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Video, plus Al Golden's post-game comments after the FSU loss

UM coach Al Golden's post-game's comments after the Florida State loss.

On the decision to start Stephen Morris...
"I thought it looked better on Friday than clearly it did on Thursday. Until you see him go out there and run around and actually stress it like he did in pregame, we were uncertain. I don’t regret playing Stephen in this game. I thought he gives us the best chance to win the game, and we didn’t get it done."

On keeping the game close until the fourth quarter...
"I thought we played hard. I thought we coached hard, I thought we played hard, and we lost to a good team. That’s it. We lost to a team that is ahead of us right now. We have to develop our guys and recruit some more and keep working, and don’t make any excuses. They’re a better team right now. We had opportunities that we did not convert. They did - hats off to them. Clearly they have an excellent pass rush and got to our quarterback, and we’re not doing the same on the other end. We’re not getting to the quarterback in four, and obviously we let [EJ] Manuel out too many times.

"They wore us down a little bit because we weren’t converting on third down on offense. I think we were 25 percent for the day, had to keep giving the ball back and we just couldn’t hold up. Then it turned into a field position game. Just too many opportunities - too many catches down field we didn’t make, too many interceptions we didn’t finish, and obviously an onside kick that we couldn’t get a better look than we got, and to not convert it is a shame."

On the timeout situation at the end of the first half...
"There was a lot of confusion obviously. I knew they had one timeout left, so that was their answer for the 10-second run-off, and then they said it was the half so I lost half my team. Obviously I wasn’t worried about that, but if we’re in the situation where it’s the final kick of the half, we’d like to get Seantrel [Henderson] and Malcolm [Bunche] and our big people in there. Just so much confusion.

On the performance of the offense...
"We just have to keep getting better. We’re playing a lot of good teams. We certainly have to be more efficient - that’s fair. We have to do a better job on third down, I don’t think there’s any question about that. We have to make some plays on the ball. We had some chances downfield, where we have to make those catches. We just have to take a deep breath. It’s been a long 12 weeks against a really tough schedule playing a lot of young guys. We need to take a deep breath, get healed up and see where we’re at over the next couple days. See if we want to practice at all or if we won’t, we’ll see, and then get ready for Virginia Tech."

On Duke Johnson’s injury...
"I have no idea to be honest with you. I couldn’t even tell you what it is. I was told he was out. I think they x-rayed him, that’s all I know.

On the importance of the bye week...
"It’s critical. We’re hanging on by a thread. We need time off. Brutal schedule, eight weeks in a row, young team. We need time off."

On the defensive momentum during the game...
"I think we got worn out a little bit. You have to keep pace with them and you have to convert on third down. We weren’t making the plays. Clearly they’re rotating three backs in there and they wore us down a little bit in the fourth quarter. We probably needed another takeaway, we had opportunities. They’re throwing the ball into Cover 2 for 30- or 40- yard gain and it should be an interception. We have to come through and make a play there.

"As I said to the team, give Florida State a lot of credit. They’re a very good team right now. They’re deep, and that’s okay. We know what we need to do. They’re ahead of us right now. We need to buckle down and get better. We need to develop our current team and we need to add to it."

On the team’s fast start...
"I think it was a better feel - I think that’s fair. The last two times we’ve played at this level, we didn’t look the same – Kansas State and Notre Dame. It’s fair to say it was a different look, a different feel, a different focus. I can say honestly that’s what I told the staff last night and that’s what I told the team. It did feel different. Just disappointing we didn’t convert on a couple more opportunities to give ourselves a chance. I’m disappointed in that. We have to get back to work there. I’ve been saying it all year we have a long way to go as a team. Are we competing? Yes. Do we execute all the time? No. We had some costly penalties and we had some costly errors in the game and that’s on me. I have to get that fixed."


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coker cant recruit...really? lets see:

kellen winslow
antrel rolle
sean taylor
vince wilfork
rosco parrish
frank gore
ryan moore
brandon merriweather
baraka atkins
eric winston
greg olson
devin hester
jon beason
calais campbell
kenny phillips
sam shields
ryan hill
collin macarthy

just to name a few....

I agree that the ranking is aweful but I am also realistic and knowledgeable enough to see the reason for it is youth. Now U talk about his record at Temple and who they played. Now remember Temple was a toilet of a program when Golden arrived. They had no talent and were developed into a winning program. He didn't have the players of a BCS team but he did recruit and develop players into NFL 1st round draft picks and made the program a winner. Now comparing the players he inherited at Temple and the ones he recruited and played against in the MAC to the players he is now at Miami is no comparison. We are playing agaisnt better teams with players that are farther along but the players he is recruiting are also greater and more talented as well. Brian Kelly doesn't recruit the same players at ND that he did when he was at Central Michigan, Nick Saban doesn't recruit the same players he did while at Kent State and Urban Meyer doesn't recruit the same players that he did while he was at Bowling Green as they all do now at their respective schools and neither does AL GOlden. What he does recruit is players with the same mindset but much more talented.

