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Canes offense has to get back to hitting on explosive pass plays

Just before UM lined up and faced Georgia Tech last month, coach Al Golden told reporters quarterback Stephen Morris needed to do a better job connecting with his receivers down field. 

It might be time for Golden to send another one of those notes down the hall to Jedd Fisch's office. 

Davon and Dorsett

Morris' longest completion since his seven-touchdown, 1,002-yard two-game stretch that featured nine pass plays of 40 yards or more? A 32-yard garbage time completion to Davon Johnson late in the fourth quarter versus Florida State, which preceded Morris' only TD pass in his last three games (an eight-yarder to Rashawn Scott). 

The other big pass plays? A 28-yard dump and run by tight end Clive Walford versus Notre Dame; a 26-yard dump and run by Duke Johnson in the same game; and a 24-yard dump and run by Mike James versus FSU.

Notice a trend? Fisch has.

"Every passing offense wants to be able to go deep. If you have to dink and dunk and dink and dunk it forces you to have to make every play perfectly," Fisch said. "You can't have any setbacks. You can't have a penalty. You can't have a drop. You can't have a misread. You can't have a bad ball. When you're trying to have more of an explosive play offense and take some vertical shots you can miss the first one, hit the next one and no one knows you missed the last one. That's kind of where we're at."

Of course, the Canes haven't exactly faced a bunch of defensive patsies lately (FSU went into this week's game ranked 2nd in total defense; Notre Dame was 6th and North Carolina ranked 36th). But regardless of how tough UM's last three opponents have been, Fisch said his offense has to do better (UM produced 37 combined points in those losses). 

After the seven drop fiasco against the Irish, Fisch said North Carolina made it a point to take away Miami's deep passing game by playing a soft two deep zone. The Hurricanes dinked and dunked their way to 235 yards passing and 180 yards on the ground. But the offense produced just 14 points. 

Against FSU, Fisch said, UM's offense had a handful of chances to hit on deep balls against one-on-one coverage early and simply missed those opportunities. FSU, meanwhile, completely devoured UM's run game. After taking account of four sacks for 33 yards lost, UM had just 29 yards rushing on 21 attempts.

"The thing with us is we've got to be more consistent in our intermediate throws," Fisch said. "I don't think we're as consistent there as I'd like for us to be. We got to find a way to get better there.

"We got to make sure everybody does their job. We got to make sure if your job is to run a route, run the route, not some other route. Our guys are really close to doing something really special. We just got to make sure we close the deal. If you're open, we've got to catch it."

According to ESPN, UM went into last week's game against the Seminoles with 23 drops -- the second most by any school from a BCS automatic qualifying conference this season. 

"When you drop balls it's always more than what you expect," receivers coach George McDonald said Saturday. "I think our drops have come at bad times. You never want to drop it, but you never want to drop a touchdown pass or drop a pass on third down. That's what's critical.

"We watch [the drops] on film. What I tell them is it's a personal thing. You're a writer. When you turn your story in, it's personal you don't have any typos. It might happen. But you take personal pride in it. It's the same thing I try to teach them as receivers. If the quarterback throws you the ball, it's a personal thing. You've got to catch it. No matter where the ball is you catch it. If you drop one, OK, that happens. But you have to take personal pride in that."

Receiver Phillip Dorsett, who dropped four passes against the Irish, has been non-existant in UM's passing game since putting up back-to-back huge games against N.C. State and Georgia Tech. He's made just six catches for 54 yards with a long of 23 yards against the Tar Heels. 

UM's leading receivers over the last three games has been Scott (15 catches, 136 yards, 1 TD), Mike James (14 catches, 112 yards, 0 TDs), Davon Johnson (8 catches, 148 yards, 0 TDs) and Allen Hurns (7 catches, 72 yards, 0 TDs).

Fisch, for his part, isn't pointing the finger for UM's offensive struggles at any one particular group. But he did say that even if Morris' numbers over his last three games (55-104, 52.8 pct, 1 TD, 3 INTs, 579 yards) don't look as good as his first five games this season (124-207, 59.9 pct, 9 TDs, 4 INTs, 1,635 yards), Fisch believes his starting quarterback "is improving every week."

