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Booker T. linebacker Matthew Thomas likes UM's depth chart situation, but FSU appears to have inside track

Booker T. Washington senior Matthew Thomas showed up to school Wednesday wearing a Hurricanes hat.

Matthew ThomasThat shouldn't surprise anyone when you consider the 6-4, 210-pound outside linebacker grew up rooting for the Hurricanes and idolizing Ray Lewis.

"But just because you like a team doesn't mean you should go play for them," Thomas is quick to point out. "You got to average everything out, weigh your options and see what is best for you and your family."

Truth is, the Florida State Seminoles appear have the inside track on Miami-Dade's top 2013 recruit. Thomas has an older brother, Jonathan, who goes to school in Tallahassee. He also has grown extremely tight with FSU assistant coach James Coley (a Miami native). Coley is also close friends with Booker T. coach Tim "Ice" Harris, whom Al Golden has maintained a good relationship with even though he didn't ask Harris to stick around at UM when he took over for Randy Shannon.

Are the Hurricanes completely out of it for Thomas? "No. Not in the least," he says.

Thomas said Wednesday UM and FSU are his top two schools with Alabama a close third (he likes their depth chart situation). But a big win by Florida State Saturday night (the Seminoles are three touchdown favorites) could go a long way in further pushing Thomas towards Tallahassee. Same with a lot of other local 2013 and 2014 recruits, whom the Seminoles have been hot and heavy on for awhile, and will be at Sun Life Stadium to watch Saturday's game in person.

"To be honest, Miami is in good shape as far as recruiting me," Thomas said. "I got a good relationship with Coach Barrow. He keeps it straightforward, keeps it real. He talks about how things are going to benefit me and how he can help me because he's been through it himself and done it.

"I could see myself in their plans and stuff. Coach Barrow talks a lot about how he needs linebackers and how some of their linebackers have been injured and how they've got a walk-on playing. He said I can come in and compete for a job right away. I think honestly the best place for me to play early is Miami. FSU's got a couple guys that are leaving and they got a couple guys committed at my same position, so that's a little bit of a drawback. But this is also more than just about playing time. I want to win a national championship. Everybody does, and right now Alabama seems like the best place for that."

Thomas said his mother, who works as a housekeeper, wants him to stay close to home. His father, whom he doesn't live with, is also pushing the Hurricanes. But the fact Thomas has a brother living in Tallahassee makes him feel comfortable about leaving home, too.

"We talk about going to Florida State, doing stuff together," Thomas said. "They definitely got a lot of love for me up there."

Do the pending NCAA sanctions at Miami play a factor for Thomas at all?

"Yeah I think about it," Thomas said. "People talk about it. But the stuff that happened, it's going to fly by. They're still going to be the University of Miami. If they got some stuff taken away from them, they'll eventually come back. So I'm not too much worried about it."

Thomas, who says he doesn't plan to make his announcement until National Signing Day, said what he plans on paying attention to Saturday night is how both teams respond to adversity and how coaches really utilize their players in schemes.

"In the end, what's going to matter most is how comfortable I really am with the coaches," Thomas said. "I'd also like to play right away and get my full experience of college as much as I can. So those two things."

> Thomas' teammate Denver Kirkland, also a high priority for UM and FSU, said he also is excited about attending Saturday's game at Sun Life Stadium. Kirkland, a 6-4, 330-pound right tackle and excellent run blocker, said he and many of his 2014 Booker T. teammates -- QB Treon Harris, WR Lamar Parker -- will be at the game.

"FSU is a great program, great football team. They just catch my attention in different ways," Kirkland said. "Miami is just a regular school I grew up off of. I saw a lot of great players come out of there."

Kirkland, who said he has a 2.9 GPA and scored a 22 on the ACT, said his other finalists are Ole Miss, USC, West Virginia and South Florida.

"Matthew and I are trying to go to the same school, but if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen," he said.


If you look at it, it's pretty remarkable what the Seminoles are doing in South Florida in terms of recruiting over the next two years. Not only are they in hard on Thomas and Kirkland, but they've already got the No. 1-ranked player in Dade in the Class of 2014 Miami Central running back Joseph Yearby all wrapped up.

