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Gameday blog: Canes vs. Notre Dame

No I'm not in Chicago. But I do have a comfy seat here at home and a big screen TV to watch tonight's big showdown between your Miami Hurricanes (4-1, 3-0 ACC) and the ninth-ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish (4-0). Kickoff is at 7:30 p.m. at Soldier Field and the game can be seen everywhere on NBC.

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> The Canes are coming off another thrilling, heart-stopping win in the ACC. They knocked off N.C. State 44-37 when quarterback Stephen Morris connected with Phillip Dorsett on a 62-yard scoring strike with 19 seconds left. Morris is coming off the best single-game performance ever by a Canes quarterback with 566 yards and five touchdown passes. UM's defense gave up over 600 yards, but forced six turnovers in the win.

> The Irish had a bye week last week and of course will be playing this game a short drive over from South Bend. Notre Dame's defense is pretty sick. The Irish rank ninth in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) in both sacks (3.5/game) and pass efficiency defense (96.79) and are giving up an average of just nine points a game. The Irish defense has totaled eight interceptions -- equal to the number of interceptions the 2011 Notre Dame defense recorded. Senior middle linebacker Manti Te’o has played a role in seven of the 13 turnovers forced by Notre Dame’s defense. The All-America linebacker has recorded three interceptions, recovered two fumbles and hurried passers on two occasions that resulted in interceptions.

Here are this week's game notes for both teams: Hurricanes Irish


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Jim gallo said earlier this would be an ugly game. I believe he meant a ND blowout.
It's an ugly game for sure, just lots of bad plays, but not a blow out.
I'm sure we all hope this game gets a LOT prettier for UM.

Mistakes. Yes this is a big moment for UM, but our talent is obvious.
Maybe it's time for a little Mike James and Duke?

Still, I can't believe we can't beat this guys in the air, IF we can hold on to the ball.
And the officials stay out of our way.

Hey Golden wake up!!!! You have no kicker and Dorsett is a zombie tongiht....Adjust man!

Karma will come around on Flutie. I still remember him DROP-kicking an extra point against my Fins when he was with NE. Bellicheat went along with it.
may they BOTH rot in Hades for eternity. LOL

Flutie was a BC player, an ENEMY of ND, but he's on that sorry studio crew?

Sit down Dorsett now. Take his helmet away. It is obvious it does not fit his fat head tonight.

Pathetic. And that's on Golden also. With Wieclaw choking the last three games, the Canes would have actually had a better defensive field position having not made 4th and five.

officials in the game already. ACC guys!
No replay.
criticism of Golden, when Kelly reams his players in public constantly?

A team full of LOSERS!!

Another block in the back by ND near the goal line. At least a UM guy took out the official.
Well, we're a year, and some size away.

This is the worst defense, I've seen in college football this year. This is an embarrassing display so far.

Easy touchdown, right up the middle. And the route is on.

There not losers. Still we all know Miami lost this game. Now we don't have to get mad while watching. Games over! Let's all just sit back and enjoy the game. It's all we as FANS can do now

I like AG but he is delusional by his half time comment that his defense is keeping the team on the ball game. Guys the DC is not going anywhere!!

THAY ARE AN EMBARRASSMENT! worst defense in 40 yrs , even in the days of sanctions or defense wasnt soo weak, shameful, just shameful

WTF!? They just drove it down our throats. Worst defense ever..

How is chickolloworking out for the canes

Johnny, you must not watch much canes football.
We came back from 17 down agains GA Tech.
However, that said, now Fisch HAS to not panic. A pick on a deep ball here would be the end.
get chunks of yards, give our D some rest, and get points.

and BTW if you are a real CANES FAN, you cant sit back and enjoys thgis BULLS_IT display of football , it is disgusting!


its really sad that miami had a chance to compete in this game. if morris and company dont give the def a break, and score points, its gonna get ugly, or uglier. man this is depressing. ND is way overrated. I know it aint over, but NCarolina wont be easy, watched them today, they score alot.

Am I the only one who feels like it's a "given" that the opposing Offense will atleast make it to the red zone on every drive? Wow

I can't stand the NBC announcers. They are laughing and having fun at the Canes expense. You cannot be thay biased when calling a game.

It seems like they dont have life now after the ND score. the offense is going through the motions, no energy.

you can blame personal for so long. the ad should have done his job and fired the dc. when will manny start to sweat the dc

This is unbelievable. The receivers are picking a hell of a time not being able to catch a pass.

We really need a defensive turnover to swing some momentum our way.

maybe golden should order the hotdogs for kelly, this game is all but over if they score again.

The defense and coaching sucks a@@ , and the recievers are now like the last few years cant catch a friggin ball , what a Joke they are.

