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Fisch talks drops, Duke, Stephen Morris, Carolina D

Offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch discussed the Notre Dame game and looked ahead to this week's North Carolina matchup on Monday.

The Hurricanes (4-2, 3-0 in ACC) were plagued by drops against the Irish. Fisch agreed drops seem to be the only real negative that has affected his offense this season.

"It definitely has hampered us at times from really the Boston College game," Fisch said. "We kind of looked back and I think we had seven drops in that game and we had seven drops in this one. I think there are games where we are getting better at it. I don't think we were dropping it in the games that we had our bigger games in terms of production. We had less drops [in those]. This one got us. Against Kansas State we dropped a pretty good amount. It is one of those things that you have to work through and be able to find ways to catch the ball and execute the plan."

Fisch called Saturday's performance against the Irish "weird" because the offense performed well but only produced three points. "We look back on the game and we had two offensive penalties the whole game, we didn't turn the ball over, no interceptions, no fumbles," he said. "I thought Stephen Morris did have a good game, and we walked away with only three points. What do you tell them? How does that happen? Well it happens because we didn't execute. We didn't finish. You can throw a beautiful ball, but if you don't catch it then you don't finish."

> There weren't many changes on the Canes' depth chart on offense. But there was one notable new addition: freshman Robert Lockhart is now listed on the two-deep. Fisch said Monday he would "like to have a role for [Lockhart]" in Saturday's game against North Carolina.

"I'd like for him to have an opportunity," Fisch said. "He's done a great job competing each week and improving. He has a good understanding now. I think we can use him as one of our weapons. He has a better understanding now and I think we can use him as another one of our weapons."

> While freshman Duke Johnson continues to rank in the top five in the ACC in all-purpose yards (1st, 168.3), kick return average (3rd, 27.9), and rushing (5th, 63.5), his overall production rushing and receiving has begun to slow down a bit in the past three weeks. He's scored just one touchdown in the past three games and had 57 yards combined total offense versus the Irish. Fisch said Duke's drop in production Saturday was just a case of not being able to get things going on offense at all.

"Obviously, you would like to hit on some of those bigger plays because that would have given us more plays and not dropped the ball on the third down," Fisch said. "When you get more plays, you get more opportunities to run the football, you get more opportunities to get the ball in Duke's hands. I think in terms of our ratio to plays run and his touches, it was good, I just don't think he didn't have enough touches because we didn't run enough plays."

> Duke has had some drops during some games this year. Is that unlike him?

"It is certainly not like him in practice," Fisch said. "I don't even know if I could think of a play that Phillip dropped a ball in practice. It is not like him either. It's not like Duke. Duke didn't drop that slant against Kansas State all week long when we practiced it. It just happens to be sometimes that it happens. No, it is very unlike Duke to drop it and it is very unlike Phillip to drop it. I don't expect it to be an epidemic by any means."

> Fisch said the accuracy of quarterback Stephen Morris "has really improved."

"One of the things that we were talking about going into the season was that we all knew he had a very strong arm, but how was his accuracy going to be?," Fisch said. "That was an earlier knock maybe. I think it's A, hard work; and B, I think his ability to be accurate is due to how hard our wide receivers practice during the week. If you are always running full speed, then you are practicing that way and you become more accurate. When you have guys practicing at different tempos all the times -- and that is an issue we had until this season -- our guys practice full speed everyday. Phillip runs that route that fast Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Therefore were able to become more accurate throwing it on Saturdays.

"I think we have been able to convince Stephen to trust himself. Trusting yourself means that if you believe somebody is coming open, throw it then. You don't have to wait until you see them come open every time. That's part of it. Trusting yourself means that if we tell you that he is going to run by the safety 40 yards down the field, trust it and let your feet do the talking -- meaning throw it on one hitch, don't wait until three or four hitches and wait and wait and wait. That's a huge difference. I think that's why he is more accurate and more confident and our receivers are doing a great job running routes in practice."

