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Gameday blog: Canes vs. Notre Dame

No I'm not in Chicago. But I do have a comfy seat here at home and a big screen TV to watch tonight's big showdown between your Miami Hurricanes (4-1, 3-0 ACC) and the ninth-ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish (4-0). Kickoff is at 7:30 p.m. at Soldier Field and the game can be seen everywhere on NBC.

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> The Canes are coming off another thrilling, heart-stopping win in the ACC. They knocked off N.C. State 44-37 when quarterback Stephen Morris connected with Phillip Dorsett on a 62-yard scoring strike with 19 seconds left. Morris is coming off the best single-game performance ever by a Canes quarterback with 566 yards and five touchdown passes. UM's defense gave up over 600 yards, but forced six turnovers in the win.

> The Irish had a bye week last week and of course will be playing this game a short drive over from South Bend. Notre Dame's defense is pretty sick. The Irish rank ninth in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) in both sacks (3.5/game) and pass efficiency defense (96.79) and are giving up an average of just nine points a game. The Irish defense has totaled eight interceptions -- equal to the number of interceptions the 2011 Notre Dame defense recorded. Senior middle linebacker Manti Te’o has played a role in seven of the 13 turnovers forced by Notre Dame’s defense. The All-America linebacker has recorded three interceptions, recovered two fumbles and hurried passers on two occasions that resulted in interceptions.

Here are this week's game notes for both teams: Hurricanes Irish


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Who cares about ND's helmets? Are you serious? How about how weak we are up front? D Tackles needed, ASAP! I can't take this!

Its not being fair-weather. The D is just soo bad. You cant say next year will be better because there is no flashes from DL. If Miami does not sign at least 2 Juco Dt's and Ends it will be exactly the same against top level competition.

You can blame the offense all you want but how can you get any rhythm when you get on the field every 10 minutes. The D is fresh every time the go against it.

They just Rudy'd our ass.

Guys what do you think would happen? Its a home game for ND its 40 degrees and you take a team that plays in 90 degree heat if ND was in Miami they would be cramping up this was set up for ND at the very start. I stoped watching at half.

Unfortunately, the way the BCS awards points, teams are forced to score adding insult to injury. In this case, with starters on the sidelines and without passing, they're still scoring...ugly, truly ugly for U.

We just let the kid from the "Wonder Years", run all the way down the field on us!
Where is the fight? Where is that U pride? We are better than this crap we are showing!

Truth is I don't even know why Miami is this bad. Not 100%. It can't just be the DC an youth. Is it?

Lets put this behind us, and work on the ACC. At least let us be best in our division. Lets expect the worst and hope for the best. This is directed to the real fans.

Morris smiling on the sideline, no passion whatsoever

Snug, those helmets are awesome though.

We lose, the team is young.

We get pushed around, the D is bad.

But when we get hammered and embarrassed on national TV...that's on the coach. Not going to jump on Golden prematurely, BUT I will be hesitant to give him too much credit for what he has done in the last 2 years.

This game, along with the K-State game shows how far we have to go to be legit. Defense needs lots of work, or a better strategy from the DC, seems our players are always out of position.

This is a young squad. They've played poorly on the road against top ten teams. I hate losing; but this game really isn't important to the development of this year. They have a good shot to win the coastal division. NC can't get in, and VT plays Clemson, Florida State, and they're not that good. We get em at home. We play in Charlotte and that is a huge year for this team.
Go Canes!

Ray Lewis is going to coach are D and get us back to the promise land prob not but would be nice. His son will be there so he will be around the team more. Dose anybody know if he is any good?

Yeah Golden runs the D.

im sorry but al golden needs to part ways with his friend. i think these kids on the defensive side of the ball are not believing in this cordinator and their confidence are shattered.ive never seen kids from any of the florida schools this quiet and almost afraid to attack.only kirby and johnson have showed little emotion both georgia kids

Our recievers did suck though.

D'Onofrio is a horrible D-coordinator. Guys constantly out of position. This guy needs to go now.

In the 80's, we played with a chip on our shoulder. Golden should make them sit and not just watch, but listen to the announcers, espn, everyone who is against them, and make them understand, IT'S US AGAINST THE WORLD. They must understand, if they want to be a top team, they have to take it. no-one will give it to them. Time to see some attitude.