FSU, which already has three Top 25 commitments from Dade and Broward as part of its 2013 class (Chaminade CB Adrian Baker, Booker T. CB Michael Johnson and Columbus WR Jesus Wilson -- UM didn't offer any), is also hot and heavy on at least three South Florida-area UM commitments according to Chris Nee, who covers FSU and statewide recruiting for 247sports.com.

Those players are: South Plantation star running back Alex Collins, Miami Northwestern safety Artie Burns and Delray Beach Atlantic defensive tackle Keith Bryant. FSU had Collins up on official visit last weekend according to Nee. They are working on getting Bryant up for an official visit as well, Nee said.

Of course there are also quite a few uncommitted seniors and underclassmen FSU is also trying to impress like Oakland Park Northeast receiver Stacy Coley. Coley and Collins are ranked No. 2 and No. 3 among the senior class in Broward by The Miami Herald. Kirkland is ranked fourth in Dade, teammate Michael Johnson (FSU commitment) is sixth and Burns is the seventh-ranked senior in Dade.

FSU's 2014 class also includes Coral Reef receiver Jacob McCrary (No. 4), Northwestern two-way star JoJo Robinson (No. 7) and South Dade receiver C.J. Warton (No. 8). The Semionles are also pushing hard for top juniors Ermon Lane (No. 3), a standout receiver at Homestead, Booker T. defensive end Chad Thomas (No. 6) and UM commitment Trevor Darling, a 6-5, 300-pound offensive tackle from Miami Central who is rated the 10th-best junior in Dade.

"FSU knows the importance of recruiting down here," said Charles Fishbein of South Florida-based Elite Scouting Services. "Just look at their roster now. Half their secondary -- Xavier Rhodes (Norland) and Lamarcus Joyner (Aquinas) -- are from down here. Their top two receivers -- Rashad Greene (Aquinas) and Rodney Smith (Archbishop Carroll) -- are too. If Miami were to lose out on some of those kids here in their backyard like Collins, Thomas, Kirkland it would definitely hurt them."


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And that 1 senior is a cb who is in his 1st season of starting.

Honest accurate journalism manny...congrats, not this fantasy blog world. Um will definitely see transfers from sanctions and the other colleges are talking it up big time in the living rooms of recruits. We are in a really bad situation going forward. FSU can collapse the whole thing, if we get crushed-which I think we will....NOBODY will want to come here from FLA. FSU konws that and will be relentless against our QB no matter who it is. Satuday FSU will be also playing against florida for the recognition of best in the state leading up to their game Nov 24th. The question is will Golden fire his DC after one of the possible worst loss in UM history like Clemson did after their 70-33 blowout against WV.....that has to happen no matter what or all credibility will be lost at the top.

Exactly Mike. If we were to have great seniors this year, they wouldn't be in the NFL...

Manny just giving the facts. Slanting towards the Canes doesn't change the reality. Both offensive and defensive coordinators cannot recruit or coach. These kids HS coaches are sharing this with them. Also a few weren't even offered although they are top area players. An empty stadium, questionable D and O Coordinators and looming penalties certainly don't help. FSU unfortunately for us die hard Canes fans has a more attractive program, fan support and brighter future.

Posted by: jim gallo | October 19, 2012 at 08:02 AM

What are you talking about? This year will be the second bowl ban we take (not affecting any incoming freshmen). The only affect that will be on the team is loss of schoolies.

Good thing we loaded up on 30+ last year, huh? Miami already knows what they are getting. The NCAA will release it publicly towards the end of the season or right after.

It's not going to be worse then PSU so I think we'll be fine...

The only Effect that will...hee hee!

Then and than. Use it correctly 360. I need more coffee.

I love you guys, but damn. Get out of the funk this late 8 years has put you in. It'll be alright.

The []_[] wants to get it done in the classroom and on the field. The classroom just came first...

