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Al Golden defends D'Onofrio, Phillip Dorsett's Twitter "naysayers'' and Stephen Morris comments


    Fans have been highly critical of defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio, whose Hurricanes are ranked near the bottom nationally of every defensive category. Golden was asked Tuesday if he sensed any frustration on D’Onofrio’s part.

   Golden: “Any frustration that he has on his part… because there’s no fan out there that can match his intensity or his dedication in trying to get his trade right. The last two years the same guy had two Top-20 defenses in terms of scoring defense. So, as angry as everybody is, they’re not watching it, they’re not living it everyday like he is.

    “As I say to him and the whole defensive staff, we’re moving the team forward. Just keep moving it forward. As I said to you guys before, it’s not like we’re hiding a bunch of fourth and fifth-year seniors on the scout-team field. Where are they? There are no fifth-year seniors, there are no fourth-year seniors – only a couple – and there are very few juniors.

    “The guys we’re playing with right now are fighting every day, they’re learning, but they’re learning under fire. I think you go to Parris Island before you go to war, right? They’re learning on the battle field. Just stay positive, man. Just keep moving forward. We’ll get there. I promise you we’ll get there.’’

    I checked the NCAA statistics again and D'Onofrio's and Golden's last season at Temple in 2010, the Owls finished 16th in scoring defense (19 points a game allowed) and 16th in total defense (317.6 ypg allowed). Last year, the Hurricanes, under D'Onofrio and Golden, finished 17th in scoring defense (20 ppg allowed) and 29th in pass defense (198 ypg allowed).

    D'Onofrio's rushing defense last year at UM was ranked 68th (161.9). His rushing defense at Temple in 2010 was ranked 47th (139.5).


   Receiver Phillip Dorsett spoke Tuesday about his critical drops Saturday at Notre Dame, saying he was “really excited to get back on the field’’ and catch balls again.

  “I’m still confident,’’ Dorsett said. “I had a bad game last week, I know. But I’m going out there and working hard everyday, and I know I should be able to have a great game this week.’’

   Dorsett later told reporters about “naysayers, people threatening’’ on Twitter, but didn’t elaborate on specifics.

   “I just look past it,’’ he said.

   When asked by The Miami Herald about the criticism he took from the public, Dorsett brushed it off, indicating that fans are fickle and that he didn’t pay much attention to it.

    Dorsett, known as @BrickByBrick_4 on Twitter, posted Sunday:  “I had a bad game, I didn’t play to my standard, but you better believe that will never happen again.. It’s going down next week #hungry.’’

    Another one of his Sunday Twitter posts: “Games like yesterday shows who really supports you through the ups and downs of this game.’’


    This is Miami Herald intern R.J. Rico’s last week with us, but I’m sure you’ve noticed some of his stories the past few weeks. R.J. was on Stephen Morris’ teleconference today, and transcribed these comments:

   On North Carolina: “They’re a very fast defense. They’re very physical. They’re extremely well coached. They’ve done extremely well in the red zone, on third downs, and situational football. They’re a very well-coached team. They know their insides and outs. They play fast and get to the ball very fast. It will be a great challenge.’’

      On Notre Dame: “After a game like that you really just have to take the positives out of it. Obviously it wasn’t the type of game that we wanted to have. The biggest thing to do is to learn from the mistakes that we made and make sure that they don’t happen again. We had too many costly mistakes and that led to bad drives on offense that didn’t lead to points.”

     On Phillip Dorsett: “I just want him to have a great game. I want him to bounce back extremely strong. We’re just looking to get him started. I know that he’s going to be excited to go out there and be able to play again. That’s the best cure for a game like that – just going out there and letting loose and having fun. I think that’s what he needs. I’m going to be behind him no matter what. It’s a growing pain. He’s growing and he’s going to make his own mark.’’


    Per UM: Due to President Barack Obama’s visit to the Miami campus, BankUnited Center ticket office will be closed to walk-up sales Thursday. Instead, fans interested in purchasing tickets that day can visit the Hecht Athletic Center. The Hecht’s ticket office will be open from 8:30 to 5 p.m. Thursday. If you’re interested in the $9 before 9 a.m. special, and it happens to be Thursday, visit the Hecht from 8:30-9 a.m. that day.



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I loved and agreed with this post so much i hope SJMPARMAN will allow me to repost it....

