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Gameday blog: Canes vs. Notre Dame

No I'm not in Chicago. But I do have a comfy seat here at home and a big screen TV to watch tonight's big showdown between your Miami Hurricanes (4-1, 3-0 ACC) and the ninth-ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish (4-0). Kickoff is at 7:30 p.m. at Soldier Field and the game can be seen everywhere on NBC.

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> The Canes are coming off another thrilling, heart-stopping win in the ACC. They knocked off N.C. State 44-37 when quarterback Stephen Morris connected with Phillip Dorsett on a 62-yard scoring strike with 19 seconds left. Morris is coming off the best single-game performance ever by a Canes quarterback with 566 yards and five touchdown passes. UM's defense gave up over 600 yards, but forced six turnovers in the win.

> The Irish had a bye week last week and of course will be playing this game a short drive over from South Bend. Notre Dame's defense is pretty sick. The Irish rank ninth in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) in both sacks (3.5/game) and pass efficiency defense (96.79) and are giving up an average of just nine points a game. The Irish defense has totaled eight interceptions -- equal to the number of interceptions the 2011 Notre Dame defense recorded. Senior middle linebacker Manti Te’o has played a role in seven of the 13 turnovers forced by Notre Dame’s defense. The All-America linebacker has recorded three interceptions, recovered two fumbles and hurried passers on two occasions that resulted in interceptions.

Here are this week's game notes for both teams: Hurricanes Irish


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At least FSU loses

Here's my take.

Just like everything in life.
It's all dictated from the top down.

I do not think the university has consistent national championship winning as a priority.
At that level It costs a lot of money to win these days. A lot.
The administration has other priorities.

The U regardless of head coach has been horrible for the last 10 years. 10 years!!! Why - because the caliber of The coaches. Because the hiring budgets are so low. They try and find diamonds in he rough.
This isn't the 80s:90s. FB is a much more level playing field and with the $$ small universities have excluding ND and USC can't compete with the state schools.

With that said we happen to have a very good head coach right now but he is young and the assistants are a reflection of you get what you pay for and the legacy of the young coach - specifically coach D.
The O coordinator actually is good value but the D is inexperienced in big time college FB and over his head. The kids playing D are 3-5 star recruits. The problem is coaching.

So now what. Big time sanctions are looming.
The D coach is life long pals with the head coach.
Heck, we will be lucky if the current coaching staff even sticks around after sanctions hit.
And if they do they hopefully they will mature and eventually create a consistent program.

But from my point of view unless the administration changes priorities we will have to continue to have patience in the young coaching staff and hope the future of the program will be better than mid level with a couple special years (conference champ) in between at best.

NC State beats FSU!!!!!

FSU will still beat um!!!!! lol

Shalala is.a troll. Let holfen recruit thugs and we will be ok.

Aquabug, I reluctantly agree. I've heard that BOISE STATE has facilities as good as the Gators.
Why? because winning Football brings in serious bucks, prestige.
Unfortunately, Donna thinks having the best International studies program is the ticket.
She has no grit, allows the gables commissioners, Gators and FSU grads to laugh in her face regarding zoning for an on or near campus stadium...if she even tried at all.

She should go after Pete Garcia for AD, but won't, and will get another small school assistant.

Why is donofrio a DC?

Why does he continue to run the same soft defense? Defenders were given 10 yds. It was so easy. A high school offense would have piled yds on miami also against this very soft scheme.

So is it that we have the worse athletes in college football? Or the worse coaches?

Our d line was getting pancaked every play. Chikillo was non existent or overran plays.

Our d line is soft and weak. What U tough? They are always chasing never aggressive in the backfield, always chasing a play,

Phillip dorsett bought into all the hype. I was afraid of that. Morris put 3 beautiful passes in his hands. 2 of them TDs. Plus he dropped a fourth. Hurns dropped another 2. Duke another. Who recruits these kids?

UM has a white boy receiver walkon who should be given an opportunity. Why does miami ecruit all these brick handed skinny gumbys from south florida, yet, ohio state and the likes put such excellent white receivers that are always open, always reliable? Like Hartline, wes welker, brandon stkley, amendola, etc?

Where are the loser thight ends?

