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Hate for Randy's guys? Hardly. Shannon's players still play big roles for Golden's Canes

It was supposed to be a relatively quiet bye week for the Hurricanes.

It's hardly been that.

First, Luther Robinson's father took to the radio waves earlier this week (he said it was him) and called UM coach Al Golden a liar for saying he doesn't have enough talent on the defensive line. Then, Robinson Sr. wondered aloud if the Hurricanes' second-year coach had "something against [former coach] Randy Shannon's players," -- the excuse as to why his son and other Shannon recruits supposedly are not playing more.

A couple days later, the drama continued.

Defensive end Kelvin Cain -- one of Shannon's recruits -- was discovered to be off the Hurricanes roster (Surprise! Somehow Golden forgot to mention it during his 10 minute ACC teleconference). A UM spokesman later informed a few observant roster watchers that Cain's name had indeed been deleted on purpose because he "left the team."

A day later, Cain's mom told our Susan Miller Degnan she was puzzled and couldn't understand why UM had said Cain left the team. Now, Cain's mom is hoping her son finds a way back on the roster and avoids becoming the 15th player to sign with UM under Randy Shannon and depart under Al Golden before their time was supposed to be up.

So does all this mean Al Golden really does have something against Randy Shannon's players? Is this all part of Al's master plan? Is he sitting in his office crossing Shannon's guys off his list with a red magic marker and laughing like Dr. Evil?

Hardly. Smells like sour grapes to me. Sounds like more excuses. Reads like it too.

Here are some numbers regarding this Hurricanes roster you might find interesting:

> By my count there are currently 79 players on scholarship at UM. Forty-five were recruited by Al Golden and 34 committed to the program under Randy Shannon.

> Of those 79 scholarship players, 26 were listed on offense on the depth chart before the Florida State game and 28 were listed on defense. Count the two kickers -- Dalton Botts and Jake Wieclaw -- and you have a total of 56 scholarship players who aren't just special teams guys (like Dallas Crawford) who see playing time regularly on game day.

> The remaining healthy 19 scholarship players are on scout team/special teams along with other walk-ons. UM has four scholarship players out for the season with injury: OT Ben Jones, LB Ramon Buchanan, WR Malcolm Lewis and QB David Thompson.

So how many Golden guys are starters? 10 including seven on defense.

How many Golden guys are backups? 18 including a dozen on defense.

How many starters are Shannon guys? 18 including a dozen on offense.

How many Shannon guys are backups? Ten.

So that's 28 Shannon guys and 28 Golden guys that make up the depth chart. I'm no mathematician, but that sounds pretty even to me.

Forget math for a moment and concentrate simply on "equal opportunity." I'm a firm believer that any coach puts winning first. If Luther Robinson or Kelvin Cain were even remotely better than the players currently playing for UM why would any coach in their right mind not put them in the game?

Here's the only reasoning that makes sense: Robinson and Cain are not better than the guys competing with them in practice everyday. And if they aren't cutting it in practice, Golden is doing the right thing by playing younger players in the game.

Those players are not only going to ride out the oncoming NCAA storm with Golden, but they still have time to grow and improve. Last I checked, Robinson and Cain have each had at least three seasons to prove they deserve a starting job here. They didn't do it with the previous staff. And they obviously haven't done it now against a bunch of freshmen and sophomore.

Golden is a hater? Give me a break.


GOLDEN'S GUYS (45 scholarship recruits)
Starters (10)
OT Ereck Flowers (5/28/11)
WR Rashawn Scott (1/25/11)
DE Olsen Pierre (12/19/10)
DT Corey King (5/2011)
LB Eddie Johnson (2/2/11)
LB Gionni Paul (1/29/11)
LB Denzel Perryman (1/22/11)
DB Ladarius Gunter (12/4/11)
S Deon Bush (1/7/12)
P Dalton Botts (12/29/10)

Backups (18)
QB Ryan Williams (transfer - 5/6/11)
WR Robert Lockhart (1/7/12)
WR Herb Waters (7/11/11)
OG Daniel Isidora (11/29/11)
OT Hunter Wells (late addition - 8/11)
DT Dequan Ivery (2/1/12)
DT Earl Moore (8/17/11)
DT Darius Smith (5/2011)
DE Ricardo Williams (1/9/11)
DE Jelani Hamilton (6/21/11)
DE Tyriq McCord (1/7/12)
LB Thurston Armbrister (late addition - 6/6/11)
LB Raphael Kirby (5/17/11)
CB Antonio Crawford (1/29/12)
CB Thomas Finnie (1/7/11)
CB Tracy Howard (2/2/12)
S Rayshawn Jenkins (11/14/11)
K Matt Goudis (1/16/11)

Scout team (15)
QB Gray Crow (2/16/11)
QB Preston Dewey (6/3/11)
RB Dallas Crawford (1/18/11)
RB Danny Dillard (11/6/11)
WR Jontavious Carter (3/10/11)
WR D'Mauri Jones (6/2/11)
OL Taylor Gadbois (9/7/11)
DT Jacoby Briscoe (1/6/12)
DE Jalen Grimble (2/2/11)
DE Dwayne Hoilett (6/16/11)
DE Jake O'Donnell (6/12/11)
DE Gabriel Terry (11/24/11)
LB Jawand Blue (2/1/12)
CB Nate Dortch (8/2/11)
CB Larry Hope (6/3/11)