> One player who continues to gain the trust of Morris and Fisch is fifth-year senior Davon Johnson, who is now fourth on the team with 16 catches for 262 yards.

"DJ's done a really great job," Fisch said. "He has made some of the tough catches and some of the easier catches that sometimes when you are wide open and thinking about it. You're thinking about 'I got to catch it.' He has been very mature. It think his age has shown up, his maturity. He has been around the program for a while and I think that's helped him and I think that's helped his consistency."

> North Carolina's defense isn't as highly touted as Notre Dame's, but they still present a good challenge, Fisch said. The Tar Heels rank 26th in scoring defense (17.83 ppg), 20th in total defense (312.33 ypg) and 11th against the run (86.33 ypg).

"They are very fast up front, their secondary is good," Fisch said. "Obviously, Butch [Davis] did a great job recruiting, so they are very talented players. They do a great job schematically -- really a great job. It is going to be a challenge for us. It's going to be an all day challenge for us.

"Their defensive line is excellent, they are very active. Their secondary does a great job of ball-hawking. I think they have a number of interceptions, a high number of takeaways and a high number of sacks. So our [offensive] line is going to have to do a great job. I think our line is giving up a sack once every 34 passes, which is double compared to last year when we're 1 for 17. It is going to be an all day event on Saturday. They're not a big man team. They play zone. They're very aggressive and their safeties are very good."


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Didnt read your blog Manny, Wont ever again. Your Sean Allen piece was yellow journalism. You besmirched and accused alot of people without any corroboration . You are worse than Charles Robinson. You are an official persona-non-grata. Sean Allen all of a sudden approaches the Herald after approaching Feldman and you never stopped to think he was getting paid to do this? You think a guy like Shapiro doesnt have a secret stash somewhere?
There is no profession called journalism any more. Pathetic.

Wow, told her to clean diahes before use.

That was a text, sorry.

Channel your anger towards The Troll....it all happened on Shalala's watch. Why does she get to keep her job?

Um, our offense is fine. Why don't we have some answer from 'onofrio (no D)?????

Canesforlife is absolutely correct. Ive never been one of these posters that hates on manny or susan...usually im just glad to get any info as i live in usf country but i csnnot believe the pass that donofrio has gotten as the season has progressed. In the first few weeks we got a few questions but i cannot understand why golden expects accountabilty from his players but not his buddy donofrio. I would like for one reporter to point blank ask him if there is a reason that every db and lb start every play 10-15 yards off the line of scrimmage. If golden wont hold him accountable and continually throw his players under the bus...then perhaps the media can try to pick up the slack.
These are not the same midwest northern players that need a cushion...this is s fla. We have atheletes that play press, bump and run...we create pressure and force the other team to make mistakes. Perhaps donofrio is simply unaware of his personnell...

The "hometown herald" has always been BS. The mere fact that after all this time they begin to pound the Shapiro story sickens me! The program will come out on top. Lets see what's written then. GO CANES!!!

Why are we reading a story about the passing game when it is the lack of dedication to running the ball that is the biggest problem on the offense. The []_[] has never been a pass happy team. We are RB []_[] not QB []_[]. Mike James has 6 mfin' carries and we wanna talk about Morris's accuracy? How bout why we don't try to run a ball control offense when we know our D is suspect and we are on the road in a hostile environment.

And Don't even let me get started on the D. I think D'onofrio should have to give back his salary. He has no business coaching football in an AQ conference. Like Coker he will fade into coaching oblivion after he wastes all this talent he has been given. Fire both coords now and if Golden doesn't like it or think it is absolutely necessary fire him too.

Coaching the Canes is easy. Run the ball and attack on D.

Hire Rob Ryan to coach the team and Shanahan's kid to run the offense and we will destroy the NCAA.

Stephen Morris needs to work on his touch also. Some of his throws are too hot for receivers to hold on, resulting in drops.

I understand he has to get the ball out to avoid sacks or to beat the DB from getting too close to his receiver, which is fine. At other times he needs to throw a catchable ball.

