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Backup defensive end Kelvin Cain leaves team

Kelvin Cain is no longer a Miami Hurricane.

The 6-3, 230-pound junior defensive end from Clovis, Calif. left the team earlier this week according to a UM spokesman. Cain played in UM's first seven games and had 11 tackles and one sack. He hadn't appeared on UM's depth chart, though, since before the Notre Dame game. 

Freshman Tyriq McCord passed Cain up on the depth chart after the 41-3 loss to the Irish. Cain's best game of the season was against N.C. State. He had three tackles and a sack.

Cain spent his first two seasons at UM as a linebacker before being switched to defensive end in the spring. He finishes his UM career with 43 tackles and two forced fumbles in 26 games. He returned an interception return for a touchdown last season against Bethune-Cookman.

Cain is the second Hurricane to leave the team during the season. Backup offensive tackle Jermaine Johnson also left the team earlier this month.

UM's defense has produced just nine sacks in eight games. McCord leads the team with three.


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If KC Looks @ his tapes he will see why he didt play. If you haved been on this team for 3years and cant start well you need to rethink your life. Ask A.Brown of K.ST Sometime change is good. We wish you well. Next man up Ty Mcord...

Wish him well.

V ery disappointing but he was one of candy Randy's players. You either buy into the program or transfer to trailer vile or fswho. We will have our stadium soon and return to dominating the nation!!


I thought depth at defensive line and linebacker is a problem?? If Cain doesn't work out at DE maybe he should move to LB.

Smart kid who sees the writing on the wall. Get out of the cesspool while you can and go find a team with real coaches, facilities and fans.

Best of luck to Kelvin. We now see that Golden's kick-A style of coaching and accountability is not for everybody. Getting here is not good enough, going through the motions is not good enough, and unlike under Randy Shannon - being an upperclassman is not good enough either. Keep building the program Coach! I hope to see the team in Charlotte on December 1st.

Damyum, who is going to roll the weed now, only about 3 more of them left on the team. Maybe he'll go to ucf and ball with storm johnson. We definitely need alex collins in this class come next year, that's for sure. Next thing we'll hear is, danny dilliard is being moved to linebacker and we don't have depth at the runningback spot.

The runningbacks coach is going to have to learn that rotating the backs is way better than trying to run one guys in the dirt all game long. Plus we don't need to use duke johnson like that. They need to start giving eduardo some more burn, no way that man has fell off.

You guys are pathetic, all celebrating when one more player decides to leave. Calling him soft and lazy and how better off you are without him, as if you had so many D linemen. Like with Storm, as if you had so much depth at RB. Like with Jermaine, as if you had so much depth in the O line. Like with Ray Ray,as if your current safeties were any good. Why is your D so pathetic? Could it be you lack players? Bunch of dUmmies.
Why is Duke getting so nicked up? Could it be cause you are over working him due to the lack of depth? Morons.
You fools don't need any player leaving, you need more players coming in. You are clUeless just like your coaches and administrators. You belong with each other at the bottom of the college football totem pole.

Stating the Obvious....your probably an FIU clown....PANTHERS ON THE RISE....haha...barf.

if you have a sop better than a junior than the junior needs to leave...it opens up a scholarship....go canes....see you at the acc championship game vs. FSU....


@ Stating the Obvious, please do the world a favor and stick your head in a blender.

Even though station the obvious is not a fan he is has some valid points. Runnin duke into the ground, storm balling for UFC and running that soft zone defense. He could have been moved to outside lb and maybe put in a pack for him blitzing or something. This is not a good sign.

If you are a backup on this defense, you have absolutely no future in football. With the open scholarship perhaps Golden can recruit 4 or 5 star defensive players to enroll in Jan.

a change may be what the guy needs. it could kick start his future. on this Defense if you are not starting and not a freshman then its probably not a big loss to the team.

Many players at different positions who have bought into the program, and are building the 'Canes of the future need to know that it is step up time. Those who have doubts, or are not making sufficient effort, are going to be left behind.

This is life.....people move on, players move on but what is Ray Ray doing?..

I do believe that any Coach is playing to win...that is all that matters. Breaking down film can be the essence of how good you are in any position..
Coach G wants no dead wood..the process is the most important thing, and execution of your task a demand not a request.