Out for the year with injury (2)
QB David Thompson (2/17/11)
WR Malcolm Lewis (11/17/11)

Starters (18)
QB Stephen Morris (8/3/09) 
RB Duke Johnson (9/20/10) 
RB Mike James (6/28/08) 
FB Maurice Hagens (6/14/09) 
WR Phillip Dorsett (6/19/10) 
WR Allen Hurns (12/2009) 
LT Malcolm Bunche (9/8/09) 
LG Jonathan Feliciano (4/8/09) 
C Shane McDermott (3/10/09) 
RG Brandon Linder (12/20/09) 
RT Seantrel Henderson (2/3/10) 
TE Clive Walford (7/20/09) 
DE Shayon Green (1/25/09) 
DE Anthony Chickillo (9/9/10) 
LB Jimmy Gaines (1/24/10) 
CB Brandon McGee (8/11/08) 
S Kacy Rodgers (7/20/09) 
K Jake Wieclaw (12/16/07)

Backups (10)
RB Eduardo Clements (11/3/09)
WR Davon Johnson (7/17/07)
WR Kendall Thompkins (11/08/07)
TE Dyron Dye (1/4/09)
TE Asante Cleveland (2/3/10)
C Jared Wheeler (1/10/09)
LG Jeremy Lewis (4/9/07)
LB Tyrone Cornelius (8/18/09)
S AJ Highsmith (2/19/08)
S Vaughn Telemaque (2/1/08)

Scout team (4)
TE David Perry (10/23/09)
TE Cory White (5/14/08)
DT Curtis Porter (7/29/08)
DT Luther Robinson (4/29/08)

Shannon recruits Injured and out for the season (2)
LB Ramon Buchanan (2/6/08)
OT Ben Jones (2/6/08)  

Shannon recruits that left the program under Golden (15)
S Ray-Ray Armstrong (1/4/09)
OL Jermaine Barton (12/20/09)
LB Kelvin Cain (1/8/10)
RB Darion Hall (6/10/09)
RB Storm Johnson (11/1/09)
DT Jeffery Brown (2/1/2010) - Charged with rape
DB Devont'a Davis (10/7/09)
LB Travis Williams (10/20/09)
DB Jamal Reid (9/25/08)
LB Kevin Nelson (7/4/09)
DB Keion Payne (11/8/09) - Dismissed for violating team rules
TE Andrew Tallman (9/20/09)
TE Billy Sanders (2/4/09)
FB CJ Holton (12/22/07)
WR Aldarius Johnson (7/23/07)

Recruits that didn't make it into school under Golden (3)
RB Kevin Grooms (1/17/11)
WR Angelo Jean-Louis (4/30/11)
LB Antonio Kinard (1/17/11)

Golden recruits whose career was cut short by injury
LB Josh Witt (7/1/11)

Golden recruits that left the program (1)
DB Vernon Davis (6/12/11)

Shannon recruits that Golden stopped recruiting and never signed (2)
WR Jeremy Davis (2010 -- now at UCF)
LB Nick Menocal (2010 -- now at Georgia Tech)

Shannon recruits that never made it into UM (8)
DT Tavadis Glenn (4/18/09)
DT Delmar Taylor (1/12/10)
DB Prince Kent (7/21/08)
LB Zach Kane (12/4/07)
LB Brandon Marti (11/24/07)
DB CJ Odom (10/9/07)
LB Antonio Harper (10/3/07)

Recruits that transferred out under Shannon (6)
DB Latwan Anderson (3/10/10)
LB Arthur Brown (12/17/07)
WR Thearon Collier (6/6/07)
QB Taylor Cook (5/9/07)
QB Cannon Smith (11/6/07)
DB Joe Wylie (4/2/07)

Career cut short by Injury under Shannon (2)
TE Stephen Plein (6/19/08)
LB Gavin Hardin (2/5/08)

Shannon recruits graduated and now gone (10)
TE Chase Ford (12/8/09)
WR Travis Benjamin (12/21/07)
WR LaRon Byrd (2/5/08)
FB John Calhoun (12/5/07)
LB Jordan Futch (6/6/07)
DT Micanor Regis (3/28/07)
LB Marcus Robinson (7/15/07)
DE Andrew Smith (9/26/07)
QB Jacory Harris (6/12/07)
LB Sean Spence (8/4/07)

Shannon recruits that left early for the NFL under Golden (5)
RB Lamar Miller (10/7/08)
DE Olivier Vernon (3/2/08)
OL Brandon Washington (9/25/08)
DT Marcus Forston (7/26/07)
WR Tommy Streeter (2008)

Shannon recruits that left early for the NFL under his watch (1)
CB Brandon Harris (2/6/08)


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You forgot about Robert Marve, who transferred to Purdue under Coach Shannon and Teddy Bridgewater?

This is just my opinion but this type of thing happens once in a while when a new coach is hired to replace an outgoing coach who was immensely popular with the guys he recruited. Those fb players are going to feel animosity for the new coach if he isn't cut from the same mold OR lets them get away with the same work habits or in this case the lack OF them OR THE TEAM IS WINNING WINNING WINNING. Alas we weren't.