Where was mister 1 yd and a cloud of dust mike james?

If I read another boo hoo life st ory about a miami player im going to puke.

At least tally will be sick tomorrow as well. We looked terrible but I think this was good experience for us. We shoulda coulda woulda been up by 14 if we catch the ball on offense and defense. The lights and the weather were obstacles we could not overcome. Our dc sucks but I think we will be better for this whipping.

Building a stadium for this team would be like building one for the marlins. waste of money the stadium does not win games. It is for the fans, not the players. No excuses for this game except miami quit way before the game was lost. I mean they quit, yes QUIT in the first half. 13-3 at half, they had already quit.

We are done.....season is over trust me. 584 yards tonight now the average is 539 defensive yards vs last year avg per game of 436. Reality has now set in. DC has to go immediately. Golden, like ive always said....has to prove himself...since last year to tonight...nothing, all hype and silly wins (overtime win GT..please) Our defense can not stop NOBODY. Also as I have mentioned in post...Allen deposition has sunk Miami.....even Herald has picked up on it. Another disappointment....maybe 2015 as sanctions will kill us further with recruits.

Worse of all...the team quit. So much for this year vs last year. The DC will take Golden down.

Jim, i don't think the sanctions will hurt us any more than what was on TV. Wy would any good player come to be humiliated like that. Golden should never allow that without making changes. I guess Golden has no fight in him either.

Make no mistake we have lost to two good teams. We just made them look unbeatable and that's the worst part of these losses. We are still 3 and 0 in the soft acc but hopefully we can represent our side of the division. We just need to get back to basics and prepare for the next three home games. We must go 2 and one in the next three home games to have a successful season. This game would have helped us but it doesn't sink us. It hurts getting beat like that on this kind of stage though.

We are on out way to 6,468 defensive yards year end vs last year at 4,319....we will have a losing season...statistically it is a certainty. Golden is 37-42 as of this loss...maybe in 10 years hell be a somebody, who knows. We should have hired from the NFL....Golden is too young and dosent have any experiance for a brand like Miami....how about florida today beating LSU. I also think the former players are not that interested like they used to....not alot at the games or on the field like the old days. This is getting really old. Chickillo is a joke.

Shalalalala...aquabug nailed it. Shalalalalala is at fault. Look when she was hired...Miami has got worse EACH year. No NC's during her LONG tenure. She has gutted the program and destroyed our stadium. This is not Goldens fault...Shalalala gives no priority, no budget for coordinators, and no life to the football program. Harvard of the south...well she made this true for the football program.

Jim Gallo F Off...REALLY F OFF! Better yet go away A HOLE! Get off this U Blog...I don't want to read your crap post and I dont think others do as well...you do not help anything and to be quite frank...your a D**K!

Go pick on the Phins...they get paid!

Ok for the rest of us...there was hope that our O would help overcome our D and keep us in the game...

I did not expect us to beat ND, but I did expect us to compete...

Our youth showed big time tonight...Just like the first 2 games, too many drops... they changed the Game!

Drops...and the yellow flag just killed us...I think we were 4/4 at one point with blocks in the back on Kickoffs...just killed us...poor field position!

I think our OC bought into too much of the ND D Hype!

It did not seem like we had much of a running game plan for the ND D...18 carries vs ND...WOW (We ran the ball in the other games BC 34, KS 29, BCook 29, GT 32, NCS 32)...the OC got totally carried away with the Pass...

we lived on the running game and the 4-6 yard passing game to help our running game before this game and we totally got away from that plan...I dont know why...did we not have any faith in the OLine?

I hate to say it but our O Game Plan killed our D...we have to keep the ball so we keep our D off the field...

We played 4 quarters of our typicall 2nd & 3rd quarters of all our other games...

Very disapointing on the O side of the ball...and we are better than that.

Dont know why Morris got rattled for no reason at all...he had just as many short hops as dropped balls...if we catch 60% of the drops and hit on 60% of the short hops Morris goes 25/35 and we have a different game...