"Whether the stats show it or not, I can just tell you he's getting better every week," Fisch said. "Over the course of these next 16 regular season games, I can't wait to see him get better every week. He's going to be a special player."

Virginia Tech (4-4) has hardly been the defensive juggernaut UM is used to seeing. The Hokies rank 71st in run defense (167 yards per game) and have given up quite a few big pass plays. But Fisch said Bud Foster's defense is still very good on third down (35.2 percent, 35th nationally).

The Hokies rank third in the ACC in pass defense. UM ranks third in the ACC in pass offense. 

"Our biggest focus is just to stay on the field," Morris said. "We've got to get a drive going. We got to make sure we're moving the chains and the deep ball will present itself."


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I disagree. The most pressing offensive problem is to get the running game going. The running game has been woefully non existent and i blame mostly fisch for that. Mike james needs to get 20-25 carries. Its a vicious cycle thing, proven by the last 3 games:

they start chucking it down field. they are either dropped balls or incomplete passes. then its 3rd and 10 or worse. guess what they are now going to have to pass. they do that over and over. Mike James gets 2 yards, its 2nd and 8, then they start passing. incomplete pass, 3rd and 8, guess what they have to do next? Or they try an end around or screen to Duke. He gets hit in the backfield for a negative play. 2nd and 12. instead of running it again, maybe get 3 or 4. they pass. incomplete or dropped pass. 3rd and 12.

its Fisch. he abandons the running game too soon. I say, keep pounding. 3 yds, 4, yds 2 yds. Whats worse? 4th and 1, or 4th and 7?

Miami beats Top 25 team!!! Oh damn, wrong Miami.

Fisch has to use his weapons. We have talent at wr, use it and hit big plays. The passing game will open things up for the run. Listen to what Fisch said, he doesnt seem to want long, time consuming drives.

I also think the state of the defense has a lot to do with our need to score a lot of points. I dont trust us in a low scoring game because the d might not hold.

All valid points, but a drop off in production to me represents coaching issues. I think some of Fisch's play calling is cutsie and poor. Invariably, passes to the sideline are covered by 2 defenders, with one blocker, a WR, available. Why run such a play time and again? Go downfield, either intermediate or deep if you have speed and a strong armed QB.

Where are the dump offs to the RBs and TEs, or Stephen running when 8 - 10 yards are sitting right there?

Agree with 5>3>2 that our running game must get stronger. I like our O line and they are developing well.

And our intermediate passing game is non-existent, unlike many teams. Why don't our guys get open? Where is the TE up the middle? Who is designing these plays whereby our receivers are covered and the QB throws into coverage time and again?

Spare me the youth and newspaper writer analogies please!

As an aside, watched my WSU Cougars against Stanford yesterday. Although the Cougs have a poor record under Mike Leach, they have numerous freshmen, including several true freshman, who can really catch the ball and make plays. They are an amazing group of kids, and there is no whining about their youth. Leach does not stand for that kind of stuff and expects them to perform, though it is a young team with a 9 - 40 record under the previous coach.

So McDonald's analogy of turning in a newspaper story is wussy. You should catch the ball because that is your job, and you want to grind your opponent into the ground.

Also watched Bulldogs - Gators (a long Saturday without the UM!). Great defenses. Those guys are big, fast and really aggressive. Though the Gators lost, I love Muschamp's fierce attitude about the game (forgive me Gator Haters!). But those Ds were something else. And outrageous fan support and spirit on both sides.

I dream of that day again for the Canes. Let's get focused for VT and stomp the heck out of them

So, easy to be an armchair coach, no? You know, beer and pretzel coordinator.

We can win the Coastal, and that would be a first and a big step for the young Canes.

Stephen, quit screwing around and play to your potential. Receivers, get open and squeeze the ball. Duke, make a statement, you can do it. OC, get some blockers out front for Duke around the ends.

Defense, keep improving. Get tougher and execute with passion. No excuses. Punish VT for pushing us around the last few years.