Only good thing is ACC is terrible. Noway FSU should be number 3 team in country. If they played in SEC they would probably be an 8 win team. They are barely beating NC STATE. They are getting whipped up front on Offense.

As much as we keep blaming the defense, it should have been an offensive performance that should have dictated this game.

ND 586 total yards

MikeS, stop wacking to UM 80s video and dreaming of the past. You play more then 2 gfood teams a year, UM is not an independent. Having said this ACC is weak so UM might be able to back into the ACC Champ game.

emrizzo, they only punted once. Unless we score on EVERY possession we lose. It's all about this horrible defense.

Oh and that Hawaiin prick won the game for ND. BS he didnt do S### and the anouncers are just sucking away.

They will learn what it's all about. Let's focus on the ACC for now.

Don't get too down on the Canes. If Dorsett had caught one of the first two drops or we score before the half, it may have been a lot better. We would have lost, but you can't make mistakes where scores escape and expect to win.

We showed our youth with mistakes that killed us. The defense is bad, but any defense would wear out when your offense can't sustain drives.

Focus on winning the Coastal. In two years, this team will be awesome. Mark it down.

MikeS...That is very nice but the facts are the facts...You can have attitude and its us against this and that but if you just aren't very good or the coach has you playing out of position...

This us against the world is crap...Catch the ball and make plays on defense.

Does anyone else notice we get and have been getting pushed around for a long time...How about a new Strength and conditioning coach?

What are you seeing? The guys are not out of position. They are just getting whipped. DL is getting smashed. The safeties take the worst angles I have ever seen. The LB's miss tackles or cant react. Look at the 2 and 15 play in the 1st half and Paul is right there but flat footed. Brandon McGee and Darrius Smith should never play again. If this is really about the future why are seniors that make no plays still playing. How many career interceptions does McGee have? Smith sacks?

Hey NYCFIU worry about you own Sh### team. You guys cant even sniff Morris Jock strap.

Good post MikeS and Kirkkinder.

Welcome to the Golden years cane fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The U d-line got rocked! They were pushed around the entire game! The ND O-line abused them! They were stronger, faster and in better shape. U needs to improve their conditioning. They looked simply un-athletic in the 2nd half. ND second team scored points in the 4th qtr! That's bad, really bad!

Canes defensive coordinator sucks. I honestly can't believe this man is teaching defense to these players, since the rule of thumb is you play how you practice in games. He made no, zero adjustments in the second half of this game; also why are the defensive backs other than the 3 or 4 down linemen 10 yards off the ball. These corners and outside linebackers cannot get off of blocks, and they are always out of position getting sucked into the middle as the ball is traveling outside. What a poor performance, but cant ignore the dropped passes either, this certainly didn't help the defense stay off the field the majority of the game.

Focus on winning the Coastal??????????

Focus on catching and tackling!!!!!!!!

canesny. Not out of position? Everyone attacks to the middle leaving the edges exposed on EVERY play. How about forcing the play to the inside. How about guys constantly getting behind our DB's because the safeties are biting on every play action. Again, players are out of position.

Look at what the UF coach has done in his second year, UF can teach UM a thing or two about playing defense. What an inspirational performance against a real quality team.

How bout the IRISH?????? lol

This is one game, but, a learning one. There are still alot of freshmen on this team and they will grow. I'd be interested in seeing how many minutes ND had and how many the U had. It seems like the defense played closed to 75% of the game. I half expected spend most of the night on his back the way the press talked about NDs front seven. I'd like to stress one more thing to those bashers out there. The sun is still going to come up tomorrow and, yes, there will be anoter game next week. The true test of character for this team is how will they play next week, leaving this game behind so that this game doesn't beat them twice. Go Canes.

MikeS....these kids arent like the kids inthe 80s,those guys were really tough kids thats why guys like tim brown said he was afraid of them. miami might be recruiting south florida kids but not the type of kids that were at da U inthe 80s and 90s

Again, this team is as good as Army or Kansas. Nothing more. And it won't get better for at least 4 more years. THAT'S how long it will take MINIMUM with these damned sanctions coming.

ND has been a terrible non contender for almost a decade now. They patiently rebuilt their team. Miami is doing the same. They're young and talented. It will come but it will take time.