Let's take a quick look at how thi year's Miami defense stacks up against some of the worst in recent college football history. I found an article on the subject from a reporter of the University of Kansas defense in 2011. Here was his breakdown of some of the recent worst defenses:


Total defense: Maryland allowed 553.0 ypg in 1993 (6,083 yards in 11 games)

Scoring defense: Louisiana-Lafayette allowed 50.3 ppg in 1997 (553 points in 11 games)



Scoring defense: New Mexico 44.33 ppg

Total defense: East Carolina 478.77 ypg


Scoring defense: Rice 43.08 ppg

Total defense: Washington State 512.0 ypg


Scoring defense: North Texas 47.58 ppg

Total defense: North Texas 482.58 ypg


Scoring defense: North Texas 45.1 ppg

Total defense: Minnesota 518.67 ypg


Scoring defense: Louisiana Tech 41.7 ppg

Total defense: Louisiana Tech 483.23 ypg


Scoring defense: Temple 45.3 ppg

Total defense: Northwestern 480.42 ypg


Scoring defense: San Jose State 42.6 ppg

Total defense: Army 490.09 ypg


Scoring defense: Mississippi State 39.3 ppg

Total defense: Louisiana Tech 510.50 ypg


Scoring defense: Eastern Michigan 47.2 ppg

Total defense: Eastern Michigan 519.92 ypg


Scoring defense: Idaho 45.0 ppg

Total defense: San Jose State 500.83 ypg


Scoring defense: Buffalo 41.1 ppg

Total defense: San Jose State 470.58 ypg

Source: http://m.cjonline.com/sports/2011-10-13/ku-defense-could-be-historically-bad

Miami's 2012 stats

Scoring Defense: 34.67 ppg

Total Defense 510.00 ypg

We are currently on pace to be worse than 7 of the 10 teams in total defense from 2000 to 2010 in total defense. The scoring defense number is helped only by the fact that we did hold Bethune Cookman to a low number of points. Exclude that game, and we are giving up 39.60 ppg versus FBS competition.

I am going to quote something Paul Johnson said when he fired Al Groh, because I think it is very prophetic.

Johnson on the difficulty of the decision: “It’s really disappointing and frustrating. You never want to do these things. You never want to have to, but to me, that’s part of being a leader. Sometimes you have to do hard things..."

A leader recognizes when mediciocrity and the race to ineptitude must end and takes bold action to try to change things for the better. He doesn't stand complacent in the face of disaster and act like it is all okay. I don't like Paul Johnson as a football coach but I do admire his leadership in saying enough is enough at GT. I don't admire AG's defense of his coordinator when the stats clearly show he is an epic failure.

Posted by: SJMPARMAN | October 09, 2012 at 10:51 PM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2012/10/golden-defends-donofrio-fans-have-not-exactly-been-offering-their-support-of-defensive-coordinator-mark-donofrio.html#storylink=cpy

Paul Johnson's problem at GT wasn't Al Groh, who if we were looking for a new DC, we'd be STUPID not to interview. His problem was that Paul Johnson has had mediocre defensive recruiting classes, over and over. He gets good players to fit into his option offense, but nobody to play on the other side of the ball. Nobody's going in there and just turning that program around. PJ needed a scapegoat, nothing more.

There does appear to be some fundamental issues with the set up and execution of the game plan on defense. Notre Dame was not necessarily ripping up their competitors, nor were some of the UM's previous opponents. If something isn't working you make adjustments. We have been told time and time again about the superior conditioning of this team, how they are physically better than previously coached teams. My question then becomes if they are better off physically than before- then explain this non performing defense, please?

To all of you who think that the U has the worst fans in america, let me point out that the georgia QB had his house egged and tp'd after losing to south carolina.

But this is a must win. For now. For this season, and for the future.

Miami loses and there will be 30000 fans against fsu, all fsu fans

Unc likes to go to the tight ends and to bernard. This offenses is eerily similar to notre dames

Must win

What else is Golden going to say??????Secretly I know he s very disappointed in D Onofrio s coaching performance...and Franklin s line coaching on the defense too.What can he say as a leader and friend??????Not much apparently.He finds it apparently much easier to "put up"with D Onofrio and Franklin than remove them or demote them and find replacements.It s much easier for him...THAT way.THAT said.......Golden s in this thing for a 4 or 5 year plan it seems.He doesn t seem to see any sense of urgency in righting Miami s ship.Too bad.Golden wants to get paid for years at 1 place..not get the Canes up and keep them there.

somebody once told me that the definition of crazy is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. changes need to be made in terms of scheme but we don't see the adjustments, and THAT is what's driving us fans crazy.......and I agree with some of the earlier comments, man up and stop throwing the players under the bus, and please stop talking about Temple, it's like bragging about what you did in high-school. The Big East is the laughing stock of college football, nobody cares that he had a top twenty defense agianst that competition

tthe defensive scheme sucks. fire d-dumby he is not producing. lets all show up sat

"suppose you would tell Coach Madden to get some knowledge if he were still alive"

Dude, he is still alive!

