TE...that is lacking on offense as well....plus I still say go back to the 2 back offense....I know it is not in style but Um had the best offensive scoring with it....the win/loss spread was the widest in UM history....johnson.james fits very well into that scheme.

typo 1 back offense

It was a nice effort; not that one call decides a game, but that awful call on the fsu catch and fumble (ruled incomp)which looked as if it could have been returned, was a crusher.

Think we set an NCAA single game record for missed tackles. Did anyone keep track? I lost count

To be honest with U, other than the fact that FSU is 3-4 years ahead of us in terms of having quality players from previous years of recruiting, our young team played with the heart of champions like Miami Teams of old. Eddi Goldman, Perryman, Bush, Gunter, Pierre and Chickelo as well as that McCord kid are the building blocks of a future great defense. And hats of to Stephen Morris for playing hurt and giving it his all last night. If you look at things from an objective standpoint we should never have been in that game going up against what analysts describe as one of the top defenses by far in CFB, a senior QB, and a supposed great offensive line. But we were because of the mindset that our coaches have instilled in these young players who played balls to the wall last night. The bye week is going to be much needed because I was feeling some of the freshmen were possibly hitting that wall from the day to day grind, the physical toll and more importantly the mental exhaustion that many of them were probably experiencing. Now they can refocus, heal up, and work to fix some things in need of attention. Oh and great job to the coaching staff as well, including D'nofrio who called a really good game. If we did nothing else we showed young recruits around south florida that Miami is going to be the place to be for a football player in the coming years.

Donna hurts football is 100% correct, as I have been posting for well over a year; baseball also in decline since her arrival 11 yrs ago; too bad we cannot vote her out like we will with her hero in 16 days.

If you want to see a poorly coached team, look at FSU. All the talent in the world and they are without any discipline. This is a greatly underachieving team that can't get out of its own way. FSU fans can't be happy with the way this team performs.

Should have sat morris after he was sacked and fumbled ball away. He then throws a pick and we loose all momentum. Morris has not looked good in big games.

roud,I agree with U one hundred % about how disoriented FSU's team and staff looks. They have as much if not more talent than any team in the nation and they just doen't perform at the level. Thats one thing you don't see with Miami. Our whole team, coaches, and players are one heartbeat striving for one goal and that is continuous improvement. I can't imagine why a kid would want to go anywhere but Miami with the staff in place here, and the ability to come in right away and make an immediate impact. This team is light years ahead of where they should be. Go Canes

In front of a packed, state of the art Sun Life stadium and the millions making up the adoring national “prime time” TV audience, the state championship, the game of the year, between the legendary Miami Hurricanes and Florida State Seminoles was played out…another game of the ages!

It was a ferocious battle between two of college football’s perennial titans that did not disappoint. The skill level of the combatants had the many NFL scouts in attendance drooling and further highlighted that Miami is NFL “U”.

Despite their severely injured quarterback and star running back, the young Canes jumped off to a 10 point lead, but the Noles fought back to tie the score. Right before the half the Noles kicked a long field goal to take the lead. The 3rd quarter saw players from both teams being helped off the field as this was no longer a game, but a war!

Ultimately the Noles prevailed, but as Jimbo Fisher said; “The Canes are the youngest team in America, but have a talent and coaching level that will place them back in their normal championship form next year and beyond”. “Our players knew they were in for a brutal battle and Miami certainly upheld their end of that bargain”. “This great rivalry is based on deep respect and a tough, clean competition amongst the best that college football has to offer”.

Canes fans…see you all at the ACC Championship game and rematch with the vaunted Noles.

Great job Canes!!!

Eudo and others, every time FSU converted to get a first down, whether by pass or run, the DC was forcing the Canes to play 3 down linemen, no support from the LBs, LBs 5 yards off the LOS, zone defense, prevent (the win and lack of) defense.

The DC demoralizes the whole Cane team and fans with his lousy lack of defense formations, he causes no fan support and empty stadiums. The DC and shalalala are the death knell for Cane football.

No. He didn't. They played 4 down linemen all game long.

You're insane.

I wanted to see Williams play. I think he deserved it. Morris has not produced in big games. The defense kept us in there for once but a lack luster offense as usual kept us from winning. The safety rogers is horrible.

This team sucks. Horrible coaches all the way around. They will never be relevant again under rhe losers they have there now.

So little progress seen from 1 week to the next.On top of that.....beginning with ND 3 games ago.....Morris has been playing pretty bad and not looking much like a winner.Against FSU...he reminded me of a past QB named JH.....who played about as bad too.Golden and his fellow Coaches are NOT Coaching well.They are doing an incompetent job at this time.Very disappointing to see such poor overall team play.......on both sides of the ball.When the game began....I was calm as if I were in a quiet library.My expectations were not much with this Cane team.THEY proved me right of course.

Canesfan, are U actually watching the games or are U just dreaming things up. This team is going to be fine and the defense has actually played well. I don't know what U are pissing and moaning about. This team is young and it will take time just like Herbstreit said last night, next year and the year after this team will be dominate.

The canes played well, there is always something thats not right every game. We normaly bave so much wrong ya cant name it all...but this game over all the guys did well, this was a big improvement overall., hammer the team when need be but dont be blind when they play well....this is not 1987 or 2001 yet.....go cane

Shalalala hired the AD's that put us here. Never have we seen the AD turnover that we have now. Not in 30 years have we had the coaching turnover we have seen in the past decade.

She does not care about making UM what we used to be... Golden is doing his best but in order to succeed Shalalala must go.

It's a fair criticism that Shalala hires the ADs that hires the coaches.

But the first AD she hired fired Randy Shannon, hired Al Golden, and got hired away to a bigger program in his home state.

The second AD hired the basketball coach and got hired away to a bigger program in his home state.

So what relationship are you drawing between the ADs she's hired and the football team's performance?

Anyone who says we didn't get out-coached was watching a different game. Read what It's a Canes Thing said up at the top about our play calling yesterday. Barely any runs on first down and 4 total in the second half. Everyone complains about the D coordinator, but the last two weeks the D has kept us in games, even if they give up a ton of yards. Somehow Fisch isn't under the same level of scrutiny as D'nofrio. And how does Golden hear these play calls and not say something.

- I mean a throw to a hobbled Qb? You trying to make sure he is out for the year?
- You kick a FG on 4th and goal at the 2 yet onside kick..... Are u going for it or not?
- 3rd and 2 in the red zone and you throw a fade to a WR who has zero catches all year while mike James can get two yards.

Say all you want about our players needing to grow up, our coaches may need to also. You go no huddle and never run......with a team that has a D that can't get off the field, so that that D has to be out there 35 minutes???.

Keep blaming D'nofrio..... But are OC and head coach are helping him zero.

you are right....shalalalala (hired in 2001 when we were national champions) has clearly made Miami football better. 2001 to 2012 shows a clear pattern of the football program getting better.

We did get out coached....and fsu does not have the best talent in the NCAA....florida/alabama/nd....but really the best is ksu with collin klein...hes the heisman this year.....we are still in a deep load of trouble.....sanctions will hurt us...transfers WILL happen, and the recruiting team will get crushed in the living rooms for 2013...we go 6-6, so what is the story you can tell the parents NOT from miami that will make sense....there really is no storyline that is credible other than your kid will play his first year.....remember golden goes 39-46 (weak) wiht no bolw apperences....fsu/florida will press hard on the top florida kids....we will survive on "diamonds in the rough" types...this performance (their best so far in my opinion) solves nothing...golden is still in trouble.

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