IMO Shannon is/was a racist. Lots of people are racist, it's a basic human flaw sometimes born out of fear. I think when Shannon recruited his players he appealed to black athletes who felt the same way he did. I'm not saying they all hated white people but if they had their dithers they'd rather play for a black coach and hang with black bloods. So they are all playing for Shannon but after a couple years when the wins aren't forthcoming and the fan base starts howling for Shannon's aah - er neck, the administration decides they've had enough and can him. Enter Al Golden. Well now. How do you think those players that Shannon recruited felt about their black coach getting fired by an all white administration/ Athletic Director? Right! there was animosity. IMO some of those players that Randy recruited aren't or weren't giving it their all. Some even going so far as to sabotage games.(See Jacory Harris and his interceptions in his last few games. Al knows what is going on but there is only so much he can do with it. He doesn't want to open up the racism "can of worms" b/c that can only hurt him and the U. So it's just gonna have to play out until they are all gone.

N.D. Boochiss, are you kidding me, JH was throwing INT's because why again, he want to sabotage Golden. Are you an idiot, or maybe a racist.

first of all guys, let's remember that this isn't the NFL and these are 18-21 year old kids who probably read this blog, so let's be mindful of that. second of all, you're going to see guys leave the team and be unhappy with the new regime. in the nfl, when you have a new coach, that coach can bring along some of his players to help the transition. look at rex ryan, for example. when he left baltimore, he brought guys like bart scott and jim leonhard with him to new york because they embrace his scheme and he knows their work ethic and the value they bring. golden can't do that. all he can do is recruit his type of guys and hope the current kids buy into what he's trying to do. randy had a good idea to recruit winning kids to dispell the losing culture, but the problem was, he got kids (except for guys like sean spence) that were used to winning and just figured that it would continue once it got to UM. those of us who are in the work force as adults know that when you get a new boss, he/she is going to bring in the people that fit what he/she wants to do and balance that with the current staff and the people that don't share the philosophies, they leave. i've been there. the new staff at my job had a different philosophy and they didn't see the value in what i brought, so i began to look around and i accepted a post with a different company. i used to coach youth football and the kids that our staff had clashed with what we wanted to do and as a result, it was a rough season and we went 6-4. the next year, we got kids that fit what we wanted and we went 9-1 and made it to the championship game. it's going to take time and there's no sense of blaming anyone for someone leaving.

Shannon recruits that left the program under Golden (15)
S Ray-Ray Armstrong (1/4/09)
OL Jermaine Barton (12/20/09)
LB Kelvin Cain (1/8/10)
RB Darion Hall (6/10/09)
RB Storm Johnson (11/1/09)
DT Jeffery Brown (2/1/2010) - Charged with rape
DB Devont'a Davis (10/7/09)
LB Travis Williams (10/20/09)
DB Jamal Reid (9/25/08)
LB Kevin Nelson (7/4/09)
DB Keion Payne (11/8/09) - Dismissed for violating team rules
TE Andrew Tallman (9/20/09)
TE Billy Sanders (2/4/09)
FB CJ Holton (12/22/07)
WR Aldarius Johnson (7/23/07)

I brought this up in a discussion we had on CS, but a majority of the players listed above, are from the 2010 class. And almost half of the players from the 2010 class, aren't here any more. Now it would be one thing if the attrition was spread out, but when you lose almost half of a recruting class...IT HURTS! Another way to look at it, is if the majority of those players had stayed, they'd be Juniors, or RS Sophomores right now.

Sounds like people starting trouble to me. Coach Al is nothing but a high Character person as he has shown on how he has handled everthing that was dumped on him since he got to the "U". Joe from Philly!

Who really cares? The bottom line is this is a bad football team period. The entire program needs to be improved from the game day coaching decisions to the performance (or lack thereof) of the players. All of the finger pointing and whose side is right needs to cease. Coach Randy Shannon is no longer associated with this university, I wish him well. Coach Al Golden is in charge of this football program, and I wish him well. The questions now are when and how can he put a winning team that is graduating players on the field?

Its real simple people. We are now seeing why these guys didn't win. It comes dow to leadership and character. You can have a very talented team butno ledership and no character no BCS Bowl game. These kids thought they could show up throw up the U and they were just going ot roll through the ACC. Whe it didn't work and Golden came in demanding hard work and accountability papmpered kids who were used to being told they were the greatet didn't know how to respond and the parent are showing that itwasn't just the coaches that were spoiling them. I an't wait for the NCAA to annouce what the sanctions are so we can move forward and Coach Golden can move this program forward to being the dominant Team in College football.

Bravo, Manny, well said! It's not that Golden has an inherent chip on his shoulder against Randy's kids, it's that a cancerous premadonna attitude permeated the program under Randy's watch that led to a bunch of kids with a whole lot of ego and very little work ethic. That crap doesn't cut it under Golden and his []__[] Tough Program! You want to play? You EARN IT! In the weight room, in the film room and at practice. If you don't work hard, you don't play, period. And these kids weren't used to that and/or couldn't cut it. Good riddance! That is EXACTLY why we needed Al; and it will take some time for him to keep weeding the garden and get us solid again, but he's righted the ship and and got it headed in the direction this program needed. Keep it up, Al!

