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Video, plus Al Golden's post-game comments after the FSU loss

UM coach Al Golden's post-game's comments after the Florida State loss.

On the decision to start Stephen Morris...
"I thought it looked better on Friday than clearly it did on Thursday. Until you see him go out there and run around and actually stress it like he did in pregame, we were uncertain. I don’t regret playing Stephen in this game. I thought he gives us the best chance to win the game, and we didn’t get it done."

On keeping the game close until the fourth quarter...
"I thought we played hard. I thought we coached hard, I thought we played hard, and we lost to a good team. That’s it. We lost to a team that is ahead of us right now. We have to develop our guys and recruit some more and keep working, and don’t make any excuses. They’re a better team right now. We had opportunities that we did not convert. They did - hats off to them. Clearly they have an excellent pass rush and got to our quarterback, and we’re not doing the same on the other end. We’re not getting to the quarterback in four, and obviously we let [EJ] Manuel out too many times.

"They wore us down a little bit because we weren’t converting on third down on offense. I think we were 25 percent for the day, had to keep giving the ball back and we just couldn’t hold up. Then it turned into a field position game. Just too many opportunities - too many catches down field we didn’t make, too many interceptions we didn’t finish, and obviously an onside kick that we couldn’t get a better look than we got, and to not convert it is a shame."

On the timeout situation at the end of the first half...
"There was a lot of confusion obviously. I knew they had one timeout left, so that was their answer for the 10-second run-off, and then they said it was the half so I lost half my team. Obviously I wasn’t worried about that, but if we’re in the situation where it’s the final kick of the half, we’d like to get Seantrel [Henderson] and Malcolm [Bunche] and our big people in there. Just so much confusion.

On the performance of the offense...
"We just have to keep getting better. We’re playing a lot of good teams. We certainly have to be more efficient - that’s fair. We have to do a better job on third down, I don’t think there’s any question about that. We have to make some plays on the ball. We had some chances downfield, where we have to make those catches. We just have to take a deep breath. It’s been a long 12 weeks against a really tough schedule playing a lot of young guys. We need to take a deep breath, get healed up and see where we’re at over the next couple days. See if we want to practice at all or if we won’t, we’ll see, and then get ready for Virginia Tech."

On Duke Johnson’s injury...
"I have no idea to be honest with you. I couldn’t even tell you what it is. I was told he was out. I think they x-rayed him, that’s all I know.

On the importance of the bye week...
"It’s critical. We’re hanging on by a thread. We need time off. Brutal schedule, eight weeks in a row, young team. We need time off."

On the defensive momentum during the game...
"I think we got worn out a little bit. You have to keep pace with them and you have to convert on third down. We weren’t making the plays. Clearly they’re rotating three backs in there and they wore us down a little bit in the fourth quarter. We probably needed another takeaway, we had opportunities. They’re throwing the ball into Cover 2 for 30- or 40- yard gain and it should be an interception. We have to come through and make a play there.

"As I said to the team, give Florida State a lot of credit. They’re a very good team right now. They’re deep, and that’s okay. We know what we need to do. They’re ahead of us right now. We need to buckle down and get better. We need to develop our current team and we need to add to it."

On the team’s fast start...
"I think it was a better feel - I think that’s fair. The last two times we’ve played at this level, we didn’t look the same – Kansas State and Notre Dame. It’s fair to say it was a different look, a different feel, a different focus. I can say honestly that’s what I told the staff last night and that’s what I told the team. It did feel different. Just disappointing we didn’t convert on a couple more opportunities to give ourselves a chance. I’m disappointed in that. We have to get back to work there. I’ve been saying it all year we have a long way to go as a team. Are we competing? Yes. Do we execute all the time? No. We had some costly penalties and we had some costly errors in the game and that’s on me. I have to get that fixed."


