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Canes injury report: Duke Johnson probable for UNC

Duke Johnson has taken his fair share of hits throughout this season. But Thursday was the first time the freshman running back appeared on UM's injury report. 

The All-American out of Miami Norland is listed as having a lower extremity injury, but is probable to play in Saturday's 2:30 p.m. kickoff against North Carolina at Sun Life Stadium. Johnson leads the team in rushing with 381 yards and 5 TDs in six games.

Who else was listed on the injury report? Offensive tackle Ben Jones (lower extremity) and safety Rayshawn Jenkins (upper extremity) have been ruled out. 


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If he isn't 100% sit him, he's a freshman we aren't going anywhere don't take any chances.

I still believe 100% in this team. Sure, they have their ups & downs but they are getting better. This week's game will be a WIN. I know they got their a---- kicked by ND but they will get over it and come back strong. This win will just about put them in the driver's seat for the division championship. Have faith people. We are still the best....go canes

Sit Duke down. Get James and Clement back there. We'll need Duke later on against fswho and other opponents on the schedule.

Defense - pick it up, NOW!

PS - Glad to see players stepped up and took blame for the collapse that occurred in Chicago. It takes a man to admit they're wrong/or made a mistake. Getting it out sometimes is harder than keeping it in. Growth is occurring. Maybe not at the rate that some want, which is unfair to expect such things from such a young team but growth is nonetheless occurring. I'm not giving the team a pass for what happened in Chicago. But now it's their time to make up for it. Golden coming forward and pointing his finger at himself first was the correct thing to do as a Head Coach. Blame starts from the top down. Again, takes a man to admit that. GOD BLESS GOLDEN, GOD BLESS THE MIAMI HURRICANES, GOD BLESS THE U!!!


GO U!!!

What ever happened to that Hagens guy? If Duke doesn't play, and he shouldn't, then let Morris throw 50 times. With this receiving corps, at least two to three people could have field days.






If you think you have the right to talk 5hit about these players and have yet to go to a game then let me tell you that you are wrong. Go to a game, sit there in 100deg heat and then you have the right to complain if you don't like what you see. I do for EVERY HOME GAME. Now, I have complained many a time about things that I have seen on the field because I was there at the games to see it. Not from my armchair at home with the A/C on. BUT, I along with some others here am one of The Miami Hurricanes biggest supporters. If anyone wants to complain then do so from your seat section at Joe Robbie and not from your parents air conditioned basement/spare room. SHOW UP AND SUPPORT OUR PLAYERS!!!! If you don't like them, then support someone else and get off of this blog. Everyone cried and cried for Stephen Morris while Jokory Harris was here and now you have him and still talk garbage. Everyone complained about the Art Kehoe and that he will never get this Oline to perform. Guess what, he has. This is one of, if not, the best Oline we have had since 2000/2001/2002. Now that those spots have been tweaked we can concentrate on other areas of our team such as the defensive adjustments, and Dline. I was a big advocate for the Dline before the season started but they have let me down. I'm not giving up on them though. We've had Curtis Porter in and out for his entire college career and is finally now coming back to the team from an appendectomy. This guy would have been a great addition to our Dline this season. Hope he gets his med shirt. Darius Smith hasn't panned out like many along with myself had thought that he would. He needs to put in more work if you ask me. Luther Robinson I can't figure out for the life of me. Looks great in practice and then flops at game time. Jalen Grimble is still young and honestly I'm looking forward to what he'll look like next season. I'm not sure if Chickillo should continue to put on more weight and move to DT or lose some and get his step back to stay at DE. I want to see Ricardo Williams, I don't think he's sniffed the field yet and that makes me scratch my head a little bit. Kid is big and fast as hell. He's up from 215lbs (I believe when he entered) to 240lbs current. Tyriq McCord needs to get time in there too. This kid is athletic as hell. DBs need to play bump and run. No more 10yds cushion. That needs to stop now. It hasn't worked all season and it's not going to. We have the speed at DB so use it to our advantage. Don't restrict it, let it loose. That's all I got for now.