N.D. Boochiss

How did your brain come up with this? Look, I am no Golden cheerleader. I actually feel that given Shannon more time, he would have gotten Miami back.

But you are completely off base, no you are completely out of this Universe. Al Golden is not a racist. He has never been one and he will never be one. Al is a young coach and he is learning the ropes just like Shannon was. Given enough time, Al Golden will have the Canes back.

I have been a Cane fan over 20 years and to be honest it comes down to recruiting we once got all the great kids in south fla and could go and pick and choose kids from the rest of the country that we needed we no longer have the ability to do this.. What needs to happen is Coach Golden needs to invade some college roster for coaches and recruiters invade the SEC they have some Gems and some contacts to getting UM back to where we belong....

You forgot Jermaine Johnson so add one more (16) to the Shannon Recruits That Left The Program Under Golden.

There are always 2 sides to every story, so there are always 2 sides to every transfer/dismissal.

You have to give the kids some consideration too.

i dont know if shannon had a racist streak or not. I also wouldnt discount that possibility

with the exception of Sean Spence, who was a true leader (which UM doesnt have at this time), all of Shannons recruits have been busts. Sure some made it to the NFL (my point proven).

Luther Robinsons dad is silly. By the way what happened to Luther after he came back?

Any coach would have cut a scholarship player if he decided on his own not to show up to a game as huge as FSU.

Primaddonnas, I agree with this article- sour grapes, whiney, entitled people- sound like most of the Obama electorate.

buh bye. Addition by subtratction

I was sitting in a bar in Cleveland one Sunday evening last year when I noticed Mark Whipple (Brown's QB Coach) across from me. I have been a Cane fan since 1979 so I went up to him and asked him a few questions. One was how come players like Jacory did not improve or live up to the hype during their time at Miami. He said that unfortunately some of the very good players develop a sense of entitlement that starts in Optimist football. They are built up and led to believe that they are great and everyone falls all over them. This not only permeates athletics but life in general with young people. Nobody wants to earn anything anymore they feel they should just be given something (i.e. respect, playing time, grades, jobs, etc.). Also, this is not a knock on Jacory in particular but a symptom of today's youth.

I wished Randy would have done well because he was a Cane and understood what that meant. Unfortunately, he was not successful because all the "stars" did not work out. Give me two star or no star players with heart over five stars with an ego any day. Have you ever noticed the many NFL players that are very good that you never heard of when they were in high school and college? There are alot of them which goes to show that the whole package (attitude, athletic ability, education, work ethic, smarts, desire, humility, etc.) is important and Al Golden seems to get that, so let's give him a little time to build the program we need and want.

Gayurds went through this a little last year....they are looking a lot better this year....hmmmmmm.

rs was a racist? im in middle school and know more than most of you lame a** people. last i heard 85% of the rosters in cfb are black so i guess that makes every coach a racist. try recruiting all white kids and see where this program will be

I agree that a lot of players have a sense of entitlement. I like that Golden is stressing competition and that nobody is guaranteed a starting position. I think it takes a good mix of highly talented recruits and players with less talent but a strong work ethic that push everyone to play better. Overall, I like the direction the program is headed. Look at all of the young players who are playing well: Bush, Perryman, McCord, Gunter, Kirby, Eddie Johnson, Duke Johnson. Hopefully they will continue to improve. Fans need to be patient. Defensive line is obviously an area that needs to be addressed in recruiting. The SEC has been so dominant, and the Canes were so dominant in the past, because they focus on the D-Line. Sorry to see Cain go but it does open up another scholarship that should be used for another DL. Go Canes.

The only one that needs to be charged with being racist or prejudice is that troll shalala. She's the one who said "we're recruiting a different kind of athlete to the University of Miami" plus her and her croonies hand-cuffed shannon. shannon was just one oc away from running the acc. Our defense under shannon wasn't dominant, but they were definitely formidable enuff to hold teams and get 3 & outs, something oach OH-NO and his marshamllow scheme can't do.

Our defenses have been getting sanduskied since goldie & his bo have been here. Getting rid of coach petri was a mistake, and when we play duke, we'll see who has a better d-line, petri or jethro. As soon as coach petri got here, we instantly became one of the top teams in the nation with tackles for losses. A coach can't make excuses for the players he has, if he's a good coach, he'll make the players under him better no matter what they're talent level is.

3g has regressed. To say luther robinson is not that much better than the players that are here now, is a joke. luther didn't start at UM for several reasons, and he was hurt as well. Now that he's healthy and in the best shape of his life, he's not suited to play this b.s. technique they're trying to teach our d-linemen now, they don't want them getting up field anymore. So when it's said, "it's hard to believe a coach won't play his best player" that has to be looked at in it's proper context.

Why, luther is the best pass rushing d-tackle and you can say linemen on the team. But since this staff doesn't want d-linemen blowing up the backfield(that's why they benched luther after the boston college game, you didn't see non of the defensive coaches happy or hype when luther robinson caused that fumble, they were actually pissed off, so they benched him cause they didn't want that to be an example to the younger players), luther now from a technique and athletic standpoint is being held back.