Reality...while we are young on D...we get killed if we don't Blitz and killed if we do Blitz...I dont want to see any post about 3 down linemen as we ran 4 down all night...I dont want to see any post about needing to Blitz cause we did it all night and got caught a lot and for really big plays! I hope the DC did not read any of your Blog Potato Posts and decide to do what you wanted cause all you who complained about it just saw that your ideas of what the DC needs to do S*uk!

We are bad on D...I know we are young, but we have are not good...In addition, we have a major issue with the DC...No doubt about that...

I can not buy the we are too young on D excuse...the DC has to figure out how to protect his players...

A game or two with bad numbers you can blame on the players...but 6 games into the Season and teams average well over 500 yards a game of total O that is a DC issue!

I think we might be ranked 120 out of 120 on D after this game...that us unacceptable!

NC is a very sound team...They lost to WF in the last 2 min on the Road by 1. They spotted Louisville 29 in the 1st half on the road to a ranked team...then they beat them in the 2nd half 27-3! Passing 23rd Running 52 but that is going to go us since there Cane Killer Running back went for 262 against VT! Points for 10th and points against 28th.

Unless The U gets the O back on track and the DC has gets devine intervention...I think we are looking at UNC 4-3...FSU 4-4, VT 4-5, UVA maybe 5-5, USF maybe 6-5, Duke 6-6...if we lose the two maybe wins we are looking at 4-8. The best I see this team is at 7-5...

That's ashame because we should have an Offense to get us to 8-4.

Golden is a good coach...the best we have had since Butch and the glory days...he has to get this fixed...we have to get better on D and the DC has to get better...we have to show progress...not regress like we did today!

I never thought I'd see a day where a University of Miami defense is synonymous with being one of the worst in America. You want to blame it on inexperience, depth, size, skill, go ahead. Because even if these kids grew into 4th and 5th year players OVERNIGHT, that is an insurmountable gap to bridge. There is no way in hell these kids are THAT poor.

There is a chronic virus inside this program at an institutional level. Everyone that doesn't put on a helmet at that university should have a flooded e-mail and voicemail box on Monday.

I told you so.
Three down defensive linemen, Miami loses.
LBs five yards from the line of scrimmage. Miami loses.
Zone pass defense. Miami loses.
No effective blitz because of zone pass defense. Miami loses.
No containment of ND end runs. Miami loses.
shalala, golden, DC still have jobs. Miami loses.

You can't fix stupid. Miami loses big.

You can look around at Urban Meyer, 6 - 0 in his first year. And Wil Muschamp in his second at UF beating LSU. A really powerful defense against a mediocre LSU offense.

Yah, I know, these guys are hated, but they are producing.

Golden is not producing that kind of team in Year 2. Yah, we are 4 - 2 with some miraculous comebacks. But, quality, balanced and physical teams have destroyed us.

The difference is either coaching or talent. OSU and UF had some strong players when coaching changes were made.

UF had lots of felons, which seems to be correlated with success. OSU had fanatical support and a good young QB. Both have legendary, on campus stadiums and diehard fan support,

UM has been really mediocre for 10 years, poor coaching, mediocre players, having to watch Harris for 4 years, etc.

Some good players left early. We have some promising young guys. But the program was trashed and talent level was low. Spirit was even lower among players and fans.

Nonetheless, the defense ccontinues to reek in this, Year 2 for Golden. Something big-time is missing on that side of the ball, and it is coaching and scheme.

Where is the Year 2 magic? Well, we have seen some in a few wins this year. But little consistency on the D side. You know these guys are down on themselves. I don't think they buy into the coaching.

I think what we are seeing against quality teams is how far down the program has been. Coker and Shannon trashed quality and were mediocrity in action. I mean it was a big deal when we got Brock Berlin to transfer! And Harris for 4 years?

So, if Golden is the guy, and I think he is strong in many ways, more dollars need to be spent on quality coordinators on the D sie of the ball and we need our own stadium. Listless fan support is painful for young kids and coaches alike.

But, it is also a matter of recruiting talent and then developing them, rebuilding fan support and being able to match up with quality teams.

We still have a shot at the ACC Coastal, and that is the good news for our young team. The defense must find a way or Golden should make coaching changes.

Let D'Onofrio be a LBs coach, where he played, but not a coordinator. He is not producing change and execution. They are embarassed weekly. Really bad.

