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Game Day! The crowd will be rockin' tonight at Sun Life Stadium for FSU Seminoles at Miami Hurricanes

Finally we'll have a game this season at Sun Life Stadium that feels like a big-time college football rivalry. 

And it is.

FSU Seminoles at Miami Hurricanes -- always a packed house and great time, even if the results of late have left UM fans reeling.

The Seminoles, last I checked, were three-touchdown favorites over the Canes. Wow. The pressure should be on FSU, though I really believe that UM has plenty of it, too, in defending its house and attempting to reverse the slide. Even if Miami loses this game, it can still go on to win the Coastal and qualify for the ACC championship game. 

But think how amazing a win would be for this program. 

Something to ponder: 

* FSU played its first four games at home in Tallahassee, and has only played two games on the road -- USF in Tampa and NC State in Raleigh, N.C. In those games, the 'Noles scored 20 points and 16 (in their only loss), respectively.

Here's some game information for fans:


The 1987 national champion Hurricanes will be honored during tonight's Homecoming game, and a free poster of that team will be available for free. There are 10,000 of those posters available. Fans can pick up poster throughout the Fan Zone at Sun Life Stadiu inside the Grand Plaza. Also, the posters will be available at the Miami Herald subscription tables inside the stadium.


Buses will leave UM's campus from the BankUnited Center and will begin departing three hours prior to kickoff.


Parking lots will open two hours earlier Saturday. All lots will open at 2 p.m. Preferred tailgate lots (3, 5A) will open at 1 p.m.


All stadium gates will open at 6:30 p.m. Patrons will be wanded for security purposes as they enter the stadium.


Tickets still remain for the game. Ticket offices at Sun Life Stadium will open at 4 p.m. at Gates B, D, F and H. Ticket/media will call will open at 4 p.m. at Gate H.


Canes fans can partake in the walk by forming a human tunnel from Gate H (southwest corner of Sun LIfe Stadium) to Gate A. Make sure you're at Gate H by 6 p.m. if you want to watch the Canes players and coaches and band and spirit squads make their way through your tunnel.

 Have fun tonight and be safe.




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"Tickets still remain for the game" At this late hour, really cane fan? You are pathetic.
So most of these poster are gonna go to Nole fans who will donate them to the homeless in Miami to use as toilet paper.
"Finally we'll have a game this season at Sun Life Stadium that feels like a big-time college football rivalry."
You got that right, thanks to FSU. You only get that big time game feel at your pathetic rent a stadium
every other year when we come to your bandwagon town.

And finally, "The crowd will be rockin' tonight at Sun Life Stadium"
Yep, that would be the Garnet and Gold crowd all 35k of us easily out shouting the paltry 15k cane fools who will be bused in for homecoming.

Good article Manny, just needed some clarification.

Your beat down cometh can fan.

The weenies from college gameday dont think this will be close.

I just wish the coaches can motivate these kids and explain the sheer meaning and magnitude of this game. Sure its not #1 vs 2 or whatever. But this game is for pride, and it may spark the canes into an ACC championship. These kids need to learn how to win big games. We know they can win and can play all 4 quarters, but against a big opponent in a big game, the U players need to learn how to pull it off under these circumstances.

They can do it. But the players need to come out firing. Make tackles in space. Hit EJ Manuel hard, even if it means a penalty. Dont back down, and in Offense throw at the corners. Pound them. The O-line will determine the outcome of this game!

How low of a life do you have to have to troll other team's message boards? go away, CankeKiller, you tool.