I wasn't impressed with Notre Dame. The team is overranked. The 'Canes made them look better than they are.

I agree with Fisch, though; Morris was hitting the receivers right on the hands.

Y'know, for a scholarship, I'll come to UM as a wide receiver and drop balls in big games. I can do that.

At least the 'Canes are still undefeated in the ACC, and NC State showed that the 'Noles are vulnerable.


No execuses, but oh well, to hell with it,,Notre Dame offensive line were all seniors, 4th and 5th year type guys,,big, strong, and experience, going up against freshmen and redshirt sophomores,,but now our offensive line, where most of them can start for at least 60% of other schools, did more than hold thier own against ND. Morris needs to become a better run-passer! Grown man strength will win agianst boy strength each and every time. I look at most SEC school's schedules, and most of them will play at least 3 FBS schools this year, with Miami playing only one. I think its time that Miami dial back the tough scheduling until these players get up to strenght.

why blame herald for allen story. It is a very real problem going forward for Miami....we will be sanctioned, no doubt. It is not yellow journalism, allens attorny went public that they turned over phone records,cash reciepts and more during allens deposition. I do not think she would lie in public like that. NCAA has Miami...stop dreaming and face reality. I do like rob ryan as HC...but would be impossible to get him here...butttttt, maybe extend a line to him.....ya never know?

how about this...rob ryan HC/DC and rob chudzinski OC....now that would recruit, sanctions or not....

Not as if d'omofrio will go. He is Golden's go to man.

I wouldn't complain about the offense either. The issue here is the front 4 on D. The D-line is a joke and it makes the back 7 work twice as hard because they cant stop the run nor can they pressure the QB

Posted by: JW Knuckles | October 08, 2012 at 09:46 PM

Not really correct. UM was ALWAYS referred to as "Quarterback U."
It's just we produced SO many excellent players at TE, LB, RB...everywhere.
I'll wager, right now, an all UM NFL team could beat 1/2 the teams in the league, even with JACORY at QB. Wait, he got cut.
Ah, perhaps there is an answer...no NFL quality QB in the last 9 seasons. Even Ken Dorsey, a GREAT college QB, lasted only a couple of years at SF.

Morris is the best we've had since Kenny, and MORE than enough to win big. We need the big guys up front, on both sides of the ball to play, as Dan Sileo says ANGRY.

Reluctantly7, I have to agree that the Sean Allen story served NO PURPOSE printed in the Herald.
UM has SO many haters everywhere else, why exacerbate our angst here, especially after the beat-down we just suffered.

BTW, to which university did Manny matriculate?
I'll wager it wasn't UM.

Manny, previously having a brief, but pleasant "online' conversation with you, quite frankly I'm surprised you delved deeply and surgically into our flesh, flesh already bruised and swollen from the original revelations, and ongoing investigation.

Opening these wounds further, only to regurgitate the same dialogue spewed forth by the Yahoo writer is not only hurtful, but IMO hateful.

Ah, FIU.


Also We can blame the Defensive line coach because our guys dont shoot gaps at all. The ends dont rush up field, what ever happen to the days when we just put our foot down and go. If its a run during the process we just tackle the damn running back on the way to the quarterback.

The linebackers never played 5 yards off the ball. What ever happen to the day when all the backers was on the line of scrimmage and the O-Line dont know if they were coming or not.

The Corners never played 10 yards off the ball. What ever happen to the days when our corners was 2 yards off the receivers, and ever one knew we was playing man to man.

The safety was always ball hawkers. What ever happen the days when our safetys intercept ever thang or big hit ever thing that came across the middle.
Thats what we are misssing people.

Look at the recruits highlight films, thats what they do. Why change these young men, let them play to their strengths dont fukn take away from their strengths. That what former players said to Dennis Erkinson and he didnt touch it and they were flawless. Hire Gregg Williams and fire the D'Fino and the Troll.

