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Live chat: Canes Q&A begins at 1 p.m.

A couple quick news and notes from Wednesday's Miami Hurricanes practice before we get to the Q&A, which is scheduled for 1 p.m. today and will go until 3 p.m. -- we're making up for last week's lost hour:

> Defensive tackle Curtis Porter returned to practice on Tuesday and is working on the scout team. Porter had an appendectomy before the start of the season and has been recovering since. UM coach Al Golden said Wednesday Porter "is a ways away."

> Left guard Jonathan Feliciano has been limited in practice and is wearing a yellow non-contact jersey, but Golden said coaches are just protecting him. Right tackle Ben Jones remains out. Jones was injured against N.C. State and didn't play last week. 

Feel free to leave your questions in the blog below. I will answer them in the CoverItLive app later.


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Some great posters on the Defense. Always learn somthing new from true football fans, and I appreciate that.

Yes, young D. However, we need a better D Coordinator. Wonder if Manny Diaz, at UT and a likely HC prospect, would like to return to South Florida at season's end?

D'Onofrio strikes me as rigid and incapacle of making adjustments when what he is doing does not work. I am sure our players are trying hard. I hope something new happens against UNC. If not, prepare yourself for the 7 yards a play scenario described on this blog.

Wonder if D'Onofrio shows the love for these kids and builds loyalty? They do play hard, and are not quitters. They are psychologically down...

Again, I do not believe a Penn State approach of lay back and play tough suits the talent of Canes' players, especially without a pass rush.

That said, beat UNC! GO CANES!


Yeah...last week we gave up 587 yards...the week before that we gave up 664 yards. You have zero proof that we would give up 80 yard plays simply bc we are playing press. Your logic is that they are so terrible that they will get beat on press everytime? Thats nonsense. These kids were born to play defense like that and outside of tracy none of them are young...
When in your advanced mind will these terrible terrible players be able to walk closer to the line of scrimmage?
Perhaps every year we can move them up one inch. Maybe. If their shoes arent untied and they remember to wear their jockstrap on their waist instead of their face.
One can only hope.
I mean...its not like every other defense in the country including the very best are using their freshman corners in this way.
How dare they...dont they know theyll give up mucho tds in like 30 seconds.
Thank god we have donofrio...the great preventer.
If it werent for him we would have half clothed freshman running around the field screaming "Me likey football! Me likey football!! Yay!"
Son of a b.itch.
Playing press is not exploratory surgery...theyve played it their whole life.
The reason they suck so bad is because hes taken them out of their element.
Tell the truth. You are really donofrios love child and you know that if he gets fired that will put in jeopardy your plans of an extravagant reuinion at niagra falls and then off to wisconsin...touring the cheese factories hand in hand singing " I WONT BE HEKD RESPONSIBLE....WE WERE ONLY FRESHMAN...FOR THE LIFE OF ME....

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