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D'Onofrio says he doesn't hold grudges; Luther apologizes; plus other Canes/Cain notes from Saturday

Hurricanes defensive tackle Luther Robinson, whose father took to the radio airwaves earlier this week and accused UM coach Al Golden of favoring his own recruits over the players former coach Randy Shannon brought in, said Saturday he's apologized to his head coach and his teammates and is looking to move forward.

“First, I want to start off by apologizing for what he said,” Robinson told reporters following Saturday morning’s practice. “He was looking out for me, not really looking out for the team. I just told him that he was wrong for doing it and that we need to cut that out.”

Robinson said his father also called Golden and apologized.

Asked about Robinson's father's phone call to WQAM and the Joe Rose show earlier this week, Golden said: "That's about as improper as it can get. It's as simple as that.

"[Parents can call] position coaches, coordinators, head coach," Golden went on to add. "Again, there should be no problem on our team because every player gets graded on every play, every day. So there's constant communication. So there should be no communication breakdown in terms of evaluating a player each day and what they do."

Robinson, who has nine tackles in the seven games he’s played in, is currently listed as a co-backup to starter Olsen Pierre. Earlier this season, Robinson was suspended for the Kansas State game for getting into an argument with an assistant coach.

Defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio said Robinson averages about 20 to 30 snaps a game and has consistently been among the group of six defensive tackles who play every game. Asked if a parent's actions could affect their child's playing time, D'Onofrio said "it's ultimately up to Al to decide."

"There's 105 guys on our team -- 50 on my side of the ball. Things come about," D'Onofrio said. "I'm not a grudge guy. I don't hold a grudge. I just want the guys to get better. At the end of the day, we want to improve them, coach them hard, tell them what they're doing wrong. If they let us down in some capacity I'm not the type of guy to hold a grudge. They're 18, 19, 20 years old and you have to develop them and help them become better people and those type of things. Otherwise, it doesn't really get you anywhere.

"At the end of the day college football coaches want to win games and whoever gives us the best chance to win, we certainly want them on the field -- provided they do everything we ask of them in practice. I don't know what the numbers would be, but we're definitely playing plenty of guys who were here before we got here."


> Golden said there’s a chance junior defensive end Kelvin Cain, who has not been listed on UM's roster since Thursday, could return to the team. Golden said he’s spoken to Cain and his mother several times including as recently as Saturday morning. But Cain, Golden said, has "got to sort through some things and we'll go from there."

“Sure there’s a chance,” Golden said of Cain re-joining the team. “But I just want to make sure we're clear, he stepped away for a period of time, left the team for personal reasons and we're trying to work through it right now.”

> Third-string running back Eduardo Clements, who sustained an undisclosed season-ending knee injury against Florida State, was at practice Saturday to work as a coach with his teammates.

UM offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch said Clements, the team's third down specialist, was averaging about 12 offensive snaps a game. Fisch said those will now be split by senior Mike James and new third-string running back Dallas Crawford, who continues to work primarily as the scout team quarterback. Golden said that as of now he doesn't want to have to burn the redshirt of freshman running back Danny Dillard.

> Golden confirmed sophomore linebacker Gionni Paul, the team's sixth-leading tackler, was suspended for the Florida State game. Paul, who has 31 tackles in five games, is now listed as the third string middle linebacker behind junior Jimmy Gaines and freshman Raphael Kirby.

> Freshman running back Duke Johnson, who sprained his right ankle in the second half of the Florida State loss, said it feels a lot better now and he expects to be full-go against Virginia Tech on Thursday. He still is battling through the turf toe injury.

> Quarterback Stephen Morris said his ankle was very sore after the Florida State game, but he's feeling a lot better. "I'm good," Morris said. "Still doing rehab on it, still want to strengthen it, but the ankle is feeling is great. It should be back to 100 [percent soon]."

Although there were reports on television during the FSU game that Morris also injured his hip, Morris said they were false. "I don't know where that hip story came from," he said. "What happened was my tights were too tight. I was just trying to have them cut it and I guess the TV saw them working on it and thought my hip was hurt."

> Golden said reports/rumors of a new injury to linebacker Denzel Perryman are incorrect. "He's had the same ankle for five weeks now," Golden said. "We're trying to get him healthy and in the game."


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Dallas Crawford, here is your chance. Gionni Paul got so much better, I hope he doesnt screw up

Al golden, I love u!

Huge game Thursday. Absolute must win. Gotta improve and stop the bleeding...Must win the Coastal and it starts Thursday..

The DC is still garbage. DunnoToday, DunnoTomorrow, DunnoForever. How long can this defense go giving up 600-plus years a game? That signals a change in my mind.

Relax kitty......the D is a work in progress.

Exactly, bottom line is golden and his staff SUCK! With these losers the canes are getting and going nowhere. They will win about 4 or 5 games and that's it. Fire the whole staff!

6o true cane fans

Dolphin77 are you on something?...
A guy trying to rebuild a team that has as much legacy and tradition and you say the he and his staff SUCK.

