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Morris among three Canes honored by ACC; plus notes on Jermaine Johnson, Olsen Pierre, UNC kickoff time

Canes quarterback Stephen Morris, linebacker Gionni Paul, and linebacker Eddie Johnson were named Atlantic Coast Conference Football Players of the Week on Monday.

Morris, named the Offensive Back of the Week, threw for a UM- and ACC-record 566 yards to lead the Hurricanes to a 44-37 win over NC State. The junior completed 26 of 49 passes for a 21.8 yards-per-completion average, and recorded five TDs, tying five other Miami quarterbacks for the most in a single game and the first since Kyle Wright at Wake Forest in 2005. In his last two games, he has thrown for 1,002 yards.

Paul, named Linebacker of the week, made his first career start and had a team-high 11 tackles, including eight solo stops. His 11 tackles matched his total in his first 11 career games.

Johnson, named Rookie of the Week, tallied seven tackles (six solo stops), one sack, one tackles-for-loss, two forced fumbles and one pass breakup. The reigning ACC Linebacker of the Week recorded one of Miami’s two sacks and a tackle-for-loss. His six solo stops were second among Miami players and the seven tackles were third on the team.

UM has now had five players selected as ACC Player of the Week selections: Duke Johnson (twice), Eddie Johnson (twice), Morris, Paul and Phillip Dorsett.


> The ACC announced the UM-North Carolina game on Oct. 13 will be a 2:30 p.m. kickoff.

> UM coach Al Golden told reporters Monday backup offensive tackle "Jermaine Johnson is not with us right now. That's personal reasons. But it's Jermaine's choice and he's not with us right now."

> Defensive tackle Olsen Pierre was held out of practice Monday for unspecified reasons. Freshman Dequan Ivery, scout team MVP last week, was practicing with the varsity Monday.


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Congrats to the players, and remember haters

lets get smart, notre dame ain't gonna make the mistakes nc state did, notre dame plays smart ball, he need to play 4 perfect quarters of football. GO CANES!!

What mistakes? NC State made one

Look, I'm not cynical Miami fan, erodynamik, but really??? Did you watch the game? NC State made as many mistakes as I've ever seen a team make in a single game (at least a dozen dropped passes, 5 turnovers, all at catostrophic times, etc). Johnny is spot on in his post above; yes, we can beat ND, but we'll need to play 4 solid quarters, not '2 and get lucky' like we have vs BC, GT and NC State.

There's a break out game coming. Don't know when but it's coming when the 'Canes put it all together.

If Denzel is back this game, put him on outside where he played last year. Leave Paul in middle. Also coach u may want to considering putting Cain back at linebacker, more like the middle. Problem resolved

SM, most of those were not mistakes, but solid hits by our defense, causing fumbles in the process.

They played pretty flawlessly to get back from 17 down like they did, and the dropped INT for a TD was NCStates only big mistake.

Sure, by one definition, every penalty, dropped pass, inability to stop Miami on offense, etc. could be called a "mistake", but by that definition, ALL schools make mistakes in the game.

C'mon Jermaine, the team needs you at Notre Dame.

Weather was my only concern for the ND game and it looks to be decent weather....LETS GO CANES! I think these young players are going to make a statment on saturday.

Canes need to really focus and play aggressive,attacking football for 4 quarters Saturday night.

CaneMutiny: Break out game? What are they breakin' out from? The true "breakout" game comes when the entire UM breaks from the horrible DC. U football cannot be successful with this DC> Offensively, we got a running game and passing game and a decent OL. U are lost on defensive secondary. No DL. Worse, no schemes, stunts using the players U got.

My major concern for this game is our inability to cover the Tight Ends and Backs out the backfield. this has been a problem for The U for awhile now. If we don't come up with a solution this week, Notre Lame will kill us with those quick dink and dunk. I will be at the game and as for the weather, it will be in the low 50s with blustery winds so that scares me a little.

rchy12: That's the solution: Cani has to be in the right position. Gaines needs some studying to do. Paul is just fine, now there's a young promising player. Whoever recruited that guy is a genous. Did Telemaque play against NCSU?