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Remember we are ranked 177 out of a total of 120 teams in the NCAA in defense.....thats is just plain weird.

fisch is weak also...the last 3 games the offense has been going in the opposite direction....see what everyone needs to understand is this is what you see when the coaching staff is mediocre....first the stats get hammered early then it dosent really get better....the team just hangs on sort of....look how muschamp out coached spurrier yesterday or brian kelly against stamford....all against top 10 teams...the question is...is golden really the caliber coach for a brand like miami (or whats left of it)....I dont think so.....I dont see this staff taking miami to 10-2 or 11-1.

We have become the NEW TEMPLE SOUTH!!!

On whether UF deserves to be No. 2 in the first BCS poll: "The Gators are the worst No. 2 since Ryan Leaf."

Gallo, U don't know the first thing about football, what a great coach is, what it takes to develop a winning program or know how to count either. Muskrat (your boy) had a team stockpiled with talent by following a two time National Title winning Head Coach, Kelly is a good coach but he is in year 3 or 4 at Notre Dame and followed one of the best NFL Coordinators at Notre Dame. Golden is without a doubt the kind of coach for a brand like Miami because he has had to follow two douche bags as head coaches in Coker and SHannon, and is fielding the youngest team in CFB, that never quits and is learning how to win. He has done more with less than anybody else in major college football. FSu was described as a National Title contender and they got all they wanted from a team comprised mostly of freshmen and sophomores playing.

idiot...look the whole world is in south florida...look at greg schiano's team..he has strong ties to columbus as well as ND (anthony rabasa/deon bush)...now they are both after lorenzo woodley...here is quote from Irish Sport Times:

“From the looks of it, after he was committed and ready to go, he looked like he loved the school,” Woodley said of Rabasa. “He walked around with all of Notre Dame attire on and all of that. He liked the school, so there must be something there that’s good about Notre Dame.”

“Right now, I like the University of Miami, Florida State and Florida,” he said. “I’m also considering Notre Dame too because I like how the program is run and every time I turn the TV on, I’m seeing them and that’s a good thing. I see the stands filled up every week and that’s good.”

As of now, the Nevin Shapiro scandal hasn’t eliminated the Hurricanes from Woodley’s list.It’s really out of my hands, but it depends on the consequences of the situation that’s going on right now,” he said. “Other than that, that’s still going to be a school I consider until otherwise.”

dude you are clueless.....miami has a huge uphill battle still...notice the term...fill the stands...thats is going to be a problem for golden....what can he say to anyone after sanctions....he is done in the living room.

you get what you pay for.stop the bleeding of having ten to twenty years worth of losing seasons.hire a head coach with passion to get miami back to playing winning football.open up that piggy bank and pay some high profile big name winning coach that knows what he is doing.a coach who blames his players for losses is not a coach.do it now before it is to late.jimmy johnson is still out there.

Dude you have no idea what it took to keep players at florida after meyer left.....the whole coaching staff left and the following year Florida goes to #2

The problem with guys like you is you only watch UM football and are clueless what the rest of the NCAA is doing. I watch all the teams from Thurs-Sat. At least 4 games a weekend. When you watch the performance of both the coaches /players on other teams you dont see UM with a bias, even as an alumni...look at this weekens...how ND stopped Stanford, that trench battle or the great steve spurrier getting it taken to him at HIS field (he named florida field the swamp)..or how collin klein (ksu) hits the gas after the second quarter game after game...then you watch UM...and say WTF happened....177 out of 120 teams defense. I did like Miami yesterday...where was that team when the season started.....why didnt golden have them like that from the beginning?

Yeah dumbass because he left a team full stupid. Miami may have an uphill battle but that has nothing to do with Golden. We are lucky to have a coach who has passion for building a winner and isn't afraid of this challenge. Greg Schiano is at Tampa Bay nimrod so what has an NFL team got to do with us? Nothing. Big deal what some recruit is saying right now anyway, incase U have forgotten, what a recruit says now doesn't mean much until February 1st. Thats national signing day doofussshit! After or if there are any sanctions little jimmy, Golden will tell the kids the truth and the ones that commit will be true canes. This thing with Shitpiro will blow over and if there are sanctions we will endure them and proceed on as we always do. Thats it. Its not going to be as terrible as meladramatic housewives like yourself make this out to be. Get a life and some knowledge.

