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QB Stephen Morris listed as doubtful for FSU in latest Canes' injury report

UM's latest injury report is out and quarterback Stephen Morris is listed as doubtful.

The Canes starting quarterback was at practice Wednesday and threw "stationary" according to UM coach Al Golden. But Morris was also spotted and filmed by reporters dropping back and throwing passes. 

Golden said Wednesday Morris' ankle was still very swollen. Ryan Williams has practiced as the starter all week in preparation for FSU. His backup is expected to be freshman Preston Dewey.

There were no surprises or new players listed on the injury reported.

Listed as out for the season following surgery: LB Ramon Buchanan, WR Malcolm Lewis, LS Sean McNally and offensive tackle Ben Jones.

Last week, Jones was simply listed as out for the North Carolina game. Apparently, he had surgery this week and is now done for the season. Jones, a fifth-year senior, played in three games this season, starting against North Carolina State. He injured his knee against the Wolfpack and never returned.


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Might as well rest Morris rather than have him get more banged up by FSU pass rush. Canes will go 4-4 thanks to golden and his DC thus adding insult to injury.

Maybe Morris will get well and pull out some close games later in the season in spite of golden and his DC to only have a break even season. After FSU, Miami could actually go 8-4 with Morris having four good days.

Hmmmm, '72, after this, I'm done with you...

UNC scored 18 points last week while averaging 40+ n the season...

41 freshmen are on this team...

ONE senior on offense...

NINE freshmen in our two deep rotation on defense...

Nice to have fans like you with your comments. You act like we're in the season of 2000-2003. We are more in the season of 1997-1999.

It's cool. You have a right to your opinion even though it has no substance...

I just looked at the Alabama roster - they also have 41 freshman on the roster and they have 4 seniors on offense

the "we are young" excuse has been worn out since 2008

just about every team in college football signs about 25 new recruits every year, so that's 25 freshman there;
plus, about half the prior year's recruits are usually redshirted - so most schools should have about 35-40 freshman on the roster at any given time

The young canes will be fine as I believe in golden. Were young and will be much stronger next still think we can take down FSU don't think there that good

Morris will play!!!!!

If Morris is doubtful.....with Williams it s real doubtful at QB and that the Canes can get a victory.

And how many of those 41 freshmen at Bama actually PLAY substantially and/or start, rc??? How about at most/any D1 schools??? Exactly. Few, if any, coaches in the country are being FORCED to play such youth, most teams have the luxury of letting them redshirt and/or sit for a couple of years and learn the game and develop; Al does not.

Facts are facts, bro, Miami is playing more true freshmen and sophs than anyone in the country, and most of them arent just playing but are either starting or being relied on heavily. Youth and inexperience like that causes issues, man, there's not a coach in history that could take a roster that young and thin and suddenly make it a championship-caliber team.

Growth and development takes time, ask Butch Davis; this is Golden's SECOND season. Relax with the freakin negativity!

If Morris cannot play, then play Highsmith. If U don't, this could turn into Spencer Whipple Act II. In fact, don't play Morris. Just start A.J.

Lets Go Canes! Enough with the negativity. Lets start looking on the bright side. These young Canes will be unbelievable next year and for the years to come. Just work on your fundamentals and get them locked down tight.We already know Miami will pass on the bowl game this year because of the NCAA sanctions. Just work on getting better each and every day.


Williams should he fine with a whole week of practice. Next man up.

This freshman sophomore thing really irks me. If I'm on the court or field I am NOT thinking about what year the opposition is. People who play the game don't do that. It ain't about anything else.

A team with all freshman can beat a team with all seniors on any given day and vice versa.

The truth is that "Player development" has brought this once Power Program down. Boise State's coaching staff would take this same roster and turn us into a top 5 program by next year. I'm tired of seeing all these schools with a bunch of High school kids nobody wanted Ranked in AP Polls and winning games against quality schools and then watching "The mighty U" (loaded with 4 and 5 star recruits)barely beating anybody. We have led the Nation in these categories the last 7 years:
1)Dumb Penalties
2)playing at the level of our opponents
3)Being out coached
4)Dumb Penalties
5)Recruiting 4 and 5 star recruits and sitting them on the bench.
6)Dropped Balls
7)Defensive Breakdowns
8)Dumb Penalties
9)Letting teams come back after having big leads
10)Touchdowns wiped off due to Dumb Penalties
11)Defensive Brain farts
12)Offensive Brain Farts
13)Beating ourselves
14) And did I mention Dumb Penalties
I love Golden but as long as this list doesn't change, It doesnt matter whose the Coach, we will never win again.