Go Canes!



Georgia 17
Florida 9

That's where they went...

CANES: we gonna beat VT and Duke.

REMATCH: FSU in the ACC championship. I am starting to believe we can win that one.

Calvin Cain will come back with a hunger. Being kicked off the team and allowed back will slap that boy awake to his destiny.

Our guys are healing, as the team took most of our injuries early in the year. FSU is going down hurt. It'll be a more evenly match game next time.


I agree, Fisch is not sticking to the running game. Clearly, Morris is not patient and he is getting happy feet. I know the perfect solution. Sit him down, put Williams in and run the ball. That will give the medicine that Morris needs.

BTW shhhhhhh, but the CANES Defense is getting better. We held FSU down for 3 quarters.

This young team is growing and learning right before our eyes.

Offense took some "statistical" steps backwards only because we faced 3 very good Defenses in KS, ND, and FSU. And our guys have been hurt.

We are healing now. Dorsett will bounce back and will not drop passes.

I believe in these guys and in the coaches.

You should too.

At the end of the day, the matter is this about UM. IF we win the rest of our games (which I believe we can, if we play the way we did against FSU going into the 4th quarter) this teams losses will have been to 3 very good top 10 teams (all who play amazing defense) and 2 who have high powered offese (FSU and K-State). The 4th loss would be to a UNC team with an explosive offense who only scored 18 points, while our starting QB got hurt in the 4th quarter.

Am I making excuses? It may sound like that, but looking back on it now, we knew before and know now that this is not a top 10 team. Look at what ND did AT Oklahoma! Look at what K-State did AT WVU, At Oklahoma and against Texas Tech. Look at FSU entire season. Miami is not as good as though teams YET. In the moment it stinks to lose those games, but that is why you should never live life in the moment, but you should always take in the entirety of what is happening. Canes fans (including myself) never thought K-State or ND were that good. I will be the first to admit after the thrasing they gave to Okie and the way KSU has played, I was totally wrong.

The VT game will be the largest obstacle in our way to going 8-4 and winning the coastal. This game is extremely important, so lets stop trashing the team and coaches and go out to SunLife and support the team on Thursday night. If we get even 60K in the stadium and the scene is even 75% of what it was against FSU, I guarantee that we get a victory on Thursday. The kids, team and staff need the support at the games. Be part of the solution, instead of being an internet no it all.

I meant know-it-all.


all good points in the big picture.

see you at the game.

go canes

BLA BLA BLA. Herd all this before so many times. These guys are just not into it..... NEWS FLASH TO AL GOLDEN. GET RID OF ALL TWITTER AND FACEBOOK ACCS (PLAYERS ONLY)THRU THE SEASON. Nick Saben band his players from using twit and FB. Funny a 2 time defending N.C. (these guys are the best of the best), and their coach wants no part of it. Why, because he knows if their mind is on twit or FB. Their mind is not on football. Our players are having enough trouble as it is. NO WONDER THEY REALLY SUCK. Next year will b better I hope. And as far as patience goes? Its only been ten years. YEAH THAT RIGHT 10 YEARS.
I know and understand the rebuilding process takes time, but my GOD we have been in this rebuilding process for 10 years now, JEEEEZE. And, I firmly stand behind my remark that Shalaya is SATAN. Just look at what has happened to our program since that little worm was hired. Hey Got A GREAT Idea. Why doesn't Obama come down and run the program. I hear he will b looking for a job in about 10 days. Maybe he can take some wins from Bama and LSU and give them to the U. I mean whats fair is fair right? We can't have the mighty SEC winning all the N.C. I apologize to all for the political statement. I hate politics. I love the Canes. We still have a chance to do something (win the coastal and if we're really lucky win a rematch w/ FSU (big dream)n the ACC title game. Hope all the under classmen that bailed on us last year (most didn't make a nfl team or practice squad)r having fun working at the local car wash. We needed those guys bad this year. Oh well we still have a future, right? Not for long. Should we get on a roll, she (Shalaya) will find a way to fire Golden. By the way did anyone see the stare down the FLA's HC gave one of his players for screwing up. NOW thats making players accountable. Thats what JIMMY JOHNSON, THE GREAT HOWIE, and BUTCH would have done. Thats a coach fellas. This is football boys. Hell to Yeah I LOVE IT GO CANES.


i saw the stare down muschamp gave his player in the sideline. great stuff, saban style, tremendous desire to win..

by the way, great idea on the current, and hopefully soon to be former, prez redistributing some SEC victories to the less fortunate.

it's only f-a-i-r (INSERT-whine here). funny stuff, man!

