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Live chat: Canes Q&A begins at 1 p.m.

A couple quick news and notes from Wednesday's Miami Hurricanes practice before we get to the Q&A, which is scheduled for 1 p.m. today and will go until 3 p.m. -- we're making up for last week's lost hour:

> Defensive tackle Curtis Porter returned to practice on Tuesday and is working on the scout team. Porter had an appendectomy before the start of the season and has been recovering since. UM coach Al Golden said Wednesday Porter "is a ways away."

> Left guard Jonathan Feliciano has been limited in practice and is wearing a yellow non-contact jersey, but Golden said coaches are just protecting him. Right tackle Ben Jones remains out. Jones was injured against N.C. State and didn't play last week. 

Feel free to leave your questions in the blog below. I will answer them in the CoverItLive app later.


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Stay patient with this team! Could be really good next year! Acc contenders this year.

Why would you publish a months old report on Pee Wee Allen on the front page of the Miami Herald immediately after their high profile game with Notre Dame, if not because the Herald is embarrassed that Yahoo! Sports and the Miami New Times covered the story and they didn't?

Not saying the Herald shouldn't investigate UM or shouldn't report on their scandal, just saying that they didn't do that and now they're lazily dumping outdated sensationalist BS on the public to make up for it.

I will answer all questions in the Live Q&A on the Cover It Live program. That means any and all questions -- yes, Pee Wee too.

Any information on the Alonzo Highsmith campaign to get a stadium built. What are we hearing officially un-officially? Can we ask UM?

I commend The Herald for reporting the Allen deposition and at the same time questioning Mark D'Onfrio' performance. Thats is what a newspaper is supposed to do Both will impact UM greatly going forward. Hold their feet to the fire. Everyone at the UM staff talkings about accountability..saying is one thing, doing is quite another. Good work.

Any update on the Booker T Washington kids (Thomas/Kirkland)? How are the Canes doing? Any prediction on where they end up?

Thanks as always

Sorry, I don't have twitter or I'd submit questions above.

Who are the top recruits who are still on the fence who will be attending the UM-FSU homecoming game with one host or another?

Manny we as fans are frustrated and really lost as to the consistency of play with our Canes...
If all the analysis is digested there is one steady beat..change the defense..
What do you think of any changes Coach D will decide to make ?..and how many more ACC games do you think we will be competitive and winning in order to win our division.?

Manny why does UM seem to burn RS so easy compared to other programs. I know there are depth issues but why would you Burn Lockhart's RS when his performance is not likely to affect the outcome of any games.

Manny has the herald or any other local press ever considered to throw support to the home town team and advertise things like Alonzo's push for a new stadium. The more that knows of this the better chance for it to happen. Maybe you can talk to your bosses and see what the paper can do to help.

Love AG, but am increasingly tired of his 'young team' mantra to explain the bad defense. The defense isn't just bad, it might be the worst in D1, has failed to improve after six weeks, and has just a few more underclassmen than the offense which has had a number of good games. Don't you think the coaching must have something to do with this and, if so, what can the coaches do to put out this five-alarm fire on defense?

Manny does the UNC not being able to play for a title game affect this game upcoming?

Hi Manny,

Given how we have performed so far, what do you think our final record will be?

I understand we have young players on defense but it's about time UM take a hard look at the defensive scheme (Coach D). Do you believe UM should commit to Deon, Howard, Duke and C-King as full time starts because consistency will come with confidence and confidence will come with playing time?

Do you think coach Golden defend coach D too much? Do you think we should use a rover instead of 3 LBs because teams know we will move our OLB out to cover the slot WR which makes us softer in the middle with and undersized Cornelius? (Perryman can't do it alone from an inside LB standpoint)

I think we have a fighting chance to win the ACC tittle well atleast have a shot at it. I think the players at the U understands our frustrations. And I think they will take it to the heart and play better. Coach Mark.D better change his defensive scheme. NC is running a 4-2-5 my goodness with a spread offense. Man In a spread offense he's fixin to make it a man to man battle. Or better yet he's going to open up the gaps for Giovanni Bernard. If we're stuck in a 3-4 we're dead meat. And Mark.D should be fired if we loose this game. No if and buts about it.

