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Gameday blog: UM vs. North Carolina

After playing four of their first six on the road, the Canes (4-2, 3-0 ACC) are back home to kickoff the first of three straight games at Sun Life Stadium. First up: North Carolina (4-2, 1-1 ACC). Kickoff is set for 2:30 p.m. and the game can be seen on ESPNU.

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First. And I hope it says that way. 4-0 acc GO CANES


Our defense is terrible. Why I torture myself watching this I don't know. I can't beleive that it is this bad on that side of the ball. Is it talent? The defense or both?

wow that was ugly. we should never punt, just go for it every 4th down. we know the defense will never stop them

Same story. Two yards for a first down and we're seven yards off the ball. Another touchdown. My, my, we're in trouble.

D Coach needs to get the F--K out of town , and golden, you can follow him if you think he is any good, THIS DEFENSE SUCKS HAIRY B-LLS..... and the team is just plain WEAK!!!! sick of seeing every team in the country walk down the field game after game like we are a high school team THIS IS PLAIN BULLS-IT God this team makes me wanna throw-up sucks being a canes fan anymore...... sorry a-- team !!

Are they not teaching these players how to tackle? Why are they always out of position? I can't beleive that they are this bad on defense. This has to be top 5 worst defense in college football.

Bill you are right they are going to have to start going for it on 4th down. The Canes are going to have to score 40 points to have a chance.

keith use your brain. nothing to do with coaching, there is no talent on defense

They are weak minded (penalties) and cant tackle, catch, or run, what is with the coaching of this team???

yes orlando and go for 2 instead of extra points

Don't be negative!!! Still a lot to play, ghotta get into the game!!!!

If we run it 3 times and punt each possession, even if NC scores every possession, my diminished math skills say we can hold them under 44 points, as we will run down a couple of minutes of clock each possession.
C'mon Canes!!
Not watching presently. Was the Offensive holding legit, or just another BS ACC tobacco road call?

Use my brain>?? so there is less talent here than say duke??
give me a break, talent is young, but scheme's suck....

coaching is fine. great offense, need to hit recruiting trail hard for d though. these announcers are horrible

Even during the probation years this defense was not so bad. I am not old enough to remember the days before Howard but I cannot imagine it ever being worst on Defense than it is now.

4 down territory.

Dorsett drops another one.

keith id say yes, duke def has more talent on d right now

NO FG's today. Probably just as well.
Dorsett drops another?

Hit him in the helmet....

dorsett killing us, now the int. game over

friggin D linemen cath better than out recievers and backs : ( sorry sorry sorry

at least they will have a highlight reel where they can show our recievers and backs what a catch looks like , just show the NC D lineman catching it, maybe our guys just forgot what to do when it it thrown to them??? : ( sad

The offense is pressing due to the lack of defense we play.
We're lucky Carolina is making mistakes.

Besides the lack of talent, I also see lot of miss tackels and players of defense out of position. So, I think that it is a little of both. No talent + lack of coaching = Horrible defense.

not sure miami can win another game on schedule. def wont beat va tech or fsu. no chance at duke. maybe they can win home vs sfla or at virgina

We always spot the other team 14 points, i guess it seems more fair that way. Seeing that picture of Obama flashing the "U" makes me sick

Wow absolutely no pass rush. I thought Chickilo was supposed to be a stud defensive lineman. It almost seems like he is not playing.

I can't watch this game anymore. An I can't complain. I'm just bored with complaining. I'm out

the D is defenseless just like Obama

Those who say it's not coaching, need to watch more. We never change anything, it's the same every game. off and def, and sp teams is getting worse.

yeah mikes who wants to see the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES flashing the u

hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeee atta boy canesssssssss

Finally, we make a play on D.

bill, it depends on who the president is. and great catch for the defense/

Told ya...... B patient!!!!!

disagree mike, brings pub either way. and a african american president flashing the u isnt bad for recruits

I would like to lose the no huddle. I like it but we need to run the clock to help the defense. The defense made a play, no score go canes

OK I hope everyone saw that. Defense on 'death ground'. Ball on the 4 yard line. No where to back up, and forced to play press. Interception. Perhaps the first big play the defense has made in weeks.

NOW, score go canes

Gotta make more plays!!!! GO CANES!!!

BTW, where is he from? (High school/state?)

Yes, coaching figures in if players are constantly out of positron.
I was encouraged with the comments about our Strength and Conditioning coach (Swayze) working our guys hard. Apparently, not hard enough.
Is Morris waiting too long to throw it?
He does that sometimes.

Dorsett drops another one.I can't remember who said that Dorsett was paid last week vs ND but he is stiking it up again this week. He has lost his confidence.

go canessssssssssssssssssss

OK bill, i hope your right. get that runnuing game going.

sorry, i reaaly can spell, just can't type

4 down territory.

Wow that qtr went fast.

Is it me or are there fewer bloggers this week. I guess we are the die hards.

Gotta go for it.

Orlando, the haters will be here soon.

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