Come on U!!!!!!!

What ever happened to that Hagens guy? If Duke doesn't play, and he shouldn't, then let Morris throw 50 times. With this receiving corps, at least two to three people could have field days.

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat

Hagens gets in there. Used mostly for blocking purposes but everyone once in awhile gets the ball passed to him. Kid is blue collar through and through. I agree with letting Morris go up top to the WR corps. They're due. Good post.


Canetillidie -

You should check out Canespace.com cool place for canes fans!!

We got some CANES OVER HERE!!!!!!!

Got my tickets! Sec 125 end zone lets go canes!!

If Randy Shannon UM team had just lost to ND. It would not be this much love!
Coach can't make a player catch the ball. Blame? Bunch of racists!

Posted by: Thomas Curry

That's because Randy Shannon's teams were loaded with quitters. These kids at least leave everything on the field.

Look even if this team goes 6-6 , i think they will do better, That said even if they did they are so young how can u not believe in them. They have alot of heart. They fight from start to finish, This defense has way to many true sophmores and freshman starting to be great. Give them 2 yrs and it will be a diffrent story, I truly believe in what golden is doing and believe the d issues arent scheme related but just inexperiance.

Posted by: Canesjunkie

The team quit versus ND in the second half.

We got some CANES OVER HERE!!!!!!!

Posted by: Jack


Canetillidie -

You should check out Canespace.com cool place for canes fans!!

Posted by: Jack

Yup I know it. I get in there from time to time. I like checking out all Canes websites actually, not just one or two.


Coach Mark D'Fino needs to checkout.

bob_bba70, "not going anywhere"? what are you talking about? We're in 1st place in the ACC Coastal (3-0) and control our own destiny to go to our first ever ACC championship. While I would never encourage playing a kid who isn't healthy enough; that was an absolute ignorant comment!

All I am saying, I remember the hate on this blog when RS was the coach. They did go 9-3 one year and people wanted him fired! He took over from Corker who ruin the program. If Golden was black would he be getting all this love and fairness? Just saying.

They did go 9 and 3 with the luck of god cause it sure wasn't his coaching that's for sure. And a Cane team under Coker has never quit on a game like they did under Shannon. He never developed any players and their best year was the players freshman year. Randy was one step above Coker who was terrible. Plus Shannon was in his 3rd year U doofus when they went 9 and 3.

I wonder what will happen if(when) the defense gets dismantled again this weekend. Will they ask/tell Golden to dismiss D'Onofrio like Paul Johnson did with Al Groh?

Posted by: Dan Sileo

They lost to a better opponent, why is that so hard to accept? That isn't quitting that was a team that can't stop the run.

Posted by: Thomas Curry

It's not racism, everyone wanted Randy Shannon to do well because he played here. I remember the excitement that everyone felt when he had that first year with the Northwestern kids. Randy just never got the job done.

Look, Larry Coker is more to blame than Randy Shannon. I think the fanbase hates Coker and he has a National Championship.

Gator coaches will be in Broward County tonight to see you know who. Nervous Miami fans?

Randy Shannon was determined to do it his way, only problem he did not let anybody know what his way was. I too was glad to see him get the Coaches position for loyalty to theU. However he gave the QB position to Jacory Harris while still in HighSchool. He did not have to earn it for he ran all the other QB's off. I think the way RS handled Robert Mavre was ashame.
Still a CANE fan. Go CANES

Larry the neck chain choker got us beat up against an angry lsu team after Katrina. He lost us a national championship as well. He never adjusted and that was randy Shannon fault from the beginning of the year when Miami played FAMU we were succeptible to the qb draw all year u til Kreg kernel ran for 89 on 19 carries. Fans don't like randy because he didn't protect the OB and that's why he will always be tainted. Also Shannon made his own demise by not having streeter on the field with jacory. Jacory would have been much better with streeter and he would have had just enough defense to come up with more wins. Whipple was the worst thing that could have happened to Shannon. In two years jacory threw 27 interceptions on the same playaction pass to Benjamin. Why not at least put a taller wr out there to at least bat the pass down. Shannon wasn't the captain of his own ship. There is racism on here but Shannon did not do his job.