His model is a Penn State defense, and not an attacking one. Think about it. Penn state has had good LBs that essentially play their positions, are hitters, don't blitz much and are more rugged than fast.

Their DBs are not known for speed, are hitters and tend to play zone.

They generally have a few good DT's, and are tough against the run. They may have one power guy on the pass rush.

They are not a fast attacking defense. They are more of a Big Ten style defense. Zone schemes, maybe a corner or safety blitz now and then. Linebacker U.

That is D'Onofrio and that is Golden. A bad fit for the style of defense that UM can play, which is man to man, more attacking up front, with speed at LB. This will not work as it is being set up now.

When Notre Dame, scored with about a minute left, that humiliation should stay in the collective memory of the Canes. On third down, when we stopped them, our defense was excited and determined. Without a strong D Line, that repeated stop is less likely to happen.

But this team still plays with heart, and maybe that is Golden's biggest success so far. Add talent and execution and good things can happen, even with sanctions staring at us.

Let's come back against NC. They are beatable.


So many comments...hard to take it all in. Florida loses everyone and the next year they beat LSU (LSU not like last year) but sill 5-0. Only complete confusion exists on our defense. 539 average? That is a disgrace.. 2 as..s whippings so far....still cant believe it. The only think missing is Randel Hill running in the tunnel and we are Texas. btw...Golden look just as intimidated....no emotion at all. Who knows where we go from here. It is anyones guess.

It took Steve Spurrier 5 years to put a great team
on the field, at South Carolina. And they still
haven't proven anything yet. Al Golden is still
dealing with Randy Shannos. gutless scraps, at
defensive tackle, and the secondary. He doesn't have his quarterback. he has Randy Shannons quarterback like it or not. The fourth year, will be a game changer, when they start winning big games on the road. Look what happened
to FSU. yesterday. Lose to the team, Miami just beat. Its
a process. It will happen. North Carolina, will be a tough game next week. Larry Fedora is a very good coach. Goal this year, is a shot at the conference championship game.

If you listen to Al Goldens news conference last night,
you listened to a guy who is very articulate, knows the game inside and out. Doesn't throw his young team under the bus. He talked he defensive line about his freshman and sophmores,
who will get better each year. The defensive line is under total reconstruction, and that is still two years
out. You will see progress next year. Notre dame has gone through what seven eight coaches, the last twenty two, years to find the right formula. Nebraska still hasn't found it, since 1995. they were crushed yesteday. This is a very difficult, process to win in and international city like Miami. Where you get sellouts for Colombia, against Brazil. but a team who has one five national titles in 27 years, can't draw flies. It's a tough place to recruit and win.


Good points regarding the long view.

Tough to wait when the Canes are smacked
down as they were last night, and the D
is so inefective week after week.

Go Canes! Recover you heart and beat NC
(speaking of good Year 1 coaches).

Sanctions...florida already saturated with outside teams aggressive recruiting. Will be extremely hard going forward. best guess at this point is 2015. Seems like forever. Show me the money. 37-42 is his record now. Talk to me when he shows it in the stats. The DC will ruin any chances Golden has at Miami. Most cane bloggers are living in a dream world. No team EVER with 595 yard average per game has a winning seaon. It is a statistical impossibility. Keep believeing while the reat of the country keeps winning.

Got a headache!!! Now, all these clowns who barely know their teams starting QB's name, wanna text me, talking trash about the U. They love to see us down. All about the U

2006 - team is young just wait, Shanon will be good
2007 - this team is young just wait
2008 - this team is young just wait
2009 - this team is young just wait
2010 - this team is young just wait
2011 - team is young just wait, Golden will be good
2012 - this team is young just wait

Sense a pattern here. Eveyone across the country is young. And even teams like Rice and Vanderbilt don't get shreaded like that. There is something wrong at the U, and it's not youth or talent.

Lots of people came to Chicago for this game, Thanks Donna!

North Carolina beat the brakes off of Va. Tech yesterday, so it may be 2 more straight losses coming up with them and FSU

and look out for Duke - they clobbered Virginia yesterday

Gallo I will tell you where to go...just go away.
You state yardage every post.. take a step and go Gallo.

