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Depth Chart just released for UM Canes vs. Notre Dame -- Denzel man in the middle

Good morning.

The Hurricanes just released their depth chart for the Notre Dame game Saturday at Soldier Field, where Notre Dame will be the home team.

Some quick changes: Denzel Perryman (high-ankle sprain) is back and starting at middle linebacker.

With offensive tackle Ben Jones out, the co-starters at right tackle are now freshman Ereck Flowers and junior Seantrel Henderson -- with redshirt freshman Hunter Wells listed as the backup to Malcolm Bunche at left tackle.

Tyrone Cornileus and Gionni Paul are listed as co-starters at outside linebacker.

 Deon Bush is listed ahead of Kacy Rodgers at safety.


WR 80 RASHAWN SCOTT 6-2, 190, So.
86 Herb Waters 6-2, 185, Fr.

 LT 79 MALCOLM BUNCHE 6-7, 325, RSo.
64 Hunter Wells 6-4, 300, RFr.

68 Jeremy Lewis 6-4, 316, RSr.

C 62 SHANE MCDERMOTT 6-4, 295, RSo.
75 Jared Wheeler 6-5, 314, RJr.

RG 65 BRANDON LINDER 6-6, 308, Jr.
63 Daniel Isidora 6-4, 320, Fr.

RT 74 ERECK FLOWERS –OR– 6-6, 314, Fr.

TE 49 DYRON DYE 6-5, 255, RJr.
46 Clive Walford 6-4, 250, RSo.
82 Asante Cleveland 6-5, 263, Jr.

FB 33 MAURICE HAGENS 5-11, 240, Jr.
43 Sean Harvey 6-4, 262, RSo.

QB 17 STEPHEN MORRIS 6-2, 214, Jr.
11 Ryan Williams 6-5, 221, RSo.

RB 5 MIKE JAMES 5-11, 220, Sr.
8 Duke Johnson 5-9, 188, Fr.
23 Eduardo Clements 5-9, 195, Jr.

WR 4 PHILLIP DORSETT 5-10, 185, So.
83 Kendal Thompkins 5-10, 182, RSr.

WR 1 ALLEN HURNS 6-3, 192, Jr.
24 Davon Johnson 6-0, 188, Sr.


P 13 DALTON BOTTS 6-3, 205, Sr.
40 Jake Wieclaw 6-2, 193, RSr.

FG 40 JAKE WIECLAW 6-2, 193, RSr.
18 Matt Goudis 6-0, 170, RFr.

KO 40 JAKE WIECLAW 6-2, 193, RSr.
18 Matt Goudis 6-0, 170, RFr.

H 13 DALTON BOTTS 6-3, 205, Sr.
11 Ryan Williams 6-5, 221, RSo.

LS 61 PAUL KELLY 6-1, 262, RSr.

SS 61 PAUL KELLY 6-1, 262, RSr.
65 Brandon Linder 6-6, 308, Jr.

PR 4 PHILLIP DORSETT 5-10, 185, So.
8 Duke Johnson 5-9, 188, Fr.

KR 4 PHILLIP DORSETT 5-10, 185, So.
8 Duke Johnson 5-9, 188, Fr.


99 Jelani Hamilton 6-5, 271, Fr.

DT 98 DARIUS SMITH 6-2, 315, Sr.
72 Earl Moore –OR– 6-1, 300, Fr.

66 Dequan Ivery 6-1, 303, Fr.

DT 91 OLSEN PIERRE 6-4, 300, So.
67 Corey King 6-1, 295, RFr.
93 Luther Robinson –OR– 6-3, 288, RJr.
92 Jalen Grimble 6-2, 295, So.

DE 51 SHAYON GREEN 6-3, 260, RJr.
94 Kelvin Cain –OR– 6-3, 245, So.
17 Tyriq McCord 6-3, 236, Fr.

