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Gameday blog: Canes vs. Florida State

It's time for another edition of Florida State-Miami. The 12th-ranked Seminoles (6-1, 3-1 ACC) come in three touchdown favorites over the Canes (4-3, 3-1) here at Sun Life Stadium. Kickoff is set for 8 p.m. and the game can be seen on ABC.

No CoverItLive chat tonight since we are on tight deadlines. But feel free to follow Manny Navarro, Susan Miller Degnan and our FSU writer Patrik Nohe on Twitter for updates from the game.

Fans are encouraged to participate in discussion on the blog during the game.


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ROFL espn caption , " FSU -Miami rivalry isnt as hot as it once was, but neither are the teams" understatement of the year award winner there ROFL>>>>

Thank you also for your response Keith. I can't start laughing either. When I said half time adjustments, I meant it tougue and cheek and with grin. I will be shocked if we don't have a total collapse in the second half but I still hope I am wrong.

I mean im a canes fan and I believe we cant even beat duke, ------ THAT is how far we have fallen, so yea we arnt so hot anymore lol

lol u guys are terrible

yes but you know what Orlando, I wish every time I am wrong and we come out and show something , but the sad thing is Im not wrong near enough for my own likeing or sanity.... I used to be an optimist with the canes and expected to win "EVERY" game, about 8 yrs ago I became a realist and thought 2-3 losses were a possibility, now their record has pushed me into a pessimist with believing the can and will find a way to lose every year and find a way to never make it to the coastal title , let alone play for anything even worth playing.....

Hell I almost opened my "canes" barBQ sauce 2 weeks back and poured it down the drain.... and I told my Son soon they can take my Canes Wheaties box and feed it to the ferrets....I alrdy have put away my kids canes birth shoes they wore home from the hospital and my canes remote controled helmets ROFL ... And I refuse to wear my sebastion tie for fear of ridicule ROFL

this is the same fsu team that lost to state who we beat,its a 3 point game at the half lets not get carried away thisgame is very winnable

yes Long it is for most teams in the nation, but out 118th defense is known for the second half crumble, and our offense hasnt done crap in a month! and btw they are the same offense who couldnt do crap in the first half and our Co Ords arnt know for strong half time adjustments soooo.... I will at the end of this game most likely wish I hadnt quit drinking 10 yrs ago and feel like drinking a 6 pack and cry like they make me feel in most important games when they fail miserably....

2nd half. All U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keith......U are a poser. The score is 13-10. Still plenty of football.....if U watch close the D is hitting emanuel left and right when he releases....he knows they are there. Sorry kickoff....

hmm good adjustment lets give it to um on our side of the 50 !!!! UNREAL : (

go canes

well unc came back keith

poser??? that one of those names you younger kids use?? I have watched and cheered for this team for over 40 yrs.. so Sid not totaly sure what you meant but it sounded bad the way you say it so ( forgive me if Im wrong ) but go F yourself!

I'm sure that Golden is telling the troops how great they are doing so far. Sometimes I think Golden is in over his head. The U is not Temple. His expectations are so low. We were so used to competing for championships every year.

I would love to see Butch Davis back on our sidelines. He was able to rebuid us back to a championship team after hitting rock bottom.

Finally a good blitz.

good Deal Long I hope NC wins cause that is really all that cane help us at this point , that and VT qb falling in a deep hole...

good defense finally we need points now

Hope U dont have kids keith......

Once again we are done offensively as we cant throw past the rb apparently.

Hmmm new adjustment 2nd and 16 lets throw a bubble screen for a loss of 2, hmm seems I have seen that one before once or twice...

unc up 4 19 secs duke on the goal line 4th and 2

touchdown duke

Duke is about to win. Amazing!!!

yea well Sid I do , 4 all good kids and canes fans, some out of college 1 left in high school , and all know that these games can literally ruin my day or night and make me happy or sad the following day. I could care less about pro ball or just about any other sport , and if you think having deep passion for something is wrong, it is you that someone should hope who doesnt have kids...

I cannot beleive how bad we are. They are pushing us around up front. They are recruiting some slow players. They are always a step behind.

duke just did what " OUR CANES" could not do last week, that is why I believe they will beat us as well.... shamefully so.

Jesus our D sucks. We are not scoring anymore and not stoping SHMIT!!

correct keith

the defense is showing up now the offense cant do a thing. the offense gets worse every week

like I said before 44-10 at the end, our defense is tired because our offense sucks ..... it is a repeat over and over, in the second half our offense does nothing and our defense wears down and lays down... sucks to be a cane anymore week after week the suck..

For once the refs are on our side. It seems like they are always against my teams.

We dont try to block fg's anymore what the hell.

anyone think we were in the Notre Dame game at half time?? see a trend here??

the defense is holding up the o is terrible

Problem is we cant score. Put in Willaiams unless I see something change. Morris isnt a hundred percent.

why block the feild goal when we can watch it fly?? : )

You know if this game stays close, FSU may drop in the rankings. The way we have been whipped all year a top ranked team should be able to beat the Canes by 3 touchdowns.

The defense has played better this week. Maybe we will move up to the top 110 in total defense.

Morris needs to sit please.

Time to change Morris out.

Good call run the ball. WTF!!!!

The O seems bored

another fail, another 3 and out and put the D right back out to let them score again.... great halftime adjustments

Morris is playing hurt. However, after looking at Williams last week, I am not so sure that he is going to do any better. He was terrible agains NC.

Yeah, Game done. The Offense sucks now. If they dont sit Morris Im done for this evening.

just sad, what else can you say about this team , the offense is worse than the defense.......

the d is gonna get tired

cant blame the defense tonight


Finally, they start blitzing and they disrupt FSU. I cannot beleive it took this long to see that. Keith, maybe that is one adjustment they made. Now, I don't know what they talked about on offense cause they actually look worse this half.

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