Of course a parent is going to call in going off when they have to constantly keep hearing after loses "Right now, we just don't have a pass rush, we need to get better their".

News alert, most big 10 defenses do not have alot of sacks or lead the nation in them, because it's a philosophical t and fundamental appraoch to football in the big 10 based on the type of players they have.

In Florida, our game is based off of speed and aggression, these guys our trying to banking off of implementing a scheme that capitolizes off of another teams mistakes instead of forcing the other team to make mistakes. This is a coward's defensive scheme, soft zone, sit back and wait to see what the offense is doing, and where has that approach gotten us, about over 500 yards given up every week and hovering around dead last in the whole of colege football on defense.

All you hear the coaches compalinig about is the players, they're not saying we gotta coach better. Also, the only excuse makers on the coaching staff are on the defensive side of the ball. You won't hear art kehoe blamin kids, because he understands what it's all about.

goldie is starting to mitt romney his interviews now. On one hand it's "we're not going make excuses for being young" Another interview comes up "just look at our depth chart, we got this many freshmen and that many first time starters on defense etc. etc." man stop talking and start producing!

When you got this many parents pissed off though, no matter who the coach is, that's not a good look. You can't just deebo people off the team like that. That's why i like tracy howard, that man has his own mind, he said he didn't come here for the coaches, and he meant that, had he come here for the coaches, that man would've rolled out with vernon davis, than you'd hear about us not having depth in the secondary.

So it's not just shannon's recrutis that are leaving, beware of jalen grimble as well. The thing that pisses people off is not only are we losing, but the games we should be winning we're not. How we lost to unc, notre shame and Fsu, all those games were lost for sure after halftime. Had nothing to do with depth issues, had more to do with the other coaching staffs making better adjustments.

When you got shayon green trying to cover chris thompson in the flats, that has nothing to do with a guy being out of position or not being where he's suppose to be, that's a coach putting a player in position where he'll never be able to cover a player like him in no year, whether he's a freshmen or 30 year senior.

What i like most of all about all this is, goldie is getting ready to feel the real Miami heat, he'll either melt under pressure or he'll rise up and start winning. Just like they want to keep poiinting to the players, we'll keep point to them and their flaws until these coaches man up of GTFOH, cause it's defintiely all about this U!

Who cares about Randy's kids or Golden's kids. We need to recruit LINEMAN (OL and DL). The NFL has proven it, anyone can run the ball when you have a decent O-line. At the same time, LBs look amazing when the DL is stuffing gaps and pressuring QBs. Oh and by the way, you don't find dominant Offensive Linemen in the 3-0-5. We know there is skilled talent in South Florida, but the big boys come from elsewhere!

Al is a young coach and he is learning the ropes just like Shannon was. Given enough time, Al Golden will have the Canes back.

Posted by: Anti_Cane | October 26, 2012 at 09:10 AM

Shannon was a 1st time head coach and Al was a head coach at Temple prior to the U. Al knows more about being a HC than Shannon, bar none. Al will/could turn the U around but don't be surprised if Texas doesn't offer him much more next year. And yes, I now live in Austin and that is the rumor going around.

Golden will be in demand next year while Shannon couldn't even get a job until his friend hired him as a LB coach at TCU. Going from a HC at Miami to a LB coach at TCU should tell you about his coaching or lack there of!

Alot of silly people in the world, that "shannon is racist" crap only started comingup because of the qb's he recruited. But you never here that these "white coaches are racist" when they keep recruiting and only bringing in white qb's.

Alot of people got some real mental issues when it comes to trying to label a brotha as being racist, these hypocrites only try and speak out and try to say it's reverse racism only because they're the ones who don't like the brotha's.

It's comical, if a brotha does good at qb, they sweating em, he if starts making more mistakes than to their liking, than the social media racist come up and their true feelins show, that's why jacory got those text that one year.

For all thos geniuses trying to criticize shannon, he was the one who upgraded the talent level back up here that gave people a reason to think we should still be winning alot of games. In shannon's first year, he was left with one draftable player, and that was spendcer adkins. shannon took over, and start elevating the program and talent level again, but like most 1st time headcoaches, they'll make mistakes on hiring coaches, which shannon did, but almost every coaching change he ended up making was for the better until he brought aubrey hill up in here.

This administration needs to do to coach goldie what they did to coach shannon, after shannon fired patrick nix, this administration took it upon themselves to hire an offensive coordinator for shannon and make him assistant headcoach, that's why he felt he could try and holla back at shannon during the clemson game. From that point on, nipple was hell bent on trying to make shannon look stupid by running a garbage offense, nipple had took his orders from kirby lo-cutt who was conspiring with nipple because of nevin shapiro helping to be a driving force behind trying to get shannon outta here, since shannon unlike kirby and shalala were always kissing nevin azzzz, shannon wasn't with that.

That's why when goldie came on, nipple was begging him to be the oc here, but goldie was smart enuff to realize that would've been a bad move. So what this administration needs to do, since goldie won't do it, is fire this inept guy in charge of aligning the defensive players, and hire one for coach goldie, since he truly believes in him being here, 118th in defense, lol, come on man, that can't be defended!

Al is a young coach and he is learning the ropes just like Shannon was. Given enough time, Al Golden will have the Canes back.