Real Talk Canes Fan
Leggo Canes

Gregg Williams, Gregg Williams, Gregg Williams!!!!!!!



Mane u and the rest of these retards need to stop comparing Butch Davis with Al Golden. College football is totally different from when he coached. I agree with u tho about it takes time, but with progress. We have not progress yet this year and probaly wont because we are on a serious mud slide. Its not one College Footballl Team giving up the kind of yards we are giving up and not only that but every quarterback look like an All-American.

Coaches always play the strengths of their players regardless if they are freshmans or seniors. Jedd Fisch is doing it why not can D'Fino. So I guess u want an example last year Jedd wouldnt let Jacory throw 30 times a game but allows Stephen. With that said Gregg Williams (Saints old coordinator)would be a great UM hire.

I just hope he make adjustments for this game but i doubt it. I havent seen 1 new thing he added to his defense from week 1. Next two games going to be ugly and maybe the Duke and VTech game. I hate to say it but it can happen if the offfense dont out score the other team. And who say u cant fire a coach mid season, it happens everywhere. And Al Golden is a defensive coorinator so he should have no problem taking over the defense.

Leggo Canes

PS: offense has no confidence in the defense, trust me

We were in the game for an entire half, it was the offense that failed to get the job done. Any defense will wear out if the offense doesnt retain the ball. The defense looked better , theres still a lot of work to be done, but its better. It wouldve been different had we scored some points. I think we still loee, but wr wouldve been happier with the results.

Good luck hiring someone to a program about to go on probation.

The defense looked better? No. No they didnt. I wouldnt say 587 yards is better...and the offense as a unit played fine...it was the recieving corp that screwed the pooch. I have no qualms about our offense. I dont care if we get eastern tennessee's dc as long as we dont have donofrio. Sanctions or not we are better than this garbage scheme.


I couldnt agree wit u better. This defense is trash not players but scheme. Golden has to do sumn about this shyt. It is harding to watch us play ball on Saturdays. I cut the Notre Dame off in 3rd qtr bc i knew thr defense was not going to stop them anymore. I dont mine losing but do it with wit effort. Manny puts this garding the Canes out. I give them a F every week on defense even when we win. Now thats a shame.

I feel like... give the kids a chance. Playing 10 yards off every play puts them out of position before the ball is snapped. No one runs the scheme he runs...no one. Bc is its insanity. If they get beat playing press...fine i can live with that...if we blitz and they pick it up...thats ok. But to surrender the first 10 yards before the ball is snapped cheats our boys out of a fighting chance. Its not right.


Finally someone agrees with me Hire Gregg Williams and fire the current Defensive coordinator. Fire the D line coach also he's a bust also. We don't attack anymore to passive.

rchy, great analysis.
canes 702, good point.
why don't reporters interview the DC and ask him why he plays a prevent-the-win defense, lets other teams receivers get into the open with DCs zone defense? How can our linemen get to a passer with only a three man rush? Why is Miami ranked last in the NCAA football? Does he really think he has earned his salary?

Miami is improving but it is not yet in the league with top 10 or even top 15 teams.

The DL and other positions are being pushed around like blocking dummies. They need a real strength coach not someone who has survived through the Coker and Shannon eara.

Steve B, First I AM A UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI FAN, but Steve this is a story. It not Yellow Journalism. It's a story that has to be report whether we like it or not. You are repudiating the wrong people. It not the Herald that did these things, it's the coaches, players, and administration. Sorry man, but if only a fraction of the things reported were done, it's going to be a terrible situation. Don't stick your head in the sand. The NCAA will bring down sanctions, and we'll move on, get stronger, and look at this stuff in the rear view mirror. BUT IT IS A STORY.