VT: If U are not making plays, then put yourself in the role of leader. Don't just take up space.

All I need to know is right on NDs schedule. Look at who they have played, the scores at the end of the game and look at the schedules of those teams. Not impressed at all. ND has a good defense from what I can see but that is it, nothing else. Inconsistency at QB spot, WRs/RBs can't put up #s like ours can.

U 21 nd 14


If a QB is going to throw dink and dunk passes, He must understand they cannot get elevaion on a short pass. QB's must move around in the pocket to open a passing lane. On defense the same thing apply. Get your hands up and take away the passing lanes. PROUD CANE FAN;;GO CANES

Pray for Chuck Pagano...the guy spent years here, he's part of The U.

What happened to #3 the freshman cb,why isn't he playing ?

Canetillidie i must agree with you. Notre Shame is only putting up 20 points a game. It's gonna take more than 20 points to beat THE U. They have a good defense, but the offense is lacking a lot. like the saying goes if you have 2 QB's then you have none. That is their problem. They think they have one now, but the teams they've playded so far aren't a good measuring guide. GO CANES! BEAT NOTRE SHAME!!!

What I love about this team is that they may beat ND or they may lose, but they'll never, ever, quit. Makes me proud to be a 'Canes fan!

As usual cool car you truely don't know what your talking about in the DC.

Tracy Howard is the freshman corner you're talking about. There is talk, and this is pure rumor, that he's not getting along with the D.C. That and he's not looked very impressive when he's been on the field.

Itcdolphin: The last time I checked UM wasn't too far off its 114th defensive ranking out of 120 teams. UM might be a little better at this point, but not that much.

Why do you close your eyes to a DC that does not know what he's doing? Besides that, the defense is giving up an average of 30 points, not counting the Bethune game.

Come on, Ithaca: U R smarter than that, sir.

I don't think ND is as good as their ranking. I will take our O line and receivers over their DBs. My worry is our D line being able to penetrate or not...that's our key.

Cool Cat how many games have Miami won?

How many more points could Miami have scored. You are dealing with players that leave it all on the field..
Bulk and siae on defense we all know are not where it should be..yet these kids are laying it out there for us the Fans and the Coaches and more the'U'.

Sooooo we do not close our eyes but are realistic with what we have..

Stop going to the defense issue on every post..it won't make the players play any harder, and when they win you don't know what to say..
Get real..
Go 'Canes Always

Don't like what I'm hearing about Jermaine Johnson. This is the time when we need everybody. Whatever personal issue that is occurring I hope gets settled quickly.

Ben Jones - Get better soon Cane we need U to.

VT - Your time came and went with barely a whisper. I knew you would lose your spot to a freshman. Best always plays.

TH - Keep your head up and study that book Cane. We need you ready and primed to go. Your time will come, GUARANTEED.




Love that Fr.-Dequan Ivery, scout team MVP, getting promoted to the varsity squad. Time to shine Cane!!!


mane our defensive coordinator is garbage. ACC is outta league. fire him now or else we continue to suffer on D.
Lets air it out of Notre Dame their pass deffense is horriable bout worse than ours

Got to play man to man defense for three reasons:
1. tight coverage gives time to tackle the QB.
2. got to have four lineman and a blitzer to rush the QB.
3. A zone lets receivers sit in an open area. Ten yard plus completion.

A little education for you moron bloggers and for the moron DC and golden balls.

51 degrees forecast during the day in Chicago on Saturday, 36 at night, which means the game will be played in 40 degree temps. Probably fog. Crazy ND fans all drunked up.

The Ibis is cooked. Get the dressing. Canes have NO chance. The south Florida wimpy kids can NOT play in cold weather.

Notre Dame has a power game. We have NONE.
Notre Dame has a defense. We have well, golden balls and defunnio and shallalahahaahalalala .

I think General Custer had a better chance of beating the entire Sioux nation at the Little Big Horn.

Mail in the Victory to ND. Save the embarrassment and the cost of going to Chicago.