Posted by: Anti_Cane | October 26, 2012 at 09:10 AM

Shannon was a 1st time head coach and Al was a head coach at Temple prior to the U. Al knows more about being a HC than Shannon, bar none. Al will/could turn the U around but don't be surprised if Texas doesn't offer him much more next year. And yes, I now live in Austin and that is the rumor going around.

Golden will be in demand next year while Shannon couldn't even get a job until his friend hired him as a LB coach at TCU. Going from a HC at Miami to a LB coach at TCU should tell you about his coaching or lack there of!

Posted by: TXCane1 | October 26, 2012 at 10:44 AM

lol, man come on man, your post started off good, but the only reason shannon is coaching linebackers right now has more to do with the payout of his contract from UM. Had that man started coaching to early somewhere else, he would've lost out on the money from the contract UM owed him, that's why he sat out. Many schools wanted him as their d-co, but those schools didn't want to have to compensate for the money shannon would've lost out on if he started coaching to early.

Once that issue was cleared up, it was to late for shannon to become a d-co at any school without starting from the beginning of spring ball and with the early guys. He might or might not be a headocach
again no time soon, but somebody will definitely hire him as the d-co, in fact, texas wanted him after muschamp left.

Coaching defense for shannon is 2nd nature to that man. Also, if goldie is hell bent on keeping his boy, he needs to send numb nutz up to the press box to call the defensive plays. That way he'll be able to get a bird's eye view of how stupid the calls are that he keeps making. I got tired of seeing Fsu, line their recievers up tight on the right side, have them all come to the left side, the runningback flare out to the right than cut it up field and all we had was a d-linemen(in shayon green) left to cover the play-action bootleg with manuel coming back out to his right and having the option to run it or pass it, terrible coaching!

It's about time to put up the MPCOM(Mad Parent Count of Miami) report:

Who got:
ray ray armstrongs parents are still pissed off!

dyron dye's people just rode tide, but they're pissed off for ray ray and dye being at tight-end.

vernon davis folks, said, don't worry, time to go!

They got luther robinson's pops ready to rumble!

Now they got kelvin cain's mom confused!

tracy howard's parents were and still are a lil pissed off!

vaughn telelmaque and his people are pissed off!

eduardo clements family is trying to figure out how this man go from being the 3rd down specialist last year, to basically no attempts!

I'll stop right their because there are others. You can't run a program like that.

This is going to be the most important recruiting class coming up for this coaching staff, right now, what d-tackles are trying to come here, time will tell.

Our team would be top 10 if miller, fortson, streeter, Washington, Vernon, and Armstrong were still on the team.

Golden's ability is all hype....his record proves it. Temple was a joke against the teams he was successful against....37-44 for 9 years of coaching....this guy does not have it for D1 and certainly not for top 20 NCAA....its all about the stats...cant escape them with idiot blog opinions.....dig deep in the coaches records and its all there.....now players have hidden resentment for the staff.....the problems at the U are now escalating.....forward guess is Golden resigns to save his stock....he knows that he is droping in value like a bad stock....best guess is his agent is already working behind the scenes.....another shoe gonna drop...mark it here.

6-6 last year and 5-7 this projection....NOBODY will want to come to the U....the shelf life has expired on the 80's history....these kids were not even born then...whats is needed is a NFL type coach with a name....there is nothing Golden can say in the living room that will convince anyone with fsu/ND/fla and all the rest talking UM sactions and how it will ruin your college stepping stone to the NFL....this is serious....word will spread amoung the high schools kids via the social networks....were gonna get junked.

The excess involvement of parents in the lives of their children has reached an absurd level in this country, and here are two prime exhibits of that.

Luther Robinson is a very talented guy, who insiders say, is not your hardest worker. At this level, you need to be talented and hard working to stand out.

Cain's mom needs to get a dictionary. When you are on the "dress out" list and you don't show up or even call, that would generally be considered quitting.

Time to move on.

UTOUGH was the name of Steven Seagal's knife in Under Siege.

Calvin and gallo put a lid on it....

You both are so off base it is pathetic...
In the words of Al Davis "ALL WE WANT YOU TO DO IS WIN BABY!"
The name of the game is winning. Every Miami Coach lives for the win, that is the nature of the Competitive Spirit...

Manny your comments on playing time and analysis is spot on...Winning is what it is all about.

Coach Al and his staff does not care what the player looks like, feels like, or thinks like..all he wants is the W so all this talk is B******** started by a disgruntled father who thought his son would be the paycheck for a new lifestyle at the next level..
As this dream withers on the vine, he lashes out at the U, the Coaches , the plays, and the system on a radio show..It is what it is.

Read Avon Lakes's post and see how entitlement can be detrimental to the development of athletes.
That is what it is people...If you are good you play. If someone beats you out then work harder and come back strong.....don't blame Coaches..you are who you are..the fire is there or it is not...if it is NOT then move over for the next man up.
Reality people.....think before you post.

Our team is a family and no one comes in here to tear it apart because they weren't good enough to start, or not consistent to play in all the schemes drawn up for a game..
Two good examples here of a Father pushing for his son, and a Mother whining because her son could not follow a path clearly drawn out by the Coaches of what is expected to be a Miami Hurricane.
They both should have spoken to Duke's Mom to see what a real Cane Mom is all about..She I am sure would have set them straight..Work hard, and good things happen.
Go 'Canes Always.

