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Morris among three Canes honored by ACC; plus notes on Jermaine Johnson, Olsen Pierre, UNC kickoff time

Canes quarterback Stephen Morris, linebacker Gionni Paul, and linebacker Eddie Johnson were named Atlantic Coast Conference Football Players of the Week on Monday.

Morris, named the Offensive Back of the Week, threw for a UM- and ACC-record 566 yards to lead the Hurricanes to a 44-37 win over NC State. The junior completed 26 of 49 passes for a 21.8 yards-per-completion average, and recorded five TDs, tying five other Miami quarterbacks for the most in a single game and the first since Kyle Wright at Wake Forest in 2005. In his last two games, he has thrown for 1,002 yards.

Paul, named Linebacker of the week, made his first career start and had a team-high 11 tackles, including eight solo stops. His 11 tackles matched his total in his first 11 career games.

Johnson, named Rookie of the Week, tallied seven tackles (six solo stops), one sack, one tackles-for-loss, two forced fumbles and one pass breakup. The reigning ACC Linebacker of the Week recorded one of Miami’s two sacks and a tackle-for-loss. His six solo stops were second among Miami players and the seven tackles were third on the team.

UM has now had five players selected as ACC Player of the Week selections: Duke Johnson (twice), Eddie Johnson (twice), Morris, Paul and Phillip Dorsett.


> The ACC announced the UM-North Carolina game on Oct. 13 will be a 2:30 p.m. kickoff.

> UM coach Al Golden told reporters Monday backup offensive tackle "Jermaine Johnson is not with us right now. That's personal reasons. But it's Jermaine's choice and he's not with us right now."

> Defensive tackle Olsen Pierre was held out of practice Monday for unspecified reasons. Freshman Dequan Ivery, scout team MVP last week, was practicing with the varsity Monday.


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tampacane: exactly....just follow the stats since last year. Thats where I begin, this year to me is not a NEW year but a continuation of last year. The DC does not have it. The stats are getting worse...not better. We went from 436 avg defensive yards to 495. How does this happen against a weak team like GT? How many times have you seen a 3 & out since last year? Every QB has had banner games against us. We cant stop anybody. Cahse Rettig, Mike glennon, collin klein sit back there, wait...our linebackers barreling down on them.....they get the ball off, unafraid and comfortable like they are on a sighseeing tour. Why wait for the inevitable....golden is a DC guy...he needs to get involved with the defense even take it over if he has too. As soon as the whistle blow....we give our opponents 4 touchdowns and 1 field goal. it is a statistical impossibility to be a winning team. I hope we win sat...but maybe we need to lose so the light goes on with Golden and the fans. Our defense puts our offense in such a hole its insane.

lets see.....on the defensive side we used to have
dave wannstedt
butch davis
gary stevens
sonny lubrick
tommy tuberville
bill miller
greg schiano
chuck pagano
even randy shannon who did a terrific job as DC.....now we settle for Mark D'onfrio

1980 yards @ 495 per game so far / which is already half of last years total @ we give 33/39 poins on average to the other side...wonderful

golden must have read my blog about the cold for saturday....he is talking about it. He KNOWS is is bad for us. Some of you who said Miami can play in the rain because we are in a tropical climate...call golden, lol

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Jim Gallo "curse",

Who cares if you think this year is a continuation of last year or not? Just because you're a lying moron doesn't make it truth. This defense lost everybody from last year. They're starting from scratch and are younger than they were in 2008.

This defense lost Robinson, Spence, Regis, Ojomo, Vernon, Armstrong, Forston, Futch, Nicholas, Williams, Smith, and Chambers

That's 13 upperclassmen missing from the two deep from last season. That doesn't include missing Porter and Buchanon already on the season so that's 15 upperclassmen missing from last year.

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So dUmbIbis you think that is a positive that you lost all the D players from last year. That is why you are giving up about 40 points per game and close to 500 yards of offense you dolt. And you think that is OK because Morris has had 2 very good performances coming from behind and outscoring the other team? So you think this will go on all season.
Blind and dUmb cane fools with short term memory, how quickly you forgot the beating in Manhattan. Why couldn't you outscore the Wildcats? Could be because they are a good team? Could be because they play both defense and offense? No one dimensional ACC pansies like Ga Tech, BC and NC State. News flash Morons, ND plays defense. Get ready for another pounding.

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