OLB 44 EDDIE JOHNSON 6-1, 238, RFr.
34 Thurston Armbrister 6-3, 222, So.

MLB 52 DENZEL PERRYMAN 6-0, 229, So.
59 Jimmy Gaines 6-3, 230, Jr.
56 Raphael Kirby 6-0, 218, Fr.

OLB 31 TYRONE CORNILEUS –OR– 6-2, 210, Jr.
36 GIONNI PAUL 6-1, 230, So.
57 Nantambu-Akil Fentress 5-9, 205, So.

CB 20 THOMAS FINNIE –OR– 5-10, 183, So.
37 LADARIUS GUNTER 6-2, 198, Jr.

S 2 DEON BUSH 6-1, 190, Fr.
22 Kacy Rodgers II 6-2, 210, Jr.

S 30 A.J. HIGHSMITH 6-0, 202, RJr.
7 Vaughn Telemaque 6-2, 204, RSr.
29 Rayshawn Jenkins 6-1, 203, Fr.

CB 21 BRANDON McGEE 6-0, 194, Sr.
39 Antonio Crawford –OR– 5-11, 188, Fr.
3 Tracy Howard 5-11, 185, Fr



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Lou Holtz, former Notre Dame coach is an ESPN announcer. ESPN has a segment pretending it is a court of law with one guy wearing a black robe and Holtz and another announcer pretending to be lawyers.

Well, Holtz brought a motion that ND should be considered to play in the BCS game. The judge said it was a frivolous motion so early in the season. What if ND lost a game.

Lou Holtz of Notre Dame said ND does not play any tough competition. Miami and USC do not have tough teams anymore. So, Notre Dame should go undefeated and should play in the BCS championship game.

Hellooooooo Miami Canes. Looks like Notre Dame is ready to kick your azzes just like KSU. They are both in the top ten and you wusses are not even ranked. Why don't the Canes just mail in the victory for Notre Dame and save the cost of going to Chicago.

The DC won't stick to a four down linemen defense nor move LBs up close nor blitz the ND QB, nor play man to man defense. The DC and Golden have given the game to KSU and tried to lose the other games Miami played by going to a three man defensive line and prevent (the win) zone pass defense.

Remember, Lou Holtz and Notre Dame has said the Miami Hurricanes will present NO competition to Notre Dame.

Lou Holtz used to work the ND players so hard during the week, they said playing the game was easy.

Plus, Miami Hurricanes can not play in cool weather. There will probably be a cold front coming through MN, WI, Canada.

Plus, ND has a home field advantage.

Yup, Canes' goose is cooked. It's good night Irene. Lights out. Get out the crying towels for Cane fans. Maybe next year if we get an easier schedule.

Continuing evidence that the ACC sUcks:
1 - Middle Tenn 49 Ga Tech 28
2 - La Tech 44 Virginia 38
3 - Cinci 27 Va Tech 24

So U are 3 - 0 in the Coastal, big win over Ga Tech, big win for Middle Tenn.
The only 2 ACC teams worth a dime are in the other division, FSU and Clemson.

The Catholics are waiting for U in Chicago. They are not your wimpy ACC team. Another KSU style blow out coming for U fools.

Well lets see....31 jr/sr have been released on depth chart. We are not young like everyone says.....all excuses. 495 yards per game defensively and 4 touchdowns and a field goal for offense to tie opposition needed going forward. Incredible and weak as pond water. fire DC now.....offense will get worn down as season progress and players will get hurt with all this pressure. ND will pound away and try to keep miami off the field....stop morris and you win. anyone can score on our defense. golden will not succeed until he make a change at DC....its a statisical impossibility.

offenses average 33 point per game against us...take out bethune and its almost 40 points per game. no winning team can handle that stat going forward....sooner or later it all will unravel....injuries are the first sign as it is already happenening.