I certainly hope this game is a sell out...that will mean 40,000 FSU fans and maybe 5,000 Miami fans will show up....Great for recruiting

@RC..maybe you should check Alabama's roster (depth chart) again. They have 2-Seniors, 7-Juniors and 2-Sophomores starting on Offense. On Denense they have 4-Seniors, 3-Juniors and 4-Sophomores. no Freshmans starting or playing any significant time. they don't even compare to what Miami is doing on...be patience folks, in two more years (even though we will be on probation)Miami will be back on TOP!!!!

@RC..maybe you should check Alabama's roster (depth chart) again. They have 2-Seniors, 7-Juniors and 2-Sophomores starting on Offense. On Denense they have 4-Seniors, 3-Juniors and 4-Sophomores. no Freshmans starting or playing any significant time. they don't even compare to what Miami is doing on...be patience folks, in two more years (even though we will be on probation)Miami will be back on TOP!!!!

Cool Cat,

Its the lack of experience not the age that makes the difference. The Howard post is a perfect example of a young kid who had to adjust to ncaa speed and the demands on him.

This isnt an excuse, its reality. Who have these kids watched to see how its done, Telemaque?

The Canes have no shot if Morris doesn't play. FSU will just load the box, stuff the run, and dare Williams to beat them over the top. Not a great recipe for offensive success considering this would be Williams' first start at QB for The U. The defense will get torched by E.J. Manuel and Chris Thompson, as it has by everyone else they've played, so if Morris doesn't play, the Canes offense won't be able to keep up and this one will be over early. Well, at least with the 8 pm kickoff time I'll have all day Saturday to drown my sorrows in alcohol before The U gets embarrassed on national television. GO CANES!

As fans to someone who are not familiar with the Canes we come across as crybabies or wishful thinkers who have no idea about supporting a College team..

Fact;;;The team is young.
Fact;;;The team will make mistakes
Fact;;;The team will not play consistently because as a group they have not had enough playing time to know how to react under pressure situations.
Fact;;; The Coaches have been here for LESS than 2 years.
Fact;;;Penalties, and Special teams can lose games as we have found out..No kicker, no automatic 3 pointers.
Fact;;; Fan support runs hot and cold..Win some key games the Canes are great, lose and everyone wants to fire the staff, and everyone in the program are losers.
Fact;;; The 'Canes may still win the ACC Atlantic division..
Fact;;; Fans are never satisfied with recruits..not enough stars or too many stars..

With all the above facts would it not make sense to bolster, support, and encourage these young players who are the future of the 'Canes program. and let them know that we are aware of the difficulties they face but we have belief in what they are doing that the Canes of 2013-2014 will return to our Legacy status.

Cool Cat, rc, 72,TroCanes, ever heard of Men playing aginst boys..Line men outweighing our guys by 40-50-60 pounds..the playing field is not level but everyone with an opinion out there needs a WINNING fix or bring on the venom..
The Coaches want to win more than You..Yes believe it.. they carry the team..they want it more than you...so think about the blabbering that we see on here. Consider the facts above, and know that you got to crawl, before you walk, walk before you run, and learn the process and execute to win..The Canes will win so be patient..if not go do something else.
Go'Canes Always

@TROCANE...that's because Boise State only plays one meaningful game every year. didn't Michigan State beat them the first game of the year. and you don't think we can hang with Michigan State....REALLY???? our lost are now to the 4th and 5th ranked teams this year, i do believe we played poorly agains North Carolina, but with the youth on our team, it's hard to pull out bad games. if we have the senior leadership like most teams, then i believe Miami wins that game.

You guys have been saying you are "young" for the past 8 years or so. Many elite college football teams rely on freshman and sophomores.

U guys just plain sUck.

Why would anybody want to play in an empty rented stadium?

I predict there will be 60,000 Seminole fans on Saturday, and maybe 5 or 6,000 MDCC grads wearing orange and green.


