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Gameday blog: Canes vs. Notre Dame

No I'm not in Chicago. But I do have a comfy seat here at home and a big screen TV to watch tonight's big showdown between your Miami Hurricanes (4-1, 3-0 ACC) and the ninth-ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish (4-0). Kickoff is at 7:30 p.m. at Soldier Field and the game can be seen everywhere on NBC.

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> The Canes are coming off another thrilling, heart-stopping win in the ACC. They knocked off N.C. State 44-37 when quarterback Stephen Morris connected with Phillip Dorsett on a 62-yard scoring strike with 19 seconds left. Morris is coming off the best single-game performance ever by a Canes quarterback with 566 yards and five touchdown passes. UM's defense gave up over 600 yards, but forced six turnovers in the win.

> The Irish had a bye week last week and of course will be playing this game a short drive over from South Bend. Notre Dame's defense is pretty sick. The Irish rank ninth in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) in both sacks (3.5/game) and pass efficiency defense (96.79) and are giving up an average of just nine points a game. The Irish defense has totaled eight interceptions -- equal to the number of interceptions the 2011 Notre Dame defense recorded. Senior middle linebacker Manti Te’o has played a role in seven of the 13 turnovers forced by Notre Dame’s defense. The All-America linebacker has recorded three interceptions, recovered two fumbles and hurried passers on two occasions that resulted in interceptions.

Here are this week's game notes for both teams: Hurricanes Irish


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Too mutha friginn cold. Next

I like the post that said to go to the NFL and find a successful defensive coordinator to hire as Miami's head coach. Defense wins games and championships.

I had a high school football coach that knew more about defense than golden or his DC put together. (He NEVER ran a 3 down lineman defense or had LBs more than two yards from the Line of Scrimmage. And I have won 90% of games in all the years I played.)

fire shalalala and golden and his dc. hire a successful, professional defensive coordinator. Hire a field goal coach who knows WTF he is doing. Miami's does NOT.

ND did exactly what i though they would do. Keep morris off the field and grind our defense where our offense sits blowing their breath in their gloves. (feeze morris)...brian kelly worked our defense and the climate to perfection....

How is it that the DC is so arrogant and stubborn that he wont adjust when his defensive schemes are allowing 500 yds per game +?

I mean youd figure he would think, what do we have to lose? Lets go for broke ply some south florida ball, blitz on every play, play man, get a few penalties, etc? What is the drawback? If we dont our defense will continue to get pounded mercilessly and by the third q will be dead.

This arrogant b..trd (donofrio) wont listen to anyone. Ive spoken with him. He is a deek.

Unc next week. 230 pm kickoff, unless they hange it back to noon bc we s...k. ND was not a must win, but this is. Because even if we lose the following week to fsu, the U will stand at 4-1 in the ACC. So this is absolutely a must win. I wont say what miami has to o on defense to stop giovanni bernard, because they wont do it. Donofrio wont do it. Making adjustments is too much to expect from that SOB.

But what is it with the o line? What happened with our running game?

Truly ashamed. Im in chicago, and i am ashamed. I cant wear my u colors proudly like i have for 35 yrs. Im afraid to. Im embarassed.


Not good news about the DC. Hope he gets a clue.

But wear those colors proudly,
because we are coming back!

Go Canes!

Guys, I agree that Shalaber needs to go before anybody else does for sure. Before we go calling for D'nofrio's job, keep in mind that the majority of the defense are freshmen and sophomores. Our three starting linebackers are going to be great and Tracy Howard, Deon Bush, Finnie and Highsmith are coming along its just going to take time. The major problem with our defense is we are not getting any pass rush whats so ever and that is attributed to age and experience. Just take a look at what we have Chickilo is a sophomore, Jelani Hamiltonis a true freshman, Tyriq McCord is a true freshmen, Jalen Grimble is a sophomore and Olsen Pierre is a sophomore. The best talent on the team defensively are 1st and second year players. It's going to take time for these guys to get stronger and experience. When these guys are Juniors and seniors, I guarantee you all we will be dominate on defense again. I remember when Butch Davis's defenses couldn't stop a raindrop, so I have seen this process before.

all that matter, is your an idiot. young my rear. this is just WHY, because people like you just accept us losing. these players stink. these coaches are dumb as you. your name on here does not reflect your posts. the process should show growth, none so far

chick is a joke, mccord never plays, and if he does you never hear his name, grimble is nothing on and on. these players are quitters, same as shannons. QUITTERS

