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Live chat: Canes Q&A with Manny Navarro

Send your questions in now. You can post them below in the blog, the Cover It Live chat, or send them directly to me on Twitter @Manny_Navarro. I have an interview scheduled for 2:30 p.m. and will end the live portion of the chat then. But I will be back later to answer any questions posted before 3 p.m.


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Score prediction for FSU game?

Has Golden talked about the rumored position switches of Jake O'Donnell and Jacoby Briscoe?

Since North Carolina is ineligible to win the Coastal Division, isn't it true that the winner of the UM-Va. Tech game will go to the ACC championship game?

Why n the hell did you and the Herald put that sorry story about Miami? What other paper trys to hurt the team they cover? You should of told Pee Wee Herman to piss off!!

Why don't the Canes use Dallas Crawford in the wildcat instead of Mike James? Hear all the time how good he is on the scout team.

Who is the best interview on the coaching staff (and why)?

Any talk of building an indoor practice facility at some point?

Lot of strong opinions (pro and con) about strength & conditioning coach Andrew Swasey. Your thoughts?

Any sense of what Golden really thought about AD Shawn Eichorst leaving? How about just in general?

When Butch Davis coached the U he struggled with winning. Everyone wanted him fired but looked what happened later. When Spo lost in the finals everyone wanted him fired. But looked what happened later. Why can fans and media get behind a coach that has passion and works really hard. The stadium doesn't get any sellouts to support this team. The school doesn't pour a lot of money to the program. We do not need to make another change at the U. How do we back AG I want him here?

Lot of discussion on whether or not Ray Lewis son should've received a scholarship. Have you seen him play? Thoughts?

Are we going to see more of Lockhart? He played but I saw him once. Goal line. on the one. Why burn his shirt if thats all he gets. I hear the kid is a stud

Is the total gameday experience (besides just the lack of fans in the seats - everyone knows that is horrendous) at Sun Life Stadium as bad as what I constantly read about? (ie parking, cost, distance from field, etc.)

Have you done any articles on redshirting? Would be curious to know how much player involvement there is (sounds like Lockhart more or less refused to) in the final decision.

Do you know if any of the Canes who left early for the NFL have any kind of relationship still with Golden and staff? Jacory Harris also.

If the Canes become bowl eligible this year, are there any discussions about turning down the bowl bid in order to curry favor with the NCAA as they did last year?

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latest on recruiting efforts?anyone big names coming or any commits lately we havent heard about.can we get a recruitng page manny?any thoughts on brisset leaving the gators ?

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