Agree with all of ya' herein...defense is poor. Offense run the ball more...eat some clock...NC is just as good if not better than we are...sad but true. Establish the run...play 2 minute drill here and there...go old school 4-4-3 or 5-2-4 once in awhile on def...shake things up...letting offenses dictate to us is killing us. God bless

1.VT turn in your jersey and scholarship.
2.Davon Johnson needs to start, now.
3.Dallas Crawford needs to be on the field, anywhere.
4.Fisch - keep calling aggressive plays and don't stop.
5.D'Onofrio - fire up that resume. Leave our your time here.
6.Golden - get on the phone and start calling every former player to get to the games/practices. Former players should be allowed access to the practices and not the media.
7.Golden - please take a good look at your coaching staff and see who can be weeded out as you did with the players earlier. Then see who of the previous (winning) coaching staff would like to come back and coach here. Don Soldinger is only a few miles away from campus. Rob Chudzinski, hell candy randy was a garbage head coach but the man can coach defense flat out. He did a great job at that while he was here. For that position I wouldn't mind randy coming back but not for anything else.

C'mon Canes get it together, I believe in U and WE believe in U. LETS GO CANES!!!!


I also agree wit u bruh. How and the hell the coaches going to be fair when Phillip drop all them passes, two of them touchdowns and still be listed as a first teamer. Thats bullshi t, Davon Johnson is playing well so why cant he start in his place.

Hell why not fire the strength and conditioning coach too. It took him to this year to have our guys finally lifting the kind of weights they shoulda been lifting. Al Golden better get his shyt together because plp going to calling for his head soon.

Get rid of that fukn tie and coach defense. Start today at practice bc North Car loves to run no huddle and run run run and hit u wit a big one. Also who in the hell plays FSU for homecoming, homecoming pose to be a sure win dubbies.

Last but least, maybe we should start scheduling 3 cupcakes to start the season. Everyone else in the SEC does that. Hell play Betune, FamU, and another HBCU. Not only does this brings 3 wins a season but also gives young guys playing time and experience. Also since it looks like TheU will be some major hiring this off-season fire the Troll. She doesnt belong here either fn sellout.

DC- Gregg Williams
strength and condition- Ray Lewis (maybe he retire lol)
AD- Alumni player
DL- The Rock, Warren Sapp, ect.

Leggo Canes

Why were our db's playing so far off the line? Geez. Play after play after play.

That being said, Chicago paid a buttload of money to 'upgrade' Soldier Field...now it is only slightly worse than the old OB. If there had been a fire in the stadium, people would have died. The MEN'S bathroom had a 30m wait. You couldn't get from one section to another to meet with friends. Ridiculous.

Al Golden is a failure. His U Strong program didn't work, his team is U Soft and U Wimpy. His DC is garbage and so is his entire defense. His players are regressing and play their worst in big games. Maybe Shalala shouldn't have given him an extension while his team was getting crushed by a pansie. The worst part is that you can't do any better, good luck bringing any one good with sanctions looming. You are stuck with Shalala, Golden and Donofrio. You will have soft, wimpy teams for years.

Offense is fine? 3 points is not fine. Jedd Fisch is way too loyal to his QB. Feast or famine out there on the field. Looks way too frantic. Easy to blame the defense but that offense could not stay on the field at all.

We here about being young on defense everyweek. Jadaveon Clowney is a sophomore and completely dominates. They are making excuses and not adjustments. These kids are talented enough not to be allowing 500 yards a game on defense

I didn't read one comment where D'Onofrio says "I need to do a better job coaching and getting the kids ready to play" they come out and play the excuse card. "These are young players, we have freshman lining up". "We're trying to build something"? I guess other programs around the country are trying to play games and not build anything. Look! FSU brought in Jimbo Fisher look at their program today. USC Trojans brought in Kifin and even after getting probation the program is on sound footing. There are numerous examples I could mention throughout the NCAA. I will admit Golden and his staff deserve more time to build a winner but D'Onofrio needs to step up and admit he's made mistakes and everything that's gone wrong defensively cannot be blamed on being a young team. The numbers allowed are ridiculous and it's time to call the Coaches out for not adjusting.

Also I thought Golden wouldnt use young as a excuse.