For God's sake - know the route and then run the route. Why do we keep hearing about people having to do their job. Quiz them over and over again until they know it. Also - I think we need some tough love at receiver. Drop the ball you sit for the next series. Find a way NOT to drop the damned thing.

Any one hear anything of UM not playing in the ACC Title Game if they Beat VT and Duke?

I heard if UM wins out...possible...(not sure if it will happen due to the current state of the Running Game and this disturbing Article about the "Need" to "Chuck It...and Suck...")they would self impose on the ACC Title Game and a Bowls as well.

Would that count as 3 Bowls? I heard it does, and that would cover 3 bowls of a possible 3 or 4 year post season ban if deliverd by the NCAA...

I am not trying to start anything...just heard something and am not sure how that plays out...

Bleeding Orange & Green!

ACC Champ game is NOT a bowl game. You play that no what the NCAA ruling is.

The post-season bowl is what UM might forfeit to help offset any NCAA ruling next year.

I do not think not playing in a conference title game counts as a bowl game. I may and am probably wrong, but playing in a bowl game means so much more that playing in a conference title game. 1) Playing in a bowl game, the team gets a month's worth of extra practices. This is vital for a young team to grow and helps spring board them into the next season. 2) The money that you get for playing in the title game does not compare with the money from a bowl game. 3) All the things that lead up to the bowl game (going to events set up in the bowl city, meet and greets, the opposing teams doing things together, etc.). You really don't get that during the conference title game.

The purpose of the bowl game is to hype your program and it is a reward for the kids to play in the bowl game because of the game AND the hoppla surrounding the game. That is why the NCAA uses it as a punishment. Again, I may be wrong, but I don't think the NCAA holds the title game in enough regard or esteem to count it as equal to a bowl game. UM may play in the title game (if they get there), but if they lose and are headed to the Macco/Goddies/Bayer Asprin Bowl, they may pass that up and self impose another year bowl ban. If they, somehow win the title game and have a chance at the Orange Bowl (BCS game), I do not see how they pass up on that, unless, the NCAA rules prior to the game being played.

By the way, I am not naive, the biggest reason the NCAA uses bowl bans is because of the money the schools make in playing in the game. The other reasons I stated earlier are just ancillary reasons why they use the bans also.

Bowl bans hurt young teams especially. The young players miss out on the practices (not sure how many, but significant) associated with the bowl game. You may think this is unimportant, but the coaches don't. The NCAA has greatly limited official practices over the years and going to a bowl game gives a team the needed work. That said, I hope UM self-imposes a bowl ban if they win 6 games, still a big if.

Just saw thomas aq. grad hankerson drop a sure touchdown for the skins, philip dorsett is the same, they both play scared.

I agree indiacane... Hank had the dropsies at UM as well. May be an aquinas thing. And a miami thing. Although i did see some oklahoma receivers drop a few key passes as well.

But olivier vernon recovered a blocked punt for a TD.

This is a must win game in all aspects. I previously said the ND game and the unc games were must wins. Miami has played and lost to what will be tonight, 3 teams ranked in the BCS top ten. Thats how hard their schedule is. That has to change. They need to do more like SEc teams.... Play 3 cream puffs, then ACC. Maybe throw in a mac team or USF or UCF and thats it, or a home and away with notredame or uf but not both, and not a big 12, notre dame and a full blown acc schedule which at any given time may include clemson, vt, and fsu.