You know who? Soni Michel? You can have him. Ore is it Kelvin Taylor? That kid from Yullee up in Jax who committed to Bama made him look like a rag doll.

WTF cares about the turds. Even if they go undefeated they will be so-domized by bama.

No one here knows the extent of Duke's injury. We need him even at 75% against UNC. Hey- people play hurt sometimes. I get the only real reason is to save himfor FSU. You mean like the washingtonnationasl saved Bryce Harper? LOL. Play the kid. He should get 1000 ydsd or more this season. He has all winter spring and summer to recover.

Why don't you guys bring your recruits to home games like all other major programs? Oh I know, so they won't see that they will be playing in front of 18,000 people? No instead you bring them in to tour the stadium after the season. What a joke. The only guys you get are kids who want to stay close to home, legacy players and players desperate for playing time. No way to build a program.

IIf golden and company can keep the canes from playing on our heals all game then we will be fine. The players must make the plays in front of them. The offense must play for the defense and the defense must play for the special teams. I will say golden has received a present on how weak our side of the division is. Best unc and we get an opportunity to play another game while taking another bowl ban. We should get sanctions but how good will that look to have taken two bowl bans already. Play and compete in the acc championship and and then make a decision. Get that extra game for these young canes. Get out this zone mentality and walk down on these wr and make them beat us. Turn up the intensity nodonfrio. Lock yourself in the film room and put some energy and instinct into your play-calling. This is our most important game of the season.

Whipple was horrible, the guy had no patience in his playcalling. He killed Jacory and Randy Shannon. Shannon really should've played Streeter, I agree.

Support your team by going to the game.

Come on Cane Fan's. Walk what you preach!

I agree, Whipple Offensive wasn't that great. They could have lined up Streeter on one side and Hankerson on the other side of the field. Just think how many more Touchdown Passes Jacory could have thrown. He threw to the smaller Benjamin why too many times. Sometimes you just have to make the game easy on yourself.

Maybe I stand corrected, I also hated how bad RS was treated. I can't argue with some of facts that have been stated. I want very badly for our canes to do well. RS would probably make a great defense cood. right now. We could use the help. I support Golden and hope he is the answer. Defense has big problems right now. I to believe in giving Golden time. I still remember some of the vile comments directed at RS while he was coach here. However,I do respect the feed back givin' to my post. Go Canes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suck it up an play its not about next yr or any other time other then the present... We need every game from this point on.... The ACC crown is more then just a slim possibility if you believe you will achieve # Go Canes

Apparently someone told the boosters to come here and defend the team. Well, if you haven't watched the team all year, I guess you didn't notice that the team is DEFENSELESS. That have an offense, and probably an above average one but not a great one but they are utterly DEFENSELESS.

You can't give up 200 yards plus rushing and 300 yards a game on defense, and expect to win any conference title. It just doesn't happen very often. ND realized in the 2nd half that they had a choice to attack, run the ball for 7 yards a run or pass the ball. They chose the safe option. 2 runs, 14 yards and a first down. If our defense has any strength it is in the secondary. So why test it. NC will do the same.

I don't live in So Fla anymore but if I did, I would NOT go to the game. The D Coordinator already said he doesn't care about me as a fan, he is only happy if his family likes him no matter how horrible a job he does, and frankly, he has NO plan to change things to make it better.

The head coach has said he is happy to rely on this hapless defensive coordinator. Why would I spend a dime when the plan is not to change anything but to continue to allow the defensive mediocrity to continue until something magically happens when the poor performers from this year somehow develop into beasts in the future. Yeah that could happen but we saw the same thing with Randy Shannons recruits. They never turned into beasts when they "grew up."