Do you think we should play 65% to 70% man coverage and take our chances with blitzing? We giving up a ton of total yards anyway so trying something new couldn't hurt.

Little Jimmy thats because U are not a Cane, just another stupidass with a keyboard and agenda.

It's 5pm, no answers. WTF?

I liked the story on the Allen deposition. Manny wasn't the one paying for stripper abortions, why are you getting on him?

Also Manny what's the progress with UM and Tim Williams. He is a true Cane he said and he is not committing until he visit UM. Trust me thus kid will start next year if he signs. One in real need of a true pass rusher.

Eudocimus, because it's news, and this is when they got the PEE WEE interview. Quit sticking your head in the sand. BYW I'm a U grad, but I'm also a U grad that's realistic. Where did you graduate from, oh yeah you didn't.

Canesjunkie, well said.

Bohack. Thats not news. You all want news on UM? Go to the sentinel. Here, you get negative old news from navarro, and articles about giovanni bernard, last time i checked he is not a cane.

This is a must win.

Id like to see Manny or Susan NOT throw softballs at AG regarding donofrio. Seriously. The scheme, freshmane or not, aint working. So do something different. Blitz blitz blitz. Play man coverage. Then blitz some more. Why not? Whats worse? Long drives where the opposing offense dinks and dunks for 6-7 yards a pop, and by the 3rd quarter the defense is arm tackling?

Why did we stay away from the running game against ND? Mike james is sleep walking again.

5>3>2, It is news whether you like it our not, don't be a lemming. As for the scheme, scheme don't play winning defenses, players do by winning every skirmish. The line needs to win hat on hat. These kids can't do it because they're 280 pound freshmen that are a year our of high school, battling 310 Jr's and Sr's with 2 or 3 years of experience. We also have 220 and 230 pound LBer's battling much heavier offensive linemen, because hat on hat the d-line didn't win their assignment. The we have 175 pound CB's battling much larger receivers,that's why you can blitz because the corners can't presss cover because of their lack of size. Oh backing everything up is a 190 safety, instead of a 210 pounder. It's lack of size and strength that is killing us, not scheme. Scheme helps when your size is in the ball park, but we're not. The old U teams had the best athletes on the field when we were winning national championships. That's not the case now. Schemes my butt.

...Prediction: UM's 2013 DC will be Coach Groh. Someone here mentioned it is near impossible to prepare a D when you face the option everyday in practice. Given Golden's history with Groh, he should be the 'go to' guy. He's proven it over the years.

bigger and sronger. stronger players on both sides of ball. we get man handled against top opponents. anyone can get stronger just takes dedication in the offseason. alot of weight training. cant get stronger once the season starts u just have to maintain because of all the running and heat. it just zaps your strength. go canes


Just concede Donofrio's scheme is garbage and then stop typing.

You claim the reason we play off is because of our size which is complete nonsense.

Our starting Corners..
Thomas Finnie- 5-11, 183
Brandon McGee- 6-1, 190

Alabama's Starting Corners...
Deion Belue- 6, 170
Dee Milliner- 6-1, 190

LSU starting Corners...
Jalen Mills- 6, 180
Dwayne Thomas- 6, 175

We play off bc DOnofrios schemes are garbage. He is not used to playing with superior athletes. He's used to having to play slower competition with slower athletes. Look at the film of our personell on the boundary...they are press corners. They are athletes.
It is absolutely scheme. If you dont know that...youre not watching.

This team will be just fine in the long-run. IF they beat NC and Duke, they have a good chance in representing the coastal, and possibly winnin the conference. Some people just dont understand how much stronger 4th and 5th year seniors can be compared to True Freshmans. I predict the canes will finish 9-3

We play off because those corners are too inexperienced to be trusted. Havent you seen them get burned over and over. Its a bendd dont break defense that, so far, breaks. Its not ideal, but thats what we have for now.
You want D'Onfrio to blitz on every play, but you dont think about what happens when the pressure doesnt get there. q
A good d-line does a lot for a defense, we dont have a good d-line, so you see a weak defense. You cant compare what we have now to Sapp, Kennedy, Wilfork,Mederis, its just not there right now.