Great write by mr. manny. He is right, canes are done. We own s. fl. recruiting, we own miami in football, basketball, baseball. It's just the truth. 56-10NOLES

You Cane fans crack me up, have never seen a more delusional fanbase...lmaoooo

mike, you and other fans' moron, unthinking loyalty to the Cane coaches is unbelievably thick as you try to explain to me a 3-4 as being a real defense. LMAO. It is a prevent-winning defense.

You might as well put in the cheerleaders on defense because they (or anyone) would have no better defense than golden's and D'Os worst defense in college football.

Fans defy logic and the laws of physics to accept a prevent-the-win defense and supporting the coaching staff and shalalalala simply because the coaches and fans do not understand that 3 defensive linemen and LBs 5 yards off the line of scrimmage can not stop a damn thing, not a run inside or an end run with such a worthless defense. The stats prove what I am saying. You are thick if you can not accept facts.

In contrast, against BC, when the Canes had a four man defensive line and an outside blitz, the BC QB was rushed to throw and threw an interception run back for a Cane TD.

mikey boy, Don't argue with me and make yourself look like like a GD fool.

And Manny and the Herald get what they want: create controversy and check out the action here. Amazing. It is very clear what the strategy is. Desperate people do desperate things.

Manny timing is everything.....

With FSWho coming to town and the slant of this article your timing intended to report information you received from sources and your article released on Home Coming weekend, but you crossed the line..

Come on Manny we are not buying that "I am just reporting".
You wanted publicity and your name in the mix along with the paper this weekend.... Fess up bro, and don't hide behind "I am just reporting.."
Prospects are mentioning what teams are interested and who they like, but if one carefully reads the article, for each endorsement of the 'U', there is a subtle pull down by your inferrence that the prospect wants to go somewhere else..almost running away from the 'U'.
"We are considering the U but my Coaches and friends, and relatives want me to stay away from the U". Go somwhere else.

Your article could have been written with a neutral slant but you chose not to do that....

After the Pee Wee thing now this, your credibility for reporting (ESPECIALLY the timing of both articles)
leaves fans shaking their heads and thinking what is your agenda...Deny this and deny that.. but your words and slant speak volumes...
I agree in some areas of the Country ..e.g. Saban or
"the ball Coach" would not allow you in the locker room or would totally ignore you..fact of life...It is a shame that your timing was atrocious and you can't take it back.
Go 'Canes Always

cane72 is a fool. Just shut up man with that. You know-nothing blabber mouth.

Asseola: Please. FSU aka free shoes university is a dump. Why would anyone want to go there unless theyre too stupid to get in anywhere? What tradition is thereover there? You own Miami? Since when? Since Chris Rix left or since Xavier Lee left? Or was it Weatherford? Please. Even Jacorry harris beat you all once. Oh hyeah he beat FSu in Tally against Ponder. Thats right. And Jacorry for how bad he was was a sophomore then.

1999 is a long time ago, noles fans. A long time ago. I constantly here you losers say you were the team of the 90s. WRONG geniuses. The 90s also belonged to miami and most likely Nebraska. You canat even have that. Becasue 10 10 win seasons in a row but only 2 national championships only makes you the team of the decade if ESPN does it, but every one of us knows that its all HYPE- Like your OVERHYPED top 10 ranking the last two years LOL!

1990- Miami #3
1991- Miami NC
1992- Miami plays for the NC
1993- FSU
1994- Miami plays for the NC but Nebraska wins
1995- Nebraska
1996- UF
1997- Michigan
1998- Tennessee
1999- FSU

So how does that Make you all the team of the 90s?

Alabama and Notre Dame think it is a real defense.

Do you guys really wanted a blog that spins everything in a positive way for UM? I'd rather get the truth. The truth hurts right now and things are going to get worse with sanctions.

How much is Shalala to blame for all for the current state of the program? She's been here way longer than the coaching staff and she ultimately made all of the hiring decisions. How does she retain her job after the sanctions?

Don't tell me that other teams run a 3-4 and are successful so Miami should also be successful. It is not just the formation on paper. It is HOW it is played.