Do you have any idea that in it's time slot against FSU the Miami game was one of the most watched games nationwide?..

Whether you like it or not Coach G and his staff is there, and they will be there for a long time. They are not going anywhere but building the 'U'....you don't have to watch, cheer or even look at the 'U' but I will guarantee you that you were one of the "FANS" that cussed out the Fins and hated them when losing.. Win a few you are back on board.

You do not have to like the 'Canes, or cheer for them, but whether you like it or not they are going to be huge factors on the College Football scene in 2- 3 years... so put your mind in gear and "Fire the whole staff" as you posted is moronic and stupid..
I don't know if after reading your post you would understand what that means but it really is saying STFU moron.

Luther your Dad started something that he needs to finish... Tell your Dad Call Joe and explain himself on the radio.There is unfinished business there after spouting off, cussing, and reaming out like a crazy person our team and staff.. Shame to cuss out your family like that.It does make you look like a hothead.

Kelvin if you have issues get them cleaned up or move on...attitude and living the process is everything.

Clements follow Morris and support your guys you are all family.

Coach G, you are a classy guy and show how to be a leader by not making distractions deter your determination to rebuild our 'Canes to where they should be... We are with you and keep up the good work.
Beat the Hokies.
Go 'Canes Always

WHERE are the Gator troll going to be today????

Georga 17

#2 my ass....

And when FSU get's a hold of ya, it'll be even a worse drubbing.

As for the CANES (WHOOOP WHOOOP). Duke was a fantasy as i thought. We'll beat VT and rematch with FSU.

FSU likely still will win, but i won't rule out my CANES ain't gonna come back with a bigger grudge the 2nd time around...

cool cat all due respect, they gave up 450 orso to FSU. Not 600.

I have to assume a lot of the negativity in these posts is from other team's fans posing as UM fans (and spoofing screen names of legitimate fans).

The truth is that this amazingly young UM squad is getting better before our eyes. Witness the scores: 52 to KSU, 41 to ND then 33 to FSU. Acceptable? No. But getting better. Reserve judgment on the process until Golden and co. are in year 4.

For now, enjoy watching these young guys scrap it out each week. I will always root for UM. Because I am a long time Cane fan. Go Canes!

CANES= Youngest team in the country....

Let that sink in. And when AG gets in his 3rd class and another year of development, we'll make noise next year. Year four in 2014, we are going for #1 BIAAATCHES!

I really enjoyed those comments from the Coaches. Sometimes you need to hear your leaders say we can give young guys a chance to get it right.

Turds......another season with at least 1 loss......NEVER an undefeated season......the tradition continues.

F*ck, Notre Dame just kicked Oklahoma in the taint in the fourth quarter. They're pretty good at college football.

I think next year we should win 10 games and the following year we should be up for a NC title bid.
Golden put a pretty good class together last minute his first year, followed by this year's freshman. This offense should fill the spots. I think once we get a full off-season for guys like Earl Moore, Dequan Ivery, Jelani Hamilton, Deon Bush, Duke, etc. We will be much better. Every game we are on field, we look like kids compared to grown men.

If you have paid any attention, the D has vastly improved. Save for a few missed passing assignments, they are really starting to click. A couple of O screw ups lost us the FSU game, not the D (and I mean just a few). Hopefully both the D and O will fire on all cylinders the rest of the way. Duke losing today ahs set the table for us. Dine away.

D'No cleans out a player's (Kelvin Cain's) locker and then proclaims he doesn't hold grudges is absurd. Why did those Miami would be seniors leave a year early? Cause they had to play for that guy and they decided it wasn't a task worthy. And Golden is worse, because he allows it. Look, if I am a parent, and my kid cmmits to you, and you clean out his locker before one of the most important games of the year, and my son is a junior or better, I think you betrayed the trust I gave you when my son commited to you.

Is this how you spell I R R E L E V A N T?

It seems like a lot of people are still angry about the failure of the last regime...that's not Golden's fault...he came in with no depth, not a lot of talent in a lot of areas....I don't remember anyone saying Randy SUCKS in his 2nd year..and in case you forgot, he was 5-7 and 7-6 in his first 2 years....seems like some people would rather be right than support the team.

sjmparman you are on crack. I don't care if a kid is a 5th year senior. You bail on your team your arse is gone. As an upper classman Cain should know better. Some leader he is. It's nice to see some posts here that are positive. I truly support this young team. It will take time for sure but I see improvement. I see a team in better shape than before. I see a team that does not quit.

As for those Shannon guys that bailed last year, it had nothing to do with playing for Donofrio. They couldn't take the U Tough program. It was tough losing those guys especially on defense. We really needed Vernon, Ojomo, and Fortson. Ok maybe not Fortson, what a bust. He could have really benefited from another year playing for the U.

Go Canes! Beat Va Tech and win the division.

These coaches are solid and do have integrity, I do believe. I applaud Luther for apologizing, and it is good his dad called Golden. And it is right that Golden called his radio rant "improper."

Me-first crap at the UM has got to go in favor of TEAM and FAMILY, no matter how frustrated someone is.