Im not knocking these kids, i enjoy their effort.

Junk, don't worry about these nimrods that continuously try to bash our guys and coaches because the vast majority of them never played football or are too stupid to comprehend the fact that we have a team made up of a majority of freshmen and sophomores that are true freshmen, few redshirts and true sophomores at that going up against 5th year seniors or juniors from opposing team. The thought that many of these players are 1 or 2 year(s) removed from playing highschool ball never entered their pea sized brain. In fact if their package is as small as many of their brains then its no wonder they are alone. The team is going to be fine and anybody who thought we would dominate and not have ups and downs this year doesn't even need to watch the game because they are too stupid to know any better ala little jimmy and all his assorted screen names.


I know, its just that these guys keep bringing up the defensive scheme as the issue. Same old expert analysis on the team.

Yeah. Um Lsu's corners are both true freshman...
and fsu's 2 starting corner is a...freshman.
That means that they were both in the same class as...
Tracy Howard.
And whatre they doing?
Playing man and pressing.
What is Howard doing?
Arguing with donofrio about how stupid the scheme is...
You morons are too slow just like Donofrio.

You all are stoopid.
Caneships and canes junkie
Did you watch the ND game?
Why does donofrio place his cbs 10 yds back? I am sure the opposing teams oc s are laughing their butts off thinking this is just too dang easy ha hahabahahahahahaha

ND played 3-4 offensive plays over and over.

Donotknowdefense ofrio didnt change anything. Despite that we were down 13-3 at the half. The game was over when in the second half, the ND offense realized the canes were doing the same sheet on defense

How is that not about poor schemes?

Dumbass, their front 4 are juniors and 2 of their 3 LB's are juniors. Their starting safeties are juniors that have played alot of games and Simon the other corner is a junior who was better than Mathieu. Our best players are freshmen and sophomores that play the majority of the snaps dummy. And how many stupid screen names have you got? one minute you are this idiot Jim Gallo, the next you are the fighting clitoris, the next minute U are agreeing with yourself as Phillips Cane 76, now you are Piss countycane. Go beat off before your hands get carpeltunnel from beating your keyboard to death.

sorry championships: Not little here.....alumni 79 and local boy...unlike you that never went to the U or saw us in our glory years. The ryan/chudzinki blog was an example of where we should go for talent...NFL. Of course they are not comming...what r u a child? Golden with all his BS will probably not even be here next year. There is already stuff swirling that the BS/Tennesse/arkansas openings might be a stop for him. Trust me they offer him 15 million over 4 yrs he will be history. And I was right about the sanctions....Manny eluded to it that the NCAA has alot of stuff on us from the Allen deposition. Out guys are basically the same height/weight as the opposition...we are light at linebacker on average 20 lbs per man. The DC has no imagination and Golden is reponsible....he is unwilling to make a change, I am convinced of it now. For a guy who's stats are mediocre 37-42 and 26-17 conference, he should not hesitate to do whatever he needs to do to improve himself and the team. Look at Will Muschamp....12-6, hires a top noth DC...#4 AP in his second year. Urban Meyer left a mess at Florida..so i dont want to hear excuses, like these boys are too young at paris island. All BS.

Now you are stealing the 532's name. Dude U are desperate. No dumbass I didn't watch the game I imagined it U moron! Yeah I watched the game and if you had watched the game you would have saw that our defense held up pretty well in the first half despite the fact that their were two TD catches dropped, several 3rd down passes dropped, a QB run for a TD that was called back and an attempted block punt that was flagged for roughing the kicker. Add all of that up and it is a win for us. You see U are just like a woman all U do is look at a final score to tell you about a game. You don't see the little things that add up and if U could you would see that the game's score was not indicative of how we really played. Learn the game and then come talk with Junk and me. Until then your just another wasted load that snuck past your mama's goalie down there.