Junk, Thank You! I'll help Rick James out with a 2nd AMEN!

Umm little jimmy over half of them were recruited by Butch Davis dummy! How well did the team do under Coker over a 5 year period. Lets see he won a title with players that estelle Getty could have coached them to a National Title with. Lost the next year because he didn't have the team mentally ready to play. Went 9 and 3 the next two years, Got blitzed by LSU teh following year and then went 7 and 6 with an earth shattering win over Nevada on Boise States home field. Yep he was really trending us upward little jimmy.

to think you are comparing golden to butch davis or larry coker is a joke.....chanpionships you dont know what your talking about. the sanctions story broke after the recruits commited....dont try to change things to fit your crazy narrative....davis went 5-6 with sanctions then went 9-3,9-4 then 11-1 with 3 bowl wins...when your boy golden does that come back and talk....golden and company has done nothing so far.

kellen winslow - Davis recruit
antrel rolle - Davis recruit
sean taylor - Davis recruit
vince wilfork - Davis recruit
rosco parrish - Davis recruit
frank gore - Davis recruit
ryan moore - Garbage
brandon merriweather - Davis recruit
baraka atkins Garbage
eric winston - Davis recruit
greg olson -lucky transfer
devin hester - Davis recruit
jon beason -Not bad pro, never good at Miami
calais campbell -overrated never developed
kenny phillips -best of bunch
sam shields Never developed,got to NFL b/c of his speed
ryan hill Never developed
collin macarthy Dan Morgan without ability

that goes to show how much you know....none of those were recruited by davis....check the hurricane stats from the school archives.

I never said he was there when he was the HC but they were recruited by him doofus. He left UM in 01 after they killed Florida and SPurrier in the Sugar bowl dunce.

You are missing a year there little Jimmy. Thats only 4 years, he was here for 5 years.

Thats ok little jimmy, People who don't know football or anything about coaching, the U, and what it takes to build a program will laugh just because they are ignorant. I hold no ill will to them just like people like U who think they know, but all they have are little jimmy syndrome

lets see now...larry coker goes 51-20 with 4 bowl wins as OC with miami...then goes 60-15 as a HC with 1 natl championship and 4 other bowl wins....recruits some of the greatest players ever at miami.....and you think golden is in his class?....dude you are truly f....u....ck up

Coker was an aweful recruiter and it showed by 2005. Shannon was a very good recruiter who was left with a completely bare cupboard when he took over the program. Al Golden had alot of studs when he took over the program but they all left before their senior season. If he is such a great coach why did they rush out the door to leave? Because they knew his coaching schemes sucked and they couldn't leave fast enough.

Bottom line is he is 8-10 as Miami coach in real games, against real competition. You may want to believe in him. Go ahead. But I don't see anything that resembles Miami football when I watch this team play. The defensive scheme is completely wrong, and I don't see an elite quarterback on the team. Go ahead and wish it will be better in the future but I haven't seen a thing that tells me anything other than average. You ain't hired to coach UM to be average. You have to be exceptional. Just like the Dolphins. This city ran Don Shula out of town. Golden's next.

We will see snotman we will see and I can almost guarantee you that I will be right. Just stay tuned and don't change your screen name. That would be of a punkish little jimmy nature. I do respect the fact that U see that Coker sucked, but Shannon hardly left Golden any studs. Case in point Jacory Harris, Henderson, Jermaine johnson, Telemaque, in fact the only guy I see from Shannon's years who looks any good is Davon Johnson, Streeter, and Lamar Miller. Other than those 3 they were all a bunch of under achievers.

How did the program trend under Coker little jimmy? Did our win totals increase each year or decrease? That's a really simple question little jimmy, surely even U can get this one right? Hint-Just Count

It is SJMPARMAN you punk and if you are a true Canes fan, you would give me the true respect of typing my name correctly as I have yours. Championships is all that matters. I agree with that. We disagree because there is nothing I have seen from Al Golden that tells me his name and championships in either the ACC or the national championship will ever be connected.

But you have occupied my time tonight more than deserved. I have other things to do than engage in your plolemic style of argument. Anyone who cares about this program can clearly see Golden is the problem and not the answer. His butt should be run out of town with his record, and a better coach should be found. I want a good coach at UM. There are plenty out there. Al may be a good guy to have a beer with and talk football with. But he just ain't up to this job.