I hope Kelvin comes back in, works hard and earns a shot. Be a man and step it up...

And let's show up and support the Canes this Thursday and beat VT! Crucial game toward achieving something special this year. Not NC level stuff by any means, but a Coastal Division championship would be a big step for a young ball club...

Some great posts on here, so thank you all for the constructive comments!


If Cain and Golden can come to an understanding then fantastic because we can use all the help we can get. I did state earlier that he had problems as a freshman and was getting beat out by Shayon Green and Tyriq McCord but we can use everyone. It'll be great to have him and Green as seniors next year. Love to hear that Dallas Crawford is gonna get some time in. He needs to be on the field, ANYWHERE ON THE FIELD. That kid is just too talented and gifted not to be out there (offense or defense). Quite curious as to why Gionni Paul is suspended. Also quite proud of Luther Robinson for stepping up like this. Says alot about his character that I didn't think he had in him. I honestly was thinking that he was one of candy randy's entitlement players. Glad to see that I was wrong in this case. With him being a junior this year, it'll be great to have him as a senior next season at 6'3" 290lbs.

Golden once again shows his class.



I have alot of confidence in Golden and this team going into year 3. In all honesty, all I want to see is...

1.Fisch - run, run, and run. Aggressive, in your face, play calling.

2.D'Onofrio - get your defense in order before THIS season ends so we have something to look forward to for next season.


Hey it is nice to see, some Canes fans being "real fans,"
and supporting these kids and their coaches, like a breath of fresh air!

Speaking of fresh air, UGA 17-UF 9, lmao and how bout them BCS busters across town, they have to be the best 1-7 team in the country, right? Who knew BCS busters meant BCS bust!

Also a shout out to Manny for giving us the real facts and numbers about whose recruits are playing and dressing out. Damn the facts.....they ruin such good blogging points! LOL

It's hard to hold a grudge when you are just as wrong as the other person. Give me a break. Those coaches may be getting the message that fans are tired of hearing them blame players for the lack of productivity. Just like I've heard some of you say these 18, 19, and 20 year olds need to stand up and own up to their mistakes -- so do these grown men. There is so much dissension within that team and what a lot of you want to believe is that it's because these players don't want to buy into Golden's strategies. I think the guys who didn't want to buy in are long gone. The guys who remain want to buy in, but they also want to win. The coaching staff owes them and fans a winning strategy. Personally, I hope they get there, but they must realize they've got to do some things differently too. In too many games it has come down to how our coaching competes against the opponents' coaches. Brian Kelly, Jimbo Fisher, K-State coach....think about it...these are seasoned, well trained coaches. I'm not saying players are off the hook, I'm just saying great coaches should be able to get this team competitive and fired up to win. Instead you see unraveling.

Just like Hurricane Sandy is wreaking havoc, our Canes need to wreak havoc on VT. I hope coaches come prepared to out coach Beamer and our players come to play lights out football. Gotta put the distractions aside and win in spite of. Go canes. And for the record, I sure hope coaches and Cain come to terms...there's enough blame to go around. Just move on. Same thing with Paul. Everyone gets frustrated when you're losing. Let it go and bring this team together.

Please these coaches are not in the same league as fisher or kelly.....they will never be able to elivate UM.....they dont have it and their records show it from their past....there is so much internal poisen now in the Um system that it will be impossibe to fix unless there are significant changes at the coaches level.....6-6 or 5-7 year end cane record will do it. The players now have hidden animosity towards the staff....they hate the DC...no new recruit or parent will want their kid exposed to this especially with sanctions....it really is very over for miami...I dont see how this gets better unless nfl type coach is hied that brings solid staff.....just aint gonna happen....the stats this year are the worst in 25 yrs at UM

Jim, that's my point too...the Miami coaching staff is going up against seasoned, well trained coaches...and losing the coaching game.

look at the stats:
this year - defensive yard total 3,576 or 447 avg
offensive yard total 2,694 or 336 avg

now look at last year with a 6-6 season year end totals
offensive total yards 4,533 or 447 avg
defensive total yards 4,319 or 357 avg

what you see is the offense is performing weaker than last year with a more experienced players...weak OC plays...look at last 3 games with 27 points total
then you see the defense blowing up the offense by widening the spread differential in total yards....the offense cant keep up with the defensive allowed yards....the coaches cant fix this...and our sched is really weak when you think about it....solution is make a total coaching staff change since those statistics will not get better going forward and there is nothing in Goldens record that proves he can drastically change the outcome of the statistics....make a brian kelly change like in the nd charlie weis...your not going to see 11-1 or 10-2 from Golden going forward....there is nothing in his coaching history to prove that...he was 27-34 at temple and he really didnt turn that program around to miami caliber...sorry those are the facts

When you suspend a guy with the 6th most tackles (Gionni Paul) for the biggest game of the year, it HAS to be serious.
Does anyone know why Paul was suspended?

If Cain can work things out, then I am glad he can contribute at LB/DE.

What about OL Jermaine Johnson?

Pretty sure Jermaine Johnson might be gone. Disappointing if you ask me.


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