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Gameday blog: UM vs. North Carolina

After playing four of their first six on the road, the Canes (4-2, 3-0 ACC) are back home to kickoff the first of three straight games at Sun Life Stadium. First up: North Carolina (4-2, 1-1 ACC). Kickoff is set for 2:30 p.m. and the game can be seen on ESPNU.

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.500 at best for years to come...
How can you run a 12 yard pattern when you need 16???
High school football players even know that

Damn! Nice try.. On to the next one


We are also facing sanctions which will make it even tougher to recruit against not only UF and FSU but even UCF and USF. Wow how sad. A loss to a subpar team at home.

The offense has to score more points, they need to compensate for the D.

House of cards. See ya next year

Pathetic losers ----- shameful coaching/defense and offense Please disbann this team!

It's definitely going to be a tough year. I kind of figured it would. I finally cancelled my subscription to Canesport this summer. I just don't know how they can recruit against FSU and UF in state after this season. That FSU game is probably going to be really ugly. Maybe they can rebuild it over 5-10 years by recruiting out of state?

What a chump!!

Williams, no wonder your #2, when you don't deliver you need to be #2/

Miami is a crap program anymore with sorry talent, coaching and no heart. each week they show less and less skill and heart... another losing season and no titles again! Just ban the program and let the kids go somewhere where a football team is actually worth something , at the U we have lost everything that was, now they are a bunch of wannabes

Wow our backup QB may be playing next week against FSU. It is going to be ugly but I am sure that I will be suffering along with most of you next week and routing for the canes.

I hope one day we can be on top again but I don't we will see it for a long time (unfortunately). I remember when 1 loss season would be a disappointment and it was national championship or bust.

We are also facing sanctions which will make it even tougher to recruit against not only UF and FSU but even UCF and USF. Wow how sad. A loss to a subpar team at home.

This one was a must win if we at least wanted to go better than 6-6. The only possible sure win left on the schedule maybe Virigina or Duke (and those are on the road).

I am really curious as to how it got this bad. It's just a really bad football team. I thought maybe at the beginning of the season they might win 8 games or at least 7, but now just going .500 looks tough.

How do you take a sack in this scenario?

Choke job, Williams, go baclk to being a perennial #2, and a #2 for life. Go make me a sandwich and get me a beer.

Miami had 3 opportunities on offense to get it done. The Defense did its job and UM got the ball back. dONOFRIO HATERS (WHICH INCLUDES ME- S--T--F---U). tHE WHOLE TEAM STINKS.

Duke is hurt. He hurt Miami with about 3 or 4 tackles behind the line of scrimmage for a loss. He is no every down back. Unless we ran a spread offense, he is useless. The O line is useless. The D-line should have their scholarships revoked and a casting call should be put out in the community. Im sure we can get a couple of homeless fat guys somewhere to stand there and do the same things these losers do.

Tracy Howard (#2)cant tackle his granma in the kitchen. Neither can the linebackers. I saw more arm tackling today than Ive ever seen.

Dorsett dropped another 4 passes today maybe 3. Thats unacceptable in D-1/

Miami doesnt recruit slower white kids (or even not white), because they dont run a 4-5 sub 4-5 forty, but with excellent hands. And they get this garbage.

Pure brick hands and garbage. Dorsett- quit football. Run track or something bc you suck a55

Gotta love it....... Al Golden S U C K S!!!!!

can our defensive line make a pentertration into the back field. i dont think they harried the unc qb once this game and got moved around alot to give up well over a hundred yards. miami is the jeckyl/hyde of football. you have no clue what will show up on bothsides of the ball. today we got a sprinkling of both guys. maybe these reicevers need to change gloves because they have not been catching the ball well. also we just lost the starter on a freak injury and now stuck with a nomad qb. we need devine intervention for the rest of the year. just win baby is not ennough anymore!

118 in TOTAL DEFENSE...... The saying goes Offense wins games and DEFENSE wins CHAMPIONSHIPS.......

Can't blame Williams for this loss, the dude came off the bench into a 2-minute offense. Miami needs to execute on offense and score in the high 20's to have a chance to win.

I'm going to predict 1 more win this year vs Duke. That will cause the best recruits to bolt to other schools. It's just going to be a tough uphill slog. I'm not sure Golden is the coach to do this. Honestly, we aren't going to be FSU with Dan Marino under center so I doubt the QB injury is going to matter.