If Madden is still around, my bad. I guess it was one of his Raiders that died in the last ten years. I guess he just retired from announcing games. He sure was a great announcer as well as a coach because he told the truth, something the Cane staff should learn to do.

The Cane players are great if they had coaches that would do more than make them lift weights and run wind sprints. Yes, those are needed.

But the Canes need to learn to tackle by putting their heads and pads on the ball carriers' numbers, wrap them up and hang on even if it is just hanging on to an ankle or a knee.

And the coaches need to learn pro defenses. For crissake, Schnell brought to the Miami team Don Shula's offenses and defenses. One of the greatest coaches in the history of the game, low scores, great defenses like the killer Bees. And what do we get with golden balls and his butt buddy DC, the worst GD defense in the country. Read Shula's playbooks, for chrissake.

"mike"/the same gators troll who's always here.

Pee Wee Allen testified 10 months ago, everything in that article was already reported by Yahoo!.

Cheer up cane fan your team is ready to set another record!
First it was Jacory trying hard to get the NCAA record for most INTs.
Now it's your defense on pace for worst defense ever.
Gotta give props to Golden, he sure knows how to work on both sides of the ball. Now if he can ever put them both together at the same time you truly would have a record breaking team.
Something to look forward to.

Look, obviously our crappy D isn't gonna magically turn in to the 85 Bears or 200-2002 Canes D, but at the same time, I don't see anything wrong with criticising D'Onofrio for his failed schemes. Our Defense was ranked 100 and is probably worse statistically right now. I know it's only 2 years, but i honestly (and yes, I did play high school football) don't see us improving. AT ALL! Does D'Onofrio have naked pics of Golden with a goat or something. The offense is improving/good, but our D is holding us back big time.
I honestly don't see for any reason that he keeps his job.

CaneFan'72: The 3-4 defense is being run by about half the teams in the NFL as their base defense. Teams are running it not as a prevent, but rather as a blitzing scheme. Clay Matthews, second in the league in sacks, plays linebacker in a 3-4 scheme. Now the Canes might not be blitzing enough for your taste, but it isn't because you can't blitz out of a 3-4 scheme. The feared Ravens defenses of the early 2000s were also 3-4 defenses. John Madden hasn't coached in the league in years, and his ideas about the 3-4 might be just as out of date as yours. Scheme depends a lot on the players you have. If we don't have good lineman, as everyone admits, why would you want more of them on the field?

finallyyyyyyyyyy ive been vindicated. I have all the NCAA stats....Golden is full of it. Both his and D'nofrio stats are weak, Look at what he did at Temple....who he beat and the margin of victory...mediocre at best. Drill down on the DC experiance.....it aint there. I saw early when last years defensive average was 419...then it goes to 436...now 595....the defense is moving exponentially higher each game. fans have every right to question and expect...NOW, just like the fans at Florida...btw they are 5-0 and had the whole coaching staff replaced this year.....so I dont want to hear excuses especially since you got your 2 million.

Actually jimbo you have been shown the opposite. Figures don't lie but liars can figured and we know you are the later

Honestly i hope you see the defensive coach do some new things...you can blame it on youth in a since where they can't quite understand your defensive scheme..but that is where coaching comes in...like i said all year long you have to help the kids out...come up with different schemes that helps the team...you cant run the same scheme all the time...if bernard starts running the ball on us and where decent on coverage..you have to start selling out..in English ...start using blitz packages and play man...or bring bush up to the line and have highsmith play cover one...regardless you have to switch it up bcuz they are getting gashed...

Also manny is wrong about the 198 defensive yard average. The ACC final statistics effective 11/25/2011 all games Miami has opponents totals yards against is 4,319 (1943 rushing + 2,376) we played 12 games which brings the average to 359.91 total yards given up....not 195.