If the 3-4 is run in attack mode rather than in golden's prevent the win mode, the 3 man defensive line becomes a 5 man front with attacking LBs, man to man on pass receivers and LBs up close right behind the defensive line, not out in outer space hoping to stop a run.

Again, look at the stats on how poorly the Miami coaches play the defense. Don't argue with me or the facts. The Miami coaching staff sucks with their defense.

They could have all All American college seniors on defense, but the way the Cane coaches run the defense, they STILLL could not stop a good high school team. Freakin moron coaches and apologist fans.

@ corpus it makes us the team of the 90's because we finished in the top 5 of each of those years and played in the National Title in 93' 96' 98' and 99'

I've never seen a paper pile on the hometeam like the Herald does to UM
If Miami makes the ACC Champ game somehow, look for another shapiro/sanction feature story the day of or the day before the game for sure

Perhaps after years of great Dolphin teams with Don Shula and Bob Griese and the great defenses,

After years of great U teams put together by Schnell, Butch, Jimmy, perhaps, just perhaps, some of Miami citizens KNOW what good football is and what CRAP football is (after the last decade).

And maybe, just maybe, Miami citizens just do not want to accept crap football like they do in Philadelphia.

The Canes need to convince this young man to stay in town. National TV exposure is comparable, I see almost every UM game and I live in Northern Virginia. The fan bases are comparable nationwide. although Saturday at Tallahassee or more crowded than those at the U. The U supports a winner, and they LOVE home town guys (i.e. Duke Johnson is the latest hero). There is a great core of young South Florida talent, and they are all set to be STARTERS on the national stage for the next 3-4 year...come join the club Mr. Howard. The situation is what you make of it, and remember...it is a 9 HOURDRIVE to TALLY and the planes that fly there are SMALL!!! GO CANES

"Hey guys. I understand some of your frustration because the blog talks about how well the Seminoles are doing in South Florida. But the truth is the truth."

AND???? This is a MIAMI HURRICANES blog/page. We could give a damn about any fsu recruit or any fsu news story, period. You dont see writers in tallahassee or gainesville talking about anything UM related. This story, after the peewee story?? You just lost a longtime loyal reader b/c its obvious your allegiance isnt with the 'Canes.

I am a '83 UM grad! Worst I've seen it since the late seventies! That aside I believe in Al G & not so much Coach D! The resruiting WILL tell the story! Can't do anything w/o players! And Randy S was universally shown to be lazy on that front! As far as Manny goes , this guy follows a long standing Herald tradition of trying to damage UM as much as possible! I agree w/ a couple of the bloggers! Manny do a FSU blog! Your lame retort RE you being bashed by almost everyone should servenormal,when a lot are bashing you maybe you need to look in the morror!Find something your good at . Who knows what that would be!

I am a '83 UM grad! Worst I've seen it since the late seventies! That aside I believe in Al G & not so much Coach D! The recruiting WILL tell the story! Can't do anything w/o players! And Randy S was universally shown to be lazy on that front! As far as Manny goes , this guy follows a long standing Herald tradition of trying to damage UM as much as possible! I agree w/ a couple of the bloggers! Manny do a FSU blog! Your lame retort RE you being bashed by almost everyone should servenormal,when a lot are bashing you maybe you need to look in the morror!Find something your good at . Who knows what that would be!

I am a Cane Fan first and foremost.

But if the Cane administration is so stupid as to hire bad coaches, and FSU is having a good year, I am going to hope they and UF do well against their opponents other than the Canes.


Because the State of Florida has always had better football teams than the rest of the country combined. And with the addition of USF and UCF and FIU, I am pulling for them to win against the rest of the country, too.

ND, Oregon, Boise State, Alabama, FSU, UF have all had a resurgence or a beginning of prominence because they got good coaches. So, why can't Miami do the same? Get rid of shalalalal and golden and the DC, Get some big tough JC transfers, get a great coach like Schnell, Jimmy or Butch, and you will again see Miami in the top 4 going to the BCS playoffs.

I am a Cane Fan first and foremost.

But if the Cane administration is so stupid as to hire bad coaches, and FSU is having a good year, I am going to hope they and UF do well against their opponents other than the Canes.