With X and O's it is the BEST man in...so the favorite argument is totally ludicrous.
Thanks Kelvin for your effort and good luck..
Go 'Canes Always

BA, you ever think maybe he sucks at both DE and LB? So just cause he sucks at one doesn't mean we should just put him at the other. This isn't a big loss. If he isn't going to play going forward, then he has the right to try to play elsewhere and show off and see if he gets noticed at the next level.....doubtful but hey Shields is in the league and Rashad Butler is too so miralces do happen.

#TeamMcCord lol

rumor has it that there are more players that will leave. only time will tell.

Come on canesalltheway
All College teams have rumors that players will leave during the season, so that is not a newsflash.

Many players believe their talent will be tarnished by playing at 2 or 3 so they sulk and complain. NFL uh oh??

That is natural, but when a Parent gets on Sports talk radio and Complains in wildly, shouting, and obscene language that his son is not getting enough playing time,and is being deprived of stepping up to the next level, then it becomes more of a demand to the Coaches, and that as we know does not go over very well.

Coaches play the best players to win...PERIOD.
Go 'Canes Always

He might not be that good of a player and your right that we should not keep him if he is dead weight. Our defense is at the bottom of the barrel so maybe the players havnt bout into the system or don't want to. Either way we need players wanting to come hear and contribute. Hopefully we can get some defensive studs to come and play for this vanilla scheme.

Maybe he read what recruits were saying afther the game , how seeing the canes play made them want to go on the field and play for the U not fsu,AG knows what he is doing mark my words we will have a top ten class come nsd and be the and top ten team next year ,DA U!

Cain never really found a home on the defense. He was recruited very late by Shannon after UM lost out on some other players. I hope he can transfer somewhere and have a productive senior season. He does, however, have to sit out next year. Unless he's going to quit football, he should have stuck it out. After probation is announced in a few months, he could have left after the announcement and not had to sit out a year.

willing to give this staff time this year to see improvement but this defense is horrid never knew what a pass rush ment util this year i guess we took it for granted if next year is the samethe frist 3 games of the season its time for a change pronto. if the front was strong the back end would be fine so could be some sunday talent their so recruit more defense the right guys and well be right their i will be patient but not two years patient i just want them to get better and learn their kraft that goes to the coaches also . go canes

All the players that are leaving are on the defensive side of the ball for obvious reasons. Offensively, guys understand they'll have the opportunity to ball. What phillip dorsett & rashawn scott are doing as true sophmores is impressive, these extra days came at the right time for them to get rejuvenated.

The problem this coaching staff is going to have is finding more d-linemen to want to come here. As well as just defenders period. Right now, we only have 3 defensive committs with one being soft and that's keith bryant. Offensively, we'll be able to get guys to come here, because the offense has the potential to be high powered, we definitely need to rotate the backs more. eduardo clements needs to be used more on the offense. No use in wearing down duke johnson, no matter how much talent you have, if you're worn down, you're just back in the middle of the pack.

Right night now though, we only have 3 defensive committs total wit hone being a soft verbal at a position that we most need, D-line. I can see jalen grimble leaving soon too.

Coach G mentioned checking out JUCO's for a 2 year stint but only to give the freshmen time to learn the system and come on line..

Quick fix but smart in rebuilding.
Go 'Canes Always

Great news, another one of Shannon's players is out.

Cain told me that AG and the staff wouldn't let him hit the weed anymore and would not give him the time he felt he deserved so he was bouncing! I heard he's transferring to Wu Tang University or the Snoop Lion School of Fine Arts!

what did the kids from BTW and University school say about the game?

i posted a comment couple days ago about all these position changes that arent working out and not logical maybe cain read it lol. i said you are asking a guy 240lbs to switch from lb to de and take on 300lb ot in agap control scheme. 2 seasons ago cain stepped in as a true freshman and had 9 tackles and every one on this board was raving what a find he was so instinctive,now the young man is obviously frustrated and u guys are on him.with him and jj leaving it will give the staff another year to sell you guys the look at our depth chart all fr and soph crap

No problem good luck to you Kelvin, but really what have we lost? Nothing. He wasn't doing that great to begin with and McCord has passed him and really looks like a real player fron the DE position that we need.

It's funny...the Gaturds went through this lst year and they are pretty decent this year....hmmmmm. Go Canes!!

I think his body stature and size kinda left coaches saying....What do we do with him?

