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Gameday blog: UM vs. North Carolina

After playing four of their first six on the road, the Canes (4-2, 3-0 ACC) are back home to kickoff the first of three straight games at Sun Life Stadium. First up: North Carolina (4-2, 1-1 ACC). Kickoff is set for 2:30 p.m. and the game can be seen on ESPNU.

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I was not a Randy Shannon fan but he recruited a couple of decent players here. Lamar Miller, Travis Benjamin, Tommy Streeter, Olivier Vernon, Mike James, Sean Spence and Leonard Henckerson are all in the NFL. I know they are not top tier but which one of the recruits for Golden besides Duke has any promise. Look at that defense they are awful.

I just wish they would have hired someone else. I guess it is pretty bad when UM is hiring coaches from Temple. I hope I am wrong.

wieclaw has turned ot to b a bust, the defense is the joke of fbs division and the offense has now gone no hands. must be that noted U mid season slump that lasts to the end of the season. just make it to 6 wins so that you can decline another bowl, maybe that will appease the ncaa? NOT! The hammer is going to fall and it's going to fall hard regardless. At this rate and the way this team is playing the "death penalty" would be a blesing. At least it would put the U out of it's misery.

the d has allowed over 300 yards already and over 120 on the ground.....what the hell.....cross your fingers because NC gets the ball first

Wow none of you know what your talking about
First one of you to post after we do something good should stand in the middle of traffic.

At least there is one good football coach in MIA. Philbin has the Phins going in the right direction and it looks like Ireland's picks are starting to pan out. If some of the Rookies from this year develop and we can have another good draft this year we will be a contender for a long time.

It is sad that I am talking Dolphins football on Canes Blog but frankly the state of the Canes is really depressing. I can't beleive that Golden has the nerve to ask fans to come to games. He should be ashamed of the product that he is putting on the field.

Plus you idiots should be posting on the cover it live section.

And I bet you guys say that the gators are your number 2 team. Dolphan put your crack pipe down and look at the fins record. Canes are first in thier division how bout the dophins? For christ sakes they lost to the Jets and didnt that braniac philbin call a to before the block

Both teams got three and outs good intial adjustments at the half. We need another stop now. The offense needs to get it in gear and be more consistent though.

Little Ant,

The Phins should be 4-1 right now. The canes just got crushed by ND and Kansas State.

There are no Bethune Cookmans in the NFL. Anyone who can't see that the Phins are an improving team is blind. Their Rookie QB is getting better every week and they will blel 500 by tomorrow when they beat the Rams. The Phins defense has been dominating and if you listen to the analysts on espn etc. you will hear that Phins have become a darkhose team.

Good call!

Need a turnover by the D!!!! Somebody make a play!

There we go.

Anybody see how quick this Announcer has changed his tune? Now he's all Miami! Clown!

Let's go defense. Let's keep the momentum going.

Golden is to laid back. Blatent holding not called and he laughs about it. I would just once like to see him ticked off and stand up for his team and get in a refs face

Good job D. Nice drop NC... Don't force it O! Let's make a play!

Man what a kick. That is a big disavantage that we have with the kicker. We would not have the confidence in our kicker to kick a 48 yard field goal. O.K let's put seven up on this drive.

dorsett should not be returning kickoffs. he is tentative.

Why force it??? Why

Wow we were bailed out by that call. That was a bone head pass by Morris. Those were the kind of plays that used to get us in trouble with Jacory Harris.

Orlando Dolphan:

Perryman is pretty talented. Flowers and Seantrell will be in the NFL.

your right dolphan, it was iterference though. stupid going deep when that's what they are taking away.

Hopefully this won't come down to Wieclaw. If it's 4th and 43...go for it.

Dorsett just made the catch of the year.

McGee needs a pick 6!!! It's about time we jumped one of those short routes! Lol.... I can hope right?

having them on the 1 yd line would feel better if our def could stop someone. it could be a time consuming drive if they dont. and our off isnt doing well enough to come from to far down.

Texas tech 35 WVU 7 half

Wow!!! This is terrible! Make a stop! 10 yards per play? Really!!

Orlando Doplphan you emberass Cane and Dolphin fans. Try using your own anaylst but if you don't know anything about football then you have to rely on others. By the way those same espn jokers said the vfins would suck and reggie bush wasnt an evry down back. So again lay off the hard.

Put in Williams and throw that sh*t deep!


I think you meant analysis. The analysts I use are supporting the point that I made. Most of them played pro football at some point and know a lot more about football than you or me.

You are the one that is slamming the Dolphins. The Canes have not played well this year and I call it like it is. I sat there through that embarrassment last week with ND. I hope that I am completely wrong and that they turn it around this year. So far, I see a defense that struggles and yes I am spoiled with the past success of the U.

The Dolphins have a losing record but everyone sees positive signs except for you. You are the one that was trashing Philbin and the Dolphins.

We have to throw...just throw it and live with the results.

Looks like SM will be out for awhile.. Get well, fella!

Wow, bad pass.

Dorsett should've caught that ball. They are going to have to throw it downfield....if we get the ball back.

Darn, we just cannot tackle. This is killing me. We alwasys seem to be a step behind and out of position.

I can't beleive that we are going to lose to this team at home.

It's frustrating...Perryman was there he just didn't make the play.

This is the very WORST UM defense I have ever seen. When is Golden going to do something about that DC?

UNC just did us a huge favor. Hopefully Williams has practiced 2-minute drill. Throw the damn ball downfield!!!!

NC got greedy!!! They could've ran the ball 4 times and hurt us! Let's capitalize Canes!!!

I have finally accepted the fact that Miami will never be good at football again. Looks like a losing season to me. How it got this bad is just a mystery to me. I certainly never expected them to be as good at when I attended in Miami in the 80's. Oh well..... They really should just concentrate on basketball. It's a basketball conference and private schools have more luck at basketball. Privates just cannot compete with State Universities in football anymore. Maybe Notre Dame or USC but in the South, no way.

O.K we still have a chance. Time for the back up QB to make a name for himself.

Let him throw it downfield!!!!! Damn you Jedd!!!

It may be better to be a gator fan.

He has to go downfield with this much time left. He cannot continue to throw these short passes.

Nice pass!

Nice drive. Let's go!!!

It's definitely going to be a tough year. I kind of figured it would. I finally cancelled my subscription to Canesport this summer. I just don't know how they can recruit against FSU and UF in state after this season. That FSU game is probably going to be really ugly. Maybe they can rebuild it over 5-10 years by recruiting out of state?

You cannot take a sack there.

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