Uhmmmm, didn't we beat Florida State in Tahallahasee two years ago, with a Sophomore QB....and didn't NC State beat Florida State this year, and we beat NC State. So Canes Fans are already giving up...WOW!!!!!
GO Canes

Since the move to Dolphins stadium, the u has lost every home game to FSU. 40+ points by FSU the last two games there.
Five of the last seven in the series, regardless of where they played.

miami's D=Murray State.

That will be the problem, not the QB.


It is a 2 Game Season...Beat VT and Duke...ACC Coastal Champs...That would be a very big deal!

Duke has the most challenging schedule to get to the ACC Title Game.

Duke has NC, FSU, Clemson, GT, and UM. I think they lose to FSU & Clemson that would give them 3 Loses going into game with us if they were to beat NC & GT. It makes for a must UM win.

VT has the most favorable schedule to the ACC Title Game.

VT has @Clemson, @UM, FSU, @BC and UVA. UM needs to beat VT, and a VT Loss to Clemson or FSU.

That is the way I see it has to happen.

A UM win vs FSU would be great, but it is not needed to get to the ACC Title Game. USF does not matter either for the ACC Title Game.

FSU & USF are for bragging rights and recruiting. At this point, I think UM only gets the kids how want to be Canes. I do not think they are going to get any kids who dont care about being a Cane.

Quite frankly, I dont think any of us want kids who care less who they play for...

BTW, an ACC Title Game wold be the UM Bowl Game...

If UM were to win the ACC Title Game, and earn a BCS Game, I think they would still self impose on that to show the NCAA they gave up the big time in hopes of a lesser penalty from the NCAA.

With that being said, I am not sure this UM Team is ready yet for a BCS Game. I feel they are moving in that direction, but they are not there yet. I am not sure they get there with 5 or 6 more games this year.

Go Canes!

PLEASE stop sweating the Morris or QB situation, its not as if where going to score 60 with Morris to win anyways..Doen't matter either FSU will have the ball most of the game scoring at pleasure with 10 minute drives.
And remember thanks to DNO there will be talk of EJ MAnuel for Heisman!!! Just every other QB that faces our PATHETIC Putrid D!!!

I just love it when I hear Canes fans with such a defeatist attitude. The "swagger" is most certainly gone. I truly hope you win the Coastal division. I dream of my team beating Miami twice in the same year! Do you really think Morris would make a difference? C'mon Man! Go Noles! >-}}}}}}}->

Junk, I believe with a week of practice WIlliams will be ready and I think alot of people may be surprised by how well he plays. Personally the smart thing is to rest Morris unless he is absolutely healthy or it is an emergency situation simply because this game will have no bearing on whether we win the coastal division or not assumming we take care of business against the other coastal teams on our schedule.

Hey nole win 4 u! U dream of beating us twice. But we did beat u twice! One in a BCS game(orange bowl) u bafoon!!!! Chris Prix was 0 and 5 in 4 years u intolerant puke!!!! Wide right and wide left u!!!!!

Posted by: rc | October 18, 2012 at 02:34 PM

Do you even look at what are playing? They have one freshmen in their two deep, and we have NINE. Thanks for playing...

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat | October 18, 2012 at 03:27 PM

Yea, if those seniors blow it. See NCState and BC...

Cool Cat,

Its the lack of experience not the age that makes the difference. The Howard post is a perfect example of a young kid who had to adjust to ncaa speed and the demands on him.

This isnt an excuse, its reality. Who have these kids watched to see how its done, Telemaque?

Posted by: Canesjunkie | October 18, 2012 at 04:10 PM

This. Is. Awesome!

Are you talking about our senior safety that a WR blew past him because he was jumping the flat? Let me repeat that. A safety was jumping the flat. In my playing experience, it's usually just LBs and CBs you see in the flat (cover 3 and cover 2 respectively).

And if we were in cover 0, he sure looked like he was trying to cover two dudes, while letting his man run by him...

By reviewing the play again, we were in cover 3, LBs were in the flat. VT was clueless yet again...

Make that cover 2, he had deep half.

What we really need is for this team to get a bowl bid that it can decline as yet another self-imposed penalty related to that ponzi scheme moron.

Morris will Play.

Hopefully Canes keep it close. And watchout for the Money Line!


Remember...many of our seniors left the Hurricanes recently...they are now in the NFL!
The Hurricanes deserve all our support! Win or loose.
They still have more big Freshmen and Sophomores still yet to play! Wait for this team in 2013-2014! I feel they will be even bigger and better! Go Canes!