Umm little jimmy, the ND - STanford game was last weekend dumbshit. I saw everygame that has been played this year that has been televised and I know what happened, no other HC in major CFB is playing as many young freshmen and sophomores as coach Golden and Miami is. That moron is what's happening. And yesterday, was just another sign of our kids going through the progression into a winning top 5 program in the future. Here's a clue doofus, the way u rebuild a program in real life is alot harder and takes alot longer than how you do it on your little playstation in fantasy world.

Idiot, of course he is...but schiano build rutgers and still has ties to south florida and is helping in the recruting for Rutgers...the point of the statement was that other NCAA teams have a foothold in florida...we dont anymore....try to follow the ball here, greenpea. Golden I am sure will tell all the recruits the truth and they will reply...ty..but i have decided to go to ND or FSU....get it

Idiot boy....shapiro is NOT blowing over....Miami loses 30 scholarships plus 2 bowl apperences....thats my guess.....dont see how it can be less that USC. Grow up kid.

The morons who disagree with me need to copy the Cane games, watch the Canes on defense, stop the play right before it starts, count the number of down linemen on defense, count the number of yards from the ball to the LBs, (you guys are so stupid, you probably need to count on your fingers.)

Then, start the machine and run the play in slow motion, see whether the pass defense is tight man to man or a loose zone, see whether the other offense completes the play or not, especially on third downs for conversions.

If it is a run, and a three down lineman Cane defense, count the number of yards because 3 def linemen can NOT stop a ball carrier with 5 blockers. And no one was stopping the FSU end runs, either.

Then, keep track of stops with a four man def line and a three man defensive line, keep track of other side's conversions. And you morons just might learn something.

The age of the Cane players does not matter. You could have all seniors on defense and still not stop any team with only a three down lineman def. line, LBs 5 yards off the LOS, and zone pass defense.

But I can't fix stupid. And obviously, neither can the Cane coaching staff.

Let me know when the stats support your fantasy....so far I called it right from the beginning. USC for one is playing almost all sophmores.....oregon is a young team....louisville is young....south carolino has plenty of sophmores as well....if you look at the top 25 teams all play freshman/sophmores...if golden is so concerned let him play the more senior players then..there is a jr or senior at just about every position at miami....stop with the young stuff

Look, we don't have a legitimate college qb on this team that can carry a team to bcs bowl, and has no one noticed? Our defense in every category is bottom five in the WHOLE fbs! U can blame being
Young and coaching and whatever, but nothing will be solved with d'onofrio as our dc. In fact, chickillo, perry man, bush, Howard, and Johnson will not be the players they can be with him in charge. Look at chickillo this year.

Jimbo Fisher: "UM has the youngest team in America."

They'll be a damn good team next year.

On whether UF deserves to be No. 2 in the first BCS poll: "The Gators are the worst No. 2 since Ryan Leaf."

You are dead on Jayel! Outstanding comment!

The U! The U! The U! The U!
Donna's awful.
The coaching staff is quality.
The players are committed.
The recruits will come!

Heads up fans!!

Little Jimmy, yeah some teams play freshmen but not the vast majority of their team is made up of such a ratio nimrod. And shitpiro will blow over just like morons as yourself. U see U think U know something but in reality U really don't. If that was the case with recruits then why do we have Tracy Howard, deon Bush, and all of the other guys that signed with us and make up our team then jerkoff? Why is Greg Olsen's little brother who incidently is one of the top elite qb's in this class committed to us, along with Collins, Standish Dobard, Bryant and all the others verbally committed to us then. Why wouldn't they be setting themselves up with one of your jerkoff teams? Because they want to play at the U for Golden and staff not that mess at FSU or Canesville at Florida. U just keep dreaming little fella, my Canes are going to be just fine. And just so U know the reason Golden doesn't play the upperclassmen more is because the majority of them are Shannon's boy's and they sucked and were beat out because SHannon didn't develop them. Now U know the story.

Cane's Fan 72, and little jimmy take 72's last sentence in his prior post and just look in the mirror and accept the fact it is U.

