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Game Day! The Irish are favored by 14 points over the Miami Hurricanes. What's your take?

CHIGACO -- So, here we are, another chapter in the Miami-Notre Dame history about to unfold, and at historic Soldier Field, no less.

Notre Dame and Miami will meet for the 25th time, with the Irish holding a 16-7-1 series lead.

At least as of last night, Notre Dame was favored by 14 points.

Notre Dame has had an extra week of preparation for this game, as the Irish had off last week. That also gave them extra time to heal.

The weather tonight will be in the low 40s, but the Canes can deal with that.

Judging by the past five games, the only way Miami wins this one is if the offensive line does its job today and opens some running holes as well as passing lanes. Duke is due, though the Notre Dame defense is very good. Linebacker Manti Te'o is scary good.

We've seen how prolific the UM offense can be, too. UM has to score and score and score some more. No one else has done it against the Irish.

I saw a lot of UM fans yesterday, which was a good sign. But the Canes' tickets were spread out among three separate portions of the stadium, according to Chris Freet, UM associate athletic director for communications and marketing. I don't see how the Canes fans aren't going to be drowned out by the Notre Dame crowd.

Of course, as the avid (and fairly plentiful) UM fans who attended the Georgia Tech game can tell you, there's nothing more gratifying than seeing your team silence the vaunted opponents at an away site (and let's face it, Soldier Field is not neutral).

Winning this game will catapult UM into the rankings and national spotlight.

If it's a UM loss, hopefully for the Canes it won't be a rout.

I can tell you for sure, as all of you know by now, this young team has tons of heart and does not quit. It needs to keep that personality no matter what happens.








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i think the canes win big. we will be pumped. offense is going to take n. dame down. i already know this.

with this def coaching, we dont stand a chance.

These canes will show us how bad a 3 man line is and we need 4 on defense

As long as the U puts their best game out there on the field, the rest will take care of itself. Go Canes.

Fock the FAKE CATHOLICS. Lou "I had a stroke and dats why I chalk like dis" Holtz has lost his mind thinking that ND will go undefeated each and every season. That scrawny old man sold his soul to the devil so that a TD could be turned into a fumble. That's the only way he was going to win a title. Only 1 title because Lou never did it again. It would have given Jimmy Johnson 2 rings on his hand to go along with the rest he has from his coaching career.

Miami 21 nd 14


Canes 27 ND 20


BTW thanks for all that you do. You are helping build the fan base. Much appreciated

The Canes will win if golden and the DC THROUGHOUT THE GAME use a four down lineman defense, middle LBs within 2 yards of the line of scrimmage, blitz from the outside every play, play man to man pass defense, with two free safeties.

If they fail to implement this defense constantly, they will lose. It really is that simple.

If they go to a 3 man defensive line and zone pass defense and no blitz, the Canes will have 52 points run up against them, just like at KSU.

Lou Holts of ESPN picked ND to win the game and he stated that by the end of the third quarter, ND coaches will be eating hotdogs and drinking cokes!

I don't like are chances tonight. Our success lies in the hands of our defense tonight. We have to keep are defense off the field as much as possible. Unfortunately, our hurry up offense doesn't make that possible.

I had better not see us rushing 3 tonight on 3rd and long!!

Wow, 1st game in about 3 years that I've been excited to see! One of my 1st sport's memories is my dad driving past the UM campus in 89' after the Canes trounced ND. Honk if you hate Notre Dame!


The achillies heal with ND is the QB position.....rumor has it that Everett golson has a shoulder problem and kelly has been keeping him away from media. Also kelly might start tommy rees instead. This where our DC better have schemes to put thier qb on thier back. Do that and we can win this. I think they have a major problem there. rees will try to go for it all and thats where we can get em good. he throws interceptions like jacory....

Shoot out games are usually won by the team that scores last. Fortunately, in the last two games, that has been Us. Let's hope that trend continues because our defense is not shutting down anybody.

My take is f*ck it, lets go out and hit everything that moves. Chicago is packed with canes fans baby!

