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Gameday blog: UM vs. North Carolina

After playing four of their first six on the road, the Canes (4-2, 3-0 ACC) are back home to kickoff the first of three straight games at Sun Life Stadium. First up: North Carolina (4-2, 1-1 ACC). Kickoff is set for 2:30 p.m. and the game can be seen on ESPNU.

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4 quarters since we've scored?

THE CAROLINA speed on defense is killing us. they are getting pressure, and the rec cant catch. this is usually where we shut down for awhile in games, i hope that trend stops today

Crap Crap Crap.
Is Duke's injury the reason we aren't going to him in a situation like that?

not good. we got ball first also so down 7 not good


We have to take advantage of these turnovers......thats the same thing as a defensive stop.

Was the defensive holding on us legit?

except for the turnover, we aren't doing much right

there is only 1 word for this team-- PATHETIC..

this is why the offense should have scored........our defense can not their offense for consecutive series. NOw we could be down by two scores and their looks red hot.

Wow I thought Chickilo injured? He finally makes a play.

Defense gotta step it up!!!!

Great stop!!!! Now let's go and get some points and change this sh..t around!!!!

Wow the Golden fist pump becuase the other team missed a field goal. It is starting to remind me of Sparano.

Run the ball, get those safeties to creep up into the box.

We got to score a td now thats two offense possessions for NC in scoring position and nothing to show for it.

Duke looks hurt. He is one of our few talented players. We need to get a score. Too bad we have lost all of our confidence on the FG kicker. We have to score TDs.

Receiver are killing us.

They're fu..ing dropping the balls all over the place!!!!

Do we have a chance against FSU next week? I have not had a chance to see them yet this year. If we can win this game and upset FSU, it would be a great confidence booster.

Here's the touchdown!!!!

Finally, TD!!!

Needed that now lets get another stop so the O can get the ball back.....remember that NC gets it first in the second half

FSU is pretty good. Fast and physical on defense and Manuel is the type of QB that gives us a hard time. I don't have a good feeling about FSU. Hopefully, we get 2 shots at them.

Duke needs to be lined up as the I-back and just run the damn ball. Every time he touches it, its a toss here, a sweep there, a shift to the slot. Defenses are onto it by now.

Good to see us running, and sticking to the running game. Not only is it tough on NC, but our defense rests. And NC offense is on the sidelines. Almost everything was bad to open the game, yet it's 7-7, so hopefully it's our turn and we take advantage.

Who was covering that gut. How did he gt that opened.

we cannot tackle.


ESPNU announcer: "Oh they're gonna go for two. Oh the screen...yeah...YEAH!!!!!"

the program should just be shut down, this team is a disgrace to the teams of old....

Wow thatwould have been tough if we lost a fumble now.

It will be interesting to see the NC adjustments at halftime, we wont make any

I do not think that we are better than NC. If we somehow win this game, it will be a miracle. Keep in mind that NC is on probation and they are kicking our tail.

I am really disappointed with Golden and where he is taking this program. There is no fire in that defense. The team is always out of position, players miss tackles, constant drops, bone head penanties, etc.

God they are horrible...

The ESPNU announcer is completely biased. He was hoping that Dorsett hit would have been overturned and called a fumble.

Stupid call, stupid throw. NC defense is ythere to take away the deep ball, so take what they give you, no one was covering 10 yds down the field. It's there, just bad job on offense

Would we have been better off with Randy Shannon? I wanted him fired but at least he was a decent recruiter. This team is poorly coached and has very litte talent.

just a bad team, nothing else to say

This defense cant stop and old lady with a walker, I have no idea how the D coach can sleep at night.... what a piss poor job he has done!

Morris a n!gg** who can't throw the ball and Dorsett a n!gg** who cant catch the ball. Go to H3LL Al Golden

If the board of trusties cant get rid of the troll, then this school is doomed to failure in football, better to close the program so we can all find a new team to root for since rooting for the canes for 40 yrs now is soo filled with pain...

Shannons recruiting, or lack of is part of the problem now. ONLY part. You cant blame this coaching, or lack of on randy.

Is the honeymoon period over for Al Golden? I know that they are young but I see this team regressing this year.

Orlando, the Defense has sucked for yrs, but yes, the offense is getting worse by the week---- how the hell does that happen?

VT beats duke, which puts vt in the driver seat. They are not that good, but neither are we.

I don't know whether to take a valume? or an antidepressant

sorry, valium

The comments about the defense, if you consider this a defense, are all true. They are every bit as inept and incompent as advertized. The most dangerous player on nc side and they leave him wide open. Why don't they use a shadow to take him out of the game, or, maybe they don't have anyone good enough. If it wern't for nc penalties, this game would be over already.

What is going on with the offense, did the receivers turn into offensive linemen, no hands!

Dorsett has dropped 3. One hit him in the helmet while he was facing the QB. So 3. Then he nearly fumbles the return. This kid is all wack. I say sit him down for the season or move him down the depth chart.Addition by subtraction.

This is the worse D in college football. Bar none. UNC hs 313 yds of offense. I dont believe they had 300 yds of offense against anyone else.

The worse D. Bot coaches and players. There is arm tackling etc etc. Even if they are freshman- so what garbage high school programs were they recruyuited from?
Brandon McGee- garbage
Finnie- garbage
Chikillo- becoming garbage
The rest of the D line- garbage.

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