THank U UGOCane, These idiots arent even real Canes fans just a couple or maybe the same jerkoff trying to make something out of nothing.

Put a uniform on some of these parents, they are fired up. This stuff happens in every program...nothing to see here.

Gallo, you are insane with your hate of Golden. Golden's stock is rising, not falling. We actually need to worry about holding onto this guy.

Here's what I posted in the actual article. Just my opinion.

--Wouldn't be the first time that Cain had broken "team rules". He got busted with weed along with several other players earlier during his time at The U. Now he's getting beat out by underclassmen and not pushing himself harder to take the spot. Guess he thought that it would be handed to him since he was an "entitlement type player" from the RS regime. I don't see Chickillo losing his spot and he's a sophomore. Shayon Green is also a JR like Cain from the RS regime. True freshman Tyriq McCord did some nice stuff in the fswho game. When I read this, I'm seeing a kid that isn't being truthful to his mother and trying to get anyone to be on his side. Another one of RS entitled players thinking that class should give you a spot instead of effort. That's why the previous underclassmen left early. Some were most likely fearful of losing their spot "OR" didn't like the amount of work they were going to have to put into working for AG in contrast to the work they put into working for RS. Look at them now. BWash said it best, "had I known I would get picked so low, I would have stayed in school". Best quote I ever heard any of RS's players make because it was honest for the first time.--

Manny -- I'm going to give it to you on this one. This was a well thought out and written article. Nothing is better than direct stats as you posted here. Two Thumbs Up.

GO []_[]!

wrong....goldens stock is falling. His record speaks for itself and the team statistics are horrible at every catagory. its all BS...when he interviewed for the position he brought in a 300 page binder outlining his strategy....he was foaming at the mouth for this position knowing how it could potentially catapult his career. All Al Golden cares about is Al Golden....you in a dream world....notice D'Nofrio is still here....how could that still be? The players do not respect the coahing staff....you are hearing it all over the place....NEVER in our history was this inner relationship problems with players-parents-coaches. I dont ever remember a parent speaking out against the U. Golden will be gone.....mark it like I've said....so far I have been right about everything I have posted. There is a mutiny at the U now....rumor or has it he might even get fired if more players leave...

Kudos for backing up Golden, Manny. These players are clearly pouting.

I'd be embarrassed if my parents were calling and whining about my lack of performance.

If Dennis Erickson worked to earn the respect of the players when he took over....this guy Golden has big shoes to fill. The real issue is Golden does not respect some of his players and the players know it...now you have a mutiny. Word will get around to the high schools....why bother with miami when fsu/fla/nd wants me?

6-6 2011
5-7 2012

Shalala needs to start loking QUIETLY for a replacement. Play all the money. The names will come if you pay.

Jim U are lying right there. There were problems when Shannon took over and when Butch Davis took over. Ever heard of Magic Benton idiot.

Golden owed the shannon players and upper classman starting positions...notice how the more senior players played against fsu....those players could have transfered but were loyal and stayed. Our freshman suck..plain and simple....they are not ready for prime time.....the senior players should be mentoring the freshman and the coaching staff should be supporting the jr/sr....its their last years of college. the freshman are not beating out the more senior players...I dont believe that...what I saw against fsu...those senior players for the first time showed what a real cane team looks like...especially on defense....the freshman are thinking as well "if they are willing to do it to the jr/sr's..then they can do it to me".....golden is not committed like everyone thinks..he has all the fans looking the wrong way.

gallo- you forgot the canes of the 90s (played for NC in 1991, 1992, 1994). and the team of the 2000-2010 (played for two Ncs, top 5 rankning 3 times). Losers like you who dont know sheet about the U spew lots of garbage about how long ago it was that Miami was good. Not that long ago, rocket scientist.

Golden is doing this right. I just wish he gets rid of all of those whiney me-first-no-team player, overrated entitled south florida players.

Now that many of these kids are out of football they can go to another entitlement program: Food stamps. The kids who bide their time, accept the challenge, accept hard work, accept responsibility, and accept the competition for a spot will at the very least get a UM degree and will be part of the UM alumni brotherhood. At the best, will end up in the NFL- DOnt forget that regardless of the last 6 years, UM still is eother #1 or 2 in # of NFL players in rosters.

NEVER did we have a situation like this in Miami history....your the lying idiot...i cant wait till thet fire his ass....he is a used car salesman that sld this program a bill of goods.....and ALL THE STATISTICS prove it. 170 out of 200 NCAA D1 teams on defense says it all....btw....has anyone heard or read from former UM greats?....nope, just crickets

Some of you act like you just started watching UM football, wasn't to long ago when alot of parents were complaining about patrick nix. Who cares if this happens at other programs, the difference between us and other programs, you got a whole lot of parents who know WTF they talking about when it comes to football.

Suggesting that duke johnson's mom should be an example for this sistuation is asanine, her son is on offense, you don't see to many offensive players(jermaine johnson, storm johnson before he knew who the oc was going to be) dipping out. Not to many problems on that side of the ball that can't be fixed. duke johnson is not being taught a different technique to jack up his running style like these d-linemen are being asked to, the proof will be in recruiting.