Are you people fans? Who has notre dame played that was so great? Navy the Georgia Tech JV? Pudue which they almost lost to? Michigan? No passing game at all. Michigan ST? Again no passing game at all. Miami wins! don't come jumping on this bandwagon after words!!!!!

Name me a team whose starting five on the O-line are all underclassman (4 So. & 1 F). Both sides of the ball they start 3 Sr’s and 3 Frosh. With 11 sophomore starters.

Keep on doubting the Canes. Crown Notre Dame They are so great.


nick oleary - te / soph
cameron erving - ot / soph
josue matias - ot / soph
tre jackson - og / soph
austin barron - c / soph

i just checked their lineup next game.....

Thoughts on the turnout at No Life stadium. I live in Atlanta but have been there for Fin games back in the day. Even for a pro stadium, the place is antiseptic and unless you're low down it's like watching ants play. So the experience and atmosphere is generally not great. When 80% of the stadium is empty it's even worse.

Everyone on here is all over the fans and students for not attending. Is that really fair considering the fact that the stadium is 30 miles away in Miami Gardens/North Miami? We are one of the only teams in the country with no on campus stadium where students can simply walk to the games. Since Miami is a commuter school, I'm sure a number of students live South of the U which makes the haul even longer. The $20 parking fee adds to the hardship for both students and fans.

Donna Shalala is to blame for this travesty. The distance, the poor atmosphere, the complete lack of home field advantage. If you've even been to a game at UGA, FSU, UF or anywhere with an on campus stadium, you know that home field advantage is a real thing. We have none in No Life.

Notre Dame in the cold on the road at night. It will be tough but we owe them from the 2010 Sun Bowl

It's All About The "U"
It's All About These "Baby Canes"

every second string on fsu defense is a freshman....starters are all jr/sr....but the freshman are getting rotated during the games....so whats their excuse?

dont listen to cane72, and acc- both the same trolling gatrs.

Petty little jealous fools. Yeah. I suppose Arkansas (preseason top ten) is really good. Or Tennessee. Yeah sure. last time I cheked LSU barely beat Towson at home. Towson? Are you serious? ISit close to Furman?

Cane72- Your Miami NW high school diploma and your FAMU degree didnt mean you aint dumb.

you guys above obviously are not athletes and never played the game,,nothing absolutely nothing separate athletes more than heart and will! The game still has to be played, ND secondary has not faced anyone like the U WRs. The U WRs are all 4.39 to 4.45 guys who can catch and run after the catch. We do not know what type of matchup problems this will create with ND Secondary. Quite honestly, the U secondary has faced better QBs that what ND will bring. NC State QB is at least a 2nd to 3rd round pick, KSU QB is at least a 4th round! Another potential matchup problem. The only area I see as a clear favorite for ND, is there huge LBs. Yall stop jacking antoher man stick before the game is even played!!!!!

Cold and rainy and dark in Soldier Field?
Say it aint so!
Watch the baby canes strive to score at least 40 to outscore the opponent again
Strive as they must but alas this opponent does play defense!
Shades of Manhattan, and that aint no Gotham, Batman!
At least we are in play for the Coastal.

Its not the DC folks, he is playing with Freshmen and Sophmores who are going up against 4 year and 5 year RedShirt Seniors who are bigger and stronger, trust me people, old man strength vs youth will win out every time! Waint until these guys have another off season to get bigger ans stronger, and we will see another improvement. If Miami scores 40 points, we win!

so what is status of Curtis Porter?

good old fashioned hatred for us again. no respect...frankly we have earned it...yet...Sat night is our chance...def is sad...offense yes we have speed...we meed the passion....show toughness...play 4 qtrs...no ome knows...yrt


Get your facts straight. Watson the Right Tackle rated a top 5 prospect who will leave this year for the NFL and the center are Jr's. You mention a TE last time I checked TE are not considered an offensive lineman. Go hate somewhere else.