Ibis, first of all U little c u n t U are in no position to call anybody an idiot so lose the little big boy wanna be attitude. The fact is we are a young team. Do I accept losing? hell no, but I am also realistic about the situation as well. These kids never quit playing like the ones before them did under SHannon. They we're just physically overmatched by a veteran team. It's like expecting a 9th grader trying to compete with a guy who is a senior who has been in weight lifting for 4 years. Obviously U do not watch the games and are about as intellectually gifted in football knowledge as a woman or U would know that. If you look at the way the players compete and play on the field and actually knew something about the game, U would know that there has been significant progress made by coach Golden and his staff. Coker and SHannon had our program so screwed up with help from SHalaber as well, that it's going to take time for this team to get back where they were. Just a question, what did you think about Butch when he, blew a 21 point lead to ECU,or when he blew leads to Virginia Tech who at the time were not viewed nationally as they are now, or when he got racked up by Syracuse by 50 points, and lastly when we went to Washington and blew a game against a team who at the time were viewed as just having an option QB back in 2000? He was in his 5th year as a coach at that time. I guess he didn't know what he was doing with his process then as well did he? Think logically and not like a teenager. It will take more than a season and 6 games into the second year, I can tell U that.

quitters. like you. dufus. blah blah on and on excuses. this coach that why cant people? like you realize you've been had. there is no hope for the program. coker started it, shannon finished it. golden cannot change it back. no decent recruit will come here and be trashed like this team was last night. why would they. like your name, its all about winning. and we are not. and yes, chick is a joke, along with most of these players.

Great points all around. I will tell you though, it is hard, sad, disheartening to see our defense NEVER make a play in the game. I have never seen a team get trounced like that on defense, even in Butch's 5-6 season and Randy's 5-7 season. The ONLY time they made a play was when ND was in the red zone and UM made a play, but ND was already in filed goal range and even though we held them to 3, it was still a score. Miami NEVER made a play till ND crossed UM's 30 and they got in field goal range, it was truly sad. It makes even me (a person who does believe in the process) wonder about our DC and even just a tad about CAG. Your points about Butch, brought me back to earth about CAG though, thanks for that.

The real point now 'Canes fans is that we have UNC team who more than handled VT on Saturday and has not a good, but an excellent offense. We have to win this game if we want to really put a strangle hold on the Coastal division. Even with a loss the FSU on the 20th (not wishing it, just being realistic). We would be in control of the Coastal (Duke is playing way over their heads, but that can't go on forever). Speaking of Duke, Coach David Cutcliffe is the real deal. Ole Miss ran him out after he brought their program to places they hadn't seen in decades with the help of Eli Manning. This guy has always been a winner, whether it was an OC at Tennessee under Fulmer or as a HC at Ole Miss. I never thought he could make Duke into a winner, but he is. He is making them a winner like Spurrier did back in the late 80's. Again it is part of the process as he is in his 4th or 5th year. I truly hope that CAG can do the same for our 'Canes.

In closing, guys let's get out to Sun Life Stadium on Saturday 10/13 at 2:30 PM and support our boys and coaches. Even though it seems like it tonight, all is not lost. We can still have a successful season. We can't let last nights loss beat us twice. Let's go CAG and let's go 'Canes!!!!!

Airport was full of pissed canes fans....too bad shalala doesnt fly commercial.

Canes4Life, believe me man, I feel your pain with every minute of last nights game, every time we didn't make the key stop we needed and with every dropped pass that could have made the world of difference. The game last night could have been much different had Dorsett made that opening catch and another one that would have been scores for sure. Then we had a holding penalty on the run by Morris for a TD not to mention the personal foul on the punter that would have ended the opening TD drive for ND. Those along with the bevy of dropped passes that was reminsent of a flu bug. The score was not indicative of how good we really are. These kids are very emotional and they are learning that when things don't go well instead of dwelling on it, just go out and make a play. They are in a learning phase as to what it takes to be a top 10 team. I have to completely agree with Tallycane from his earlier post, in that this can really be beneficial to the growth of this team and really motivate them to work even harder.

I well remember my own frustration with Butch Davis in his reclamation process during the late 90's, the blow out by Syracuse, and the debacle at Washington when I thought to myself, would someone please get this guy outta here. I even thought he had lost his mind when he got rid of Kenny Kelly for Ken Dorsey especially after that Washington game. Little did I know at that time we had one of the winningest QB's as our starter and that he would beat FSU, and have our team winning the title in 01 and should have won it in 02.

