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Gameday blog: Canes vs. Notre Dame

No I'm not in Chicago. But I do have a comfy seat here at home and a big screen TV to watch tonight's big showdown between your Miami Hurricanes (4-1, 3-0 ACC) and the ninth-ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish (4-0). Kickoff is at 7:30 p.m. at Soldier Field and the game can be seen everywhere on NBC.

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> The Canes are coming off another thrilling, heart-stopping win in the ACC. They knocked off N.C. State 44-37 when quarterback Stephen Morris connected with Phillip Dorsett on a 62-yard scoring strike with 19 seconds left. Morris is coming off the best single-game performance ever by a Canes quarterback with 566 yards and five touchdown passes. UM's defense gave up over 600 yards, but forced six turnovers in the win.

> The Irish had a bye week last week and of course will be playing this game a short drive over from South Bend. Notre Dame's defense is pretty sick. The Irish rank ninth in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) in both sacks (3.5/game) and pass efficiency defense (96.79) and are giving up an average of just nine points a game. The Irish defense has totaled eight interceptions -- equal to the number of interceptions the 2011 Notre Dame defense recorded. Senior middle linebacker Manti Te’o has played a role in seven of the 13 turnovers forced by Notre Dame’s defense. The All-America linebacker has recorded three interceptions, recovered two fumbles and hurried passers on two occasions that resulted in interceptions.

Here are this week's game notes for both teams: Hurricanes Irish


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This game will not be pretty. Golden will lose this game, Jim Gallo is right, the def coordinator should be gone. Has anyone seen myself?

Does anyone know which conference is officiating today's game?
If they nail us for holding even time we gain significant yardage, we'll know the fix is in.
I'm not excited about the overall play opf our defense...who would be?
However, when push came to shove, they both PUSHED AND SHOVED.

Some BIG stops.
Mr Gallo is SO wrong so often, often spewing "facts" he makes up along the way.
Other than Bethune, the ND offense is the weakest we've faced so far.
KSU looks awesome. No shame in losing an early season game to them. They will win the Big 12, and have the Heisman runner-up.

ND has own REFS!!!

FACTS ARE FACTS. Like the fact you are NOT a writer. Our defense could be better. They have come up big at times, but evryone knows, ND will try to run the ball all night. That must be stopped early, and we have a chance. Otherwise, we lose big. Those are my facts.

Ha...in the old days.
I'm figuring maybe Big East, as they are still members of that conference for all but football. But I wouldn't put it past the NCAA to let ND hire their own guys.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | October 06, 2012 at 05:38 PM

And in this case, you are spot on. But often, to support your NEGATIVE comments you have used non facts to support your argument, mostly aimed at our DC.
I dont disagree with you that we need to play closer to the LOS, but even so, our DT's are just not as killed as in UM's glory years.
ND will run, yes, most likely as, even with our pretty horrid pass defense, they do throw it that well. Add to that our inability to stop the run, especially on 1st down.
We win if we can put them in 3rd and 7 situations.
Saying that, we've also not been so good there, constantly getting beat on the 9 yard 3rd down slant
So...somehow, we have to play our corners up ion those 3rd and 7's, and TRUST our safeties to guard against the the deep throw.

Sorry, meant SKILLED, not KILLED. LOL

Hopegfully KILLED will be the post tomorrow about ND Go Canes

sorry, hopefully

If we do not turn the ball over or commit a bunch of penalties, the game should be close. I would focus on those two things if I were Golden and staff.

On the other hand, if we score more points than ND does, we stand a very good chance of winning the game.

looking at some pics Susan has put on here, question is, if this is SUPPOSED to be a neutral site, why does it say Notre Dame in BOTH end zones?

Start fast finish STRONG

The turds are whipping LSU, it's only 14-6, but they just drove about 60 yds and never threw a pass. Just handednoff every down, and averaged about 5yd each carry. That is not only amazing, but disgusting. I am not a LSU fan, except today.

Notice the outcome of today's BC and KSU games? We're as good as Army and Kansas....but not good enough to win this contest. Not this year, anyway.

BTW, do the Gaturds ever play an away game?

nbc reporting rees starting not golston, can you confirm?


billb, like most rich state schools, they pay to bring in the Towson State types in to the swamp...at least 3 games, sometimes 4.
Then they get have 4 home SEC games.
One year, UT (Volunteers) played their first 6 games in the State of TN, 4 at home, and at Memphis and Chattanooga.

Billb. Your full of it with comparative scores

relative property works in math not football!

I might have missed the answer, but I still haven't heard who is officiating this game. When it comes to UM (and Notre Dame..but for different reasons) the officiating can turn the game.

my guess is big 10 or big east

Let's go CANES!!!

Lou Holtz is the main referee.

Interesting development, Rees is not the back-up tonite but he is the starter. Let's see how the Irish rally around him...

You guys are already coming with built in excuses! I think we have a better team, just like we did in the 80's. They played so good that poor officiating really did not matter:) Let's GO CANES!!

Glad Denzel is playing, but we're going to miss Olsen Pierre and Jones.
Hopefully Seantrel will play to the enormous potential he has.
Our O-Line has to focus, as there's bound to be outrageous crowd noise on our snaps. I'm figuring at least 2 false starts. No blame due, it will be a new experience for these guys, even louder than at the KSU game.

I want our Canes to win SO badly, especially against ND, whose lived an entitled existence because of NBC, ESPN and just the whole culture. you just KNOW they will play that horrible UPS (?) commercial with Flutie throwing the hail Mary.

GO CANES!!!!!!!!

Speaking of Rees, that guy's extra curricular exploits would have gotten him kicked off the team at most other schools, but Kelly is a Joe pattern type who turns his back this sort of thing, as opposed to Al golden, and YES, Les Miles.


So gholston is benched..any word on this n how that affects us? How goos is back up rees

**good is back up qb rees

Darin, uyour memory must be a little short, as we had a game STOLEN from us in South bend, not to mention the BCS championship.
Don't discount the lingering dislike and envy, especially from older officials who remember THEIR alma mater getting embarrassed by the Canes in the 80's and 90's.

Darin, my apologies, no offense meant. I'm just so jacked up, not even a 6 pack is going to mellow me out!

Forget the Old days..I look ofdrward to the Golden Days!

That UPS commercial sucks! That play with Flutie was not Strategy. That play was pure luck just like any Hail mary play would be.

This will be a huge win. Lets go CANES!!!

SL, up until this year, the olden days was all we've had for 6-7 years.
Same with my Dolphins.
Agree totally regarding the Golden days. No matter what happens tonight, he has given these young men direction and a belief in themselves, something that will stay with them LONG after their UM days have ended.

IMAWriter, I completely understand your concerns. We did have a championship stolen by bad calls. Like you I am so pumped for this game to start. I want our CANES to blast ND all night long. I know they have that game in them, so hopefully tonight they will bring it!!

You KNEW they would get Flutie in the studio...you just KNEW it!!!

back later.
Folks, enjoy the game!!

Here we go Canes family. Time to stand up!!!

If this a neutral site why is the entire stadium decorated with Irish stuff???

Lets get this W

WOW!! missed TD, but I like the play call

OMG...2 drops. Dorsett CAN'T do that...wonder if the lights are a problem?

Dorsett, Dorsett, 2 TD passess dropped

Dorsett better be benched for rest of game. what a piece of crap. 2 dropped td passes.

ND wins easily now.

2 td's, gone. dorsett is unbelievable, i hope he settles down, cause now our def is up. i can't believe what i saw.

Wow! All I can say

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