Once again Miami looks like a team of turds. No heart. No talent. Defense looks like a collection of high school athletes trying to play against a FBS school. Coaches have no answers. UNC gave Miami the game outright and Miami still wasn’t good enough to win. There is no ACC title game this year. We might as well impose a Bowl ban again this year because who would want to see another fiasco like Notre Dame or KSU? This will never get better. It amazes me that we even ever competed for a Championship. How did that happen? What is the difference between then and now? We lost to an unranked team at home. Our backup quarterback is a joke. What was that whole “QB competition” in the Spring? Was that a joke? Was I not in on a joke? Why tell the fans that there is a QB competition when the backup can’t even throw a seven yard pass when needed? He was locked in on a receiver every snap of that final drive. It was like his head was immobilized as if he had suffered a spinal injury and they wanted to protect him. I blame the coaches. Mostly the defensive coaches. This is the worst defense I have ever seen, and I watched the team during the early lean years of Butch Davis. Most teams have a backup that can play at or better than the level of the starter. Not in Miami. We may as well have kept Mike James in and run the wildcat. The offense wasn’t bad, although too many drops again, but Jesus the defense played like a New Orleans levee built in the 1970’s facing a category 3 hurricane. This is so heartbreaking. I don’t understand it. How can this team be facing sanctions? We never won anything with the students who received benefits! Those players were horrible!! And they were getting benefits?? Can anyone explain this to me????? Can anyone tell me if there is a long term plan with Dinofrio’s defensive scheme? Is it me or should he be fired this week????? Someone please explain!!!!

Guys...They only got 18 points on us...A lot of yards yes..We had a chance at the end...Why did we go on 4th down and not kick the field goal?
...we could have tried the field goal at the 30 before the ryan got sacked...just sayin...still a chance in the ACC...hold yur heads up! Die hard cane fan

I really wish that some people on these blogs would just shut up. You know nothing about football and every comment is negative. If you feel this way, please find another team to root for. Its easy to sit behind a keyboard and complain about everything and everyone else. You are not cane fans anyway.

Defense looks like a collection of high school athletes trying to play against a FBS school.

Posted by: Matt


That's because they are a bunch of HS athletes.

Its funny u come in here and the so call Cane fans are on this BLOG instead of supporting their team at home, at the stadium, and they were selling tickets for a dollar and still no sell-out....... LOL

I don't understand why you guys get so upset. At what point did you ever feel that this is a good team? You guys are upset as if the 2001 Miami team just lost to UNC. I would be upset if a team with that talent loses to a team like UNC, but not this Miami team.

Here's what I think...

No NCAA sanctions - we will be good in 3 years

NCAA sanctions - 5-7 years

In 3 years we will reap the benefits of playing these kids now. If we have heavy sanctions we'll have a good team in 3 years, some crappy teams, and 2019 we'll start playing well.

Channel your anger and Shalala...she's the architect of all of this program.


A few plays I truly don't get. It's 4th and 3 in the early second quarter. Morris throws it to someone who is double covered at least 3 yards from the first down marker. The guy drops the ball. But, had he caught it, he would have been short.

At the end, we have a 4th and 16. Williams throws the ball about 4 years short to a guy who is double covered. He catches it and is of course tackled.

Neither play gives us the chance to get a first. Why throw it.

Is there a reason our receivers are so rarely open and the opponents often are, game after game?

Finally, can anyone help me understand why running around our ends is so easy? Are our DEs slow? Always pinching? Are the outside LBs easily taken out of the play? Are the DBs back in coverage? I'm talking about plays with no blockers out front.

Play after play for the last few years, nobody home at the outside of our defensive formation.

A big 14 point explosion and so close...


Posted by: CaneHater

No, what's funny is you wasting your time by coming in here and blogging when you're not even a fan.

Please kick phillip dorsett off the team!!!

Most of you cry baby so called canes make me sick! As soon as we win a game you'll be sayin WE'RE BACK! Yes I hate the D scheme but the past two games were not lost because of our defense. It was the play calling and execution of the offense. Especially the line! Most of you don't know ANYTHING about football. Probably never even put a pair of pads on EVER! Ryan did ok for being thrown in the fire. If you fake canes wanna go awol please do so and go cry and share your non-knowledge of football with someone else who knows less than you do!

dbc I'm with you. More brain teasers: How are teams like West Virginia, Texas Tech, Utah, Stanford, hell Alabama, more appealing than Miami? How is it that teams who are last in line for recruits can field better teams than Miami? Were all those Championships we won just an illusion? What went wrong? We should just do away with the athletics program at Miami and preserve its legacy before that's gone too.

As much as it sucks to lose, this game realistically had no bearing on the ACC standings for us. Nobody in our division is undefeated, and our only loss is to a team that is ineligible for the championship game, so we still are de facto in first in the Coastal

C-Dogg just because you are OK with losing doesn't make you a better fan. We spend money on the Canes. We have a right to complain. These losses are humiliating. Good for you you're not humiliated. You must be used to losing. That's the difference. If you don't like the complaints, go find something else to lose at.

How much longer must we endure mediocre Hurricane football?
I am sick to my stomach at the results of what a perennial winning program located smack dab in the middle of football country has produced of late!
It's like everybody UM plays look like The U of old with the attitude and swagger, while UM looks like Duke!