From the opening drops by Dorsett, to the stupid penalties, including roughing the kicker, it felt as if it was all over. And it was.

I had hoped D'Onofrio would be the coach we needed. He had a reputation as a tough football player. But I think the guy has to go. This defense does not improve from week to week. Williams, the secondary coach,and Jethro, the DL coach, have sorry units out there. I feel bad for these kids.

D'Onofrio is a liability and is not developing whatever talent we might have. I think Chickilo is an average DL at best, and the other guys can't stop anyone. The LBs have some promise and are a young group. The secondary is confused, way off receivers and clueless.

Either our talent is terrible or the coaching is not developing players. Or both. Don't know.

I thought the O line played OK, but we did not run the ball well. Morris, as good a passer as he is, throws too many short passes in the dirt or overthrows receivers on out routes.

Duke had one great game against BC, and not a lot since. I love the kid but he is young. The wideouts are disappointing in getting open and catching the ball. They hurt their QB at critical times.

The TE's might as well stay home, and it is a mystery why they are not used more. Walford made a great play on what I think was the only ball to the Tight Ends.

This game reminded me of the LSU humiliation in the Peach Bowl some years ago. It was very painful, because I think our kids are trying hard.

So, there is some talent for sure. We are a young ball club. But, the coaching is making me wonder big-time if changes don't need to be made now.

With luck, we may beat Virginia, South Florida and Duke. In a miraculous world, we might surprise someone like NC and be 6 - 6 or even 7 - 4. Or we could lose these games as well. A lot will be about morale, fight and attitude.

But this has to be demoralizing to the players. I hope they can comeback and make a good showing in North Carolina.

The glory days are gone, and not coming back soon.

Not ready for prime time.....

D 586 total yards
Posted by: larry702 | October 06, 2012 at 10:57 PM

Larry, actually LESS than our average.
Well, at less than against NC State.

We KNEW they were going to run with 5 minutes left.
Why not stack the box and show some grit.
Who the heck cares if Kekky then throws over us?
Actually, maybe the press would give US a break and call Kelly the a-hole he is.
Or, we hit them in the mouth in that last 5 minutes and walk out with a wee piece of self respect.

D'Onfrio is coaching NOT to lose his job, afraid of getting beat deep, and HAS to be held in some part accountable. These kids need to man up on D, and let the chips fall where they may. How much worse is it to get beat deep, as opposed to getting ground into true dirt by 6 yard rushing plays.I'd take the former.

Players are not out of position. They just dont make plays. When DLine is getting smashed into the ground its hard to say who is out of position. The DB's are worst tacklers in the world. How many tackles did Rodgers and Highsmith miss.

Name the one playmaker they have on D. Name one DL that would have been in rotation on a good Miami team. Name the safety who would have been in the 2 Deep? Name the safety that has an interception or sack?

The most upseting part is if Miami went for that fourth down late and the called a time out with just over a minute left the press would beat them up for running up the score, but all we will hear now is how powerful and classy ND is. ND is classless

Just what I thought reference the time of position. ND had the ball 39 minutes and 8 seconds while the U had the ball 20 minutes and 52 seconds. I don't know of too many defenses that can hold up for two-thirds of a game without buckling at any level. There are other games and this team will get better, faster and stronger eventually. Remeber this team is made up primarily of Freshmen, 44 of them which is almost half of the players on the roster. A year ago they were playing high school ball. Go Canes.

We have a long way to go before we are relevant again and with probation and sanctions coming at the end of the season I do mean long long way.

tdotcane, thats why they need to hear the media's garbage for themselves. To get ticked off. play mad. I know there are alot of reasons for this game, we didn't do what we do best. Those drops seem to kill everything. I don't see how they get up for next week. That's a big game as far as acc. If by some miracle, they win, it could be us and VT for the coastal. Good experience for the team. GO CANES

Bob, true what you say, but sanctions or not, it just seems that we play a bend an break defense.
Qs I said, why not just put 8 in the box the last 5 minutes and not let them have that damn Rudy moment.
This is a DC who has no ability to adjust.
Al was a DC for years, and needs to take over the calls, as we have no one, either middle LB or safety who can call a defense.

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