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The nation notices Phillip, to heck with the cold and it looks as if Seantrel is the favorite to start against Notre Dame

We had our news conference with Al Golden today.


While the ailing UM defense has gotten back middle linebacker Denzel Perryman, as you know, it has likely lost starting defensive tackle Olsen Pierre for the Notre Dame game. Pierre did not practice Tuesday again. Golden said he was "doubtful'' for Saturday. The coach said Corey King will likely replace Pierre, and freshman Dequan Ivery will be included in the rotation. Ivery has not played yet.

Defensive end Shayon Green (knee) wore a yellow (limited) jersey in practice Tuesday, as did linebackers Jimmy Gaines (ankle) and Perryman (ankle). You've got to figure that UM coach Golden is being cautious and making sure these guys don't get hurt more, or again, leading up to the game. Shayon, I've noticed, has been limping at times on that same right knee on which he's had two reconstructive surgeries. And Jimmy was sidelined Monday with a boot over his left ankle.


UM sophomore Phillip Dorsett has had two breakout games in a row, and the nation has noticed. The Tallahassee Quarterback Club Foundation announced Tuesday that Dorsett was one of 11 receivers added to the Biletnikof Award Watch List. Dorsett, who went to Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas High, leads UM with 28 receptions, 464 receiving yards and three touchdowns through five games. He had a career-high nine catches for 184 yards at Georgia Tech and then outdid that with seven catches for a career-high 191 yards and two touchdowns against North Carolina State last weekend.

 "I honestly didn't even know that,'' Dorsett told me Tuesday. "It's a great honor, obviously. Every receiver wants to be on that list, but I'm focusing on Notre Dame. We've got to go out there and get that W.''

Junior Allen Hurns was on the Biletnikoff Award Preseason Watch List.


*Golden was asked what he thought of neutral site games.

"Well,'' he answered, "I'd prefer it to be neutral.''

*The game Saturday at Soldier Field is technically a neutral site (less than a two-hour drive from South Bend, Indiana), but everyone knows it's a home game for Notre Dame. The Irish will serve as the home team and will have basically the entire stadium rooting for them. (Or at least most of it! The Canes fans will do their best to be heard, I'm sure. They are a devoted bunch when we see them at away games.)

I was told by UM that Canes fans have three separate scattered sections at Soldier Field.

*When Golden was asked about the Canes' second- and third-quarter lulls (UM has scored 47 points in those quarters compared to 125 points in the first and fourth quarters), he said, "I wish I had the answer to that. We're constantly striving for consistency and yet we're inconsistent... Sometimes that just comes with experience.''


Seantrel Henderson has the edge to start at right tackle, judging by Tuesday's practice.

"If I had to tell you just by observing,'' Golden said, "I would tell you Seantrel was better than [Ereck] Flowers today.''

The Canes now don't have two offensive tackles for this game: Ben Jones, who has an injured foot; and Jermaine Johnson, who is not on the team right now, Golden told us Monday. That will put a lot more pressure on the UM line, which is going against a great defense. They'll need their conditioning to come through Saturday.

*Miami practices tomorrow morning, but Golden has cut off access to the players after today. We usually get them on Wednesdays.


Al Golden wants no excuses about the cold that is expected Saturday in Chicago. As of 4 p.m. Tuesday, weather.com had Saturday's nighttime low for Chicago at 37 degrees and the high that day at 51 -- with 20 percent chance of rain and winds at 16 miles an hour.

Keep in mind that the game begins at 6:30 p.m. Chicago time, 7:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

"I hope we're not to the point where we have to all huddle around the heater,'' Golden said. "I hope we're all tough enough to just go out and play.''











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Miami's defense has to win the game for us. They cant let our offense sit on the bench, wet and cold waiting to get out there. ND offense will try to "ice" our offense with the slow grind. Morris needs to get in a rhythm early...not sit on bench 1/2 a quarter. 7:30 game will get cold as the night progresses. That turf there is terrible. its very slippery when wet and hard as a rock. Injuries are a concern. well see

COLD??.that's perfect weather....no randy shannon on the sidelines this time..big al will have them ready....i'm sick of hearing about ND...take it to them............please.

Last few games Miami has played in cold weather. I mean cold weather below 50 degrees:

Fiesta Bowl- Arizona 2003 L Of course it was highway robbery. we all know that

Micron PC Bowl in Boise Idaho vs Nevada- 25 degrees in the 3rd quarter- Miami wins but it was very close

Champs Bowl in Orlando- not quite 49 degrees but it was cold. vs Wisconsin- L

Sun Bowl vs Notre Dame- 45 degrees. -L

These boys need to forget about the cold and concentrate on playing cane football

hows this then, lol

lets see.....on the defensive side we used to have
dave wannstedt
butch davis
gary stevens
sonny lubrick
tommy tuberville
bill miller
greg schiano
chuck pagano
even randy shannon who did a terrific job as DC.....now we settle for Mark D'onfrio
1980 yards @ 495 per game so far / which is already half of last years total @ we give 33/39 poins on average to the other side...wonderful

I am sure they will...its just risky to go long with 36' and a wet hard field. ND had 5 interceptions against Michigan....morris cant have that since the ND offense will grind it out and keep us on the bench. I am sure we will go conservative unlss the defense breaks down....ND is shaky at quarterback..thats where we have to attach. keep morris on the field...thats how we win. it will be in the end who is in better shape.

never any news re Curtis Porter

notre dame will be in better shape. they have a bigger, tougher line on BOTH sides of the ball. that is where we lose the game. its time to see some special coaching, game plans not like we have seen from our own canes. if we play off, def and sp teams the same as we have, it wont be pretty. imagination is needed here,ND wont let dorsett get behind them like last week. miami will have to earn their scores, morris will have to be special, smart and mobile, and patient. GO CANES

@CanedudeRETARD....Shannon wasn't there the last time.