Championships was at the game like he told me he was at the Washinton game back in the day...then immediately corrected himself by saying he was there but on TV there, lol. FYI green pea class 2016..the final score is all that matters....the score is the outcome of how the team plays....period. I think you just google stuff from hurricane archives and post it like you were there.....you should get a job rather thna sit all day here posting.

No dipshit I never said I was at either the Washington or ND game U moronic slandering doofus. I said I watched them both. Junk said he went to the game at chicago. And noshit the final score is all that matters when talking about winning and losing dumbass. It however is not indicative of how a team played nor how close the game really was idiot. And I don't have to google the canes bi-t-ch, I remember everything about my team. Just go ahead and jerk your little self off to your Urban Meyer poster, and whipe down with your little blanky, cry a little cause your coach left U for Ohio State, and go to sleep so you will be fully rested for me to crush you again tomorrow little jimmy.

No dipsh@t I never said I was at the game at Washington or Notre Dame, what I said idiot was that I watched it on TV. Get your lie right stupid. Well haven't we got a genious in the house with U. The final score is all that matters. Well thank god I have been educated. Jackwagon it only matters when talking about who wins and who loses. It however is not indicative of how a team really played or how close the game really was. In all honesty I have never met any body as dumb as U when it comes to this game. I don't need an archive to know about my canes, all I have to do is go to my memory which has everything in it from 3 decades of being a Cane. Now get U some rest so I can crush you again tomorrow little jimmy. Heck U should be used to that name by now since all the girls know you by that name. Guess all gators like U have little jimmy's

Um. Im definitely not a repeat poster.
And you definitely know nothing about defense.
Yeah we're the dumbasses...
You're the one on here defending a guy that has run the worst defense in college football.
I have given you valid points of why his scheme is inferior but you just type your insults and continue your feeble attempts at trying to sound knowledgeable.
So, since you have no logical argument other than we are young...i will now be as logical as you have been.

I would suggest to you that it is imperative you take your mouth from around Donofrios meat long enough to see that 15 yards off the line of scrimmage is not a scheme...its insanity.
He's in over his head.
While Marky Mark finishes on your face and you thank him for the adjustments and putting up with his freshmen...we will finish with the worst defense in CFB.
I dont know if hes your father...or your brother in law...or both.
But dude, everyone cant be wrong.
You are not a genius.
You do not hold the key to the mint.
You are a blind Donofrio meat grinder unable to cope with not having Jonah Hill as your defensive coordinator.
I know I know...You played college football.
Every one is young.
Its amazing how terrible freshman are.
Just yesterday I saw a freshman on campus and he was just hopping around.
When i asked him what he was doing he said he forgot what foot goes after right.
These freshmen who have played football their entire lives in the most competitive recruiting groud in the country are just horrible.
I mean i bet tracy howard (who was the #1 CB in the country over the 2 starting corners at LSU)cant even spell championships.
Thank God for the internet or These poor stupid freshmen would forget how to talk, pee, poop,and M.asterbate.
But you...the all-knowing, Donofrio taint polishing...Freshman depricating...wizard of softcore zone defense. You know better than the stats.
You rise above logic at all costs...worst defense in cfb?
No. The worst freshman in all of college football you say.
Thank God that the masses have you here to keep them grounded while every Offensive coordinator in the country thinks of donofrios while they're doing their fat wives.
You have shown me the way of the terrible freshman and their incompetent mishegas.
All hail the mighty one..the freshman annihilator.
The douche in Donofrios vaginal cavity.
You sir are amazing...as will be donofrios defense once he gets the all senior team that he will have because it exists in the real world.
Thank you for the lesson.
If you will excuse me...
A freshman just called and he cant find his way out of the bathroom...he just keeps staring at the toilet looking at donofrios career.