Good luck to the fella..

no problem with McCord beating him out, he is highly touted and was recruited nationally so that is good, but maybe switch cain back to lb that was the position he was recruited and has been playing since he got here. look we are not an 8 deep lb unit. give the young guys time. burning redshirts when we might have limited schollys is not the way to go.

i posted a comment couple days ago about all these position changes that arent working out and not logical maybe cain read it lol. i said you are asking a guy 240lbs to switch from lb to de and take on 300lb ot in agap control scheme. 2 seasons ago cain stepped in as a true freshman and had 9 tackles and every one on this board was raving what a find he was so instinctive,now the young man is obviously frustrated and u guys are on him.with him and jj leaving it will give the staff another year to sell you guys the look at our depth chart all fr and soph crap
Posted by: tdotcane | October 25, 2012 at 02:18 PM

LOL, we'll be hearing about the depth chart and this and that real soon again. I'm getting tired of hearing about this "fit the run" crap. Meaning, they needs defensive guys to get to be at certain spots on certain plays, don't play with any instincts and rely on your athleticism. So what this defense tries to do is give a runningback certain options of where to go, but if that same defense is up against a runningback who's unconventional and right now, conventional, they're going to be in the heisman hunt after they play us.

So if all the juniors and seniors leave does that make the team better? All the Randy players go away, it will open more scholies for Golden's boys. Problem is Golden doesn't have enough talent that wants to come here, specially on the D line. And just wait until the sanctions hit you will see many more players leave and less recruits interested. Golden is in a bind you need depth to have a solid program he has to play the freshmen now. So you say wait 2 or 3 years these freshmen will be juniors or seniors and then we will be back. Not so fast, only if you can replenish as you go along, you have not been able to replenish and will get hit with less scholies so it will take a loy longer than 2 or 3 years. Another wasted and mediocre decade is in your future. But at least you got Shalala, she is all about academics. And you got the NFL and pro bowl players there. You also got that glory days DVD. And you can always root for the Heat. So cheer up you got a few things going for you.

Duke and some of the new guys are head-d to tcu next year -you got it here first -with booker t linebacker

Kids are not coming to um -cause the fans show no love to those who came b4 them- real fans dont turn on the team like um fans-no good can happen 4 um sports thanks 2 their fans

Education first:

Kids are not coming to um -cause the fans show no love to those who came b4 them- real fans dont turn on the team like um fans-no good can happen 4 um sports thanks 2 their fans

Posted by: milke lake | October 25, 2012 at 04:11 PM

Has nothing to do with it, guys know when you come to Miami, you either win or the stands will be empty. You gotta give people a reason to out in that hot azzzz Sun to come and watch you play. They know this from highschool on up. The reason they not coming has more to do the with rebuilding that UM culture again. once that's re-established, we'll be straight again, but we can't keep letting guys like vernon davis go though, and than turn round and got problems with tracy howard, if he rolled out than what!

Here we go again with Calvin and his 3,000 word posts. The best thing to do is just scroll right by his posts.
You arent welcomed here

calvin is one of the few posters that is being realistic and stating the facts. most posters are talking about 2-3 years from now how great its going to be.forecasting the future has alot to do with the present


I do know this much, goldie and his boy oach OH-NO who is suppose to be coordinating the defensive players, definitely are not use to Miami boys and will have to get use to us. That's another reason alot of the older guys went pro early on defense.

I remember seeing a video where oach OH-NO was yelling at jordan futch, telling em to "quck running around the block and jack em up" futch was looking at em like man, you bout to get swung on for real. In order to deal with Miami guys you gotta be around us for a while. That's why tracy howard basically said "this my city, i'm not going nowhere". Meaning, f this coordinator and his cotton candy scheme, i'm eventually going to ball the way i do within the scheme.

Whether oach OH-NO is real or fake, his tuff guy act comes off as fake to alot of guys. To many people know football down here. We don't guess football, so we know right away what works and don't work for the players we put out. What has always made Miami defenses fast, was the fact that our big guys could run too. But unfortunately now, the big guys are being taught to engage first, stand the o-line up, check run than shed the blocker. By the time you do all that, you'll continue to be hovering around dead last against the run.

More importantly, the technique they're teaching, all of a sudden now, teams are able to run toss sweeps and stretch plays against us and are turning the corner at will, how is that possible with all the team speed we got, the technique they're trying to teach slows the defense down.

kel vin wasn't the best fit for this system but he was an older guy, tyriq mccord has talent, but he's not going to be able to be out their that many downs as a true freshmain, somebody is going to have to spell em. And here's to hoping they don't mess up jelani hamilton, that man has boatloads of talent when healthy, we'll see how slow they make him. This coaching staff is trying to force a big 10 philosophical style of defense on speed players.