@jim gallo...i see your point but temple is relevant..nobody in the past 50 years has made temple relevant no matter who they played...temple is still relevant ....IMPROVEMENT IMPROVEMENT...THATS ALL I WANT TO SEE..THAT THEY ARE GETTING BETTER..THATS IT

I don't like the zone D. My point is THIS...support the kids DON'T TRASH THEM! If u are not one of THOSE types, I'm not referring to u. Relax. Save ur strokes.

manny has the passing average right....but you have to count both passing and rushing. We are blowing last years stats right out of the water...we are getting worse stats wise...not better. We have no improved 1 bit since last year, so i dont know what Golden is talking about.

when they start comparing UM with all its glory to Temple....its time to be a gator fan....better yet i should just fly down from connecticut and watch coral park or coral gables play....same enjoyment and 1/2 the price.

or better yet, class 75 coral park here...I remeber don solinger was my defense coach back then.....why not get him back to UM?

Please do your home on Temple. The absolute worst team in football before Golden. They thought about dropping football. They join the MAC which is a good conference that was way better then Temple. they recruit guys at a certain level that play against a certain level. The schemes worked. They should work here unless we have a bunch of dumbasses on defense. Which I'm thinking we may have.... they are constantly out of position. Too young, not strong enough yet. Not smart enough yet. I think they will get there in another two years. It all starts with the D line. We lost 3 starting lineman from last years average defense. Ojomo, Fortson, and Vernon all gone. You can't win with the D tackles we have. You have to have smart linebackers and db's who can blitz and understand what they are doing. I like Perryman, Paul, and Johnson as linebackers. They love to hit hard but they can't be expected to be effective if the D line gets no pressure. My biggest disappointment is the O line. They are gigantic in size but they can't run block worth a darn. Great pass protection though. I've seen the O line move the pile a few times but I'd say their run blocking is below average at best.

So many experts and of course they have all the answers!

Instead of flipping burgers a MAC's, the part time job Obama created, they have too much time on their hands and have nothing but negative words, as ODDBALL always said, "always with the negative waves, man, always with the negative waves."

How many of you have coached or played the game beyond high school and NCAA 2012 or Madden don't count!

I will stick with the Canes, you think this is bad you should have seen some of the teams I saw play, I go back to 1957 and some of those 0-11 teams were awful. Stick with the Canes, remember the game FSU beat the Canes 47-0, two years later the Canes were National Champs, stick with it.

Anonymous: unfortunately....we are right back to the early 70's. Golden can talk all he wants about youth....but they quit on ND. And the coaching staff kinda quit as well.....watch the game again....look at how many times the camera shot the faces of Golden and Jedd.....they were emotionless...staring, wondering what to do. They were unable to reverse the teams emotions....they couldnt get them to come back emotionally.

Duke is for real...Miami loses NC / FSU / Clemson / Duke.....Miami goes 6-6 2012

I would be happy if I just saw some improvement with the defense. Can anyone tell me where they have seen any improvement with the defense.It appears that the D gets worst each week, How can you say coaches are doing there job when you see no improvement?

First, the 3-4 defenses run by the pros have four down linemen. The reason it is called a 3-4 is the two DEs are over the Off. ends or off tackle. But there are four down linemen.

Second, as you pointed out, a pro 3-4 is a blitzing defense, something the Cane's golden and DC have not figured out yet.

Third, a team can run a 3 down lineman defense IFFF they have a Wilfork, big, can not be blocked, guard.

Fourth, the only other time I have seen a successful 3 down defensive lineman defense employed is when the team is rich in big, tough linemen who are substituted every few plays to get fresh legs in the game. The Canes do not have any of the foregoing.

golden and the Canes' DC uses a 3 down linemen, zone pass protection, no blitz PREVENT-the-win defense. They are beyond stupid because it never works when they use it, they are too stupid to look at the tapes from KSU and ND, and they keep doing the same stupid thing even against teams they were lucky to win against because the Cane offense simply outscored the other four teams that the offense beat.

Essentially, the Miami Hurricanes are playing with half a team because of golden and the DC. We don't even have a field goal special team because golden is too stupid to teach wieclaw how to kick FGs consistently.

Cane fan U aint got no chance. Your coaching staff sUcks and your players are scrub 2 star.
Oct 20 will be another blowout in front of legions of FSU fans. In a year where the Coastal is sooo weak you still have trouble winning it, but no matter if you do cause we will be waiting to stump U again.

Somebody should tell the Steelers, 49ers, Texans and Ravens that football genius CaneFan'72 said they should abandon their 3-4 defense. Even though league leading, he says they can't work.