Go Canes

The defense is giving up a lot of yards buyer also got some turnovers to go with it. The offense and st also didn't do us any favors by getting to the 2 yard line twice an not coming away with a score. Notre dame had problems at qb and I'm not sure how mAny points they can put up. We have a definite advantage with our wr over their DBS due to injury. We have to find some way to neutralize their front seven and if we can do that this is a very winnable game. We have to stop the run against notre dame in order to have a chance in this game. This prime time matchup will be good in the maturation of this young bit talented team.

watson is soph.....sterling lovelady is freshman center....please stop with all the excuses. the point is fsu play as many freshman and soph as we do....the coaches are hedging the teams performance with this "young" stuff....

Jim gallo kill yourself you always have something negative to say about the canes always trying to throw us under the bus maybe its because you see the true potential we have Cane Nation needs more haters like you, your apart of the problem not the solution... These young kids have found the solution an that's sticking together an not giving up becoming a family before I eyes,... Our dee does have a few questions but they also have caused more turnovers than ive seen Miami produce in a very long time... Say what you want but Coach Al is winning games so who cares how many points or who it is we beat as long as we continue to win... An if I'm not mistaking ND is always highly ranked but when is the last time they actually played for all the marbles or competed in a meaningful bowl ????? I'm waiting... ND hasn't faced a team with this much talent an sheer want to prove themselves...

What the idi*ts above (CaneFan'72 and Jim Gallo) do not seem to comprehend is that the more they hate, the more we love it.
Nuck Fotre Lame.
Guck FainesvilleU.

Posted by: corpus

Don't get so mad and don't lump me with other posters you don't like.
No one mentioned Arkansas and they are bad indeed. Now Tennessee has a potent offense and would do very well if they played in the ACC.
"LSU barely beat Towson at home. ISit close to Furman?"

Let me see if I can say this in a way even a Moron can understand......... LSU won that game and UF did beat Furman last season. Those were wins. Unlike Ga Tech losing to Middle Tenn and the canes losing to BC and Maryland last year. Those were losses, to pansies. Big difference.
The evidence is there, facts don't lie, the ACC sUcks.
Now I give you the canes so far have been able to compete, can they keep it up, can they outscore everyone the rest of the season? Me thinks not.

Gee - you ND fans seem a little nervous. I wonder why?

Dicky boy, Jim, Canefan, or ACC which ever name you are using this week. Looks like all of them.
Are the Canes favored? No
Do you, or any of the so called experts think we have a chance? No.
But than according to all of you we were suppose to get blown out by GT. Oh yeah now GT s**ks
according to you. LMAO
Waiting for Jim(Dicky) to admit he was wrong about KState being a average team. Doubt that would happen. Canefan (Dicky) what D do you think ND runs. Oh no could it be a 3-4.
I am so glad we get to play the game and actually see who is the better team.
Remember stranger things have happened. You were born. You learned to read and write. The list goes on.....
Keep the envy and hate fires burning little boys.
As always

Jim gallo.... Your an idiot. Miami wins big against no talent dame. Our offense is the best in the country we are just getting started. I know this because I can tell the futy

Nothing more to be Said other than ....


I have no rhyme or reason just a feeling that our 'Canes are high on adrelaine, and youthful optimism which trumps all the above garbage.. Coaches are ecstatic, and we are the underdog..with ND we always are...Love it.

Score 31-14

We will make beleivers out of these trolls and they will slink away into the night...
Go team.. We are the 'CANES.
Go 'Canes Always

@ Acc sucks and the canes can't compete, who's your team? your probably your sons pop warner coach an he's most likely the fattest slowest kid on the team that wants to dig his nose an eats buggers instead of listen to his dad sell pathetic dreams of how he could've been this or that if he wouldn't have had that leg injury he suffered in junior high, you an Jim gallo should play sword fight in the bathroom with the lights out an see who wins you freaking blog stalking nobodies


big time alumni here and supported this team when you still had beef stew in your pants......you would rather have the team run off the cliff....im proactive. I see where the problems are....your blind freshman class 2016. giving the oppposition a 4 touchdown advantage can NEVE win long term. defense is getting worse and its showing up all over the stats.

funny thing about statistics....cant run away from them

DC has to go...why wait will the team gets hurt

You morons keep talking about this player and that.
Hey, dingalings, it ain't just about the players.