Lou Holtz who whipped the Canes and Jimmy Johnson said Miami is no competition to ND this year.

Canes will probably dress in military fatigues and our QB will throw 7 interceptions.

Nuns will be praying for ND.

In a nutshell, we're dead. No chance. Bet the farm on ND.

CaneFan72: I'm with U. But for what U say to happen, UM MUST have an aggressive DL. And we don't. And the secondary is not any better. I'm going to give the LB's some credit, because Paul and Johnson have showed me something. UM can do better on D with its talent base. It's called "not a clue" with respect to the DC. 4-lineman and Cain to rush QB. Zone: If U see UM's secondary playing zone, stop it immediately because it's a way too loose zone.

What the heck is wrong with Telemaque?

The IBIS is cooked. Can't we get an easier schedule, some Miami or FT. LDLE Catholic HS. Our kids are so young, no experience, immature, sanctions from the NCAA, golden ball's second mediocre year, not in shape, stupid DC,

Thank God the game is on TV so we can shoot the TV in a mercy killing when ND is up by 30 points.

Sorry... I call like i see it. Gonna be cold and wet from all the rain this week. Miami always plays bad in cold weather. I am not a Golden beliver yet...thats my main complaint and the DC I have seen enought to pass judgement since last year. He isnt gonna magically turn into Buddy Ryan. There will be deminishing returns with him. Golden is weak if he cant see that now. Lets see what happen when ND beats us ( I hope they dont) and we are all of a sudden 3-2). Think about it...our defense gives away 4 touchdowns and a feild goal on average. That is INSANE. The Morris hail-mary's will not last forever. Well see saturday under the lights in a very hostile crowd.

CC, Tele is hurt. He refuses to show it. I saw him hurt in the last game. He and every other Cane who is injured or hurting had better get taped good and snug, not to cut off circulation but so it does not hurt bad to hit people.

Tape, potassium and salt pills and water are athletes' best friends. A good steak dinner four hours before the game. Meditate an hour or two before the game going over every play and formation. Nice quiet locker room. Get psyched in your own mind.

Can anybody confirm if the U will be playing the gators in 2013 in yankee stadium?

I donno Jim, but it is more important to me who the Canes will be playing two or three years from now when the Canes golden recruited will be old men, mature, experienced.

Oh wait, they will still lose with golden and the DC still running a three down lineman, zone pass defense.

Oh well, loyalty uber alles. Siren, UUUUU.

Well if its 40 degrees, Miami dont perform well. But we are a different team with a different mentality. The only change is the defense coordinator, he is terriable.

I say play lots of man to man and blitz like hell. Notre Dame dont have the speed to keep up with us at no skill position.

If we lose its because of the lame duck (D'Fino). Go check out itd check out time.

Fire the troll and D'Fino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Canes Leggo


great suggestions!!!!

Attacking defense, blizt like hell.
We can beat ND at speed at every position!!!

Dress warm with turtlenecks Canes like at Boise State's stadium.

Can't play in the cold. Don't get on the fugging plane.

How many conversantions are the fakes of cool cat and canefan72..your skills are so brilliant him let me think let me pretend to be a Miami Hurricanes fan by saying a positive comment then saying 3 negative commentsor let me try to gain credibility by giving praise to 1 player and then trashing 3 ....and then so nobody won't know I'll put canes and 85 yr 72 or cool cat or I love the Canes all day ..that way if I have a canes ID for sure everybody believe I'm really a fan .....@you are pathetic

Canes are toast. Can't play in cold weather. No four down defensive linemen tough guys on DE fence or at LB. Stupid DC. Stupid golden putting up with stupid DC. Too young, too immature, no experience. Drunk ND fans - big city criminals in Chicago.

Canes will be lucky to leave Chicago alive much less win the game.

BBQ the IBIS. Thank god the game is on TV so I can do a mercy killing of the TV like during the KSU game.

On the other hand, maybe Chicago is in for nasty weather.
Maybe there will be Hurricanes a roaring, rivers overflowing.