I'm just happy this staff wasn't here when we had ed reed & SEAN TAYLOR, they would've been accusing them of "freelancing" instead of realizing that alot of players know how to play off instincts.

A word to the not so wise, stay aggressive on defense, and the whole defense balls and plays strong defensive football, start calling those coward schemes and soft coverages, and you continue to be around dead last in defensive stats.

Playing soft zone is a cowards scheme, nothing to defensive about that, just gave Fsu a free 3 points before the half. I could careless if the ref's screwed it up, Fsu should've never been down their anyway.

I like al goldie, but that guy dissappointed me crying about having to bring the team back out and he couldn't get our "big guys" in their, man shut up, we haven't blocked a punt or extra point i don't recall since he's been here, quit whining and go for it on 4th down and less than 2 yards for the touchdwon, who cares if you don't get it, put it on the players.

Nobody in Miami with since is going to blame goldie if he went for it on 4 and less than 2 yards, to get a touchdown, had we gotten stuffed so what, would've been like a great punt and had there offense pinned down at the 1 yard line, blitz em.

You so called UM Fans make me scratch my head when it comes to how long have you been watching football at miami, and do you really understand the game of football.

I keep seeing all this optimistic chatter about how good a coach is Al Golden, and how he will restore the Miami glory days. So far in two years Al Golden's record is 10-9 thru the first 2 years coaching at the U.

Tell me what has he really done so far? Nothing but help Miami take steps backwards much farther than they ever went under Coker, or Shannon. Their Defense is the most horrendous I have seen in the 25 years I have watched the Canes.

I keep hearing all these Randy Shannon haters talking smack about him as the former UM coach, but i know none of his teams were ever out there getting a hole tore in their butts on defense like Golden. Shannon's record at UM was 28-22, a winning percentage of .560 over 4 yrs. He had the top recruiting class in 2008 in the nation, and another top 20 Class in 2009 so what are you misguided fans talking about when you say Randy Shannon left Miami's cupboard bare of talent? Explain to me how so.

Dont get mad when the upperclassmen not recruited by Al Golden see thru his (golden's) dumb coaching techniques and bolt early to the NFL. how many guys have transferred, or left school early... lets see maybe like 8 players. You need to start asking questions like why are the good players leaving early/ or quitting UM if the future is really so bright here under Golden??

Thank U Jeff Willis. These idiots don't seem to see that during the so call glory days, players weren't leaving the U in droves because of the coaches. These people don't want to admit this coaching staff sucks, and this is not the place to play Temple football. I am a die hard Cane but I have never seen such bad coaching and uninspired players at the U. When u have so many unhappy players not performing, leaving, and not showing any positive improvements as the year progresses, it's time to look at your coaching staff. Maybe if you people hadn't stupidly given a coach a five year extension before he had proving himself or done anything at the U, you wouldn't continue to overlook his pathetic performance which only proves he doesn't belong in division 1 football. And by the way, maybe if some of you so call fans quit bashing your players and start supporting them, u might get better players.

V ery disappointing but he was one of candy Randy's players. You either buy into the program or transfer to trailer vile or fswho. We will have our stadium soon and return to dominating the nation!!




Thanks for posting on my behalf, it really saves me time. Here's something I posted on the actual article in the herald.

--Wouldn't be the first time that Cain had broken "team rules". He got busted with weed along with several other players earlier during his time at The U. Now he's getting beat out by underclassmen and not pushing himself harder to take the spot. Guess he thought that it would be handed to him since he was an "entitlement type player" from the RS regime. I don't see Chickillo losing his spot and he's a sophomore. Shayon Green is also a JR like Cain from the RS regime. True freshman Tyriq McCord did some nice stuff in the fswho game. When I read this, I'm seeing a kid that isn't being truthful to his mother and trying to get anyone to be on his side. Another one of RS entitled players thinking that class should give you a spot instead of effort. That's why the previous underclassmen left early. Some were most likely fearful of losing their spot "OR" didn't like the amount of work they were going to have to put into working for AG in contrast to the work they put into working for RS. Look at them now. BWash said it best, "had I known I would get picked so low, I would have stayed in school". Best quote I ever heard any of RS's players make because it was honest for the first time.

Just my opinion.


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