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Gameday blog: Canes vs. Florida State

It's time for another edition of Florida State-Miami. The 12th-ranked Seminoles (6-1, 3-1 ACC) come in three touchdown favorites over the Canes (4-3, 3-1) here at Sun Life Stadium. Kickoff is set for 8 p.m. and the game can be seen on ABC.

No CoverItLive chat tonight since we are on tight deadlines. But feel free to follow Manny Navarro, Susan Miller Degnan and our FSU writer Patrik Nohe on Twitter for updates from the game.

Fans are encouraged to participate in discussion on the blog during the game.


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need to keep getting the backs ball in space only thing that seems to be working

lol dont cut the video game on yet keith the offense is moving the ball

before you guys start the INT was not Morris fault....

Morris is regressing I dont understand this play, the same as J12.

that should be pass interference

God they blow arse!

I think Morris should of stayed out of this game.

Charles, Duke Johnson should be blamed for that INT

Finally, a blitz. The DC finally woke up.

OK DarinD

nevermind just a terrrible throw from morris

Morris is N11111 that cant throw a football.

good defense this time finally

People like Morris should not play quarterback.

I come back from buying one of my daughters a car tonight and here the canes are up 10 to zip , since I come home all I see is the same pathetic crap football I have seen for weeks..... then you say dont give up yet and so I go out to cheer just to see morris throw to a Defender who was baiting his ignorant arse..... sad show and poor execution by morris, sickning to watch

Frankenstein morris is pathetic, and dorsett is horrible too!

Don't have a heart attack. This team is young, playing hard, and sticking with a tough Fsu team.

well duke is winning 23-9 so that helps the canes if they can pull out the win

C'mon people. Get behind the Canes!!!
Say the complaining for after the gAme.
THE U!!!!!!!!!

i feel ya keith im just trying to stay positive. maybe when olsen starts we'll have a qb who can hit receivers down field like the canes of old

So this is all your fault Keith? We were dominating before you started watching. Just kidding man, I could'nt help myself. It has been a long season so far. We are all suffering.

I am all for the canes if we had a real QB and headcoach.

how does duke winning help the canes???? if duke beats the team we just lost too and then duke beats us, Duke will win the coastal, I fail to see that as a good thing , a good thing is a NC team winning who cant go the the ACC champ game because we cant count on this team to beat anyone!!!!

the game is tied so all hope is not lost just need to put some points on the board this drive

i dont see duke beating us keith thats how lol things will work out man

Nice conversion. Lets hope Morris picks it up. Remember he took no reps this week.

Aye Orlando , I am almost afraid to leave my office and head to the big screen on the fear I shall see another fumble or interception.... wow I can say that the days of old I didnt miss a game and havent hurt as much cheering as the sad day I was at the washington game and watched our home win streak come to and end.... that second half the defense was like it is now , couldnt stop an old lady wife a walker... but at least that day was an abborition ( spell check plz : ) )

this game is winnable relax man

another short pass on third down smh

offensive pass in terfernce

chicko is so damn terrible no pressure on the qb at all

C'mon U D.
It's great to be a cane!

Unbeleiveable if Duke wins the Coastal Division. They used to be the doormat of the ACC. The team everyone wanted to play. Now we have fallen below Duke? Yikes!

perfect time for a blitz

Just remember. The U's glass is half full!

damn shame

3rd and 15 and let them get it WOW WE SUCK!!!! come on recruits!!!! anyone can play here we have very little talent, you could be starting from day 1 here....


hmmm half full you say, i think about 25% at best

So we are done both offensively and defensively so far, the fire that was in the first quarter is gone right now.

Why don't they blitz. It is obvious they can't get any pressure with their DL. What do they have to lose?

whr is howard???????

No pressure from the front 4 again. Some of this is coaching and play calling.

sad group they are, 10-0 at 1 quarter, 10-13 at half, 10- 30 at 3rd tired defense 44-10 our offense stinks worse than our defense I think...


Let's see if Golden and the canes make any halftime adjustments.

they will orlando

ROFLMAS @ Orlando..... when has that happend in the last 8-10 yrs rofl halftime adjustment??? thank you orlando, it is the first time I laughed since the game started!!!! my daughter asked why I smiled sad when your kids know a canes game is on by the sad look on their dad's face....

its 13-10 keith lol lets not jump the gun just yet

I don't give a damn how young a team is. This team id the absolute worst. They need to get rid of that whole staff. Complete losers!

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