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Gameday blog: Canes vs. Florida State

It's time for another edition of Florida State-Miami. The 12th-ranked Seminoles (6-1, 3-1 ACC) come in three touchdown favorites over the Canes (4-3, 3-1) here at Sun Life Stadium. Kickoff is set for 8 p.m. and the game can be seen on ABC.

No CoverItLive chat tonight since we are on tight deadlines. But feel free to follow Manny Navarro, Susan Miller Degnan and our FSU writer Patrik Nohe on Twitter for updates from the game.

Fans are encouraged to participate in discussion on the blog during the game.


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Lets go Canes


Yes, first turnover. Great hit!

Touchdown!!! We have to make them pay when we get turnovers. Great start!!

Nice , good start . Let's keep it going Canes !!

stay focused good start


defense looking live hope it stays this way

Shank ! LOL

Everything going the canes way so far. You never know in rivalry games.

We need to play with this energy all the time.

Just keep up the intensity. Keep Defense fired up. Offense has to take advantage everytime and put points on the board.

10-0 doing good so far defense looking active for a change

Wow did u see that press coverage by McGee!!!! Coach D finally stopped doing that zone

I know that it is early in this game but North Carolina is losing to Duke. Beleive it or not we control our own destiny in the ACC Coastal Division. I guess it tells you how bad the Coastal Division is. Even after the horrible loss last week at home to NC, we still have a chance.

DB are hitting, that was a fumble.

that was a damn fumble

Yes we will take that

Throw the ball away

That was stupid by Morris. He should have thrown it away or just taken the sack.

get rid of the ball morris

Good job D

nice coverage gunter defense looking a whole lot better so far,still struggling against the run

Morris sucks!

Do they see the first down marker?

We need those mistakes.

Where is the pursuit

Geez, what happened to our D speed we look slow.

we have big defensive linemen, but they are not physical or fast. These young men will have to get in the gym and dedicate themselves via personal responsibility. I say that becasue I am not sold on this coaching staff!!

here it comes same ol same defense looking slow and lost

Our defense is terrible. I can't beleive how easily FSU is able to run the ball and how open they are on most plays. The announcers keep refencing the youth of the Canes but at some point it is time to grow up. They are ranked 117th in the nation on defense and there are only 120 teams.

I'll give the Canes credit for playing hard against a clearly superior team.

what is with this canes Defense : ( truely sad

chicko is terrible

Why not blitz again I don't understand the calls.

I dont even complain or get excited anymore... It is what it is.

I wish the D was better

no pressure at all on the fsu qb

our d line is to weak that has nothing to do with coaching thr getting pushed aroung like kids

Gave it all back so now we see what if anything we can do.

Weakest D line I have ever seen. Why are they so weak?

DID YOU SEE HOW SLOW THAT RB WAS RUNNING? And wee couldnt stop him. Pitifull. Its over man. our O sucks too.

Our defense is fundamentally void of any football scheme. It will not matter if we gave Golden 4 more years to tunn things around. He is simply not the right coach for this program. I want this team to win but I just see so many players not doing fundamental things. Maybe we can get Mark Stoops from FSU to be our headcoach. He has a long family history of winning at the collegiate level.

This team sucks is all that can be said..... D is weak and the offense is pathetic.. sad group they are, they need alot of help to be sure

There appears to be a serious lack of talent on the defense. I don't see a dominator on that D-line. Your right longtimecane they are getting killed at the line of scrimmage. This is the worst defensive line that I have ever seen for the Canes.

This used to be defensive line U. Jereome Brown, Cortes Kennedy, Russel Maryland, Warren Sapp, etc.

Let the beat down begin!

like i said

Coker, Shannon and now Golden ALL BAD HIRES!!!!

time to go play a video game , at least I can enjoy that, watching these guys makes me sick, and Im tired of yelling at the TV.... my kids and wife keep asking me to root for a different team, hell all 4 of them came home from the hospital in Canes outfits.... and they are all tired of the crap football this university is putting on the field anymore!

yea orlando sad but true. damn shame

Bad pass by morris, Duke saved us for now.

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