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Gameday blog: Canes vs. Florida State

It's time for another edition of Florida State-Miami. The 12th-ranked Seminoles (6-1, 3-1 ACC) come in three touchdown favorites over the Canes (4-3, 3-1) here at Sun Life Stadium. Kickoff is set for 8 p.m. and the game can be seen on ABC.

No CoverItLive chat tonight since we are on tight deadlines. But feel free to follow Manny Navarro, Susan Miller Degnan and our FSU writer Patrik Nohe on Twitter for updates from the game.

Fans are encouraged to participate in discussion on the blog during the game.


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Throw. The. Damn. Ball. Idiot.

Oh well
Props to the D.it was the O missing tonight
Young team
It's too bad in the final minutes FSU will cover the spread.
It was closer than the score indicated.

Stupid call. With 4:17 and 4th and 20, punt . Hold them if you can, you never know what can happen, and at least they'd have to go 60+ yards. Stupid, with a crippled QB. Stupid. Golden's not playing a mid America conference game here.

Excuse me, can you direct me to the arm tackling convention?

STUPID, bush call. I'm also very surprised Williams was in the game by the 4th quarter.

Off line is offensive...seantrel weak and slow

2 years ago,these teams were about equal talent wise (it was the coaching back then) regardlesss classes. Now, not even close.

Our D is bushed, you can't fault them here.
BTW, that guy Benjamin should have been flagged 3 more times. That last one cost us the game.
This crew, while not Blatantly anti UM, still managed to hurt us when it mattered.

The only reason Williams is not in is that Al doesnt want a controversy. Otherwise why risk further injury to Morris?


Anyone else had it with these clowns?

The play calling is pathetic. With a 3rd and 2 in the red zone, they call some dumbass corner pass im the end zone that Morris throws out of bounds. Out of bounds!

Now with a 3 and 13, Morris throws some stupid pass into the ground about 5 yards out. Who is dumb enough to do that crap over and over?

I don't know how many balls Morris threw over the receiver's head downfield.

Why not give Williams a shot? Morris sucks tonight and has been pathetic throughout the game. It ain't just injury. The guy's decision making is nuts.

The play calling is pathetic and rarely tries to hit an intermediate route.

FSU hit them all night long, and our defenders were nowhere in sight! Who plays like that?

Our receivers are never really open. Who the hell put in this cruddy "scheme?" Pathetic. The OC and DC have got to go. They both suck and are overrated.

I think Golden is a lightweight when it comes to schemes and strategy.

It is much more than just having younger players, folks. This team is off. And it is coaching.

I can't bear this crap any more! And I consider
myself a true fan. Not worth the pain tonight!

Davon Johnson sighting!

Hate to say it but FSU at this point has a stronger coaching staff with more experience than us, more talented players than us and way more depth than us..........and it this point waaay more farther along than us. And the same could said about UF. We just don't have the bodies nor talent like the other Flordia teams. Just look at their coaches. Their head coach and UF's coach comes from an previous Environment (SEC related) where they are accustomed to playing big games and oppenents and even their cordinators are established just look at their DC....uh Stoops has waaayyy more big games experience and dealing with big talented players and schemes then ours. He is still learning.

In the game like this, more imaginative p[lays would have helped. A reverser, hook and ladder, something m,ore than a pitch-back to a semi-crippled QB.
We needed flash and dash.

I remember when this game was FILLED with gimmick plays, many that worked.

LOL..... Is it BASKETBALL SEASON yet????


thank-you Sha-la-la, the lib-loon who has made this once proud football power totally irrelevant. So now we root for Mitt so she can't waste any more $$ inviting Bams to campus.

You can say what you want about the team being young; this is the worst coached team we have had in last twenty years. Even after Coker was fired and RS took over the team with little or no talent; RS got more out of his young and inexperienced players than what has been shown over the past two years. Yes, Golden should get four years, but he or his coaching staff doesn't look very promising. Get out of the shotgun formations and go back to a two back set or three WR set like we ran under JJ and Erickson; this team is hard to watch and I must say, where is the bottom? Morris played hurt, but still, he is horrible too; we need an elite QB with some leadership skills for this team.

Spread killer!!

Thought UM would pull it out, FSU did not look their best. UM still has a long way to go. Look out for Duke, they beat NC who UM could not even beat at home.