"Tickets still remain for the game" At this late hour, really cane fan? You are pathetic.
Posted by: CaneKiller aka the curse | October 20, 2012 at 10:35 AM


As of Friday evening, 2,500 tickets remain for Miami-FSU
– michael casagrande


Save it kid. We all know why FSU has such a big following.. Tallahassee has been a hick town with nothing else to do for many years. That place is sooo lame even the water in your lake doesn't want to be there. You know what I'm talking about. Take any bar on HWY 90 aka Tennessee St. and put it against the crappiest dive bar in Miami and there's no comparison. Lol.. how far do you have to drive to get to Alligator point? Seriously man? The best public beach you have within an hour is about 500 yards long? Is the restaurant at the end even open?
I guess you gotta brag when your team is on a high note and the Canes are on a low. Because we all know you couldn't do it when both teams were on top. What's the famous joke? How come the noles couldn't get NC's? Cause they had to play Miami that's why.
So have fun basking on your crappy little beach while you can because even on your best day you will still never sniff what it's like to be a Hurricane.
Btw, didn't your team just lose to the team the Hurricanes beat? hmmm.. and running your mouth?.. sad. But I guess when you live in Tallahassee even the smallest things seem really important. good luck with that

FSU fans highlighting that tickets remain is a little ironic since they have had four home games this year and only one sell out. Your first three home games had anywhere from 12-14k empty seats. Tallahassee revolves around the school so it shouldn't matter who the opponent is. Everyone knows Miami rarely sells out home games so why is this even relevant? There will be around 70k at tonight's game, a great crowd by any measure. Play with heart and stay on your assignments men. GO CANES!

As a Princeton grad with no stake in this fight and also a horrible football team, I would like to make 2 corrections in articles I read pertaining to the game.

(1) The "whole nation" will not be watching. People in Florida and other little pockets might be watching. Why would "the Nation" be watching this game with the other good stuff on? FSU is again relevent while Miami has been drilled by only 2 good teams it has played.

(2)Have lived here for 15 years and from talking to people, there is literally NO respect for either institution by either of the fan bases. What does occur is the hatred for the University of Florida serves as the only common ground and therefore that creates an alliance,however, to say these 2 schools respect each other or agree on anything else besides Florida is patently ridiculous. If it wasn't for U of F the nature of this rivalry would be even uglier. Agreed?

PLEASE!!!!! Tell me the tarps will be off the upper deck. This is getting really sad. I'm surprised the Navy SEAL's haven't received permission to conduct exercises in the upper deck while the games are going on. Nobody up there will get hurt.

NavyCane73---Thank You for your service. What do you think of my idea for using the upper deck to conduct exercises? If they flooded the upper deck, they could conduct Naval War Games.

The crowd will be rockin? Of course it will. For FSU. It's going to be an FSU home game. This blog is ridiculous. How embarrasing is it going to be to hear the Chop all game long in our own place.

This will be like when the U.S. plays Mexico in soccer in L.A. or something. It's going to be ugly tonight.

Plano, TX--No need to thank me, I've enjoyed my 20 years thus far. Until Miami starts winning again or has its own stadium your idea unfortunately has merit.

Bad Football: UF is not relevant. They were patsies last year and this. The fact that UF plays in the SEC says it all. U see, it's called revenue. The SEC is a revenue producing conference from top to bottom. Go look at the budgets from everything from archery to badminton. That means 6/7 of those football teams MUST get all of the publicity, all of the build up, all the TV coverage and so on.

It's no way in the world U can tell me that even "ranked"a s they are that UF is a good football team or for that matter better then FSU. Heck, with UM's defense as bad as it is, UF WOULD NOT walk over UM.

Fan base? Both schools have huge fan bases. I'm not going to call both schools major research institutions, but taken individually, I think FSU and UM have lots to boast about on and off the field. Agree?

The variable, and therefore common ground that U mention, stems from UF's presence in the SEC. This might not be a fair statement, but UM and FSU have a much more storied history than UF and UM. That's because UF and UM did not play each other for a long time.

As a Princeton grad with no stake in this fight and also a horrible football team, I would like to make 2 corrections in articles I read pertaining to the game.

(1) The "whole nation" will not be watching. People in Florida and other little pockets might be watching. Why would "the Nation" be watching this game with the other good stuff on? FSU is again relevent while Miami has been drilled by only 2 good teams it has played.

Posted by: Bad Football High SAT's | October 20, 2012 at 11:05 AM

Not so fast my friend!!!! I'm sure a "Princeton grad" would know how to correctly spell "relevant". Thanks for playing...