The problem comes in when you got a unit that's sitting at/around 118th and you got guys not getting playing time, but you want to try and make the parents believe if their son got in the game the defense is actually going to get worst than 118th, lol.

Say what you want about l.rob's pops, but what Father is gone continually sit there and her a headcoach keep saying, they don't have d-linemen, and we're failing at getting pressure on the qb, but the only d-tackle you have that's actually been getting in the backfield is not getting much p.t.

With a defense this bad, this coaching staff doesn't have time to keep playing these type of games with peoples playing time and kicking players off the team.

Keep in mind, it's not only the known players in the paper who's parents are upset. ryan williams parents are pissed off to, lol, they were anxious to see there son play, but had to sit their and watch a broke down smo on one ankle lead the team nowhere. It's one thing to say "oh, we just felt comfortable going into the game with smo".

But when a family has to sit their and watch this is a losing effort, it's not good common coaching sense to leave a hurt guy out their on the field that long in an obvious losing effort. At least let his parents see that he is ineffective, hell, the game was over with anyway.

We'll see if he has some helpful info in that 300 page binder that'll help him navigate thru these ssituations.

gallo get off your agenda.....Coach G is laughing at how infantile you are..give it a rest..All you do is throw up old Coaches of the U...we know a lot more than you do..First you started with Butch, then to Coker, now Erickson...Reality we have GOLDEN so get over it. Go bother Moosechump.

Give it a rest..

Championships i a t matters : I agree 100% the truth speaks louder than words...who knows these posters trying to make something from nothing.

Canetilidie you got it bud..feeling entitled to play on the Canes is not the way to go. I agree also.
The Process + Execution= Success to play at the 'U'.
Work with the Coaches and if you are GOOD enought you will get your playing time.

Now let's get ready for the Hokies.....
Go 'Canes Always

offense is not complaining because the senior players are playing....there is a mutiny going on here....stick your head in the sand all you want..its is happening and this coach is digging in which will be his demise in the end....cant wait till he gets fired.

kicking players off the team...what a joke....months ago the coaching staff was advertising on billboards for players....wtf has this brand come to....sad. if your were a top south florida recruit...why would you want to come to miami....what would be the reason..lets see
1. losing seasons
2. empty stadium
3. nothing in the offense or defensive scheems that impress me
4. no intimate stadium vs nd/fla/fsu/ala etc....
5. Poor facilities
6. being part of a legacy that died 11 years ago...
7. have beach close and sunny weather
8. brickell/sobe that emptys my pocket every weekend
9. stranded at the campus...no car as freshman

Calvin and Little jimmy U 2 are the lyingest two people that has ever posted to this blog. No coach cares whether or not a parent is pissed off or not. This ain't little league where everybody plays. The only promises given is that the coach will do whatever it takes to win and improve their son, which is what GOlden is doing unlike what the two nimrods did before him. Last time I checked there are very few seniors playing other than Mike James, on offense so thats another lie told by U two. Whether U like it or not the best players are the young guys not the older ones.

Maybe yall mis-read my post, i said nothing about juniors or seniors. My post pointed out that their are not to many complainers on the offensive side of the ball because they have legit coaching over their except percy pringle a.k.a. brennan carrol.

If anybody should be complaining on offense it's eduardo clements, goes from being the 3rd down specialist one year, to having to watch us not make thrids without attempting to give that man the ball. Also, mike james being under utilized has reason to complain as well.

But the offense doesn't have players and parents pissed off like the defensive side of the ball. 118th in the nation can't be glossed over. Breaking all the UM most ever defensive stats will lend no credibilty to goldie or his boy. When you got many schools who play same opponents we've played and do way better than us agianst those same opponents, is it scheme or players. Some of you geniuses have already spoken.

Who's suppose to keep the faith with the leader of a unit that's 118th, lol, that's clown talk!

Also, just listen to the coaches comments after the game, or the reason why someone is not playing, when tracy howard was on deck it was basically "we can't have any guys freelancing" "or we can't have guys not focused" this and that, so ok, if tracy howard was the only guy out their "freelancing" how come all the other guys you got out their because they must be the ones dialed in, are not making plays.

The whole offense are shannons players except dorsett...dude you dont think that locker room is poisened? your a moron...because your an idiot greenpea class 2016....your are too stupid to understand how emotions work.....this thing is spinning out of control....the whole team enviroment is poisened...youll see. Real life is different that fantasy blog life life.....2015 is best guess for any kind of winning results....you keep the faith up, lol....

Well Calvin, when U have to play 90 percent freshmen and true sophomores because the upper classmen are no good then there will be low defensive rankings. The last two games the defense has played fine and have showd marked improvement. If a parent gets pissed big deal, Golden is doning whats in the best interest of building the program, not pleasing parents of kids who think something is owed to them because they are an upperclassman. You earn your playing time and anytime a freshmen or sophomore is equal or better than an upper classmen then that young player is going to play more. Pete Carrol did it at USC, Saban does it at Alabama, and any good coach anywhere does the same as those guys and Golden are doing. So quit crying and get behind our team or go the hell on somewhere else.

Little jimmy why don't you take your own advise Avatar boy.

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