...just sickening!

I played a lot of football in my life and I never seen a d-line that didnt look for the ball after the snap. They chicken fight with the o-line and the play goes by them. The stand straight up rather than fire low off the ball giving the o-line leverage to push them off the ball. They have to stay low and use their hands to create space and shed blocks. Once the o-line gets in underneath it's a wrap. Where giving up to much on the ground on the run. Lock up the corners safties over top l-backers 3 yards behid d-line. Make them pass then start with trick coverage. Third and long and we get beat with a long run how embarrassing is that. Everyone we play knows that we can't stop the run and their killing us cause the d-coordinator won't make them pass. Help the d help themselves, their getting frustrated and ready to quit.

And I'm from Lauderdale and I live in Raleigh,NC 15 minutes away from NCState, Duke and Tarheels. I gotta deal with these clowns here. I go to war for the U reputation and the team and staff is laying down. I will never stop talking crap caise I'm true. Think about that 2012 team

This game hurts. Was not good all the way around. It comes down to exacution and heart

would of most likeyl won game if morris doesnt go down. sad that game was for the winner of the conf and nc wins it now

The canes are LAME! Golden sucks, fish sucks, and the ginzo dc really sucks! They need to get rid of this staff asap!

NC can't win it because of sanctions. UM is still in the drivers seat for the ACC. That's how bad the ACC is. So glad we left the Big East for this.

Cane fans have a right to expect better. This isn't an average or bad team playing with heart. It's a good team playing like scrubs. I would rather root for Army and see some discipline and fight, than this train wreck.

None of this is new though. This season is the same as every season since 2006. It's not the coach or the players. It's just a new transcendant identiy that has grown into the program over the years. Sometimes there are no quick answers.

I think Miami struggles because they expect to win without playing well. Golden, or whatever coach you want, has to teach the team to play well. To play good football. After that, the wins will come. But this team, for 5 or 6 years now, wants the wins without the good play. Living on a legacy won't work.

I think its time for another antidepressant. I think I'll take 2 before next weeks game. Hang in there canes fans, it will be a few years before it gets better. At least we don't have to hear, "it will get worse before it gets better" saying, it can't get much worse. Enjoy the weekend GO CANES

You would think that the defense would have at least jelled into a cohesive unit, well, they've done that, but, not into anything that you would call a defense. Their nothing more than a collection of guys that happen to be in the same place at the same time. They couldn't even take the clue when the nc offense was lined up and ready to go. if it were not nor the refs being slow to react it would have gotten worse than it was. The offense has digressed into a bunch of trick play artists that have not talent for the trick play. The defense let a freshman run over them like they were a bunch of school girls and not very talented school girls at that. Williams demonstrated why he's number 2 on the qb chart. He may have been something in hs and maybe for a little while at memphis, he sure didn't show much today, though. This team has the talent and they have the coaches, but, it appears, they just don't have the desire to exceed. Sorry to say, much like the teams I remember when I attended the U. Long on talent and mouth, but, short on desire. I would like for someone to explain to me, why a bunch of guys, who weren't good enough to get a scholarship to the U, end up going to a state school and kick the crap out of the highly talented, highly recruited players from the U. The U has the inroads to select the most talented, most gifted players in the area to end up having their butts kicked by a bunch of players there were noting more than left overs. These guys need to get a sight adjustment and get it quickly. This is much more than not being strong enough, talented enough or conditioned enoug or even a coaching problem. This is an issue of not having enough heart to finish plays. Too much grabbing, too many penalties and too much showboating. What are they showboating for, they haven't accomplished anything yet. They've beat a few second and third tier teams barely and seem to think they've done something. They go up against a team with heart, not necessarily talent and get beat time and time again. The ball's on target, hits a receiver in the head and his hands are on the ground trying to catch the ball, you mean, he couldn't see the ball, get a pair of glasses and deal with it. These guys are getting a class A education and this is the best they can do. Sorry excuse for a team effort and execution. They've now regulated themselves as laughing stocks and dormats in a second rate conference. My question is how do they feel now about themselves, being a joke. They may have been something in high school, but, it sure hasn't transfered over to the next level. Hey, NC isn't even a good football school by anyone's standard. So, what does that mean for the U? Even the big east is rated higher than the acc. Talk about going from bad to worse. When the U was in the big east, it was referred to as the big easy. Now in the ACC it's known as the almost competitive conference and the record of the acc bears it out. Then you have the U that can't even be competitive against a team that has twice the penalty yardage and blows play after play and still finds a way to win. Just exactly does that say about this team and for that matter the worse thing is they use a freshman, who, wasn't even recruited by the U to initate a royal beatdown. This was worse than a beatdown, it, was a beatdown using plays from the area to administer the beatdown.