Because the State of Florida has always had better football teams than the rest of the country combined. And with the addition of USF and UCF and FIU, I am pulling for them to win against the rest of the country, too.

ND, Oregon, Boise State, Alabama, FSU, UF have all had a resurgence or a beginning of prominence because they got good coaches. So, why can't Miami do the same? Get rid of shalalalal and golden and the DC, Get some big tough JC transfers, get a great coach like Schnell, Jimmy or Butch, and you will again see Miami in the top 4 going to the BCS playoffs.

I'm all for getting Shalala out, she needs to go.

Schnell, Jimmy, and Butch were only great for us after they won. Who was saying Jimmy Johnson was great in his first season? Golden has stepped into a worse situation than Jimmy, Butch, any of the guys you've named. I still think we need to give Golden a chance here.

It is shalalalala's fault.

1 million plus Miami fans in DAde-Broward Palm Beach-Monroe.

Attendance 30k.


Whats there to celebrtae about FSU?

That they have choked away two preseason top 10 rankings?
That they havent won a NC since 1999?

That they have never won a baseball cws?


AZ- No they werent. Nebraska was the team of the 90s. #2 Miami. #3 as they alwasy are behind Miami, waas FSU.

Miami played for 3 NCs in the 90s, finished #2 twice and #3 once. 'nuf said.

@5>3>2- Thats exactly how many yards we will have. good prediction, for a scUm bag Posted by: CHIEFOSCEOLA | October 18, 2012 at 10:08 PM
Can't lie...That was a good one. And possibly true.

From the DON.
Im not even worried about this FSU stuff in Miami. They're saying its "remarkable" that FSU has 3 players committed in the 2013 class out of TWO COUNTIES?! These are players that dont even have Miami offers. And its not like they're top players!

Yearby is good, but we are in great shape for Cooke and Sony. Yeah, i'll take that.
Oh and one more thing- he failed to mention FSU in Broward County for 2014: "(Those top 3 cats are Canes) *For some dumb ass reason, Wilson doesnt have an offer yet, but LOVES Miami

1. Sony Michel, RB, 5-11, 195, American Heritage

2. Khairi Clark, DT, 6-3, 310, Chaminade Madonna

3. Quincy Wilson, S, 6-2, 190, University School

4. Al Harris, Jr., CB, 5-11, 165, St. Thomas Aquinas

5. Corey Holmes, WR, 6-1, 185, St. Thomas Aquinas

6. Brandon Powell, RB, 5-9, 185, Deerfield Beach

7. Anthony Moten, DT, 6-3, 240, St. Thomas Aquinas

8. Ravian Pierce, TE, 6-4, 215, Plantation

10. Sean White, QB, 6-2, 200, Chaminade-Madonna

All Cane fans know the Herald reporter's agenda. None, I mean none, could give a crap about the school. They are looking for readership, and the more annoying and controversial they can be, the more the Cane fans are going to be upset. That makes them good, in their eyes, because people get agitated. They, and everyone else know that there is a right way and a wrong way. Who cares? If I were Golden and staff I would refuse to be interviewed by them. Who cares. Not going to change anything, still write the same old negative stuff.

Its funny how people say Miami is nothing any more. But reality College Football aint the same without TheU. Thats why Miami continues to get more televise games than most teams with winning records and on top of that Um havent been ranked in three years and still get more tv games than most.

Now go tell that

Tallahasse-miami herald. You could have inserted some more positives on the side of Miami. Just seemed a lil one-sided.

I think this is the most anti Cane article I have ever read, even from Tallahassee. I remember the days with Edwin Pope. This is something you would never see in his reporting.

Manny I re read your post justifying why you wrote this piece, and you came right out in your last sentence and said " I am writing a story that works for both teams. Like it or not this is a story"

Well like it or not I could not see any positives for the Canes on your stuff, but plenty for FSU..

In fact I don't think that you believe we are so dumb to not read between the lines, that you are saying..
I don't care which team is affected. The story takes precedence over the FSU/ Canes, so if they(the Canes) get screwed by this like it or not it is a story..pushing the recruits to other schools..