Stop watching the 'Canes play.
In fact get some education in your limited capacity by reading the posts of the following.
It's a Cane thing!
These fans look at the team and realize the 'Canes are a work in progress, inexperienced, and learning.
If it is not good enough for you then leave the room and go watch UConn...and criticze them with statistics which means S**** to us.
There are steps being taken by Coach G that as you go you will fall, or lose, but you pick yourself up and move to the next game.

We looked tentative, nervous, and indecisive..but the ACC is all that matters now as D so eloquently stated so let's move on and win with an attitude that respects our 'Canes.

Every player in that locker knows that we lost a chance to step out into the College football scene, and they can feel the pain of losing, so we do not have to deride and complain ad infinitum..now what do we do about it?..That is the question...

My 'Canes will always be my 'Canes..Lousy plays, dropped passes, and lousy defense..but when the rebuilding continues..I hope Gallo will be gone and the nonsense and his gloating in our losing would be replaced by the aforementioned posters who REALLY support the 'Canes and wish the best for the team.

MOVE ON from the loss get ready for N.C.
Go 'Canes Always

you never even went to the U...your an idiot that is a kool aid drinker. Just look at the season so far....look at the wins? Cinderella wins againts really bad teams....look at BC...look at BethC.....look at GT...give me a break. 2,975 Defensive yards given up already....thats 70% of all of last year already where we went 6-6. Golen fires DC....hires a name DC or an assistand DC from NFL whos star is rising. Can salvage this year and head off santion recruiting dilema he will face from ther schools raiding Fla. top prospects. He need to be very procative now or he will be gone also....probably by his own choice with santions as his cover.....you watch for next shoe to drop...AD departure is giving you some insight going forward.

Donofrio must be held accountable. Why shouldnt he?

Dorsett was benched after the half. But hurns couldnt get open and dropped one also. He also slipped on a sure TD.

This defense is soft.

Defensive unit, dcoordinator you need to apologize to all of us. We make a trip to chicago in that freezing wind, sit there and then catch all sorts of s.t from nd fans. I almost got into a beatdown in the bathroom at half time, but i knew better. Didnt want to be thrown into a chicago holding cell and get shanked.

This was not a neutral game. Who was so stupid to schedule this as such? The field was colored ND, the jumbotron was all ND. UM didnt even bring its band, there were halftime honorees from ND. The refs were giving them 50-50 calls, etc.

The roughing the punter call was garbage and turned the game. It followed dorsetts drops. It was garbage. Pure garbage.

People can say what they want, but not one of these players will win anything in their stay here. I read earlier in the day, someone posted that it starts at the top, and it's true.It's not the money, it's not the stadium, it's the people at the top. If the AD and others don't make winning a priority, then you lose. Until the mid to late 70's, we were not much, but then the AD said, win or shut it down. That was when it turned around. Howard inherited, and recruited some great players, and coached them up, and won. JJ didn't come here and get paid a fortune, D Erick. not a fortune, Butch did not make a fortune, it starts in the office. It no longer matters. To them. Until then, this will be the product

Many shots of Golden last night....he just stared with his headset on....no emotion, he looked intimidated or like he was thinking about his future at UM....that was my take. He look unsure about something. His soldiers were getting killed out there and he looked like he didnt want to come out of his bunker. maybe just too young at this time in his career for miami. i am notsure he will sustain all of this....well see what he does with his buddy. or maybe hell pull a randy edsel....these days you never know what a coach is gonna do.


Well said...

Thanks for the support for support


BTW, I live in Tallahassee myself...I turned to the FSU Game after ours and feel for FSU Fans as there D looked like ours (no energy and no emotion...it does come from the top down).

Jim Gallo I asked you to leave this Blog Post. UGoCan did the same. I am sure D, dbc and Tallycane will as well.

I understand about free speach and all that, but please focus frustration in the right direction. Stay off the kids and the players.

BTW, you are still a D*ck and a big fat Fn A*hole F Wad!

Just like UGoCane said...,"My 'Canes will always be my 'Canes..Lousy plays, dropped passes, and lousy defense.." True Fan who supports his Team!

Golden will work his process and continue to develope the Players and the Team...I think when it comes down to it...he will do the same with his DC.