Speaking of which, another "home" loss for UM.

Woo hoo! .500!


Our defense deserves some credit, and players like Gunter showed that there is talent.
We are still undersized at several positions including LB and DE.
I don't understand why we constantly acted their offense on the perimeters. A middle pass rush might have gotten to Manual. The 2 corner/safety blitzes worked. Why not more? Nothing to lose by gambling. Like most teams, FSU had nothing when in 2nd and 20 situations.

Interesting how many NON Florida players on FSU...players that had a big impact.
I believe Golden has to recruit for size out of the state.

I'm a little perplexed as to why the Miami starting QB has not been a hotter topic of conversation this year. Looks like he is a good kid and good leader. But at this point, his productivity is near the very bottom of the ACC (check his QB rating against other ACC QBs), his completion percentage is horrifying for a college QB, and anyone watching the team has seen him repeatedly miss his enormous stable of offensive weapons time after time, particular on deep throws to wide open receivers, or any pass whatsoever requiring touch. Also he's a junior with a ton of game experience, so its not fair to say he is still learning. It seems pretty apparent that 1) QB1 is at best a good leader and bad QB. 2)He's a junior with little upside. 3)the season is over. So why not at least try someone else? Do the other QB's look THAT bad in practice? I just watched QB1 cost the Canes yet another game with his remarkably below average performance, and its high time to see a credible sportwriter take a real hard look at the position and the decision to stick with the kid.

Hey NYC rationale like that will make you look silly given we beat NC Stwho turned around and beat FSU....it is all about matchups, and right now 22-23 year old men are pushing around our 18-19 year olds in the trenches. You can be young in the skill positions, but when you are young on the lines, it is just a matter of time....

Man u gotta luv it... Every week u so call "Canes" fan come to this blog and complain out "your" team but dont go to game when its a home game.. Seriously?? You guys have all the answers but yet u r on this blog... Why not apply for the coaching job since u all have all the answers???? LMAO..... Cane fans are a joke!!!!!

there is NO homefield advantage at this plastic stadium-the Lib-loon Pres saw to that: too bad that we cannot vote her out like we will with her hero in 16 days.


CaneHater no one is vested in the program to drag themselves to the stadium. Not for a .500 team that still can not break from the ACC pack, even in a weak year.

QB1....bingo! Aside from 2 games where out of necessity he threw for over 400, not much there. Truth is they need to get two more D1 wins so they can vacate another bowl in contrition in order to mitigate sanctions.

Sorry, meant Attacked.
Yes, Even without injury, Morris makes some inexplicably bad throws, especially on short routes to the outside...1 hoppers, usually.
If UM had played this aggressively against NC, we might have won.

A strange game, in that FSU really never displayed top 10 discipline, compared to the other top 10 schools I watched today. Not only would every team in the top 7-8 defeat FSU, I can't help but think what Canes teams of old would have done to this FSU team. Good kicker, though.
Jimbo Fisher and Will Muschamp in a pissing contest will be interesting.
Wish they both could lose that game.


...and then there are some of us in the Midwest...

Moron Canehater.
Like many who post here, i live in another state.
What is YOUR excuse, PUTZ for posting to THIS blog?

NYCFIU person, despite UM's record, FIU wins this year irrelevant award.

IMA, what does it say about someone who trolls a blog on a team the suposedly hate...simply ignore as theyhave nothing to add...

Q Cane, it might be interesting one day to hop over to a Notre dame blog and see how many haters are there?
Like any UM grad/fan, I LOATH them with every fiber of my being, but i wouldn't waste a second there. WHY?

Because, unlike the haters here, I lived and die with MY team.

Q, I believe it's the same mentality that tweets constantly for 2 hours during the presidential debate, as if anything THEY say could be anymore elucidating than the candidates.

How can you listen, learn and decide when your typing away like a clone?

Agreed...my thoughts exactly.

Hahaha...thanks. Needed that after tonight.

Tad Foote UM president 1981-2001, record 177-38, 82% winning percentage in football (INCLUDING probation years)

Shalalalala, hired 2001, football record 94-44, 68% winning percentage INCLUDING 3 GREAT teams gifted to her. NOTE the % is getting WORSE yearly.