Those who made up the current schedule are not brain surgeons

Needless to say it would be nice to see a good passing game but the only way the Canes will ever be a serious contender again is with a balanced attack. Would much rather see progress being made with the running game.
I won't say a word about the defense because I know they are young...ALTHOUGH, I don't think much of the defensive coach.

Cane4Lif, it doesn't do UM any good to cancel their bowl game after the ACC championship game should they make it and lose (or win). The only way canceling a bowl game helps Miami is if they do it the day they make it to 6 wins (like they did last season). They won't get any credit for turning down a bowl once they realize it won't be worth it.

There's also something to be said for declining the ACC championship game (the only reason UM is still in the mix is that UNC is banned from that game) should they make it there, but I think another matchup with FSU would be too good to turn down.

If it's me, I'm declining the bowl as soon as they hit 6 wins to look good for the NCAA and taking the ACC championship game berth if they beat Va Tech.

Turn down a crappy bowl game if they lose and even better, turn down the BCS bowl game played in their home stadium if they win. Hard to do but the NCAA would take it into consideration.

Thanks for the info. Eudo, I never knew that, but it makes perfect sense for the NCAA to do it like that. I would give it up too, when and if, they get 6 wins, because more than likely, they will be playing in a non-significant bowl game.

First and foremost, Um needs to run the football, run the ball, run the ball, then playaction. This is how Miami played back in the day.

Whatever happen to the use of tightends on curls, ours, and seams routes.
Whatever happen running sweeps or stretch plays to the wideside of the field.

Secondly, the defense has improved through the season but still D'Fino has to go. IM starting to guess the offensive coordinator play calling.

We need this win Thursday, another televised game let the world see what we have coming the next years.

Remaining games are winnable. As bad as I hate FSU, I was glad to see them crush Duke cuz folks here in NC actually thought Duke would do something (big) this year. Our defense is slowly improving. One game at a time. Wish I had the opportunity to go to the games at Sun Life

More explosive plays? I am against this if it does not help women's volleyball. -Donna

Shalalalala caused the problems | October 28, 2012 at 05:29 PM


First of all by abandoning the orange bowl


Seems like I did start to open the can of worms...

The reason I see to self impose any bowl game has more to do with recruiting than anything else...

The issue we face currently with recruiting is kids are being told they might never play in a bowl game or for the ACC Title by other Programs in the hunt for the local kids we would like to have...

Wonder if UM has any back channel negotiations going on with the NCAA or amongst themselves pending the VT game, etc...

I have to think, they know what they would do with any situation...

I am very concerned the $$'s of a BCS Game we would not be ready for would be too much for the University to walk away from...

OC...step back from throwing Verticle on First Down so much...

Find the running game we had at the first of the year...use the short passing game as an extenstion of the run to set up the mid level passing game and open the opportunity for the verticles...

The DC is going to do what he does...and we have to live by it...if the OC does his job...we can out score everyone we have left on the schedule!

Beat VT, UVA & Duke...

Self-Impose Bowl


Fact is W's solve all issues even NCAA Issues...Kids will still come to UM if they only have 1 or 2 years of Post Season Bans left after this year...

Bleeding Orange & Green!

Very disappointed in Jedd Fisch playcalling. He abandon the run too soon. He did it against UNC and FSU. No way Morris should have thrown the ball 45 times in a close game with a bad ankle and no practice the whole week. We got to get more physical on offense. Set the tone and be a smash mouth team. I'm tired of this finesse sh#t.

It really doesn't matter. Canes won't make it past VT. You people are stupid,looking past the OWNER of the ACC for years now. No one has come close to the VT express. So just sit back, and quit dreaming.Miami will never make it to the title game, ever. Our defense is unusually not as good this year, but your still, what, 118th. And you say we stink, c'mon dumbo's. We will get at least 500 yds of offense, leaving your somewhat one dimensional offense on the bench. Game over. VT 31 Miami 21

At least 3 picks, 1 fumble and a blocked kick this thursday. You can read about it friday, because none of you will be at the game

You guys need to read Barry Jackson NFL evaluators assess state of UM program. This says a lot about how the NFL scouts see UM a once upon a time football powerhouse in the NCAA. Overall most of you guys are correct. One point perhaps was missed, WE NEED TO SEE THE O-LINE BE DOMINANT NEXT YEAR. They are to big not to be able to Dominate and make holes and wear down teams. I AM CALLING OUT ART KEHO, GET IT DONE MAN!!!!