I just gave you his stats.....are you a moron or what.
golden is 37-44 after 7 years and no bowl wins...whats there even to talk about and his defense is ranked 117 out of 120....no coach in the history of UM has been that bad....lol....dude wtf are you smoking..put the bong down a go to class

we are U of Temple Hurricanes......

golden is not going to last....I bet his agent is talking to BC/tenn or arkansas....his name is comming up on internet about him being a possible...well see. he will get run out of town like shula....

Look snotman, dipshit or what wever U want to be called. I recall if I am correct that U were one of those nimrods that supported Randy Shannon and his no coaching arse and U see the mess that he made. You wanted him still here when they fired him and that loser got 4 years. SO until Al Golden has years at this school and if U are a true Cane U will before U start calling for his job. In two years if he hasn't gotten us farther along than SHannon did assuming there are no NCAA infraction penalty's levead against the program then I will join you in calling for him to be fired. Until then our HC and if You are a true Cane You will give him the same respect and support him.

I just asked U about Coker little jimmy. Whats the matter cat got your crotch?

Little Jimmy when U post like that I know U have nothing and I have defeated U and your ignorance once again. Good night little jimmy.

cokers stats speak for themselves....he is the most loyal coach miami ever had being here 12 years...dude you need to respect him....wtf is golden?

You are willing to assume there will be no NCAA penalty? No there will be an NCAA penalty and it will be DESERVED. I don't support what went on at Miami pre Golden. I also don't think Shannon knew about it. But it did happen and there will be NCAA penalties. There should be. You don't pay recruits to come to your program and not face sanctions. I don't think it is death penalty sanctions but probations and loss of scholarships is in this programs future. No doubt.

Golden will bolt when they occur. And your blind loyalty to him will appear to all for what it is, blind. He will say if only I knew before I take the next job in what is his progression as a coach. He isn't a Miami product, he has no reason to stay here once sanctions hit. He'll go to any other school that gives him a chance to get to the NFL and he isn't going to stay here.

With sanctions Golden's five year plan becomes an 8 year plan. He can go and turn around some other team quicker than that. There is no pride factor in turning around the Alma Mater as there would be if he took over PSU. He is going to bail and then we will look for a "Miami guy" even though we just fired a Miami guy.

Thank you both snotman and little jimmy for proving my point in that neither of you two jock sniffers are true Canes, just trolls hating on a guy that is a winner when both of U are true losers.
Little jimmy U say Coker should be respected. For what? destroying a program that could compete with many NFL teams.
And Snotman, U just said Golden would leave and turn another program around or go to the NFL which the last time I looked those guys that own those teams hire winners.

Thank both of U two idiots for your time and I appreciate you bowing to the master and taking that wad directly on your face and mouth. Good nite

He will turn around another Temple, not a real program but good nite jerk.

sjm: We will get hit good with sanctions. How can we be less than USC (30 scholarships and 2 bowls) when our infractions are 100 times greater. Also the press will hound the NCAA is they go light with Miami....goldens stock is somewhat high now....if he labors thru this for lets say 5 more years...he will be worth alot less in the open market. golden is joined at the hip with Dnofrio...he wont fired him which seems to me is prime to bolt....use dnofrio as his out after fan/media turn hard on DC...he said it was his "dream job"...translation-stepping stone to rise to the top of his profession just like all the rest....but also alot in the media still not sure if Golden is even a good coach to begin with....more writers than broadcast....I say he bolts

I agree with some things Gallo says but giving Coker credit for any of the 2001 freshmen, you're kidding yourself. You want to give Coker credit, then give him credit for preventing a mass exodus when Butch bailed. But Davis had the bulls eye on every one of those kids before some of them even turned 18.

Again, the Cane defense Stopped FSU when it had a four down lineman defense and played LBs up close to the line.

THENNNNNNNNNNN, on third and long, the DC and golden would switch to a three down lineman defense, LBs five yards off the LOS, go to an empty zone defense, and FSU would either run or pass for the first down because no pressure on the FSU offense.

You are too stupid and the coaching staff is too stupid to realize that you are all too stupid about good defense.

Yeah we are young but that has nothing to do with the play calling. I can except us going out there and leaving everything on the field and loosing but it looks like pis poor preparation and decision making on the coaching staff. Ryan Williams should have had a chance to play. It's seems as if the coaches are in love with throwing incomplete passes run the ball. At least give your defense more time rest and allow the offense to get into a flow. The defense looks a little better now but the offense is starting to look like whipple all over again. I hope we don't get duke severely hurt out there. This is a much needed by week we will see what this staff can do against a struggling vtech team. Again this will be our most important game of the year.