Can I play? Please!!!!

Sorry. My level of intellectual acumen should not be judged by a flagrant,yet solitary, misspelling. I am not eliteist enough to monitor spelling errors on a blog, but I do appreciate your attention to my miscue, and I do understand a purpose is served by arbiters of your quality who will detect egregious errors of this nature. Will not happen again.


The best part of this games are the shots of the guy who REPRESENTS the U. You know, the guy who dresses up in a beach towel, carries a toy horn with him and holds up signs created in a special needs class. Is he the Chairman of the English Department?

Posted by: Bad Football High SAT's | October 20, 2012 at 11:05 AM

Nice try troll, I can't speak for FSU fans but yes, Miami respects FSU. FSU is our rival.

And no UM doesn't have a shared hatred of UF with FSU, besides when we play them in football every five years.

UM fans don't give a sh*t about UF besides on this internet blog, where you and a few UM nerds talk all day about your fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football.

Can't wait for tonight - you can throw out the records for a college rivalry game!

90% of the crowd is going ro be fsu fans. Look at the stadium every time they play at home. EMPTY! canes are going to get BLASTED. Fsu is gping to put up 60 on these jokers. Hope there is going to be a fire golden banner flying tonight.

What?! Not a Cane fan, posting on a Cane blog?! GFY! Leon County hicks, Alachua county trash.........GFY! Man I miss making you losers travel to Overtown/lil Havana......don't worry though, I got half of Miami Gardens coming out to tailgate......talk smack, I dear you......inbred punks

What happened to the recruiting page that was suppose to be out Friday MANNY?

The fans on the canes side will be drunk, the noles side will be stoned from the peace pipe. Either way, the canes lose 56-10

FSU, USF, makes BNO difference.
When it comes to television, no other team WITHOUT a network contract (read Notre Dame/NBC) scores higher ratings than does UM.

FSU may win, but viewers didn't tune in to see the Semiholes, who once again crashed and burned in a game they should have won. (NC State)

No so, those UM championship teams.
Wide right,. wide left, too bad.

Go Canes.

Shalalalala will be pissed if Miami does well tonight.

Be prepared for a huge letdown...we are gonna get crushed. Our players are really not that good...they are all fair. Look at ND tonight against byu...offensive/defensive line talking it to byu and all 3 running backs over 100 yards. Look at Florida defense....we are so weak it is pathetic..Golden and his staff are weak....we need to make a change and get back into being a a top 10 team All these top 10 players are shinning against to 10 teams. then look at our kids....chickillo? really...even duke johnson...I'd say the 2 backs for ND are better (riddick/wood)....I hope i am wrong...game starts in an hour, well see. Good Luck canes.

lets see what happens dolphin77 after tonight....after fsu runs up 40 or so points....will the DC be let go. I thing even if that happens Golden will keep him. That in itself means the whole bunch has to be let go. What differnce does it make were gonna be 5-7 with sancations anyway....lets start new. Go to NFL.

Gallo if you are prepared for a letdown then WHY WATCH THE FRI***** GAME?..

Whatever the outcome you are cheering for the Gayturds so go on to bed or play cards...

You really don't need to watch this game, and then to have the GALL to say.."Good luck Canes".

Give me a break.
Canes 31-24
Go 'Canes Always

Im a loyal cane alumni....I call like i see it. I have right from the beginning said Golden was a weak/rushed pick.....I care about the team but will not agree to watch them drive over a cliff. Dude you need to watch some NCAA football and then youll see whats out there. Did you see Florida today? How about the whole coaching staff is new...every one of them 1st year at UF...UF is the #1 team....you mean to tell me we cant even get into the top 25? Dont blame coker or shannon or george bush...blame it all on Golden. You just will never get it....they all have to GOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Cool Cat is a certified moron who must be another Cane "fan" with an MDCC degree. Gators are not relevant? What do you call being ranked #2 in the nation by the BCS? Go back to playing Play Station 3 little boy.

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