And U are right Cutcliff is a great coach and has done wonders at Duke. The UNC game this week is important but not paramount to us winning the Coastal division since they cannot win the division because of probation. The Va Tech and believe it or not the Duke and Virginia games are the most important for our success in the division. Winning the coastal division should be our goal and getting into the title game and winning it. We do that and win a bowl and this is by far a more successful season than any of those sports writers gave us credit for. In closing I agree that I would like to see some more aggressive attacking style with our defense but when you are not physically able to do it what you want to do and what you can do remain two very different things.

Take care fellow Cane.

I hear ya Junk. I thought by now she would have wandered out infront of a car or something. Junk, you, Cane4Life, Tallycane, dbc, itc, and a few others are truley real Canes. These other nimrods are just wish they were's.

Ibis,Gallo or 72, I know that you are not the real Ibis so go blow your dog, or better yet grab shalaber and jump infront of the first grey hound you see. That would cure two dummies from this world.

championships: You have no idea what you are talking about because you were not there. I was. First of all the washington game in 2000 was not a debacle...we lost a very close game 29-34. Kenny kelly was gone then, ken dorsey was the starter with ethnic sands as the backup. kenny keely was starter in 1998 with scott covington as backup....however we did not play washington that year (oops)....before that ryan clement was starter but got hurt and scott covington took over for brief while.

got to love these green peas that were not born then but pretend that they were or that they went to UM....

also idiot...washington went 10-1 in 2000 and went on to win the rose bowl....yea right...big debacle

In all honesty, I think our whole team is mediocre...our players except a very few are really not good. The coaches are weak..period. ND is no where near the caliber of alabama, oregon sc or ksu....the #7 ranking is very generous but again we put them there no doubt. Rutgers is ranked ahead of us (they are pretty decent)....how in the world does a brand like Miami ever get to where we are today. This team totally sucks. Like Ive said...I am going to be a gator fan....5-0 makes you proud of the state even though I always hated UF. We are a disgrace to the brand. A bunch of quiters including the coaches...

I like the "lets move on posts". But lets not forget, Butch, had loss of scholarships. and still recruited some great players. Golden has some players, but they are unproven yet. They are young, but the team as a whole is not. The older guys should be better than they are showing, and it does bring doubt about Golden. I know he will be here for awhile, so I support him, but I do believe some changes need to be made. I will have to take some anti-depressants i guess, go to NC game, and hope for the best. But champs, and4-life, thanks for the positive note on a depressing sunday. go canes beat the heels

"I wish there was more I could have done for them Saturday night," Golden said. "It was one of those deals where, I hate to say it, but it almost got contagious there for a while. We just have to get back to framing the ball and seeing it into our hands and getting fast to the tuck."

And the coaches stood there and did nothing. I watch Golden stare all night and like no emotion. They gave up also....funny no reporter pressed him at the post game conference about the DC....when is that going to come up?

Look F u ck h ea d, Scott Covington was the starter in 1998 not Kenny kelly who was the starter in 1999. I know U dip$hit that Dorsey was the starter in 2000 and Kelly was gone by then but for your knowledge, Butch did not like the fact that Kenny Kelly was playing baseball also and wanted to go with a guy who was a full time football commitment. Butch played Dorsey almost exclusively during the second half of the 1999 gator bowl game against Georgia Tech even though Kenny Kelly had led them to a nice lead and Dorsey at one point in the game was 0 for 11. That was during Ken Dorsey's freshman year nimrod.
Oh and doofus, at the time of the Washington game in 2000 we were suppose to run right past all of their slow players and they jumped on us behind bone head mistakes by Dorsey and others and we were not able to overcome them and lost. So when we are suppose to be so good like we were in 2000 and you go to Washington and lay an egg like we did to a team that only has an option QB and a TE named Jeremy Stevens, then slap nuts that is considered a debacle.
Jimbo, allow me to let U in on a little information U Freak, I know more about the Miami Hurricanes than U will ever know. More about the history of the program since the 1st National Title that was won. SO Jr. when you want to go head to head with someone, to keep yourself from looking as stupid as U are that is, make sure its not me.

Oh and I'll tell U how a program like ours gets in the situation we are in now. Okay listen up stooge, they hired to idiots like COker and Shannon to be the head coaches and then have a little dictator troll faced WOMAN, running the school. Thats how it happens.

You see Jimnuts, I was there. Well I wasn't at Husky Stadium physically, but I was watching on TV, I was at the Gator Bowl as well and saw the whole thing. Were U there in 89 when we beat Bama for the 3rd National Title. How about the beatdown we put on Texas in the Cotton Bowl? I was.