Players win games, sure on great athletic ability. But Coaches lose them by installing crappy formations and making crappy calls. Why are always the same coaches winners and the same ones are losers? Look at Urban Meyer and Spurrier, Saban, winners at any college. Look at all the coaches with losing or mediocre records, golden, eh?

I will guarantee you a Miami win IFFF golden and the DC play ONLY a tough, four down big linemen on defense, DEs driving across the line of scrimmage from the outside and turning plays back to the middle, move the interior LBs to within two yards of the line of scrimmage, blitz from the weak side or the blind side, cover tight man to man defense with free safeties double covering if necessary, and if Morris is turned loose with down field passing instead of flat passes. Plus, pass to the tight ends and punish the ND safeties. Get tough blocking from the offensive line and cut loose Johnson.

Plus, the Canes need to wear T shirts underneath their uniforms and have jackets to wear when they are off the field.

If golden and his coaches do not do all these things, I will guarantee that ND will win.

we are so good that we cant make the top 25...really? has to go to overtime to win against gt, lol.....look golden and dc are on borrowed time....this will end badly. The stats are running away on defense....youll see but unfortunately when its too late then youll start asking for dc head. your like a small time investor....buys ate the high...sells at the low...always comes late to the party.

Hey Dick sorry I mean Jim.
Why don't you cross your eyes, and rub your little crystal ball and tell us your prediction?
Support the team? That's a good one. Thanks for the laugh

Canefan72 if your such an expert why didn't UM contact you for the job o that's right because you never played or ever coached anyone so let golden pilot this flight

Jim Gallo..Obviously math is not your subject...look at two-deep depth chart released for the ND game today:
ON Defense: 8 Freshmen; 6 Soph.; 5 Jr.; 3 Sr.= 22
ON Offense: 5 Freshmen;8Soph; 6 JR; 3 SR= 22
THat's right, a 2deep = 22 players on O & 22 ON D=44
LET'S SEE: Fresh: 13
Soph: 14
Jr.: 11
SR; 6
And, we're not a "young team" in your estimation with only 6 SRS. 11 Jr. on our 44 man 2-deep. You are obviously challenged by math! GO CANES...Upset the Irish!!

nd will play miami like they played michigan.....balance approach on offense. Their defense will hold miami / morris in check......ND offense will use the clock and wear us down by keeping morris off the field. defeat morris and you win.....thats the problem with having a dc that sucks and couldnt confuse a high school offense. the strategy become more focused on out offense rather than having to deal with both a great defense as well as offense.

we were talking about fsu you idiot, lol....cant you read. fsu offense is practically all soph.....excusessssssssss, keep them comming...how weak, if you worked for me youd be fired...always has an excuse

weather...rain all week right up to sat. low in 40's.....field will be hard as a rock and slippery. Advantage ND. Miami loses...sorry

Well lets see....31 jr/sr have been released on depth chart. We are not young like everyone says.....all excuses.
Posted by: jim gallo | October 01, 2012 at 11:17 AM

Liar. You were talking about UM when you made this claim. He just proved you wrong, just like we did with your fake 2 million dollar claim, that you said you got from some mythical complaint that you cannot provide a link for.

Curse, just drop this persona, because it is failing badly. Your other fake IDdisappearss, and this one suddenly exists, preteding to be a Canes fan but still using the same tone as when you were a Gator fan.