And the winner of clueless comment of the day is, well, the same as every day---CaneFan'72

"first, the 3-4 defenses run by the pros have 4 down lineman"

Actually it is 3 lineman and 4 linebackers, who can be deployed in a number of different ways. But, you were only off by 1 today, which is way better than usual.

im never down on the individual player so much its mostly the coach that should take the heat.four dropped balls is bad, but i do know its harder to catch if the ball is cold hard and slippery . the coaches should have used some frozen balls to practice with not let the first catches be in the cold. remember most of these young men have never played in the cold, its Miami 80 deg. in January. and this was the teams first night game, i hope they were practicing all week at night, getting ready.....i hope the coaches take all these little things into consideration it does separate average performances from great ones ....go canes.

Doesn't anybody out there recognize the truth?
Miami is, simply & sadly, still irrelevant.

this is a huge game, nc favored by 6.5 we need fans out there.

Hey Canekiller yall SEMENHOLES were gonna blowout NC State to from what yall said last week.What the hell happened with that? Your weak ARSE offense couldn't score but 16 points on them.Seriously? 16 points? hell we scored 44 points on that same defense the week before!!! Go back into your hole and come out next year when they give you your next paper Championship at the beginning of the year!!!

Manny blog.....AD gone....Allen deposition. Canes are in REAL trouble. There is alot more to all of this, USC got 2 bowl suspension and 30 scholarship penalty....Miami gets at LEAST that. NCAA went deep and by what I am reading, they uncovered alot. There is paper trail that involves alot of people. Like I have said....another shoe is gonna drop. I would not be suprised if Golden and company resigns at the end of the season...alot of chatter about possible BC opening....I say there is a 50/60 chance he stays.

CaneFan'72, Quit showing how little you know about football, oh my god. the 3-4 defense is comprise of a nose tackle over the center, 2 tackles over the the offensive tackles inside shoulders. 4 linebacker, 2 inside linebackers, and 2 outside linebackers, all the linebackers are in a 2 point stance. The strategy of a 3-4 defense is to confuse the offense as to who is going to rush the passer. In a running situation the 3 down linemen engage the offensive line letting the linebackers make the tackles. I've taught you this before CaneFan'72, please try to learn something.

Boston College, Arkansas and Tennessee will be talking to him.....they pay more than 10 million over 4 years....he will jump ship...after sanctions he knows 2015 is best guess for any type of a comeback.

there is NO Pass rush by the Canes whether it is a 4 down lineman or 3 down lineman defense because golden and the DC have the LBs 5 yards off the line of scrimmage and employ a zone defense, no blitz, no rush. And even with a rush, it is a confused mess in the trenches with no one stopping the end runs which also have killed the Canes as well as passes to the gaps in the zone pass defense.

There is NO big NOSE tackle over the center. And even if there were, there are only one or two Wilforks in football. So, there is simply no way for the Cane defense to stop a run with 3 down linemen and LBs five yards from the LOS for less than a five yard gain. The Cane defensive stats prove this. You say I might know a little about football. But you and golden and his DC know NOTHING.

golden and the Cane DC employ a prevent the win defense which is why they are last in the NCAA among big football programs.

CanesFan72, You are a retarded troll. Please get off the blog and get back to your middle school homework.

CanFan'72, The 3-4 is a base defense not a prevent. If effectively used it is design to stop the run by confusing blocking assignments. The Baltimore Ravens, the San Francisco 49er's, NY Jets, Cleveland Browns, Pittsbugh Steelers, Houston Texans, Denver Broncos, San Diego Chargers, Washington Redskins, NO Saints,GB Packers, Arizona Card, Seattle Seahawks, are all 3-4 teams, and do a pretty good job of stopping the run. The Phins play a 4-3, so they are not among these teams.Please Please quit sounding stupid. Read the following and learn moron.

The 3–4 defense declined in popularity over the years, but has found renewed use by modern professional and college football teams. The 3–4 defense is so named because it involves 3 down linemen and 4 linebackers. There are usually 4 defensive backs.