"I even thought he had lost his mind when he got rid of Kenny Kelly for Ken Dorsey especially after that Washington game. Little did I know at that time we had one of the winningest QB's as our starter and that he would beat FSU, and have our team winning the title in 01 and should have won it in 02."

Those are your words....in 2000 Kenny Kelly had graduated, davis didnt get rid of him at all...wtf are you talking about? In 1999 ken dorsy (freshman) replaced kenny kelly because he was INJURED. Dorsey played the whole gator bowl and won it against GT (kelly was on injured reserve)...2000 Kelly had already graduated. baseball had nothing to do with it or anything....your a complete BS idiot that makes things up.You never were there or went to UM......

"Butch did not like the fact that Kenny Kelly was playing baseball also and wanted to go with a guy who was a full time football commitment"

oops...championships, where did you come up with that?

again wtf are you talking about...dorsey had a good game against washington, he went 15/34 for 215 yards and miami had 373 offensive yards vs 351 for washington.....we lost the game because of the fumbles...there was no debacle, lol

In the Washington game, I also recall Dorsey was the starter. As a young kid, there was a lot of pressure on him, and the Canes were favored. Nonetheless, Husky Stadium was packed with rabid fans who wanted to see the Huskies make a statement.

Having been at that venue for other games, I know that stadium can get real raucous. There were (and are) few Miami fans in the Northwest, so anti-Cane sentiment was roaring that day.

Dorsey, one of our greats, did not have a bad game. But it was not a particularly good game either. Overall, for a new starter, he came into a pressure packed situation and acquitted himself reasonably well. But he was not effective enough to give us the edge, as many had expected from a UM team at the time.

In that sense, UW stopped our QB fairly well.

It was similar to another opening of the season loss to BYU. Again, that place was packed and the chance to beat Miami really motivated that team, as it did the Huskies.

That kind of anti-Hurricane fervor lives today as well. It is an extra hill to climb, but can be a powerful "us against them" motivator. I hope we find that attitude and bring it to the world. It made a huge difference for the Canes, and set us apart. You know, the bad guys who play like maniacs!

In the interm, let's step up and beat NC! Glad Golden is standing by his players. Hope D'Onofrio fields a defense that will have a respectable, hard hitting game! NC has got the good offense, and sitting back will hurt us on D. Our O must keep us al least even.


lets not forget that at that game byu had ty detmer...byu went 10-3 that year also. That game was 28-21 on provo...it could have gone either way. Dont even get me started as we talk about these games and history it is sad to think where we were and where we are now. washington,byu, nebraska,oklahoma,bc ND etc...all those great games...was an exciting time.

Very sad to see all this in fighting between so called cane fans and very telling. You think there is the same in fighting between the players?
This D gotta be worst D ever, they cannot stop anyone. The jury is still out on Golden, he seem like a nice fellow, talks the talk, but his team shows no improvement and his choice of DC is suspect at best.
Only good thing, for you, is that the ACC sucks more than usual this year and for the first time ever you have a chance to make it to the ship game. Beyond that, another beat down if you make it to a bowl game.

The Cane players are as good as any in the country.

It is the piss poor coaching of the head coach and his know nothing DC who makes the players look bad.

You can NOT stop a run with 3 down linemen defense. The linemen are too far apart. The LBs are five yards from the LOS which means a run goes for five yards. Duhhh.

You can not stop a pass with three down def. linemen. They can not get to the passer. So, eventually a receiver gets free and zip, 15 yard gain.

The players are not tackling because the DC does NOT know how to teach tackling. To tackle, a player has to put his head and shoulder pads on the numbers of the ball carrier and wrap him up, not arm tackle or tackle his shoulder pads.

The Canes need to go back to basics like a four down linemen defense, good tackling, move LBs up close to the LOS, go man to man on pass defense, stick close to the receivers to give time to get to the passer.