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2012/10/nfl-evaluators-assess-state-of-um-program-dolphins-um-heat-marlins-notes.html#storylink=cpy

Hokie power... You all crack me up. Champions of nothing. Pretenders of evrything. Chokers perennially. Ol leather face will be on the hot seat.


Ok sorry about that I had to let it out. When will this Shalalalala nightmare end? As long as she is here, we will be laughed at into oblivion.


Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | October 29, 2012 at 08:55 AM

The football program isn't a cash cow, with apparel factored in it doesn't even pay for the rest of UM's sports, the athletic department runs at a slight loss.

She never has raised the athletic requirements for athletes and doesn't want to now, you just completely made that up. UM has the same base requirements for its athletes as FSU and Virginia Tech.

The Orange Bowl wasn't on campus and UM didn't own that either. Terrible Miami fans packed the OB when UM won and stayed away when they didn't. Terrible Miami fans pack Sun Life when Miami wins and stay away when they don't. The attendance for this year's Bethune Cookman game was bigger than three crappy games in the 2001 championship season.

You're right about Jackson, when the market crashed that structure became untenable, if Shalala is pushed to retire early it will be because of Jackson.

But like everyone else you're just talking out your ass on the football team, you don't understand how college athletics work.

You can start and end with my first point, UM doesn't make money off it's football team and it hasn't since the mid eighties.

To be fair, the base requirements for athletes did go up slightly from the Big East to the ACC but that has nothing to do with UM's AD or the president of the university.

Miami flat out isn't losing recruits to other schools because they can't qualify. That just isn't the case.

Interesting comments about bowl games but few teams make a lot of money on the lower tier bowl games, most break even if that! The only way to make any money on a bowl game is to play in a game that offers several million per team. A million dollar payout is nothing these days.

Also if the school doesn't sell all of their ticket allotment they have to reimburse the bowl the value of those unsold tickets, many teams actually lose money. I have read reports where some of the teams had to payout huge sums for unsold tickets!

The goal of this team is to win 6 games and qualify for a bowl game, then take the self-imposed ban, period.

Not making themselves eligible for a conference title game is an interesting proposition since you look at UNC, Ohio State and Penn State not being eligible for their tiles or title game. Don't know if that is conference related penalties or NCAA.

"titles," my bad!

Not Our Rival, correct! Donna is NOT the problem, looming sanctions, facilities, no on campus stadium,(thus little or no gameday atmosphere) and won lost record are the problems. These things hurt our recruiting efforts and are used against us all the time.

Going to No-life stadium compared to Doak Campbell or the Sewage Dump is totally different.

Actually if I was UM I would take pictures of Muschamps angry faces on the sidelines and ask if you want your son to experience that sort of treatment, lol. The guy is a total whack job!

COACHING has been the problem. That's where it starts and ends.

Teams can have success without on-campus stadiums, Oregon, UCLA, Pitt, UM FOR DECADES AT THE ORANGE BOWL, etc.

Our facilities are fine, UM won championships without any facilities at all and at the moment we're building a new athletic center that costs more than the new one Alabama is building and will be done first.

The OB was also a ghost town for crappy games and Sun Life is a fine atmosphere for big games, they've played college championship games, super bowls, and pro bowls there.

To argue that there is another reason UM has fallen off is to argue that Larry Coker and Randy Shannon are good head coaches who were held back by facilities or the stadium or imaginary athletic requirements, etc.

Not Our Rival...

