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Gameday blog: Canes vs. Florida State

It's time for another edition of Florida State-Miami. The 12th-ranked Seminoles (6-1, 3-1 ACC) come in three touchdown favorites over the Canes (4-3, 3-1) here at Sun Life Stadium. Kickoff is set for 8 p.m. and the game can be seen on ABC.

No CoverItLive chat tonight since we are on tight deadlines. But feel free to follow Manny Navarro, Susan Miller Degnan and our FSU writer Patrik Nohe on Twitter for updates from the game.

Fans are encouraged to participate in discussion on the blog during the game.


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Like I said< we need something different.

Defense is doing great, where is the offense!

Did you see that commercial , they had the horse, the spear and good climactic music, then " Fla State U" , when our commericail comes on we got " THE TROLL!!" rofl there in lies the problem, it must be our commercials LOL

Thats nice, but we need consistancy.

we might just score lol

Why are we running?

The refs and the Noles are keeping us in this game. If you let a bad team hang around in a rivalry game, you never know.

OK Morris has a reprieve.

stupid play call

Morris is totally over throwing the ball, he has no touch at all.

Man we needed a TD there.

Yea we did orlando, that might come back to haunt them

Better than we expected thus far gentlemen....this drive fot fdu makes or breaks the game...my opnion


3 & out....christmas early...long drive with james duke and morris...that what we want under our palm tree

Bad play calling is hurting us. Why are we so obsessed with passing the pall when we have a gimpy QB? Come on coaches! Get focused. Use the wildcat, run slip screens. Give the D some rest! Gotta stand up right here.

should have just kept getting the ball to the backs that was working and they went away from it

What is that DB doing?

What the hell was Rodgers doing on that one?

why is rodgers out thr

That's the difference the opposing QB'S give their WR's a chance by not over throwing the ball.

gotta hold them to a fg again maybe to much to ask

Damn this yr is harder to watch then last yr

That should have been a 2 yard loss. They continue to miss tackles.

linebackers no whr to be found damn shame

Check mate another loss by the canes wow they just suck this yr

this is hard to deal with week after week

Chickilo is horrible. He is back there lost in the backfield. Why did we have so many expectations for this guy.

That F'n Benjamin guy a blatant offensive interference and no GD flag.

i bn saying chick is horrible damn discrace

Part of me wishes they would cut out the program for a few yrs on sanctions, and then restart later with new coachs and in a small league where they need to be with this sorry gaming

Chick is getting double teamed alot.

This team will watch Duke win the coastal and provide the final straw to the collapse of the once proud Miami hurricanes into the void..... because never in 40 years would I have thought duke would be better than" the U" ...

Starting to wonder if we will qualify for a bowl at this rate.

O.K let's get a TD here, then a defensive stop and another score LOL.

they need to bench Morris, he's not accurate at all, he overthrows, he underthrows, he throws behind, he rarely hits the receiver in stride

bring on olsen

Sad, I was rooting and hoping morris would be a decent QB, but "decent" QBs will there teams to wins, this offense "and" QB is horrible, just plain horrible...

Cant hurt o get Williams in there now...

Good effort out there tonight, just simply the talent is not there.

Night all I have had enough of this team tonight , and quite frnakly the rest of the season means nothing.... our record shows we dont belong anywhere after this season but home watching "REAL" football teams playing in bowls....


That is why you don't want to keep hearing all these excuses about the Canes being young. I could accept if they were competitive and making some dumb mistakes from time to time (penalties, etc.) but they get pushed around, miss tackles, and they are out of position. A program like Duke should never surpass the U. This program is in the toilet right now and it is going to be real tough to get this program back up again.

We are done see you next week folks for more excuses of how we are young and how our O and D suck.

Ryan Williams please...


we have a bye next week so we cant lose lol

There are about 120 D1 teams...I'm sure there are some young ones out of those...most are competitive...we're simply not...

How many passes has Morris gotten batted or broken up?

Lost alot of recruits tonight

I'm out.... Lata

Crossing patterns anyone?

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