Coker is NOT the problem, Shannon is NOT the problem, Art Kehoe is NOT the problem, coaches and coordinators are NOT the problem. Credit to Golden for doing everything he can to win at Miami.

The problem started in 2001...do the math.

BAAAAD grammar. LOL
Any more, and YOU'RE.
Tired and hurting. Yes, lets win a couple more D2 games, and abdicate the Poulan Weed-Eater Bowl.

Still, we have an OUTSIDE chance to go to the ACC Championship as VA ech lost again.
Beat Duke, Virginia, and VA Tech, and we're in. None of those 3 are world beaters, though ex TN assistant Cutcliff has the Dukies believin'.

Play of he game tonight? My vote is down 16-10, 3rd an 2 from the FSU 10, Morris overthrows a fade/corner. Why wouldnt we run a toss that worked occassionally tonight. You get 1 yard and you can still go for it on 4th. At that point it was obvious we werent gonna frequent the red zone tonight. We kick the FG and FSU marches it down on their next drive. THAT was the (bad) play of the game.

Numbers don't lie, the correlation is not when Shallala got the job, the correlation is when they entered the ACC and could not cherry pick their opponents.

Believe the Dukies lost Renfree tonight...

I have been the biggest critic of the defensive coordinator that there can be. Mostly because he played yongsters over veterans. Tonight, we saw the veterans, and they were at least competitive. I didn't expect to beat FSU tonight. I did want us to be competitive and we were.

I understand Stephen Morris was hurt and he was courageous for playing tonight. But I am not sure how much he really helped the team tonight. He did beat the spread at the end so I guess there is consolation for UM fans who are into that type of thing.

I think there is plenty to question Golden and staff about tonight. Jimmy Johnson was a riverboat gambler at UM. He was fearless about going for it in a less than 2 yard situation. He trusted his guys to get it done. I don't sense the same from the Miami staff.

I also didn't sense fire coming out of the tunnel. It was kind of weird actually. Golden coming out and walking on the right side while players kind of strolled out amidst the smoke. No one was jumping out or seemed stoked to play.

I am not in the group that thinks Golden is the answer anymore. I have serious reservations about whether he can bring the program back. Yes, we didn't lose as bad as we could have lost it but I don't see anything from him that tells me that we will win big games. I saw that with Schnellenberger, I saw it with JJ, I saw it with Butch, and early in his career as HC I saw that with Coker. Randy showed it a little bit but not enough. I haven't seen it at all with Golden in 2 years.

I would like the Canes to begin a new coaching search. Find some coach who can fire up the guys, get them coming out of the tunnel at home ready to obliterate an opponent, and have some unique plan offensively or defensively to make a difference in games. I don't see anything in Golden's schemes that say we are different or better than what others are doing in college ball.

Randy Shannon, never showed anything. Miami is behind the
eight ball, because, of the people he recruited
especially at quarterback.

SMJ, I see glimpses, but agree sometimes there are more frequent WTF?-type moments ala onsides to start 2h. If the D was the D of old, heck yeah, but with these guys?
Also, as I stated earlier, why keep Morris in there to risk further injury when the game was lost? Give Williams more snaps in game.

Stephen Morris, threw into double and triple coverage
all night. Why was he on the field. No one on that team
should be guaranteed anything next year. They need
a brand new start at quarterback.

Just to explain. Schnellenberger brought a pro offense to college football during an era when option offense was the norm. JJ brought to college ball a 4-3 defense that split offense gaps to create plays in the backfield. Erickson brought a spread offense to UM when most teams didn't know how to defend it. Butch didn't have much of a scheme change but he brought overwhelming talent to UM. Coker had a scheme on offense that fared well but he didn't recruit defensive talent. Randy brought defensive talent but never had a scheme that utilized it and suffered because Jacory never matured from being a guy who watched Spongebob but not tape of actual games.

Golden has nothing new to offer. It is the PSU defensive scheme from 1980. Man up, don't shoot the gap and hope for the best. The individual players tonight executed it the very best they could today. It was a phenomenal performance by the players. But it is still a failed scheme. Fisch called some good played today but Morris didn't execute it. And some of his throws tonight were head scratchers.

Fair enough. I respect that. Perhaps an oversimplification, but i just see them running schemes which cannot be run without dominant DTs. Big OLs are hitting our LBs (which are playing too far off the line in my opinion).