The NCAA might do us a favor but coming down hard because this is more painful than sanctions. This is a disgrace.

We beat unc and that will change everything. Lets get this division.

Why am I not surprised to learn Duke is hurt? He is too small to be a primary running back, as I have said many times before. Role player, yes. Bring back Storm Johnson.Put Perryman in as RB.

gatorsam- what do you mean "you guys". Like we guys have anything to do with brining recruits to the stadium- and by the way they do go to the stadium. so stop posting idiotic stuff here. Your UF diploma mill degree is showing its true worth

We need to use speed against North Carolina, they are fast misdirection or play action and go one way than the other way. We need to have the whole defense in on the plays, not standing around while one man excutes. The running back can turn quick tackle his body not his shoulder, basic stuff. EVERYBODY NEEDS TO FORGET n.d. GAME ITS HISTORY LETS GO WIN.

3 down lineman defense, Miami Loses to NC.
LBs five yards off the LOS, Miami loses.
zone pass defense, Miami loses.
no blitz, Miami loses.
On offense, throw hail mary wasted passes, Miami loses.
throw flat passes for no gains, Miami loses.
siren on third down, no intelligent fans attend.
It's your choice golden. Change or Lose.

Memo to the so called fan base. Randy Shannon is gone and the college sports world yawned. He is a LB coach - that's all - get over it. He totally destroyed many of the relationships that the U had with local high school coaches. We will be facing one of those local running back studs this weekend.

Can we just move on? Is this what it is going to be like when Obama loses?

CaneFan'72 do you copy n paste EVERY FREAKING DAY, jeez??? Don't go to the game, and dont' watch the game on tv, and don't listen to the radio about the game. Stop being a fan if that's what you are, your posts are very tiresome.

Golden and the team quit on both ND and KSU....all you have to do is re-watch the game.....everyone completely lost. This team is no different than Shannons so far......in fact we are EXACTLY at where Shannon was in 2010 4-2 at this EXACT time.....so far no change.

What channel is the game on.

Get off the racial tip, Thomas, you sound like a idiot.

I tapes both on my cable up here.....rewatch both games and you will be disgusted....look at the coach first....weak and confused....the tape dosent lie. It is Deja'vu...on oct 16 2010 Sahannon was 4-2....he ended the year 7-6....alomst exactly where we will be or 6-6....will be either of those 2 numbers.

Put it on the Heels fellas!!! I'm here in NC and would love to talk smack to the Carolina fans. Defense, I'm hoping u can turn it around. I know u can.

so far Al golden is almost exactly at the record of randy Shannon

1st year = 2007 shannon was 5-7 vs 2011 1st year 6-6 golden

2nd year at this time - shannon was 4-2 so is Golden 4-2......so until the real record says golen is no better than shannon....prove it first before opinions....

Hey cokeheadcane,
Sorry about your meth hangover.
I have no intention to find a sports bar to watch ESPNU and watch the same old crap from golden and his DC that I listed that will cause them to lose the game.

Tomorrow, KSU will play ISU and OK v. TX in the red river shootout. At least those teams have a defensive coach.

Then, there are potentially great games of Alabama going to Missour and Stanford playing Notre Dame.

Why would anyone watch the Canes with their extremely frustrating, garbage coaching, especially when the Canes are in their prevent-the-win defense or watch Weiclaw do his FSU imitation of wide right and wide left because no Cane coach has the knowledge to straighten him out???????

I will be watching....will tape the team....if you watch replays you will really see how bad we really are...our record is a gift but it misleading. Its not a I dont support the team but rather try to see where the problem is....its really both offense and defense....the coaches have to be creative with schemes that no one has seen before....the team needs small wins during the game for confidence.....they have to be able to say to themselves..."hey they cant figure us out...we have the advantage...this is fun"....where is the creativity against real opponents?

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