First, the defense actually did ok. They played with fire but guess what? Recurrent problem: three and out, three and out, three and out. By the third q the defense's goose is cooked.

The real problem is Fisch. He is absolutely clueless. A veritable moron.

He allows Morris to start. Are you telling me that a gimpy Morris who threw an int, lost a fumble, overthrew receivers about 6 times, couldnt get a TD inside the ten, is better than Williams? Man our QB situation must be as bad as the harris morris whipple days. Or the harris smith cook days.

Then he calls a lateral back to morris for him as the receiver???? Are you serious? How dumb is that?

What happened to the running game? I agree with an early post. The o line is absolutely pathetic. Duke has regressed, but how do you not run mike james and eduaro over and

over? Instead he passes on firt down, sack. Run for 1 yd, 3rd and 12. Pass, incomplete,

punt. That was the game in a nut shell. Receivers could not gt open. Theres no tight end. But it was on morris, fisch and the oline.

Without a running game this team. Done. Period. Duke is bing used wrong. He is too small to run inidecthe tackles or to be used as a receiver. Fisch is using him as a screen receiver, but it aint working.

Patience though. Recall the 47-0 against fsu in 97. They beat us 94-99. Recall thecback to back losses to east carolina and the 65 that syracuse put on us.

What would be worse? Being overhyped like fsu, south carolina, or uf and then dropping big after uch high expectations, or the realization (if you have enough common sense to admit it) that WE ARE RE BUILDING!

532, to me it seems as if the offense does not have an identity. I agree with U that we should have run James and Clements more. If nothing else it gives our defense a little more time to rest and the way FSU's players were dropping like flies, the physical pounding of James, who incidently played a pretty good game, would have hurt them more. The only problem I have with Fishe is I feel he goes to the shot gun way too early in a series of downs and either abandon's the run or if he does run, the backs are running out of the shot gun on a slow developing play. The pass to Morris is a good play in theory assuming he is healthy, and if it works he is praised like no tomorrow for having the guts to use that play with a hurt QB. What I want to know is why isn't Cleveland playing more at TE. He is our best pass recieving TE but all we see is 46 and 49 in the game. Duke is our best back but I think he has been gassed and really he runs between the tackles with more power than Lamar Miller did last year, he's just young. Davon Johnson needs to start and I don't think it would be a bad idea for Golden to allow Williams to get at least a series or two in the game just to see how he does and give him some time. Morris has one of the best long ball throws in the game today, but his short to intermediate passes leave alot to be desired as far as accuracy. Thats not to knock the kid because he truley does play with heart but he does need a little better touch and accuracy, just like last night when he missed Duke in the flat on a pass that went directly into the ground. The thing is though, is anybody with any football intelligence could tell that this was going to be a roller coaster season with ups and downs just based on the teams youth. I know nobody wants to hear that but it is a reality like it or not. We have the right coach and staff and are starting to get the players and type of players we need to grow back and climb to the top. It's just going to take time.

little jimmy, are U nuts? Greg Schiano who is trying to rebuild the Tampa Buccaneers is helping according to you send recruits to Rutgers? That in itself shows how stupid U really are? Like Schiano is going to take time out of his 18 hour work day to try and recruit for Rutgers, man that is one working dude. Stupidass that is like saying Spurrier was recruiting for Florida when he was with the Redskins. U truley are a liar, an idiot, a nimrod of nimrods and such a big dumbass that you need multiple screen names.

shalalalala is going to be really pissed when Golden gets Miami winning again!

Yep! Maybe that will get rid of that old piece of crap!

CaneFan'72 , take your own advice, I watched the game and I kept in mind what you've been saying over and over and over again on this blog.

They just don't play 3 down linemen, you're clinging to this fantasy analysis you have stuck in your head but it just isn't reality.

So find the game tape of UM FSU, count the number of down lineman and I'll be a monkey's uncle if the number is three for even 10% of the defensive plays.