That's 7 drops.
All in crucial situations.
We were NOT ready for prime time, I guess. I really we looked the part coming out the tunnel.
A shame, but we can win the ACC, a much more important task.
Orlando dolphin, they ARE Paid by ND, as House announcers, as this game is part of ND's long contract with NBC to broadcast their games.
In the old days, Lindsay Nelson at least pretended to be somewhat impartial.

Canes have butter hands. They cannot catch anything.

ND will get knocked out of the top 10 soon. They are way overrated. They are just playing a young team with a horrible defense.

The Canes defense is as bad as I have seen in college football. Hopefully, the Dolphins will have a good game tomorrow.

Time to watch a movie.

drop balls and a high school defense = loss

the sad part now, is this would have been one heck of a game had miami came to play. it would be close, and come down to the end. the end is near in only the 3rd qtr

I dont wanna hear anymore crap about give them time , F__K that, this D co ord needs to go , and if Golden wont do it , Get Golden the F--- out too!!!!!! this again looks like a high school team playing college makes me wanna PUKE

Has anyone else npticed that ND offensive line is wearing wht gloves? Same color as Our jerseys, that s why they are getting away with so much holding.


You have to give them time there not going to be good in 1 week. You can either complain about it every week or have patients. There's no choice

We totaly F### ourselves. And we have the better offense.

I told you ND 107 Miami 17 at 2:39 i posted this canes cant catch, cant throw, cant tackle, its too cold, we are young, blah blah miring in irrelevancy we will score alot more your canes have given up and stupid also

I think we all know that our DC should be replaced!

The canes should pack it up for the yr and just practice, because this game and K state games shows who gives a flying F--k about the ACC, this team sucks and should already state no bowl game because it would just be another shameful display of how pathetic miami football has become... at least last yr they didnt get blown out and were in the games , this is a step backwards, in 6 games we have given up and got blown out 2 times alrdy ---- friggin losers....

Officials again, when it was 3 against one. What do they expect our guy to do? the play was over, and the ND were still getting after it.

7 drop balls + high school defense + overated norte dame team = canes loss, how sad

Shalala must get gang banged by the coaching staff not to fire them!!!

Well at least the players will know that they cant win games with thier mouths, that they are a shameful excuse for a football team and they had a chance to bring the U name back to a small bit of relevance and totaly blew it for us. We will still be the joke of college football, thanks guys for your lack of focus and pathetic display of tackling. I think my wife could tackle better than some of the crap I have seen tonight. puke puke puke.... wish some old real canes would go teach these guys somthing , cause the D co ord hasnt done crap!

This is horrible.

dont leave it to the refs, like you said. if we get the first half pts, a different game. they gave up aftr the ND first score of 2nd half. maybe in the first half, but they have given up. play everyone now, experience might? help down the road. its not morris' fault, but i think a change is needed. morris has missed a few, but sometimes a spark can help. it cant get much worse.

Jerry, Please never die!!...u made me laugh!!!!!

Dorsett needs to be benched with his helmet taken away. The same with the so-called defensive uncoordinator - take his headset away.

An embarrassing game, the Canes can look forward to a worse beating against the whineynoles, at "home" (if you want to call that lifeless stadium home.

The defense is defenseless against anybody.

What say you, Al?

I'm beating a dead horse here, but the tobacco roads crews, of which this crew is hate UM, especially after us knocking of GA Tech and NC State.

As a 55 year Canes fan and grad, those of us around that long will tell how bad it was even during Charlie tate's regime way back in the 60's.
I saw the officials take a home game from us against Notre Dame, and we were still an Independent, as they were.

This is all crap right now, as it is apparent our guys have had enough. Morris short hopping, aiming throws, the Dorsett drops, which MUST have cost him some confidence, etc.
We are now dead, a will probably score a meaningless TD late in the 4th quarter.

Fortunately, there are 3-4 other games on now, so maybe we will be spared TOTAL national scorn.

One thing. At one time while a the U of Cincinnati, Kelly had a team thart was offensively similar to ours.
Guess he learned how to defend it in practice.

drop ball #8

This loss goes squarely on the receivers of this team. Help your QB just a bit, doesn't hurt that the refs are in your pocket. I mean notre lame gets calls but this many? pushed into the punter = roughing the punter, phantom pi's and a couple personal fouls. 41 freshman, these guy are only gonna get better.

I wonder if the nfl replacement refs were brought in for this game specifically?

IMAWriter, I see your point regarding the untimley calls. But we did not helped ourselves either with drop balls. I do believe that ND is overrated, but they are good enouh to expose our weak defense. The DC coordinator should be replaced immeditaley following this game. I just see many fundamentals not being done on the field. Our defense fail to fight off the blocks, they remain engaged way to long.

How can some of you out there possibly say its the refs or ND is overrated. ND is up 27-3 right now. Miami has shown nothing since about 2min into the game.

Face it, Miami isn't there yet and in fact they're not even close

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