Just not enough defense to win this one. ND won't have many problems beating this year's Hurricanes.Just too young. By next season this team will be good....if we even have a team then.

ND's offense is pure garbage. Their passing game is non-existent and their running game is mediocre at best. Even this young Miami defense can shut them down.

ND's defense hasn't been tested at all this season. Their secondary is their weakness and there's no way they contain Dorsett, Scott, Hurns, and Johnson. Expect another huge passing game from Morris. Miami's O-line will give Morris all the time in the world to pick them apart.

ND is in for a rude awakening. Miami has hot their stride on offense and the defense has been challenged enough to know they just have to keep playing hard and the offense will win the game.

Miami 35
ND 17

It amazes me how no one can be a realist. The defense is terrible and even ND will score 20 + on it tonight. We are not ready to beat a time like ND yet. 28-17 Irish, and also our kicker Wieclaw has forgotten how to kick, which doesn't make things better. Would love to see the upset but let's be real people, were a year or two away.

SO I'ma die hard canes fan here in Chicago, and I don't have the $1000 stub hub is asking for a ticket. (Nose bleeds no less) Gt two friends from ND w brotherup so that means Canes by 2 Td's as justce. ND hasn't seen this kind of speedall over the field. They were scared to death of Shoe-lace but got bye with just enough speed. UM has thatkind of speed everywhere. All we need is the D to get nasty tonight in the chill air and the U will reign supreme. And I can talk down to my two coward buddies.

Keep deleting my comments Susan!

Will try this again... Smh! Guys this game won't be about the defense, the dames have not scored more that 20 points in each of the last 3 games. If our offense continues to perform we should win tonight.

Manny, can you please update us on how recruiting is coming along? Tired of the puff pieces by Susan. Much to do about nothing as usual...

ND has the best D we have seen so far, it will be interesting to see what our O can do against a Top 10 D!

Go Canes!!!

Former Notre Dame head coach Lou Holtz said on his ESPN talk show that Miami is no competition against Notre Dame.

Has anyone mentioned this to golden and all the Canes in the locker room?

If being told they are no competition at all for ND will not motivate the Canes for 60 minutes of hard fought football, nothing will.

I will guarantee you that ND coaches made that team watch the last ND game against Miami in the OB when they got their ass whipped.

So, ND will be out for blood this game, guaranteed.

It’s Notre Dame vs. Miami today, but all ESPN has reported yesterday and today is that Miami’s AD has resigned. I know Notre Dame vs. Miami is not what it once was. And no, this game won’t be seen on any of ESPN’s networks. However, certainly the Miami-Notre Dame game deserves a bigger spotlight than what those ESPN buffoons have shined on it. Fellow UM fans I’m telling you—there is a sports media bias against the CANES!

Suga is right, this deleting of posts shows bias. But the ones with language are allowed. If you don't like my opinions, then don't read them, Susan. Maybe you should cover the team like your supposed to,

My heart says:

UM 36 ND 33

My head says:

ND 31 UM 20

I hope my heart is right.

O-line is the key. Spread Notre Dame and they won't be that effective. We will not be able to smash mouth this team. Keep seven in pass protection and let Morris do his thing. I hope this young team stays together. I'm dying to see how Fisch will drive Mateo crazy. Can't wait GO CANES!

if we lose...it will be less than 14....my take....Oline and good decisions win this for Us. running game must be a factor. def Must watch misdirection and TE ...ND is well coached...but they have not faced speed like we possess. U 31 ND 27

NOTRE DAME 102 THuG U- 17 we will set ncaa records, and Holtz was wrong, our coaches will be eating hot dogs, popcorn, and Ibis (chicken) wings on the sidelines by the end of the first quarter. Miami will be gone forever, mired in their LESS-than mediocrity world for EVER. Holtz for president Golden is like Obama, worthless.

5 chips in the modern era! How's that for less than mediocrity?

what kind of chips? regular, barbecue, sour cream and onion. or cow chips?