Either the DC Changes and quick, or he should be fired, golden should be fired and shallahala should be fired. Who wants to go to a sterile no life stadium in the heat, listen to a siren, and watch sloppy coaching????????


yes, UW and BYU were winnable games.
like our great Orange Bowl streak (ended
by UW, as you know),those were great times.

and as you note, it makes now even tougher.
why, one might even be tempted to support
the Gators, baby! OUCH!

it is tough to see the difference today after
so many great years and a unique team culture
for us. the early 2000 and 2001 teams were
great and a source of pride as well.

i guess it will take building, commitment
from the administration (a big question mark), recruitment, coaching and (in my dream) our own stadium that begins to acquire some of that OB

hope we take a step, support the team, and
put it on NC. they will be hungry for a W,
and have a good, hard-nosed first year coach.

the sanctions bowl?


this freshman young stuff is getting old. I watched rutgers #22 vs uconn. even though they are 5-0 it was like watching a high school game. You mean to tell me Miami players are not as capable or less athletic than them? if we had 100% freshman playing we should be able to be ranked in the top 25. Rutgers barely beat uconn 19-3. There is something very wrong here...sorry. ita ALL the coaching

Had a great time at the game Saturday, until the ass whooping that is...

No excuses, Notre Dame dominated both lines, the tempo, and the game.

Fortunately for UM their two embarrassing blowout losses have been out of conference, and FSU and Va Tech are beatable!

UNC's up second in a GREAT October of UM football!

Who is the one constant over the past 10 years of failure? It's not Coker, not Shannon, not Golden...

BYU had a soft schedule that year and we should have dominated them but as Michael Irvin stated in the U documentary we became over confident and we got beat. Just about everybody from the 89 team was back includeing the offense, an outland trophy winner in DT russell Maryland, and the vast majority of the defense. Even one of our greatest kickers Carlos Huerta was back. BYU was not that good of a team that year and had we not come into the game being overconfident and beat them as we should have no body outside of Utah would even know who Ty Detmer was.

Jim U have got to be the dumbest person I have ever debated on this site. Kenny Kelly was a sophomore in 1999 and did not graduate as the reason Dorsey was the starter in 2000. Butch gave him the decision to make either concentrate only on football and give baseball up or play baseball and give football up. Kelly chose baseball and that idiot is how Dorsey became the starter. And Dorsey did start in 1999 a few games because Kelly was hurt but not the Gator bowl against Georgia Tech. Kenny Kelly started against Georgia Tech and Led them to a comfortable lead by halftime. Then Butch inserted Dorsey as the QB and he went 0 for 11 at one point. And the Washington game in 2000, Dorsey struggled the whole game and padded his stats with some late completions but the game had already been decided by Marcus Tuiososopa and Jeremy Stevens. It was a debacle because no body in the Pac 10 was any good that year and Washington was in no way even close to being as good of a team as we were. So that is a debacle U dummy. There were some fumbles by us in that game but Dorsey struggled the whole day until late in the game. Later Little Jimmy

you make things up.....Kelly was gone idiot, he wasent even on the 1999/2000 baseball rosters , check the archives....as far as ty detmer...what difference does it make if anyone knew him....he is who he is....one of the greatest qbs in college ball....there was no debacle

the whole point is ill take coker-davis-erickson-jimmy over these coaches anyday....like ive said...you were not around or even went to UM....too many contridictions in your blogs

Stupidass I never said Kenny Kelly played on the Miami Hurricanes baseball team U idiot! He played in the minor leagues and if memory serves me correctly he was drafted by the Blue Jays organization. He is viewed that way U moron because he beat Miami. Had he not won that game Ty Detmer would be just like David Klingler, Troy Kopp, and slew of others, just a footnote in CFB history. Its you that likes to make things up because not only do U not know anything about the Canes but U are not even a real fan. And what difference does it make whether or not I went to Miami or not. I still know them better than an idiot like yourself. Oh and U can have the days under Coker. Davis I can't say too much other than the facts about him as a coach and he did build a dynasty, Erickson knew how to win but sucked as a recruiter and lived off of Jimmy's boys all he could. Jimmy is the real King of Miami and he believes in Golden just as I do. LIke I said try me again about Canes facts and I'll continue to crush U little Jimmy.

like ive said.....you dont know what your talking about. Kenny kelly was a blip on Miamis radar...2 yrs, thats it. You sound like a fool when you say miami made ty detmer. ypu were not born then or there or an alumni. i ant you all the tim in fantasy miami archive info.....who cares i dont

Oh real C u n t face, he was the QB of the 99 team just as I said and that just proves U are a fake piece of S h ! T like I said. I've been a Cane since 83 and I have seen it all since so when it comes to playing with knowldge then little jimmy U are a Zero not a hero u piece of crap. Another thing that game made Detmer and put him at the front of the Heisman trophy race. If not for that game he is nothing more than another skinny little QB from BYU. Name the last important BYU QB since him who was in the Heisman conversation. There ain't one moron. I just keep slapping U around and U have nothing legit to come back with.

I don’t get it

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