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Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Al -- and the VT Hokies

Just walked out my front door to the most invigorating splash of cool air I've felt in a long time.

Of course, I've had my TV on for the past hour watching The Weather Channel for news on Hurricane Sandy and how it's affecting the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic areas.

Much of my family lives in New York, New Jersey and the surrounding states.

Coach Al Golden, who also grew up in New Jersey, told us his brother, Shaun Golden, "is the sheriff of Monmouth County'' in New Jersey.

"That's a shore community,'' Golden said. "So they're [going] a million miles an hour and my parents are back there and so is my older brother. They're expecting quite a bit. Clearly it's going to be a big one, so we're praying for those people and hopefully they'll come out of it OK.''

Meanwhile, in Blacksburg, Va., home of the Hokies, it's 37 degrees (feels like 31) and raining, with high winds.

The forecast for tomorrow  is snow and wind with a high of 37 and a low of 33.

We'll keep track of whether the Hokies alter their travel schedule for their Thursday-night game at Sun Life Stadium. Usually they would arrive Wednesday.

Either way, here's hoping that people keep safe during this "perfect'' storm that's about to hit.

Today, the Miami Hurricanes will have their weekly press conference that usually occurs on Tuesdays. Today would be considered a normal Wednesday for UM, because the game is being played two days earlier than usual.

Have a good day everyone.






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1. upperclassman will leave with no playing time or prospects of any bowl
2. sanctions will force more to move out...its the logical thing to do....some freshmans will also
3. the wiff of sanctions has already dropped 2013 class to 17th vs last year at 5.
4. Golden has nothing else to drop back on....you are seeing everything in his bag and he is stubborn
5. DC stays for 2013
6. shalala wont put any pressure on him since she might also be gone
7. still need AD spot filled.....

We need a strong AD to be the general manager of this brand.....1 voice

The 4 & 1 was nothing to be that proud of. What you guys fail to realize is, UM football is not about just winning, it's how you win. The days when guys are jumping around and celebrating beating Georgia tech, NC St. & boston college, 2 of them had almost as bad a defense as we had, this program is in trouble. 4 & 1 was basically fools gold for most, in the meantime, you just can't overlook that defensive philosophy that they've brought here.

Keep in mind, their defensive idol/role model just got fired for trying to run the same defense at Georgia tech, paul johnson had enuff that garbage, no loyalty ties their, NEXT! What people don't seem to understand is, this is the same defensive scheme that would allow us to be in a shoot out against middle tennessee st.

One thing i luv about Miami, to many people down here know football inside and out, so we know that the goldie and his boy don't know how to coach defense like we're use to. Any time you have your db's back pedaling before the ball is snapped, you're conceding yards, that's not the type of defense we're suppose to be playing down here.

You won't and can't demoralize a team and another's teams offense knows they can consistently get to your redzone.

I cane assure you VT allows more then 167 yards per game on defense you moron. If they did they would be undefeated.

Jim gallo you for sure are insane....

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