The DC needs to go ASAP. Brandon McGee 4.25 forty yard dash. Thomis Finnie 4.37 forty. These kids can play bump and run. We dont zone dog enough, we dont play ANY zero coverages. These are not the days when we had 4 DL who could put pressure on the qb.

Im done, I cant even watch this fn game bc of the defense so Ill go to my alumni homecoming Alabama A&M University (6-0)Saturday. Oh yea they going to beat Auburn for their homecoming. Hell I get so pissed every game even the GTech game I went too, I bout left when we allowed 36 straight points.

Leggo Canes

People we were in a game at halftime agaist a ranked opponent on their turf. Dont tell me thats moy progress. As for the offense....3 points and you have no qualms? Just say you hate D'onfrio and dont waste words with analysis.q


Good points all the way around. Some great football discussion on the blog.

This is one fan's take:

D'Onofrio's model for a defense, seen at Temple,
is Penn State. Nobody is that fast. They play
a zone. The LBs are strong and sit back, and they
may have one good pass rusher. At Temple, they had a
top 10 DT picked by the NFL.

It is a sit back and wait defense that looks for the
front seven to stop the run. Hard hitters in the secondary.

That is not UM defense. Unlike PSU, we have a lot of speed. We are not using it. Specifically, playing more man, up on the receivers, etc. would hopefully take away the easy underneath passes we see every week. The LBs are not stopping those plays.

UNC will run them all day this Saturday.

If you blitz the LBs and don't get to the QB,I suppose that makes those plays easier, unless there is strong man DB coverage.

In any event, it seems that our guys are sitting back and waiting to be attacked. We do not have a DL that can get to the QB with any consistency.

Seems like man and LB pressure makes sense. We have the speed to cover deep if guys hold their assignments. Unsure about VT's game, but I like Highsmith and Rodgers, and especially Bush. I like our CBs as well.

I just don't think D'Onofrio and Golden's defensive philosophy fits. This isn't the Big Ten. The ACC is a QB conference, not a grind it out running conference.

I think our kids are demoralized on D, and the coaching is poor. Don't hear D'Onofrio taking much responsibility. Reported disagreement with Howard, Robinson spat, etc. Not good signs. I don't think there is buy-in by the players. ESPN disses us regularly.

Nonetheless, I hope we see a major improvement against UNC. They will attack us. Our Offense must keep us in the game.

Turn these kids loose on Defense. Use our speed. attack the opponent. So you give up long passes? It beats ball control that underneath passes you to death, combined with runs around our right side. At least, our Offense has a chance of more plays and keeping the game close.

I hope we win!


why go thru all this analysis....just become a gator fan, much easier. Much better than traveling to sunlife...baking in the sun and sitting next to no one. Behind closed doors I bet this staff has no idea what to do....they gave up just as much as the players in chicago....just watch replay on tv...I recorded it....you see offense sulking on bench.....golden standing, staring out on the field....jedd doing the same...you could see that their brains were going a mile a minute in disbelief. There are underlying problems here that have not surfaced. More to come, I can sense it.

They had one of the best defenses in the country...we dropped 2 tds and had another called back...we were averaging 400 yards passing for three weeks in a row...we were averaging 20 yards a grab with sprinkling in the running game featuring one of the most dynamic players in cfb. When i say i have no qualms about offense i keant the competency of the coaching and the quality of the scheme...

If you think our defense has made progress then you are simply delusional. Where was the progress genius? Was it the 15 yards off the dbs were playing? Was it the refusal to change anything even though they ran the same 15 yard out the entire way down the field?
If you truly believe this dc has made progress the you prove that You know nothing.
Just say you believe we are making progress even though there is absolutely no evidence to support that and dont waste time with analysis.
You clearly dont have a clue.
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
Anyone saying donofrio is making progress needs to look at the definition in its strictest terms.

the players dont trust the dc now....they really never did....now the players will go to protect mode and blame the coaches behind closed doors. I sense this whole organization is ready to fall apart. another shoe will drop....you watch

FIRE DNO!!!!!!!!!!!

the offense now is just as questionable....2 dropped passes should not define the whole game for you....lets face it we look good on offense because who we played so far is terrible. As soon as we play a "somebody" the offense looks just as bad as the defense. This team really is just leaving off where they were last year..that is the sad truth. dolphins/canes...nothing changes in miami....miami was a much better sport town when sobe didnt exist.