Every time golden and D'o switch to a 3 down linemen, zone pass prevent-the-win defense, they help the other teams and hurt the Canes.

I can not stand their stupidity and the stupidity of "fans" and the AD and shalallaha.

It is so obvious, it is insane to harm the Cane football team with such stupidity. No pressure at all on the other offenses with only three down linemen and zone pass defense at ANY, ANY time during the game. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I keep hearing about all these players golden has developed? He has one dt that plays on an already good keys defense. The safety Jaquan jarret was a high second round pick by the eagles and he was cut one year into his contract. Golden looks the part but he has to probe it on the field. Last year this wasn't his team and the team wasn't smart enough for the dc's scheme. Whatever that may be. This year the team is too young or the grass is to wet. Excuses are tools of the incompetent and are used to build monuments of nothingness.

you dont think coker was involved with recruiting as the OC for butch?...of course he was. the whole point is Coker-butch-erickson-jimmy all have proven records in the end, all their stats speak for themselves. golden has not earned his place in this family...177 out of 120 D1 defensive standings....does anyone think that is because of "freshman"?....Murry state ranks 117 comapred to Miami at 177? really? The problem is this staff doesnt not care about the stats.....a fundamental flaw...attention to detail in the stats makes the team better. They act like 500 per game yard average is OK.

why you all keep writing bad things about miami your team, that`s why a lot`s of good kids go to other college`s who want to come here and be talked about no pride win or lose pride come first they played a hell of a game sat.they were 21 point underdog and they came out fighting.dont know what you saw sat. night but i saw a different team growing up,we going to be hell to deal with next year.

they did....it was the best they have played and started to resemble what "canes" should look like....where was this team in the beginning of the year? As for blogs...this is nothing, all teams get the same stuff via social networks/media....go to VT sight....they are ready to kill someone. Id like to see results....I dont think it is thru golden is all..my opinion. Question do you think the DC should be fired.....and if he isnt....what would your opinion of the staff be then?...please advise

Are you actually defending Larry Coker! He's part if the reason we are in this mess. Larry Coker took over a dominant program and helped run it into the ground. He and Shalala took us from took us from the top of college foootball to the disaster that got destroyed by LSU in the Peach Bowl.

Larry Coker was such a great coach that noone wanted to hire him after he was fired.

can't really understand what all the hubub is over Golden... seems like Randy Shannon lite to me. Actually, Shannon managed to beat FSU a couple of times AND he managed to beat some ranked teams... so Golden makes Shannon seem like Vince Lombardi, really! i'm somewhat impressed that FSU didn't win 100-3... but is that really what our program has been worn down to? ...moral victories? Golden seems like a great guy... really does... won't argue with anybody on that... but look at this program man... it is AWFUL with a capital suck!

who has better record as an OC with Miami?...give me a name...who was better than coker?
lets see now...larry coker goes 51-20 with 4 bowl wins as OC with miami...then goes 60-15 as a HC with 1 natl championship and 4 other bowl wins

tell me how is record ruined miami?....please advise

I am forever a Cane fan and will always support them. I respect Coach G and the Canes, However if anyone thinks SM gives us our best chance to win, the Canes are in deep poopoo.

Some of you guys need to put the crack pipe down....

And calm down, jeezzz.... you're foaming at the mouth like someone raped your dog.

Look, here's what i see:

2011: throw away year with Golden wrapping up Shannon's disaster team. Teaching the Freshmen how to actually work out and play football.

2012: developmental year. still increasing their physical shape, and installing a entire new Offense and Defensive philosophy. If any of you yahoos had gone to college, you would know it takes more than a year to learn how to function in school, much less also play football on a national level.

2013: THIS IS WHEN YOU JUDGE GOLDEN and his staff. If you look at JJ and Butch....it took them at least 3-4 years to field great teams.

UNKNOWN: IF there are crippling NCAA sanctions, then ALL BETS ARE OFF. Golden likely leaves, and WILL WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP elsewhere. And you Golden-haters will eat sh*t.

NCAA doesn't need to put sanctions on Miami. We hire our own sanctions.

Coker haters:

Derspite the fact that Butch recruited the players that won the 2001 NC, the 2002 NC, Larry Coker was HC in 2003 when they won the OB against FSU, in 2004 they won the Peach Bowl against UF, and things unravelled in 2005 against LSU. THAT was the beginning of th end. Even next year in 2005, UM wasd temporarily ranked #2 in the BCS before they played Ga Tech and their vaunted all out blitz defense. Kyle Wright was sacked 9 times and threw an int to end the game.