It's Great To Be A Miami Hurricane! It alwasy will be Great To Be A Miami Hurricane!

Bad defense and failure to catch the ball....that about sums it up. This team is young....but is it really possible to play defense this badly? Looks like it.....

our linebackers are too small...ND average is 6'2" and 249 vs us at 6'1" and 227....our defense is too small for todays game...most average line of good teams is around 295...we are at 280 or so average. Tha aint gonna cut it today. Were giving up almost 20 lbs per man. Forget depth chart....let the biggest and heaviest play going forward because what DC is doing aint working so why not?

Jim Gallo, you are right on in your analysis.
All these morons say wait until next year or the year after, sanctions, young kids, bla, bla, bla.

The fact of the matter IS that even with all big, fast, aggressive seniors, the Canes will LOSE because golden and his DC are using a prevent defense. And the only thing it prevents is winning. You can't fix stupid. If you could, shalalalaaa would not have hired golden in the first place after shannon and harris. That woman has been a one woman wrecking crew of the Miami Hurricane football program.

Except for Dorsett and Wieclaw, the Canes played very well. golden and the DC stunk up the field. Fire them and shalalaala and in one year, the Canes will have a chance if they hire someone like Meyer like zero state hired or Saban, Jimmy, Schnell, Butch, someone who knows professional defenses, one big back offenses, throwing ten yard passes, throwing to the tight ends.

ItsaCaneThing, UGoCane,

Agree with your points and your solidarity
with the Canes. This has been an up and down
season. We have won some great games, but the
quality teams have taken it to us.

Many reasons fot this and it will take time. Even though we all hope for a miracle turnaround in 1 1/2 years.

Our kids will hopefully regroup in attitude,
take the lessons learned and come out strong
against NC.

Some of the posters here may expect a stronger team at this juncture. Unrealistic. But who can find much good in a 41 -3 beat down?

Agree that the scheduling is masochistic.

Who does this stuff and why are they putting us
at a disadvantage? That said, 4 - 2 ain't too bad...

I do agree that the D side of the ball must be
constantly evaluated in terms of scheme, and the effectiveness of the coaching.


This team quit..plain and simple. ND was running sandlot plays basic stuff. We just wanted to get out of the cold and wind and out of there. A complete embarrassmnet to be a cane....this is twice little (bc/nd) catholic boys kiced our a....ss. the old canes were trying to grab tim browns girlfriends cloth and hang it up in liberty city...those jerk offs are laughing at us today....we have no pride at all....to quit on nd is inexcuseable. you should read the chicago papers and commentary...

"This ever-evolving team took another step forward, annihilating the Hurricanes with not only the usual lockdown defense — a unit that held its third consecutive opponent without a touchdown — but with an offense that ran roughshod over a young, beleaguered defense, leaving it gasping for breath in the second half while Irish defenders tried to keep warm on the sidelines"

imagine that...nd defense on sidelines reading newspapers and huddling around the fire telling stories..basically...unbelieveable

i think ill become a Florida fan....why not at this point. this is like a bad marriage....sooner or later you need to get a divorce. this team has been cheating on me for too long....UF is 5-0, as much as i always hated UF....I didn have alot of buddies that did not stay home and went there.....SAE will let me stay there and get me a tcket to the swamp....after all I was born in Florida....im a citizen, lol.

Jim would U shut the hell up you douche bag! THe team has never quit under Golden like they did under SHannon and Coker. They are just young and there is a big difference between a team with 3rd year sophomores and juniors and a team full of freshmen and sophomores. This was as Tally said part of the process and the kids are going to learn from it. Besides this game wasn't that big a deal for the stage we are at and our immediate goals for this year. And what are U talking about thinking you will become a Florida fan? U already are you C U N T! OUr goal this year is to win the coastal and the ACC not contend for a National Tiltle at this point.

jim gallo,

I appreciate your frustration, and being
in Chicago for the game. I am sure it was
a bummer for a Canes fan, even though we can be critical. Fact is, criticism is sometimes warranted,
and it was last night. Hard to find positives...

And, yes, UF is looking good, particularly
on the D. Muschamp inherited some players. Golden, fewer strong players.

