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Gameday blog: Canes vs. Notre Dame

No I'm not in Chicago. But I do have a comfy seat here at home and a big screen TV to watch tonight's big showdown between your Miami Hurricanes (4-1, 3-0 ACC) and the ninth-ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish (4-0). Kickoff is at 7:30 p.m. at Soldier Field and the game can be seen everywhere on NBC.

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> The Canes are coming off another thrilling, heart-stopping win in the ACC. They knocked off N.C. State 44-37 when quarterback Stephen Morris connected with Phillip Dorsett on a 62-yard scoring strike with 19 seconds left. Morris is coming off the best single-game performance ever by a Canes quarterback with 566 yards and five touchdown passes. UM's defense gave up over 600 yards, but forced six turnovers in the win.

> The Irish had a bye week last week and of course will be playing this game a short drive over from South Bend. Notre Dame's defense is pretty sick. The Irish rank ninth in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) in both sacks (3.5/game) and pass efficiency defense (96.79) and are giving up an average of just nine points a game. The Irish defense has totaled eight interceptions -- equal to the number of interceptions the 2011 Notre Dame defense recorded. Senior middle linebacker Manti Te’o has played a role in seven of the 13 turnovers forced by Notre Dame’s defense. The All-America linebacker has recorded three interceptions, recovered two fumbles and hurried passers on two occasions that resulted in interceptions.

Here are this week's game notes for both teams: Hurricanes Irish


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well our youth mistakes, and lack of execution is gonna cost us this one, talent wise we are better, but our execution is sad....

Folks, lets not feed the troll.
This cretin with the small packages (brains and genitals) comes in here every week.

Whoops, I fed the troll. LOL

Canes can't win this game, so I hoping Dorsett career ends, or maybe gets aids when he sleeps with his girlfriend tonight.

Blowout coming. Thanks Dorsett

A reverse never worked against us. There was way to much speed. Now we are just a first down maching. ND has scored on both of their drives and they are moving the ball on us again.

My god no pass rush what so ever. I can't remember having these bad of a defensive line.

They are just playing catch right now. There is now pressure on the QB. They are going to have to start blitzing.

Dorsett was paid to drop passes tonight. That is a fact.

Soon to be 17 to 3 thanks to Dorsett.

Dorsett has had some miscues, but is really an awesome kid, watch how we isolate him, remember it's a team game guys

Why are Miami fans so dramatic? Yes I want the team to win, but it dosnt really effect my life if they do or not. Internet has made a generation of trolls. You want him to get aids cause he dropped a ball LOL.


Devonne, you are a MORON.

Tim it's not all Dorsett. He does not play defense. Our defense is horrible. They are ranked 114th in the nation and it shows.

This D makes me cry, and the penalties are gonna lose this game.

Well said Johnny,same trolls that were chering the last 2 weeks we he had nearly 200 both times.

dropped passes are a team game?

this team is so hard to watch I soo miss our defenses of the past that could actually get a 3 and out... im not sure this team has had one all year : ( sucks to be a cane anymore

Orlando, I understand our defense sucks, but being up 7 to 0 on 2 different times actually helps our defense. Dorsett failed 2 times INTENTIONALLY

HEY JOHNNY1303 This is a Miami ND game man ofcourse we are gonna be dramatic. Have you watched the history between these two teams?

ok lets go , make it a 13-10 halftime score

ND constantly blocks in the back, and only on a run in the 1st quarter did they call it. They blocked in the back on that screen pass, which by the took 13 seconds to run, evidence that our pass rush ain't there...yet.

Chick needs to be moved inside...too small at DE.
Pierre out hurts us.

Where is the next Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Warren Sapp, Michael Barrow, and the list goes on.

There is not an NFL prospect on this Miami Defense.

well ND 3 possesions, 3 scores, Canes 3 possesions, 3 points, sad to hear them call us a high powered offense, WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT ??? we have 3 points and cant do crap without penalties and drop passes, we cant get out of our own friggin way !!!

Bill, you must be high if you think the game will even be close to 13 to 10. I know of atleast 2 or more canes on the take tonight. Dorsett being one, which is clear.

Gotta hit the deep pass to get momentum

Wow, I didn't know we had blog Gangsta's in Miami,the internet really let's some people grows huge sacs

Im telling you man these penalties are causing us to lose this game.

need a calculator to keep up with all the mistakes

Too many mistakes!!!! Hate to beat a dead horse, but this is killing me! We are better than this!

hey, notice when UM gets penalized for "block in the back" on returns, NBC NEVER shows the alleged penalties.
Uh, I just remembered, Notre dame is SIGNED to NBC...the last 10 years, thus the homer announcers, the home field, and not surprisingly, even with an ACC crew, biased officiating.

Kieth im with you... I just want to cry and suck my thumb in the corner.

Why are we running?

hey manny, Susan...chime in anytime.

i saw all the comments this week saying we could beat ND. I did not believe it, just because of the way we have played. But we are the better team, but we are killing ourselves. This is an incredible chance to get some respect for the program, but it's slipping away. (or being dropped) The penalties, drops and just simple mistakes. But along way to go, I really hope to see us make this a game. LETS GO CANES

Nice stiffy

mistakes on O but the D is giving up chunk after chunk of yardage.

Christ, another drop by Dorsett

Dorsett drops another one. I knew it. He is on the take

got a punt again.

Okay Dorsett needs to sit the media blew him way to long last week.


I hope Dorsett Dies.

that is a catch

Bloody shame Hurns is not 100%.
Duke needs to touch the ball 20+ times this game.

We need a 3 and out real bad.

Screw it go for it, we are not expected to win anyway. I expected but what the hay!

ND's defense is not that good. We are moving the ball up and down the field on them. We have too much speed on offense. The Dorsett drops killed us in this game and defense has been awful. We need to get some of that speed back on defense.

BTW, Tim am almost starting to agree with you about this Dorsett payoff. He was great for us all year and I don't know what is wrong with him tonight.

We get a stop, and get at least 3, you have to figure we will do better the 2nd half.

Oooh a punt. Thanks Dorsett

Come Defense let's get a safety!!

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