Yes the Hurricanes do need our support. Wine or lose they are still our team. How can they get better if some of you so call fans keep putting them down and making them think that no one really cares or supports them. Some one has to win and some one has to loose. That does not make the losing team bad or not trying hard enough to win. Their day will come and then everyone will jump on the band wagon. But a true Cane fan sticks with them no matter what the out come is. Come on, support this team and make them know that you know that they are doing their very best to be your team win or lose......A win against FSU would really be sweet.....oh yea.

Al Golden, Can you please offer this kid a Scholar ship. He would love to see South Beach and kick 67 yard field goals all day...


Funny reading RC's post, sure Alabama has 41 FR or R-FR on the roster, but not in the two deep. It's a big difference and I would imagine even you can figure it out, maybe. UM really breaks downs with 64 players either FR, R-FR or SO. on the team. Given the fact that we started the season at 79 players and have four out for the season w/ surgeries and another 4-5 unable to play this week, that leaves us with 69-70 players active and 64 of them are as noted above, FR., R-FR. or So. Now do you get it? This is about as young as a team can get.

@ UGoCane couldn't agree with you more on ur earlier post about the patience of our fans. It drives me nuts to read people shouting fire golden Andes will never win with this staff, etc. Unfortunatelyim far away from Miami out of state and go to all the away games that I can. However, if I was in distance to go to sun life every home game and support our canes I would. This team is starting talent that is solo young. Although its not very pretty right now, it will pay off in the end.

What I REALLY hate, is the supposed fans do not realize the damage they are continuing to do when they get on these blogs bashing players and coaches. Do you idiots not realize not only are you deterring recruits from wanting to come here and probably making some of the current players feel they would be more welcome by transferring to another program. And PLEASE SUPPORT THESE GUYS ON GAMEDAY! If u were a kid coming in for a visit to watch the canes against a conference foe and seen an empty stadium...would u wanna come an play here?? Be patient...if u have payed attenting to everything Golden is doing, u would realize this is the right guy for the job. Believe it or not...we are BUILDING a program! GO CANES!

For the last time bunch of dUmmys, it doesn't matter who your QB is. You will get destroyed. Might as well play Highsmith like Cool Cat says or go with Lucy and play Crow. Save your QB for teams you may be competitive with like Duke, UVA and USF.
This game will be a beat down in front of a Garnet and Gold crowd. The 5k or so of you thinking of showing up might as well stay home next to a box of kleenex.

I don't think it's impossible to pull off the upset (The Wolfpack sure did), but it'll be very difficult. FSU's front seven is amazing, but their secondary can be passed on. Clemson, South Florida, and NC State all did it for example. The key will be giving Ryan Williams a little time in the pocket. Kehoe will have to get his o-line ready for whatever the Noles front seven throw at them. Thankfully the line at least isn't as porous as years past.

Defensively I would say load the box to stop the run, and dare Manuel to beat you with his arm/head. If you put the game on his shoulder/arm I think he has a good chance of crumbling. He's never been a great passer, and Miami is at least pretty good at forcing turnovers. I can see the secondary picking up a couple of picks from errant passes by Manuel.

The three things Miami cannot have in this game are:

1. Dropped passes
2. Multiple missed field goals
3. Self-defeating penalties

It's not impossible even if not probable, but Miami can pull off the upset.

Also to RC... I count 14 seniors/juniors (8 of which are seniors) starting for Alabama (Not even looking 2 deep). That's compared to the 9 Miami has (Only 2 of which are seniors). Now tell me again that Alabama has the same number of youth starting again.

Miami is a very young team composed largely of sophomores and freshmen. Some of you may not like to read that, but I don't care. The facts are the facts. This weekend's game we'll also be one less junior with the loss of Morris, and a sophomore getting the start.

Regardless of what other self-proclaimed Canes fans here want to say, I am sticking behind the school, players, and coaches. All I have to do is look at the play of the Shannon recruits versus Golden recruits. Why do you think the emerging leaders for the team are players like D. Perryman, E. Johnson, D. Johnson, D. Bush, and others like them? They are all Golden's guys. Also look at the o-line that's been doing a pretty damn good job. With the exception of Linder they are all Golden recruits (Assuming the freshman E. Flowers gets the start again).

I'm keeping the faith, and PROUDLY proclaiming...


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