Look I don't care about how well you talk. That is not your job as a coach. Your job is to win. We haven'y sprung any big upset at this point in Golden's tenure, but if you look at the history of coaches for UM since the late 70's you will see a history of coaches who have done so. I am tired of the excuses. Put up or shut up or get the hell out of the way for a coach who will get the job done.

"but i just see them running schemes which cannot be run without dominant DTs."

So why run those schemes? That is the question. Actually, I don't agree that the D Line didn't do enough tonight. They were terrific. Playing Luther Robinson for a full game, and how he responded, was awesome. We need experience on defense. But we need a system that develops players as juniors and seniors so that we can be competitive.

I don't blame those players. If they got the help they needed we could have won the game.

Defense did enough to keep us in the game!

Very poor play calling by the OC after the first quarter! UM 10 FSU 3

FSU 13 UM 10 at Half

Second Half Play calling was just as bad as the second quarter!

Second Half Drives with UM First Down Play Call

FSU Miss FG FSU 13 UM 10
UM Drive 1-Pass Result Sack -6yrs (3 plays Punt)
FSU FG Good FSU 16 UM 10
Drive 2-Pass Result Incomplete (3 play Punt)
FSU Punt
Drive 3-Pass Result Sack -6yrs (9 plays FG - But had a throw out of bounds in the end zone on 3rd and 2 from the FSU 10)
Drive 4- Pass complete for 3yrds (3 plays Punt)
Drive 5- False Start on Pass Call (8 plays Downs)
Drive 6- Pass does not matter at this point...game was well over...

We had 26 First Down Play Calls (including the 4 first downs on the last Drive)...we ran the ball 9 times for 36 yards and 1 TD

We passed the ball the other 14 times with 7 Incomplete, 2 Sacks -6 yards each,1 False Start, 1 FSU Penalty, and were 3 completions for 28 before the Last Drive where were were 3 for 50 yards.

That is 71% Negative Plays!!!!!!!!!

Instead of having Second and 6 7 more times in the game, we were second and 10 or more 10 times in the game!

We had 4 3 and outs...2 with Incompletes on First Down.

FSU scores after 3 of 4 3 and outs for 16 points.

No wonder we lost the game!

Morris was 25/43 (7/7 on the last drive). That means he was 18/36 with 7 incompletes on First Downs with 2 additional Sacks.

That means he is 18/29 with out those 7 Incompletes on First Downs...that is 62% and if you add in the 7/7 on the last drive he would have been 25/36 69.4%!

I bet we run the ball on the 7 first downs for an average of 4 yards a carry like we did not the 9 other first downs an we have a chance at the end.

I do not think it is Morris checking to all those First Down Pass Calls...Most of it is calls from the sidelines...

Offensive Play Calling has been poor in the Second and Third Quarters all season...OC gets away from the run game too quickly...

Why does OC call toss to Duke into the boundary all the time?

Why have I not seen the Counter Play Duke and James had long runs at the first of the Season?

I am just complaining at this point...but I feel the OC has taken the running game away from us with his play calling...

It seems like after the Morris 566 yrds...we have totally gotten away from what was working....

Now that I got that off my chest...

Reality...this game did not matter...

Need to beat VT & Duke (will be a challenge at Duke)...Hope they are out of it by the time we play them...Duke has @FSU, Clemson, @GT, and UM

Still it is a 2 game Season! I think we will beat UVA.

Maybe it is hopeful thinking, but it seems like when out backs are against the wall we play better...

OC, our backs are against the wall for the rest of the Season!

this guy talking about Howard Schellenberger, and the
offense and it was new is BS. Nick Saban is winning national titles, with the offense, the Miami Dolphins
ran in the 70's. Miami's defense, will exponentially
improved next year, with these youngsters growing
up. These kids thrown into the fire, this year, but the
rewards Miami will reap from this year, will last years.
They will have addressed, the quarterback issue. within
two years, it will either be Chris Olsen, or Preston Dewey running the show. As soon as Stephen Morris walks out the door, the curse of Randy Shannon, is no more.
Alex Collins, will be the back Edgerrin James, style runner, big and fast and can take the pounding and take it to the house. Staring next seaon, Miami is loaded at running back, for the first time in years. This is a year rebuilding, process. Miami truly for the firt time since 1998 has a great future. Enjoy the ride.

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