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Canes injury report: Duke Johnson probable for UNC

Duke Johnson has taken his fair share of hits throughout this season. But Thursday was the first time the freshman running back appeared on UM's injury report. 

The All-American out of Miami Norland is listed as having a lower extremity injury, but is probable to play in Saturday's 2:30 p.m. kickoff against North Carolina at Sun Life Stadium. Johnson leads the team in rushing with 381 yards and 5 TDs in six games.

Who else was listed on the injury report? Offensive tackle Ben Jones (lower extremity) and safety Rayshawn Jenkins (upper extremity) have been ruled out. 


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After watching the Canes in the OB (after grabbing my Cuban Expresso and tailgating for years) with all the great teams which were always in the game even if they lost, I just can not get into the crap of the last decade. It is heartbreaking to observe the level to which shalala broke this program down.

Once the tradition is lost, I don't think anyone can get it back unless a new coach dusts off the old Shula defensive playbooks, gets a DC who really knows defense and one big huge back offense as well as light speed players and receivers who can catch a pass even if they are smacked around like a pinball machine. I wouldn't let golden and his staff coach a high school team. Who wants to have a mediocre season????

with Lockhart in the mix, this may be like 1998, 1999, 2000, when UM had reggie Wayne, Santana Moss, Ethenic Sands, and Andre King running around, with young-uns Roscoe Parrish and Andre Johnson waiting in the wings!

That is- if they can catch the dang rock

who knows....the question is where does miami go from here....the stadium idea is not going to happen....AD is first priority....golden is under contract so he is not an immediate concern....the AD will say it all....if he/she is strong with strong ties to the community it will be stabilize the situation. Sanctions will be next hurdle....how do we recruit 2013 and what does that do to Golden...will he hang in there or try to bail...his name is comming up on internet for open positions....what players will be here next year if sanctions are severe?...who transfers...so much ahead going forward....its hard to concentrate on this season.

"When a wise person debates with a fool, the fool rages and laughs, and there is no peace and quiet." Proverbs 29:9

Funny to see the trolls on here raging and laughing, while the wise people are willing to see the actual game rather than get all freaked out about gatorsam/jim gator/gatorfan72.

glass is half full...the canes have a very good chance to make it to the ACC title game. once there anything can happen...with all the bad things thats happened this year it could still be there best year in over a decade,,,,go canes

Why am I not surprised to learn Duke is hurt? He is too small to be a primary running back, as I have said many times before. Role player, yes. Bring back Storm Johnson.Put Perryman in as RB.

Posted by: cane68 | October 12, 2012 at 06:04 AM

Sorry to disappoint you, but Duke has Turf toe, he had it since his Jr year in high school. And you call yourself a fan. Smh

golden age, go waste your money at jrs in the heat and humidity to watch the Canes lose and listen to the third down siren with the other 20 or so morons in the stadium.

I will be enjoying great food and cold beer of my chosing and watching great games on TV where Miami used to be when they were a good team.

Now, the CAnes are just invited to be everyone's doormat. It is sad when people in this country are satisfied with BS and mediocrity like bush, rmoney, lyin ryan, republicans and golden and his DC.

Bring Back Soldinger!

Go Canes!

cane fan72- I havent heard that siren you keep referring to. I know the defenders make a dumb a55 pulling down motion like blowing the horn thang, but what siren is there?

cane 72: Rmoney mediocre? How do you think the man made his bills? Certainly not through affirmative action. Man is a financial genius which is what you, me, and anyone in the hood needs right now to get us up from this rut. Not a community organizer, who never worked a day in his life (in case you all didnt know)- Obama is rich as well.

By the way, people like T-pain, lil wyane and Rick Ross make oodles and oodles of $ and your boi Obama wants to take a huge chunk of their hard earned and deserved money to redistribute wealth.

watchyou talkin 'bout willis?



Posted by: cane68

Bring back Storm Johnson?! The kid didn't want to be here, so there's nothing to bring back. Duke puts in the work, maybe it's part of the reason he's hurt.

Perryman at RB?! I'm not even responding to that one.


Always enjoy your football posts. And, you are speaking some political truth. It is appreciated!

CANTILLIDIE and others, yah, let's beat UNC!
Gonna be a tough game with their O rolling as it
has been recently. They got some D as well.

Hope to see our D take a big step and our O play their
best game of the year. Stephen can throw, and the WRs must make the catches. We need a decent running game for balance.

Let's head out to Sun Life! Come on down!

Our kids play hard and have got some serious heart!

Screw the oddsmakers!

Go Canes!

CaneFan72 and Gallo don't let the door hit you both on the way out..
It seems that the negativity and Johnny One note in your posts have finally worn down so many posters that it will be a relief for you both to go. A quote stating "it is a waste of money to support the 'Canes in the heat" shows you are never a fan anyway.

If I had the chance to be back in the Gables my butt would be parked at every game hot ,humid and sweaty cheering for my 'Canes, until I am totally hoarse...here I catch road games but we still crank it up for our 'Canes, and our sections can get very loud.

As far as N.C. is concerned they have a very active and opportunistic team, but the 'Canes can match them play for play on the fast or sped up offensive plays.
This works both ways and the conditioning of the teams will have an effect on the game. Let's use the heat and beat NC.

Miami also has the advantage on the play with attitude chart coming off ND...The team and Coaches have something to prove and I am confident that the vanilla plays N.C. are expecting will surprise them when Miami and the Speed of the Offense gets going with wrinkles and new stuff that Defense had no ideas are coming their way..

I am somehow feeling good about this game because it is a "SHOW ME" or Smashmouth game that we were so good at in the day//...let's Bring it and see what happens.The 'U' in a close game 31-20.

Canetillidie good stuff, and thanks for the detail..that's what this site is all about. the real fans, not the drive by's.
Go 'Canes Always

I'm 19 I make 9 dollars an hour at my job and this is my third year owning season tickets. If I can do it, I know you guys can. Come support the Canes as they win on Sat. and basically lock-up the ACC Coastal. #GoCanes

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