That might have been one of the best post I have ever read. However regardless of what schemes have been played the players have to make plays for any scheme we play. You can't drop two td's on one drive and drop another pick six right after that. I think the dc as inept as he is can do better than playn football on his heels all night. What was that safety blitz that was two steps late all night. Notre dame has been averaging 20 points a game and we made them look like world beaters. We have gotten beat by two of the ugliest sets of uniforms ever layed eyes upon. Notre dame wasn't that good but they dictated what they were gonna do all night. The scheme is garbage but the players have to make plays. I thought we would be 9-3 this year so we are not far off. The players have to have an empty feeling in their gut after that but there is still light at the end of the tunnel. Beat unc and live to play another game.

Notre dame had a freshman qb and Fsu has a whole slew of them out there.

PineCountyCane= EPIC. LOL

its football pretty simple. If a running back gets to the corner because the freshmen DE is being overpowered with LBs who happen to be running backwards into a zone get block by the pulling guard or guards 4yards past the line of scrimmage and DBs who where playing 10 yards off the line to begin with how or who will make a play?? So as a DC what can he do to change that?? the fact He hasn't changed it, that's why we have the worst defense in college football. "playing freshman and sophomores" thats all i hear out of these guys its BS PUT THEM IN A SYSTEM THAT GIVES THEM A CHANCE. GT FIRED AL GROH just saying.


You think changing the scheme is going to change things, but its not. Bringing those corners in is going to result in big passing plays. When you have weaknesses like we do, you try to cover them up, not expose them.
Ten yard plays can become 80 yard tds and 5 yard runs can become huge gains very quickly.

These kids were great in high school but its going to take them time to learn to play at this level. This is going to take time so you cant judge it rigjt now.

7 yards a pop, 7 yards a pop. Long drives, TD.

Yeah, it was 13-3 at the half. Miami had the ball 3 times. But the game was over in the second half when ND started their drive on their 20 and drove the ball down miami's throaks to go 20-3. Then they did it again. And again. And again. Sorry, but any dc would have changed something at the latest when it was 20-3. The freshman qb for nd just sat there, lateral slants to a wide open receiver. 7 yards.repeat.rewind.reboot.

But truth is, i was at the game, and the 4 dropped balls by dorsett, the dropped pick six by zo, the roughing the punter garbage call which was actually our player being pushed into the punter, the garbage out of bound hit which wasnt both which kept nd drives alive, and then the ridicuolous personal foul penalty by the plug on tnird down, all conspired to give an easy pass. It was just too easy. That plus our non existent offenisve line, which cant block for the running backs to save their lives and we get 41-3.

Period end of story, and since championships is all that matters, then you win, you just won the championship for the dooshiest doosh of any blogger here.

After game 1 up in Boston, the new Canes were saying the noise level was a problem. Is noise still a problem or have they overcome that?

Jeez lueez LET IT GO people. The ND game is history, you guys hold onto things like Khomeini. We have conference play ahead and that's WAY more important than ND game. We have a shot at 4-0 and we've beat UNC and know that if stop their run, they DON'T have the plyers that we do. We'll step up and drum them. GO CANES!!!!

Have to agree with the people that are placing the blame on D'Onofrio's scheme. The most painful thing about watching the second half of the ND game was the lack of ADJUSTMENTS on the defensive end. At no point did we drop a safety into the box, or pull the Will LB off the slot receiver, or slant strong or weak side on the defensive line...we just continued to line up in a 4-3 over front with the Will walked out over the slot WR(who had zero catches on the day) and ND ran the ball down our throat. I'm sorry but as a Def Coordinator, at some point you have to see what's going on and throw a wrinkle in to try and disrupt the other teams offensive gameplan. I'm making this comment because in the next 3-4 weeks we will be facing teams that will have the exact same gameplan as ND and with just as much offensive talent. Something in the defensive scheme has to be changed...run-blitzes, safety support in the box, something...you have talented/aggressive defensive players...utilize their speed and aggressiveness. What do they have to lose? They're already giving up 35+ per game.

Hey Manny,

What must be done for UM to have its own on-campus stadium, like most FBS schools? When there are so many naysers (Coral Gables won't allow it, no room on campus, etc.), there must be a way, if we assert our will and open our checkbooks. We need OUR HOME!

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