Since she has gotten here she did raise the academic standard for entrance after it was already raised due to the Pell Grant situation from the 90's. Players like Ed Reed and others would have been able to get in. Remember last season when Kevin Grooms, top broward county football player wanted nothing more to come here and couldn't get in. Devonta Davis from Central couldn't get in either so he ended up at fswho. He looked pretty good against us in the last game. I have to look up that source I have that she is considering raising the academic entrance standard once more proving that I'm not making it up. I have never made up anything on this blog. I'm a season ticket holder for the past 21seasons and a Cane through and through.
The Orange Bowl wasn't on campus and it didn't matter. It was centralized in Miami, not near the golden glades interchange. Everyone and anyone could have come to the game either by taxi, bus, car, what have you and pay $5 for parking unlike the $30 for parking and overpriced food/drink. Even at the OB food/drink was cheaper. Of course UM didn't own the Orange Bowl since it wasn't even on it's property. It belonged to the City of Miami as it always had. She did nothing to get more funding to repair/restore it. She just sat back and let it crumble just like the city did. She did make an offer to purchase it, but it was refused with laughter. That offer was simply to state that she made an "attempt" to appease everyone. You saying that the football program is not a cash cow is accurate as of today's standard but obviously you're not taking into account of the 80's, 90's, into 2000 when it was. It brought in the money for new dorms and academic buildings. The school grew over a 1/3 in size from the 80's onward. These are facts that cannot be denied and can easily be researched. I have never once told a lie or made anything up on this blog. Anyone else here can back that up.

Not our Rival...

Stop saying "athletic requirements" when the subject is in regards to academic entrance requirements. She wants to turn the university into the harvard of the south and it'll never happen. If she wants to have anything to do with anything about harvard then she should leave and go to harvard.

Except no. She didn't raise academic requirements for athletes. That never happened and is a complete figment of your imagination.

Kevin Grooms couldn't have gone to another ACC school, he wasn't eligible for the ACC's minimum requirements (which are UM's requirements). Same thing for Devont'a Davis, he wasn't eligible for ACC schools, he went to Youngstone State, he couldn't have gotten into FSU.

Anyone and everyone could have gone to games at the OB, but they didn't. Because you are in the huge minority of Miami fans that go to games when the team isn't winning championships.

I also don't make things up - Miami had more fans to Bethune Cookman this year than to three cupcake games the 2001 season in the OB.

UM couldn't have bought the Orange Bowl and repaired it for the same reason the Marlins couldn't have bought the property and built their own stadium. No professional sports team does that, never mind a private school, it's just too expensive.

The one thing UM could have done and didn't do was put stadium renovations on the ballot, which had a 99% chance of being torpedoed by the commissioners and resulting in bad publicity for a private university to beg for hundreds of millions of dollars from tax payers.

To be fair, the base requirements for athletes did go up slightly from the Big East to the ACC but that has nothing to do with UM's AD or the president of the university.

Miami flat out isn't losing recruits to other schools because they can't qualify. That just isn't the case.

Posted by: Not our rival

We should have stayed in the BIG EAST, moving was idiotic. If it ain't broke don't fix it.


QUOTE FROM NOT OUR RIVAL....."Same thing for Devont'a Davis, he wasn't eligible for ACC schools, he went to Youngstone State, he couldn't have gotten into FSU.""


I apologize I meant to say Devonta Freeman. That was my mistake. Freeman went to Central and couldn't get into Miami so he went to fswho. Fact.

Hard to argue against having every game on ESPN or ABC and a bowl tie in with the BCS bowl played in your own stadium.

Miami left for the same reason everyone else left, the Big East has no television coverage and no pay out. Even if they had stayed, that wouldn't have stopped the exodus and they would have had to go somewhere else eventually, the Big East doesn't even have a BCS tie in anymore.

Oh, Freeman's the one that that POS ball boy was supposedly calling - he was eligible for ACC schools, he just chose FSU.

At the end of the day facts are facts. Since she got here we have been in a decline. All this negative publicity has occurred under her watch. There is no way in the world that someone such as herself would allow a POS such as shitpiro run around even with candy randy saying time and time again that he was bad news. The guy even threatened an employee of the school during a game!! That is documented. She let it all go since he kept funneling money into her hands with her cheek turned the other way. She has to go. We were fine without her.


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