Teams that run the 3-4 include the San Diego Chargers, Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Baltimore Ravens, Arizona Cardinals, Indianapolis Colts, New York Jets, San Francisco 49ers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Washington Redskins, and Houston Texans. The Cardinals already incorporate the 5–2 defense, an older variation of the 3–4, in some of their defensive schemes. The Miami Dolphins have also incorporated elements of the 3–4 defense into their scheme, under defensive coordinator Mike Nolan, but with the hiring of Kevin Coyle as their new defensive coordinator, the Dolphins will switch to a 4-3 Defense under new coach Joe Philbin. The Ravens run a hybrid defense and occasionally shift to 4–3 schemes during games. With the hiring of defensive coordinator Dom Capers, the Green Bay Packers have switched to a 3–4 defense (2009). With the hiring of Chuck Pagano as their new Head Coach, the Indianapolis Colts have switched to 3-4 Defense. The Buffalo Bills installed a 3–4 scheme to begin the 2010 season, but made frequent use of 4–3 sets as the season progressed, and will stick with the 4-3 for 2012 following the signing of free agent defensive end Mario Williams. Under new defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, the Houston Texans have adopted the 3–4 defensive scheme for the 2011 season

Let's see, the 3 down linemen and some small LBs over the tight ends are supposed to rush, but no one knows who will rush. And no one rushes, really. And no one on the Cane defense stops the end runs nor the pitchouts, really. And as a result, 5 or 6 big offensive linemen run over our three defensive linemen and have 5 or 6 yards before our LBs get involved, right?

Is this about the sum of things? And I am the one retarded or know little about football??? And even though the stats say that it is golden and the DC and fans mocking me who are the morons?? Talk about killing the messenger. What a bunch of idiot coaches and fans that poor Miami has sunk down to in level of football understanding. It must be the newest crop of young people in football, politics, and business management like bush, republicans and golden that do not know their butt from their elbow.

Wow - after reading the comments - in which I agree with 80% of them. As canes' fans, you have the right to voiced your comments. Hell man, I know it hurts.

After the 3rd Qtr - I started rooting for ND'S Q.B. - what a hellva game this young man had. It was nice to watch him reading our defense and ripping it apart. You have to give it to N.D. - they clean our clock - our day will come. I have been a cane since 1958 and believe me I have seen the up and down of this program.

The Depth Chart is updated based on the Notre Dame performance right??? Howard moves ahead of Finnie b/c he back peddle 30 yards away faster I guess in the ND game.... but when the defense was still sucking during the 3 game win streak Finnie wasn't demoted???

SMH The Depth Chart Shuffle is a joke.... if we are basing it off of the last game shouldn't Davon Johnson be starting??? The coaches use the Depth Chart for excuses rather then to award players.

Why is Corey King starting??? B/c he sucks more then everybody else... he hasn't done anything to warrant being a starter. Ridiculous!

Coach D'onofrio's 4-3 philosophy is the biggest joke in college football.

Who runs a 4-3 scheme where you want your 4 down lineman to play gap control as if it was a 3-4??? That's why they don't shed blocks b/c they aren't allowed to.

That's why Luther Robinson isn't a starter b/c he wants to make plays in the backfield and the coaches punish him for it.

The one thing we can all agree on is that whatever the Canes are doing is not working. But now that we look at it, any scheme requires some good tackles. Manny had it right in the chat when he said Al and Mark should have gotten some JUCO tackles. That seems to work pretty well for K-State.

CanFan'72, you really show your ignorance every time you post. Read, maybe you'll learn. By the way, no one is saying that the Cane's have a good defense, but there are reasons why the defense hasn't played well, and not the reason you post. The reasons you post are moronic.

mike, all you do is whine.
I have provided an analysis of all the reasons why Miami is losing games due to lack of a solid defense.

How about suggesting what the Canes do to improve their defense instead of whining about other bloggers if you have any knowledge of the game is all.

Supporting golden and the DC is not helping because the Cane defense is NOT improving.

And it is NOT the players who are playing great individually for the most part although they could use a lot more advice on tackling and wrapping up a ball carrier.

The problem with the cane defense as golden and the DC run it is that every Cane player is so far out of position, it is hopeless for the Canes to stop any team. The defensive formations are really that bad as the stats prove. It is not me, it is obviously the defensive formations that are not good. My reasoning is Not moronic. The defensive formations are moronic as shown by the stats.

Again, the shine is off Coach Golden as we have had two embarassing losses by a combined score of 93-19 where the 'Canes were outcoached and outplayed at every level of the game. The defense is horrible and it is not just youth, it is coaching. Certainly, patience is needed and I hope Golden succeeds, but he has to address the problem with the defense or his tenure here will be gone in 4 years or less.

Growing up in NY and being a life long Knicks fan you learn how to have your teams back. But never in a 100yrs have i ever seen a city,fans newspaper throw a team under the bus, all day ever day. Shame on you Miami for not under standing this are young kids trying their best to hold up the Miami Name..Shame on YOU!

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