Hey, it is just a game, a piece of cake. It is not like it is a war or anything.

For that you would need some Canes with some really, bad, bad attitudes with killer instincts.

Cane72--just shut up already. Go to the ND blog and make your senseless comments. WTF are you doing on this site with that attitude?

Miami's defense has to win the game for us. They cant let our offense sit on the bench, wet and cold waiting to get out there. ND offense will try to "ice" our offense with the slow grind. Morris needs to get in a rhythm early...not sit on bench 1/2 a quarter. 7:30 game will get cold as the night progresses. That turf there is terrible. its very slippery when wet and hard as a rock. Injuries are a concern. well see

Agreed that ND will dink and dunk to the backs and TEs. Thats all they do. Seriously, i hate to agree with the moronic views of 72, but UM needs to go man to man and not gosoft zone, or else it will be a long drive you still remember the first 3 drives in that bowl in el paso right?

Offensively we need to put the ball in our backs hands. The running game will win it for the U. Mike James this is your NFL tryout son, big game, TV ratings will be through the roof.

Stephen Morris keep your head on. Stay gounded. Dont think you can throw for 400 yds on everyone. Pick your battles.

Fool cat. You should be banned for no football knowledge. Cool cat is bitter bc shannon is not the dc at miami. Hey fool cat, who was the dc whn miami was pasted by lsu in the peach bowl?

The temp wil be in the 40s bad news for our boys. How do you prepare for that?


First of all, u are acting like that irish dude, Im just telling it like it is.

Secondly name 3 negative thangs i said about my Canes. The only negative thang i said, our defense coordinator sucks like hell. I said we dont perform well in cold weather, neva have.

Its said when u have fans giving ideas about defense and the defensive coordinator cant come up any ideas to help upgrade this defense.

Go Canes put Cain at Middle Linebacker and Denzel at outside.
f it here my defense

DE Chick/McCord
DE Green/Hamilton
DT ?
OL Perryman/Corn
OL Paul/Armbrister
ML Cain/Perryman/Paul
CB McGee/Finnie/Crawford
CB Howard/Gunter/Crawford
SS Bush/Highsmith/Jenkins
FS Tele/Rogers/Bush
Nickle Bush/Jenkins


ND defense will keep Miami's defense on the field for most of the game. Our defense will break down as they have proven. There will be no turnovers this time with ND to take the heat off our defense. we will get owrn down and loose by 2 touchdowns. If ND is up by 2 touchdown end of first quarter....well get killed. Reality will set in with these fans and they will come around to Jim G....can the DC.

Little Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, when oh when are U going to ever learn. This team is coached by Al Golden, not Randy Shannon or Larry COker. This team never gives up. Thats for lifelong losers such as yourself. Maybe we do lose by two touchdowns who knows, but the question is what if we win. If we lose its no big thing at this stage. We are one of the youngest teams in the country and everyone expects us to lose like U. Its not a conference game, its not a divisional game either. So big deal if we lose. But its not our team that has the pressure of being expected to win. We can go play loose and have fun. Its the other guys that have all that pressure not us. So back to the question, what if an unranked Miami team was to roll into soldier field, defeat and top 10-15 team in Notre Dame in what amounts to a home game for them. What happens to all the goofs like U and ESPN as well as the SEC. What happens then little jimmy? what happens then?

touchdown theu
Devin Hester

I like what i see from these Canes. Offensive need to run the ball more. Fisch gets pass happy. Should have run the ball on Morris int. That would have made the score 30-7 game, set, match. Instead the int swung the momentum and gave them life. Notre Dame will be a tough game for us. They are ranked in the top 10 in defense. Very physical on both lines of scrimmage. D-line must bring there lunch box. Its time to insert Gioni Paul in the starting lineup. He is clearly one of the top 3 or 4 LB on the team. Perryman, Paul and E.Johnson should be starters with Gaines and Kirby being the next 2 up. Cornelius is a effort guy he aint no starter. I love the safety combo of Bush and Highsmith. They make the defense more physical. If the D-Line can raise there level of play. This can be a dangerous team. Go Canes

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