Eudo, I think that idiot is looking at the 2000 game when Schiano used 3 down linemen against FSU when Dorsey, Dan Morgan, and Ed Reed led us to the win in the Orange Bowl.

idiot greenpea...thats what the article said, greg schiano knows columbus coach chris merritt personally and put a call into him about lorenzo woodley going to Rutgers, so what if he is at tampa bay....second if it wasnt for shannon the canes would be winless....also you never went to UM..are not an alumni, you just post from wikipedia...your the only idiot in the whole world that thinks shapiro is a minor thing and wont affect the canes.....also the top 5 all-purpose QB recruits have not commited to any school yet (max brown,ryan burns, chrisitan hackenberg, shane morris or johnathan mcrary).....like ive said miami goes 6-6 or 5-7 which brings golden to 39-46....funny thing about statistics, you cant blog them in your fantasy world...is that what you do..pretend you are an expert on UM?

Who beat out our offense? everyone one of those players are a shannon recruit except dorsett...what in the world are you talking about? All of shannons recruits have carried the team.....all of goldens recruits have failed us.....ranked 177 out of 120 total NCAA teams on defense....pretty much says it all. dosent it, lol....dude are you on dope or dog food.

Al Golden's record against D-1 competition at Miami is 8-10. That just is not acceptable no matter how great he may speak. Players have to do it on the field and coaches as well. 8-10 think about that. Nothing else matters. He isn't getting the job done.

Oh really cuntface? So what if an article said this. Any dumb reporter or idiot can post a supposed story that doesn't mean it is true. What it means dumb dumb that he is coaching Tampa Bay is that he is consumed with his own team not his old team, stupid. If it wasn't for Shannon being our HC we would have upperclassman playing now instead of having to go with freshmen. If it wasn't for Shannon holding Arthur Brown back he would be at the U this year instead of K-State, and Bryce would be our TB. Also Shannon is responsible for holding Tommy Streeter back, and Davon Johnson, so thank god that he is gone and Al GOlden is now here. It doesn't matter if I did or didn't go to the U, I still know more about the team than U will ever know, doofus.
OH and moron, Christian Hackenburg is commiteed to Penn State, Max Brown is going to USC and they are dropback pro style passers not all purpose QB's dumbass. Ever heard of the Lemming report, or Recruiting insider. Hears something even an idiot like U can find, its called Rivals, and Scout, which lists the players being recruited. All U have to do is either type them in or type MY team the Miami Hurricanes in and there are links even the biggest idiots like yourself can find one day.

Are you saying Duke Johnson is a failure? Malcom Lewis a failure? Denzel Perryman a failure? Deon Bush a failure? Eddie Goldman? Gioni Paul? This just goes to show U how much of an idiot U really are. There isn't one of Shannons recruits that were developed until this staff got here. When Shannon was coaching the players best years were their freshmen year and then they digressed from that point on. Just look at Tommy Streeter and Davon Johnson to show about Shannon's prowess as a talent developer and coach. Both were held back by Shannon and didn't see the field hardly at all, then exit Shannon and enter Golden and ones in the NFL after a great season and the other is one of our leading recievers after he was bounced back and forth from CB by Shannon back to receiver by Golden and just look at how well Davon Johnson has done under the tuteledge of Al Golden. Mean while Shannon is coaching LB's at TCU when he found out no body in their right mind wanted that bust of a head coach for that position or let alone a coordinator spot. Now watcha got now little jimmy? I destroy and own ur arse.

little jimmy, I think U mean 117 out of 124 FBS team. U do know there are 124 FBS team don't U little fellow? U see u can't have 177 out of 120 anyway. Math doesn't work that way. What a dope!

Denzel Perryman a failure? Deon Bush a failure? Eddie Goldman? Gioni Paul?

Who in the hell is Eddie Goldman? You must mean Eddie Johnson. All those guys happen to be a part of one of the worst ranked defenses in UM history. However, I don't think it is their fault as much as it is the scheme.

Tommy Streeter is hurt and has not played a down in the NFL. Davon Johnson has been our best possession reciever this year, no doubt. No sure why he wasn't targeted more against FSU.