17 is not 31, troll. You know it, I know it, but you don't want to admit you were WRONG AGAIN.

yes right....miami release a depth chart that has 31 jr/sr in the rotation. whats your point? where is the ghost of butch davis and dennis erickson.....495 yards never with them.....only with 2 gombas from nj that will soon have to face the music.....wait till the sanctions hit....every living room on fla will hear the same pitch "you dont want to go to miami...youll be a jr before you ever see a bowl game at best...youl waste 3 yrs there....the nfl looks to bowl players first..always"

ND will use the clock and wear us down, maybe, but with a quick strike offense that Miami clearly has, it does not need much clock. ND still needs at mimimum 30 points to win this game! Thier front 7 is very good, Alabama almost, but that secondary will give up some big plays! I dont want to wish my life away, but damn, am ready for this Saturday!

i dont think so nd held michigan to 237 total offrensive yards.....its gonna be cold and rainy....the turf will be slippery...miami does not play well at all in the rain or cold. gonna be hard to go deep. once nd takes that away there will be hail mary win...thats why morris will be in check. then the nd defense will just keep miami off the field like they did with michigan. nd will then run the ball all over us....in wet cold setting.

Jim gallo kill yourself Miami dosent play well in the rain there from the only sub-tropical university in the country MIAMI you dunce someone please revoke his capabilities to post sheesh

where in the hell is people getting this cold, wet, windy forecast,,,10 day weather forecast is 10% chance of rain, degrees in the 70s, with minimum wind for in Chicago for game time!! Yes 70 is cooler than 90 but heck, if its not pouring or frigid cold, we have a chance to run our normal offense!

I love that CanesFan'72 is offering his advice on what type of clothing the players should wear. But, as usual, his analysis falls short. It is hard to take his clothing advice seriously when he neglects to mention elasticity of socks or thickness of handwarmers. Also, what kind of hats should the players on the sidelines wear? Wool-knit skullies or regular baseball caps???

Cane Fan 72.Just letting YOU know that Holtz always predicts that ND will go undefeated.YOU just started watching him???????He was always scared of playing Miami.....I do remember that much.Seems you haven t looked that Miami is 4-1 and improving.Yep......improving...not a feared opponent yet.However......they re getting there gradually.Who knows what will happen Saturday Night.An unheralded UM team once beat the No 1 ranked team....Penn State....as I recall.Therefore....anything s possible......as the saying goes............"that s why they play the game".Tune in.....I know I ll be watching.

Man, will somebody offer Jim Gallo some money so he can finish the lobotomy? The NFL "looks to bowl players first-always??" What about all the 1AA, division 2 or 3 players you see in the NFL? What about the Juco transfers etc...? I think Jim Gallo's daddy married his sister.

Canes will win. 38–28. Done.

I'm sorry but I'm not impressed with ND's schedule this season at all. Their WRs have yet to post any kind of big numbers against any of the schools they have played so far. Plus there is an inconsistency at the QB spot.

Navy 50-10 W
Purdue 20-17 W
Mich ST 20-13 W
Mich 13-6 W

Purdue hasn't played anybody, Mich St hasn't played anybody, and Michigan hasn't played anybody but Bama(L14-41).

Purdue out rushed them plus sacked NDs QB 5x.

ND 36-54 / 1.4 avg.
Pur 30-90 / 3 avg.

Michigan game wasn't that spectacular either.
41-161 / 3.9 avg.
31-94 / 3 avg.
What helped ND in that game was that Denard Robinson got picked 4x.

Defense is what has kept ND alive till this point, not offense.

ND hasn't played a team with our speed. Sorry, facts are facts. They haven't met Phillip Dorsett, Rashawn Scott, Randy "Duke" Johnson, and Allen Hurns. They haven't met a RB like Mike James that gives and gives and gives until the opposing team breaks.

Time for Morris to release down field all day. Enough of those bombs will soften up the defense so that we'll punch it with James and setup the screen pass to Duke. This is gonna be a close game I think it'll go down to the last few seconds.

U 21 - nd 14


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