@CANESJUNKIE, thanks for proving my point...... LOL

Dudes, there's no point to anything you do.

Part of our problem on defense is the way we show our hand just before the snap of the ball. Our players go into their final set for the defensive call as soon as the offense lines up. Invariably, we end up with a 4 man front with two linebackers 5 - 7 yards off the ball. When the center lines up on the ball to make his blocking calls...there's no confusion for him....it's an easy decision. I believe our linebackers are athletic enough to stack the line of scrimmage in their initial set to confuse that center...put him in a blocking scheme dilemma by faking the numbers in our favor. But hey, who am I? Why aren't the Miami coaches teaching our kids how to do this?

People, are we really going to blame Williams? The kid is sitting on the bench all season, then hes forced to come in for the ladt 2 minutes.

My blame list:
All of us who didnt go to the game
Offensive line for not blocking
Glue hands Dorsett
Defensive line for their matador defense
Way down the list......Williams

Someone on here asked why we arent good like Alabama, Standford, WVU. Interesting. My reasons;

1. No street cred. We are good when we are ghetto. This Stanford of the east crap doesnt fly with the kids in Florida. We used to be cool, now we're a bunch of wanna be citizens.

2. Stadium is empty. Who wants to play in that huge stadiun where all you see are empty seats? Nobody.

3. Academic restrictions. How many good players do we turn away because they cant qualify? Arent we supposed tho educate?

4. State of Miami. Other schools are cherry picking great talent from florida. See Patrick Peterson .

5. Shalala. She needs to hire some corrupt people and some smart people to help them get away with boderline recruiting practices. See Patrick Peterson.


Like i have always said...Golden was a bad pick from the beginning....all you had to do was look at his recored. The stats told the story early.....you cant fool them. the stats were expodentially moving worse each game....you cant just wish them better. I knew this is where we are going....now we need to just clean house....fire every one on the staff. Forget the dream stadium that will never happen.....dump all the money in an NFL coaching staff. Sunlife is our home...get used to it. We need to approach this brand ny yankee style..pay what ever it takes. Steal from where ever you have too....pull the scholarships from the weak links....morris is a pus......sy. That is the most BS injury I have ever seen.......get ride of him. The season is done....clean house completely. These are the worst losers Miami has ever had. Randy Shannon was better....all you have to do is compare the records.


you make asome good points. i would agree that
team culture needs to be closer to a from the
street type feeling, us against them.

the stadium is a huge problem, as is the fan support.
i see other schools just rocking and wonder why a kid
wouldn't want to soak in that glory and enthusiasm.

not liking what i see with the coaches...the defense
is a joke, the offense, so-so. i thought our O line did a decent job and seems to be improving.

in fact, an ESPNU guy said something this morning to the effect ("when is the U going to start playing U defense? they let runnning backs walk past them for at least 6 yards a play.")

a tough loss, a poor performance that lacked a knockout punch...something is missing here, maybe youth, maybe quality, definitely coaching.

FSU will destroy us...i hate to say it!


The offense isnt bad, I just think we havent plaued well. That defense cant stop anbody. The defensive line so so bad. Im starting to come around on D'onfrio. Stunt those guys if they are so horrible, just to get some push.

FSU is going to embarass this team.

the best post ever from dbc

This Just In:

UM defense only gives up 486 yards in loss
to North Carolina! A breakthrough!!!
Defensive line may put defenders in formation for
running plays around the ends. Coaches to confer.
Passing game sputters and receivers rarely beat
the coverage to get open. Mystery continues.
Drops continue. Dorsett hit in helmet at the
goal line. Hurns drops third down rollout pass.
Walford to be examined by medical staff for possible hand deformities.
Kickoff returns are a non-factor. Returners encouraged to run to the spot with the most defenders for the purpose of execution.
Coach and players claim they failed to "execute,"
once again. Players now speaking Coachspeak. Show
minimal rage at losing...too impolite. Tea to be served.
Defensive coordinator offensive to fans, about whom
he doesn't care...Makes adjustment with #44 on the
D line...may receive innovator of the year award!
Miami Hurricanes of old nowhere to be found.
Admission standards increase, but players not smart enough to "execute"! Shalala may raise standards!
UM leads ACC in players with dreadlocks. May be slowing them down! Hair may be executed!
And Florida State is coming to town...

Have had it with the Hurricanes and the University of Miami in general. Not only is this team just awful, but who was minding the store when this punk Shitpiro was allowed to run wild? As it is, there's no chance I'll ever see another NC game (with this team) as I'm too old to wait 10-15 years for this dumpster fire to be put out and the program to be viable again. (That's about how long it will be with these sanctions coming up.) Therefore I am through watching and hoping this team will ever be any good again. I just hope if someone decides to drop the BIG ONE, it ends up in downtown Columbus, Ohio or on Terry ####ing Porter's house!

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