Not sure about the Canes quitting. I saw life on the third and goal play with 1:30 left when we stopped them.

Did the Chicago papers label Miami as quitters?

I just think ND was a superior team, and particularly enjoyed smashing Miami, given the tradition. ND was hungry for a late TD and simply overpowered an inept UM defense.

They were enjoying the beatdown of the Canes.

The broadcast featured the "Catholics versus Convicts" line. This no longer applies. Miami has some real quality kids. Maybe a few more hungry inner city kids would serve us going forward, as it did in days gone past!

I hope it serves Miami to keep such a humiliating
defeat on a national stage in mind when they meet again. Or when they play anyone, for that matter.

Don't give up all hope, man!

edwardo clemets went 2/10 @ 10 yards per vs duke at 8/22 for 2.8 per average...where was duke?...is he another Golden gimmick? (tie-cane walk-no jacket at 30')....I cant ever remember 2 opposing teams running backs both going over 100 yards in the same game (ND atkinson @ 123 and wood @ 118)....what about everet golson...a freshman for christ sakes in the big lights passing just like all the rest we have played, sitting back on a sighseeing tour. reality has set in...we are YEARS away from the big leagues....easier to just switch over to a gator fan...how much pain can a fan take...let the green peas class of 2016 pray and hope and fight the good fight...im your typical Miami old time fan...ill be at the beach until you win...then I'll show up and blog that i have ALWAYS supported UM, lol....its easier this way

Another blow out loss, another S##Tpiro article. Am beginning to doubt the UM football program can survive much longer.

It aint the Dcordinator nor the scheme. Its the culture of the team. As long as we continue to high tackle,(tackling shoulder pads) grabbing jerseys and arm tackling. We will continue to be the nail and not the hammer. Coaches when you see guys tackling like that. You cannot i repeat you cannot play that guy because if guys see that. They will do the same and thats how you develop bad culture. Go Canes!!

You guys just don't get it.
You talk about players, about attitude, about good guys and bad guys and past decades and next year and there is still hope. WTF???

The fact of the matter is ND pounded our defensive coordinator because he and golden stunk with their defensive formations. right now, I will bet they are in Miami wondering WTF went wrong, never admitting they caused the loss with their defensive formation, never thinking "gee, maybe we should call up Don Shula or Schnell or Jimmy Johnson to get some suggestions about how to play defense." Hey dumb azzes, what does a phone call cost?

The Cane kids played great football except for dorsett dropping passes and wieclaw being too stupid to learn about how to kick consistently. Like Duhhhhhhhh.

The only question is how many years more do fans want to accept crap football. The stadium will be filled for FSU fans coming down to watch them kick Miami's butt. That will be it. Talk about money problems. shallaalaala dug a hole and now she and golden are digging it deeper.

You guys are so quick to ask for D'onofrio's head, what about Shalala? She is the common denominator for all of the Shapiro scandal from an administrative standpoint. You shouldve heard her yesterday talking about how we need yo attend games and support the team. Meanwhile the ncaa is preparing to sanction us for all the scrubs who took money frok Shapiro.

Can we just offer up this sacrificial troll so that we can go back to being a powerhouse!

absolutely...ever since she came to UM...both the football and baseball teams have gone under. why the board of trustees have not asked for her resignation is beyond me...budget and performance going forward will dictate it all. look at UF...wins last 4 bowl apperances....coaching staff completely clears out for 2012...they hire Dan Quin (dolphin-jets-seahawks defensive line coach)...now they are 5-0 with big time win over LSU.....why didnt we go to NFL like they did? I it is completely unbelieveable the top down decision making process at UM


Not here to gloat, but I told you so.
All your predictions have turned out to be what I said: BASELESS.
You said ND was over rated, had a mediocre at best rushing attack, had not faced such speed before, blah, blah, blah.
I said you play a good team you lose. Simple. True. It's who you are.
Now cheer up, you get ACC teams next, if you outscore them you will win. The only team left on your wimpy schedule with a defense is FSU. You will lose to FSU. All other games will be a shootout and you will be in all of them.

UM should just stay home and recruit miami high and coral park sr.....would get the same results, lol

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