That attitude shows me that your covering the Canes is jeopardized because if I was part of the Coaching staff you would just be another pool reporter and handled as such..minimum access.

I really respected and thought the world of you..Did not agree sometimes but that is fine. Now...disappointment.

When you start pulling out bricks from what we are building, then that is where I draw the line.I feel your opinion will adversely affect our Canes, and nobody does that to our team.
If you think that this article takes precedence over the effect of negative vibes when recruits are visiting, and reading this, then it is better to not make any comment...you did it anyway... this is a deep hole to dig yourself out of Manny ..this is not a way to sell extra copies of your paper...
Go 'Canes Always

Manny you disappoint me and many more here. You honestly come off as a fswho alum. I don't even know where you finished you education nor will I bother to look it up because you make it sound clear as day. You, sometimes, have moments where you actually write something decent and then you bomb it with garbage like this. Way to look out for the home team Manny. Really making a lot of friends here.

This and many more whose style of "reporting" resembles this, is why Golden keeps you away. Stay home and get on that treadmill.

Miami now gets little to almost no tv exposure....the only way i can see them up here is I pay for sports package. Why is everyone junkie Manny....what he is saying is all truth.....the herald tells it like it is....that paper has seen it all and was always a fan of the U....the problem is too many years have gone by and image of the glory U is almost completely gone. Soom of you bloggers have no idea how far we are away from the lkes of a Alabama, oregon, fsu, florida, ksu..we cant even get into the top 25...freshmans or not...fsu will destroy us, youll see....our talent as a whole is completely overrated....the problem with all the fans down there is you dont watch enough ncaa football and see what other programs are doing...then youll understand the frustration.....says whatever you like....I'm sticking to the opinion that Golden and company cant take us where we need to go...anyone that is unwilling to make an obvious change is destined to failure....you all will see.....fsu 35 miami 3

All the trolls/haters here (you know who you are) all coming out and defending the writer here, make the writer look like he is one of them. Only a moron would think that putting out an article like this in this blog at this time would not really upset a lot of people. This stuff belongs at the checkout counter.

I'm secretly Jimbo's Lover!

Signd, Manny

BoC, I hope you and manny are having fun on s beach. Manny's team will win tomorrow, you canes fans, all 3 of ya, a beatdown is coming. We will play everyone that can walk before this game is over. NOLES56 scUm 10

As a true FSU fan I have to admit UM has historically owned us, and will likely continue to do so in the future. The guys we have committed right now from South Florida aren't really that good and we'll probably end up pulling those offers. Al Golden really has put up a fence around South Florida. We didn't get anyone we wanted last year. Just telling it like it is.

The days of locking down the state of Miami (tri-county area) are long gone. But Golden needs a good formula moving forward. We have always pulled kids from all over the country, particularly Texas, Jersey, and California. Obviously he should begin in Dade, then work his way out to these other regions. Some kids prefer to leave mom and dad. So he needs to look at those types of kids who do not want to play for the home team as well in other regions.

I still believe we are a BCS contender in 2-3 years.

We have no shot- FSU and FLorida top picks with Alabama 3rd- We have no shot.

Don't sweat it, Manny. Cane fans don't understand what being a journalist is. You actually had to GO to school, while most of these idiots probably dropped out. Nice article, just telling it like it is.

By the way, "spear this", FSU played for the NC 4 times in the 90's ('93, '96, '98, '99) as opposed to your 3. We also we're ranked in the top 4 every single one of those years. FSU - Team of the 90's

Love reading this! Go Noles!!! Taking care of business in Miami's backyard. I love it!