But no recent coach in UM history has been 8-10 against D-1 competition. Even Shannon. So defend the tie all you want but he ain't getting it done where it counts.

There are 120 D-1 teams, not 124. And if championships are all that matter, please tell me how an 8-10 record against D-1 teams equals a championship. You are the one who can't do math. That math will never lead to a championship. And if we somehow manage to run the table (we won't but lets say we do for arguments sakes) no one will want a four loss team in any BCS game.

So murry state which is 117 defensive ranking is 60 positions above UM is better because we play all freshmans, lol....thats the best so far. Wow...how pathetic have we come if Murry State is better than us.....hear that ray lewis or andre johnson?....this is now your legacy thanks to Golden.

Defense did enough to keep us in the game!

Very poor play calling by the OC after the first quarter! UM 10 FSU 3

FSU 13 UM 10 at Half

Second Half Play calling was just as bad as the second quarter!

Second Half Drives with UM First Down Play Call

FSU Miss FG FSU 13 UM 10
UM Drive 1-Pass Result Sack -6yrs (3 plays Punt)
FSU FG Good FSU 16 UM 10
Drive 2-Pass Result Incomplete (3 play Punt)
FSU Punt
Drive 3-Pass Result Sack -6yrs (9 plays FG - But had a throw out of bounds in the end zone on 3rd and 2 from the FSU 10)
Drive 4- Pass complete for 3yrds (3 plays Punt)
Drive 5- False Start on Pass Call (8 plays Downs)
Drive 6- Pass does not matter at this point...game was well over...

We had 26 First Down Play Calls (including the 4 first downs on the last Drive)...we ran the ball 9 times for 36 yards and 1 TD

We passed the ball the other 14 times with 7 Incomplete, 2 Sacks -6 yards each,1 False Start, 1 FSU Penalty, and were 3 completions for 28 before the Last Drive where were were 3 for 50 yards.

That is 71% Negative Plays!!!!!!!!!

Instead of having Second and 6 7 more times in the game, we were second and 10 or more 10 times in the game!

We had 4 3 and outs...2 with Incompletes on First Down.

FSU scores after 3 of 4 3 and outs for 16 points.

No wonder we lost the game!

Morris was 25/43 (7/7 on the last drive). That means he was 18/36 with 7 incompletes on First Downs with 2 additional Sacks.

That means he is 18/29 with out those 7 Incompletes on First Downs...that is 62% and if you add in the 7/7 on the last drive he would have been 25/36 69.4%!

I bet we run the ball on the 7 first downs for an average of 4 yards a carry like we did not the 9 other first downs an we have a chance at the end.

I do not think it is Morris checking to all those First Down Pass Calls...Most of it is calls from the sidelines...

Offensive Play Calling has been poor in the Second and Third Quarters all season...OC gets away from the run game too quickly...

Why does OC call toss to Duke into the boundary all the time?

Why have I not seen the Counter Play Duke and James had long runs at the first of the Season?

I am just complaining at this point...but I feel the OC has taken the running game away from us with his play calling...

It seems like after the Morris 566 yrds...we have totally gotten away from what was working....

Now that I got that off my chest...

Reality...this game did not matter...

Need to beat VT & Duke (will be a challenge at Duke)...Hope they are out of it by the time we play them...Duke has @FSU, Clemson, @GT, and UM

Still it is a 2 game Season! I think we will beat UVA.

Maybe it is hopeful thinking, but it seems like when out backs are against the wall we play better...

OC, our backs are against the wall for the rest of the Season!

Snotman, U are right, my mistake. U got me there with that mistake. Yeah the defense is ranked pretty low right now but they are getting better and better each day and will soon be ranked near the top next year. Its like because of Shannon, we are having to play JV players physically and experience wise against Varsity players from other teams. Now while they have struggled this year, the following years they will be great when other teams are having to reload.
Streeters in the NFL ain't he? I never said he played what I said was he wouldn't be there now if not of Golden cause Shannon wasn't going to play the kid. Butch Davis didn't look so good either until he beat FSU in 2000 either and he got to follow and two time National Championship coach in Dennis Erickson. While Golden had to follow Larry can't recruit Coker and Randy can't develope a player Shannon. So Golden has a much tougher situation than Davis did.