Miami has been averaging 36 ppg on offense, and has givin up 33 ppg on defense. So this should mean that our offense should outscore N.D. offense.

I think 14 is a fair spread, considering who we've beaten so far this year, and how SCARY good the ND defense is. That said, Canes should, if they play their hearts out, beat the spread at a minimum. If they can do that, they'll have the chance for an upset.

what kind of chips? regular, barbecue, sour cream and onion. or cow chips?
Posted by: IRELAND | October 06, 2012 at 03:15 PM

I know it's hard for you dames to know what a chip is, seeing as you've never seen one in your lifetime!

Been waiting for this game!! I'm not saying ND shouldn't be ranked, but 9th or 10th???? No way. I think we give them a good game. They haven't seen this kind of speed. They haven't practiced against it. That with our no huddle and better conditioning will play a big part in this game. POUR IT ON AND DON'T LET UP!!!!

Over the past several years, Miami hasn't played well in important games when the temperature is below 60F. I expect a loss tonight.

More like worthless like the Irish economy but input country is not alone Spain Greece Italy and Portugal. At least Ireland's economy is better than Greece. Lol I will give you an education in sovereign debt if you like? Ireland must be pretty nervous to be on our board. I think we spread notre shame out and go up top on them. The oline must dominate tonight that will be the key for us on offense on defense if we can stop the run we can beat them. I like our chances against their inconsistent play at qb. We need a win tonight.

suga, if your talking about ships, we have over 2 times yours, and if your talkin' about players, we get the best, all the time. ND has had a top class in, forever. now, like you, we have been making some poor choices in who will coach, but we have us a coach now. when will you

ah, a battle on NBC with two teams that frankly the rest of the country root against! add USC (cali) to that list too!

Notre dame was good in mid evil times but not in the present. Miami has stunk as of late but I can't remember the last time notre dame was relevant. The country only nows about notre dame is because you play on tv every week even when your garbage which has been the majority of times as of late. No one cares about this rivalry because notre dame has been worst than us. The great shame has wilted since the U has been on the scene. We will see U tonight.

The majority of notre dames championships were won win players weren't wearing face masks. No one was playing back then.

Even a seminole retard who's team only, ONLY has 2 rings. And never came close to another. At least Miami, as bad as they are, could have about 7-8 rings, and own 5. So anyone who even likes Tallahootchee,which is about like gaynesville, is not worth listening to. Irish would destroy them nopes this and every season. This game tonight, over already.

Ireland you can't be that ignorant.

The achillies heal with ND is the QB position.....rumor has it that Everett golson has a shoulder problem and kelly has been keeping him away from media. Also kelly might start tommy rees instead. This where our DC better have schemes to put thier qb on thier back. Do that and we can win this. I think they have a major problem there. rees will try to go for it all and thats where we can get em good. he throws interceptions like jacory....

Posted by: jim gallo | October 06, 2012 at 11:34 AM
Lots to agree with here, Jim.
When it came to turnovers, The man was an ARTIST.
In the Sun Bowl against ND, Jacory threw 3 INT's in his first 7 passes.

I really want UM to win, but I just think ND is further along in the rebuilding process than UM is; so I predict:

ND 30 UM 17.

I hope I am wrong and will happily admit it if I am.

That's about where I thought it would be as well, till I woke up today with a sudden surge of optimism, after putting on my Canes t-shirt!
I'm going out on a limb to say UM 27-ND 23.
We get up by 14, and they put it to us the 2nd half, but we hold on.


Not here to gloat, but I told you so.
All your predictions have turned out to be what I said: BASELESS.
You said ND was over rated, had a mediocre at best rushing attack, had not faced such speed before, blah, blah, blah.
I said you play a good team you lose. Simple. True. It's who you are.
Now cheer up, you get ACC teams next, if you outscore them you will win. The only team left on your wimpy schedule with a defense is FSU. You will lose to FSU. All other games will be a shootout and you will be in all of them.

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