Admit it cane fans, your team really sucks, the wins you've had have been lucky. You can't rely on luck all season. Your coaches are over their heads, this aint Temple. Accept what it is and move on. Let's go Heat!

Jim Gallo - EXACTLY. I blame it on South Beach and hippity hop music.

seriously, Coach D put in dl from temple into the pros who are productive. he has a line of fresh and soph. He is playing jelani, earl moore, corey king (who didnt really practice in august), tyriq mccord (undersized), Dequan Ivery, plus Curtis Porter has been out. None of these kids have had a full season of weight training. Golden and Coach d sad this before the season. Stay patient, these kids have to fill out. Golden himself said he wants to redshirt most players but we dont have luxury. He has a last minute recruiting class he put together, then last years, and now this years to fill up more depth. When these kids in this years class our juniors, we should have no reason not to play for a national title. Lets focus on acc title game.

well back in the day it was high schools games at the old municiple stadium on coral way....hurricanes sat at OB and dolphins at 1:00 at OB....other than the beach and the crandon park zoo, that was it for miami...oh and dadeland / miricle mile...sports was king

I noticed that CaneKiller doesnt posty his or Her team!
No stones Canekiller or does your wife own them!
I agree with a couple of things ! How does Shalala stay! All this on her watch!scandal, AD's coming and going etc! Lastly, I know we are young on Defense but as the one comment said our DB's
& lb's are way too deep! And please it's nice to be a legacy for pledging a Frat but the talent doesnt always meet the expectations with legacies( see Anthony I'm very slow Chickillo)doesnt always show! We seemingly cant stop anyone and yet Chickillo plays on!!!!!Too many holes to enumerate!!

DBC and Richy thanks for the comments and great posts also.

I do believe that not only should we be putting defensive blames on Coach D but Coach Jethro also as in our Dline coach. That line couldn't hold a cup of water. There are guys on defense that have yet to sniff the field. They couldn't do worse than the crap that's being put out there already.
Even our DB coach Paul Williams, needs to take the blame as well. What the hell are OUR DBs doing playing with that much cushion when it is obvious that our guys need to play man up. We got speedy DBs so use them. All this cushion gives every OC a chance to get 5-7yds here and there. Guess what? That leads to 1st downs and TDs. PLAY MAN UP DAMMIT. No more zone garbage. Man up, LBs play closer to the line to not allow the QB or Oline an opportunity to figure out whether they will blitz or drop back. PLAY MEAN DAMMIT!

I can't be mad at strength and conditioning coach swasey at all. Once Golden came here and gave swasey his plan of attack for the weight room swasey lit up and literally said "this is what we should have been doing all along". That tells me that candy randy never let the boys stay in the gym long enough to get a crazy workout let alone a sweat. He just let them "fly around" outside and called it a day. I honestly recommend any player that is on or will be on this team to say goodbye to your summer because you should rent a room or dorm, whatever, and hit the gym and field everyday till preseason starts up. Beg Coach Golden to let the players join the track team to build up their speed even more. WE ALWAYS HAD PLAYERS ON THE TRACK TEAM. This isn't something that we should shy away from but embrace. I can attest that running track helped me as a football player. Anyone who has done both sports will tell you the same thing. One thing that I truly haven't seen whatsoever that USED TO BE involved in the practices was a sand trap. A huge sand box that coaches would have the players sprint through. This is a great exercise because it helps build stronger ankles and knees. Since you sink more into the sand with every stride taken it makes you work even harder to get out of it and take your next stride. Food for thought.


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