Mad Cane fans! Saying anything hurtful that they can. This is the 'class' of college football everyone! Oh my goodness. Anyways, I have all my teeth. Matter of fact, I could probably buy your Miami mother as my cleaning lady. 5-2 with Miami in the lead for national championships. that is all you have to hang your hat on. That's it! You and UF have been playing football for OVER 100 years. I sure hope you have more championships than little ol' FSU coming into the scene stealing all your glory. Listen Canes, great job with a transparent program. Quote: "takes a lot more to stay on top than it does to get to the top"-Bobby Bowden. Seems Miami could have used some of this 'way of thinking.' Because just like any other 'shady' program, you got shut down. I guess you won some things, but when the truth came out, you were exposed for the criminal program that you are. NCAA recognizes you as the 'scum-bag' University of all-time. Keep taking cheap shots at FSU and there fans. While you are busy watching and hating, we will shorten this gap. And when we do, you will have NOTHING to hang your hat on anymore. My team took your talent pipeline from you and called you a girl. Now, "what are you going to do about it?" Keep blogging, that's what. Because you ain't playing football!!!!! Go Canes!

I keep seeing all these stats you guys keep putting up about Miami. You are all suffering from what I as a Nole fan have suffered from personally. You are all stuck in the past. "What have you done for me lately?" YOU HAVE'NT EVEN WON THE ACC!!!!!!!!!! STOP TALKING ABOUT A TITLE THAT DOESN'T EVEN MATTER ANYMORE!!! I can't remember the last time a spoke about Wenkie and Peter Warrick and crap that happened YEARS AGO!!! your athletes are stupid, your Legends are full of murderer's and felons! please, sit down and read a book on what a University is supposed to implement. Don't tell me this MANNY is a FAT-ASS and talking football? did Manny ever play any ball as a kid? Or is this guy one of those 'knows everything' type? Get back on the treadmill Manny. Stay off the air. You are making the 'U' look ridicUloUs.

Ok Miami. Florida State won more games in the 90's than ANY TEAM HAS EVER WON IN ANY DECADE. You say Nebraska? FSU is 3-0 against Nebraska in the 90's, beating them in the national championship game in 1993. MIAMI DIDN'T EVEN WIN A NATIONAL TITLE IN THE 90'S!!!!! SHUT UP ALREADY!! How is Miami even in the 90's discussion? I don't get it. UF had a better decade than you did. Miami, this is your problem. You have SEC arrogance while FSU takes your recruiting. Lol. Deny it all you want. Yes, you produce so much NFL talent. WIN A CONFERENCE TITLE DICK! Keep blogging gentleman, we will keep playing football and taking your pipeline.

Corpus: You are the biggest fool on here. Colorado won the national championship in 1990. Miami won in 1991. That's it for the 'decade.' FSU, the under-dog of the century came into the scene and won more games from 1990 to 1999 than anyone has in any other decade ever in college football history. We also won 2 National Titles to your 1. We had 2 Heisman trophy winners in the 'decade.' 3 and 0 against Nebraska, who you had a problem with in the Orange Bowl in 1995. Nebraska was the only true dynasty in the 90's, but from 1990 to 1999, FLORIDA STATE consistently won more than anyone has ever during that much of a time-span. So before you go saying things to your fans that are wrong, get your facts straightened out so you don't give someone the wrong information. Don't have to lie to be somebody. Anyways, you should be happy FSU is so good. You play us every year. You should be happy. You are winning the state nc race. You get all the players. Thing is, your people just don't like you anymore. FSU is a legit program, whether you want to believe it or not. It's a major force, so like anyone we are going to have troublemakers. They don't make it past a certain point. People don't end up dead or in prison in Tallahassee. Check yourself! Look within your program. Obviously you have a bunch of dysfunction. This reporter is a moron. His reports of Matthew Thomas are correct, but the dissing of Chief was unnecessary. Fact is, FSU was the team of the 90's. Google it. lol. Usually when you Google something, it is right. Well, FSU is the first and only thing that comes up. Not your one National Title in 1991. Get real Miami. Don't hate. We had some great teams on the field and some great games. I almost missed it until I heard your ignorant mouths. You talk about education and I know more about your team than you do. This isn't right fellas.
*******This is the REAL NC list. Don't let this Corpus guy lead you down the wrong path. Miami won 1 Championship. How can they even be in the same conversation?! Just like all there coaches, no respect for anyone outside of Miami. While you are busy hating on FSU, Bama is the standard of college football. You all are so twisted, it's strange. Speaks VOLUMES of your fan-base.

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