Kyle Wright was the gatorade national player of the year--- Larry Coker not a good recruiter?

Tyrone Moss, Charlie jones, Ryan Moore, Lance leggett were all highly recruited- same with Kenny Phillips and Sam Shields. Coker also was instrumental in bringing Brock Berlin here. Berlin was also the #1 QB coming out of hs. Why would he come to UM if not for Coker and the U even after he deserted Spurrier?

None of the players above contributed worth a dang to Miami.

But I'll say this: Coker never lost to FSU or UF as a head coach and went 4-2 in bowls.

Shannon left the cupbaord bare when he left. He had something like 4 commits in late November after he was fired following the debacle at USF. When Golden was hired he went into fierce mode and was able to salvage the recruiting season.

My problem is not with Golden- its his asssistants. Fisch is HORRENDOUS. Donofrio I'll give a abreak to because his D is waaaay too young. But our O-line is big and has some veterans in it, and Mike James and Morris but his play calling has been terrible. Against UNC he started the game with two goofy flea flickers. He is not dissimilar to Whipple- he likes to chuck it down field but he foregoes the running game- gives up to easy on the runing game. Mike James may get 3 yds on his first carry and Fisch starts chucking it willy nilly./ The clincher was putting Morris as a receiver even though he has a bum ankle.... W---T--F????????????????????

Coker as an OC? What was the scheme, hand it to Portis, throw it to Andre Johnson, and btw the opponent cant score on the defense. Those teams were ridiculously talented and all of the credit goes to Butch Davis. Coker as OC is not relevant.

Coker is 5-2 at U Texas San Antonio.
golden and his DC are 4-4 with blowouts losses and squeaker wins.
golden and his DC could probably not beat coker right now running their prevent-the-win, lack-of defense even if the Cane team were all 5th year seniors.

all the great players on the offensive side from the 90's were coached by coker....coker taught and coached all the great players from 2001 to 2006. gore,taylor etc learned college ball from coker....butch had nothing to do with it and i love butch....golden is not in the same league as coker...fans dont know how much he contributed to the U....no one ever has done more.....show me the stats. not your idiot opinions.

All I can say is this team plays very hard. They walked a lot more Noles off the field than Canes. We just couldn't get a running game going that would have given Morris some more time to set his feet and throw.

Also, I agree the scheduler maker needs his head examined as we had two very long trips to Boston and KSU to start the season. This team should be worn out but they play as hard as they can. Two years and they will compete with the best.

I agree Robert can fan-

The OC not the DC needs to be held accountable for the losses against UNC and the horrendous offensive performance against FSU. I dont think they would have beaten FSU, but had they controlled the running game, the defense would not have to go in after so many three and outs. And likewise, Morris would have had more space to pass. Fisch is unbelieveably clueless. Cane72 talks about the 3 don lineman that, but lets talk about the O-line (Kehoe) the horrible offensive game plan, and someone (Manny, Susan Degnan, anyone) PLEASE POINT BLANK ASK GOLDEN OR FISCH WHY WHY WHY HE ASKED MORRIS TO CATCH A BALL WHEN HIS ANKLE WAS VISIBLY BOTHERING HIM?


Now they have 9 days till Va Tech. Does anyone here believe Miami has the game to beat a crappy VaTech? You know, UNC was a game I felt Miami had in the bag. Then Duke beats them.

Are you serious?

Golden is wrong Morris shouldnt have played with the injury, he didnt play well at all, to much pain, you tell me coachs cant see that in his play.

Little jimmy, why are U still up here? I proved that U are not a Cane but instead a lonely little boy whose only way of making himself feel good about his team is to bash ours. Get outta here busch league kid! Coker sucked and actually the first chink in the armor of Butch's team in 01 was seen in the Boston College game. Oh and Coker had nothing to do with the great players of the early 90's and once Butch was gone the program started going to crap.

Funny that when Butch left, the Cane players demanded that Coker become the head coach.

And he and those players won the NC the next year.

Hard to argue with that success. I do not know why he had the meltdown unless it was poor defense or poor offense he turned over to other coaches.

Here's your Coker stats...

X amount of scholarship losses over y amount of years
Z years without a bowl game

Fill them in when the sanctions come and dont lecture us about what we owe Coker.

did henderson get overmatched by that guy from germany who just started playing football lol. he needs to hit the weights. a man his size should bench 225 more than 20 times. he weighs 350. he should be benching around 500 pounds easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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