Dude you didnt even know who max brown was until I told you and you googled him, lol...smj, he dosnt know what hes talking about 120 is excatly correct, not 124 D1.....we had to be under 4300 defensive yards for the season to have a winning season....its completely over for 2012 for UM.....we already have 4 loses and most probably end up with 6....we done dude, get over it. Next year forget about it also because of sanctions and transfers.

Snotman, there are 124 teams at the FBS level, South Alabama, Texas San Antonio (where Ur boy COker coaches) Texas State and Umass were added this year to the FBS ranks. IT was last year that there were only 120 teams idiot! Go ahead and Google it for this year if you think I'm wrong. Be my guest! Now look at the two doofuses or just one with multiple personalities. U are like that skitso from the jim Carey movie.

Oh and little jimmy, Murrey State doesn't play at the FBS level or old D-1 just to help U out!

Oh snotman, here boy, I never said 8-10 equals a championship dummy. I can however tell you how a HC could get a record such as that and its quite simple but I will go slow so you don't get lost. This phenomenom takes place when a HC takes over a program whose two predessors are idiots like Larry Coker and Randy Shannon. There now U have been educated for once.

It is SJMPARMAN and to say snotman shows your class. Butch took over a team and the sanctions were clear at the time. Once sanctions hit, Butch did some phenomenal things. Golden hasn't had to play with sanctions yet and his team is still 8-10 against D-1 competition. And while this year's team is young, last year's team was not and he went 6-6.

Streeter probably would have been cut by the Ravens if not for the injury. The injury gave the Ravens a chance to kind of hide him for another year, which, since he came out too early, is probably a blessing for him.

The reason the defense played fairly well against FSU is because D'No played the experienced players and not the freshmen. You saw alot of Shaylon Green and Luther Robinson on the D line. They wore out in the second half because they were on the field too long but at least they were in position.

I think if you are a great coach, you have a scheme that takes advantage of your talent. When Golden went to Temple, they played cupcakes once they were kicked out of the Big East. Going 9-4 at Temple with a cupcake schedule means nothing. Going 8-10 at Miami tells us what kind of coach you are. And it ain't very good.

Well then how did I know he was going to USC then stupidass? Or that he is a Prostyle QB and not an all purpose QB like U said. Sounds to me like U need to take to Google because I don't. And yes little jimmy there are 124 teams at the FBS ranks. What u gonna say when we win the coastal little jimmy in Golden's 2nd year which is something neither Coker or Shannon could do in the minumum of 4 years? 2nd year coastal division champions the Miami Hurricanes has a nice ring to it, oh yeah coached by AL GOLDEN!

Give Golden a chance folks...he loves the team...unlike shalalalalala.

The NCAA statistics stop at 120, not 124. I am not sure where you get 124. But even if there were 124, being 117th in any defensive category is aweful. But the bottom line is 8-10 against D-1 teams, that is all you need to know.

Snotman, I agree that Streeter should have stayed another year and he would have been a 1st round pick. Because Golden has not had the sanctions hit right away makes the recruiting effort he has put in and the players developing even more impressive. Because the cloud of possible sanctions are hanging is what makes it even more impressive. Buch Davis didn't do jacksquat until 2000 when he beat FSU. Up until then he was being viewed a a good recruiter but terrible game day coach. Don;'t beleive me reflect back at the losses to ECU, the blowout in the Carrier dome to McNabb and Syracuse, the 2nd half blown leads to Va Tech and Penn State, and the mess at washington in 2000. Then he beats FSU after they blowed a big lead and then Dorsey and Shockey come back and get the win.

Oh and last years team was mostly comprised of Randy Shannons players which is enough said as far as that goes.

How can some of you expect Golden to overcome the damage that Coker and Shannon did in two years? Its impossible to undo that much incompetence in 2 years. Also factor in Shapiro and the troll.

Some of you dont understand what it takes to build a program.

Amen Canesjunkie. Especially in regards to shalalala

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