Gary Stevens was an Offensive Coordinator, not Defensive. Don't forget, we also had Tom Olividatti, also a bend, but don't break DC. I really hope Dino, is better than Olvidatti.

Well this is where our DC can earn respect....what does he have that is exciting and will confuse the ND offense? Does he have formations drawn up that have never been seen before? How do we pressure the nd qb?....he is shaky, last week he had to be bailed out to win against michigan. Will we capitalize on that? or will he be on a sightseeing your like Rettig and klien and glannon.....and have a banner day passing after nd runs the ball and the pass lanes open up for them.

nope.....gary stevens was first defensive backfeild coach for us I remeber. The point is we have had great defensive personel.....lets not spoil the tradition...DC show us if you can fill those shoes.

These Baby Canes are growing up fast and are going to shock the Football World with a win on Saturday night.
It will be a high scoring game and the Canes win by 3. There is something about these kids---first they believe in themselves and secondly they are hungry. They have the mentality of the kids that Butch Davis recruited his first year. By the way Al Golden can coach----Can't stand the rumors of him going to Arkansas and believe that is pure crap. This guy is a keeper.......

Manet forget it, D'Fino has no clue. Here's a exampleL

Anthony Chickallo and Javon Clowny both was All-Americans in high school. Number 1 and 2 respectly.

Javon had a monster freshman season and Chickallo we tried to put the blame on his weight. They both weigh the same their freshman year amd this year Chick has put on 20-25lbs during the off season.

Ok second year same results for Chick and better year for Clowny. This is all coaching, Im putting the blame of Jethro Frankling and D'Fino. Period

take ova the defense AG

man to man, b;itz like hell, and turn monsters loose on defense

Leggo Canes

Hate to see Pierre out for the game. A lot to ask for the freshmen to step up. Hope they are up to fierce play, and making a statement!

O Line must knock around ND's defense. Run and pass balance would be nice, especially if weather is poor.

But we got the speed...

Run Duke wide with pulling linemen out front.

Our guys will show up. This team has true heart.


I'll be there and I'll be heard.

1. Better have turtlenecks under uniforms and jackets for players on the sidelines.
2. Better have four down linemen, LBs up close, man to man in pass defense, free safeties, and blitzes.
3. Better throw 10-15 yard passes.
4. Better be blocking LINEMEN!!!!
Game is won in the trenches.

OH, BTW, Notre Dame past HEAD coach said on ESPN talk show that Miami is NO competition for ND this year.
Someone should mention that to Golden and to the Cane players.

it is our chance and Our JOB as Canes fans to support these guys! God knows they want to beat ND. How about someone step up and lead this team to victory! play hard fast and smart...nobody thinks we can win this...all the experts pick ND...let them...we dont need anyone but the 11 on the field and all the cane fans around this country pulling for them! not to mention the ex canes on the sidelines showimg Unity!

Pierre is the lone bright spot on the DL. U cannot keep giving up 30-plus points a game and 500-plus yards a game and expect the offense to rally and rally and rally and rally. KSU dropped 52 points on UM because they knew what was what.

The secondary is garbage. Telemaque: if U are hurt, don't play. Some of us who've played the game understand injuries even the smallest of them.

LB's: keep up the good work. Paul, Perryman and Johnson: I want to see some HITS and STPS. Cain: Show the follish DC that U are the real deal. Cain has the size, speed and intelligence to be a factor, unfortunately he's a victim of the schemeless, stuntless, disguiseless and "traffic cop" oriented D.

Fact: UND has some smart players. They all value going to class and approach the game a little differently. They are nice mannerable guys, but they also come to play and win.

Rchy12: Exactly: Don't let UND offense get into flow. Blitz, disguise Cain, Johnson on blitz, Perryman, Paul protect the run. Telemaque, assuming U are not hurt: Line up on left side, then right then center, make the O think about your presence, show me some blitz from defensive backfield, don't forget to get back in coverage, patrol like a S should. I have seen Telemaque turn people's lights out.

DL: Tis is where I am comment-less.

ND quarterback situation is where we need to exploit. Everet Golson is not a closer....always bring in tommy rees.....this is wher we can nail them. But it requires our defense to have schemes that confuse their offense. ND has handed our DC a gift....lets see what he has planned for it....it we play the same old way and no new adjustments to give us an advantage here...then he should be shot.

Mike S,

You'd think you would actually look at the lines heights and weights before you post complete BS. Notre Dame is not bigger on both sides of the line. Miami has one of the largest O-lines in all of CFB. Malcolm and Seantrel are the largest bookend tackles in all of CFB. In fact, Miami's O-line is way bigger than ND's O-line.

Miami's O-line averages 6'6"- 317lbs
ND's O-line averages 6'3.5"- 304lbs

LT- Malcolm Bunche 6'7"- 323lbs
LT- Zack Martin 6'4"- 304lbs

LG- Jon Feliciano 6'4"- 314lbs
LG- Chris Watt 6'4"- 310lbs

C- Shane McDermott 6'4"- 296lbs
C- Braxton Cave 6'4"- 304lbs

RG- Brandon Linder 6'6"- 312lbs
RG- Mike Golic 6'3"- 295lbs

RT- Seantrel H. 6'8"- 340lbs
RT- Chris Lombard 6'6"- 309lbs

I won't even get into Defense because no way ND stops Miami's running game with that 3-4 base defense they're running. Everybody knows this to be true because that jackass Canesfan 72 "curse" says it in every post. Miami's 4-3 hybrid defense is going to win the game for us.

Oh wait, you can't rely on what trolls say about our defense.

ND's defense may be big in the front 7 but they have not seen Miami speed on offense this season. If this becomes a shootout Miami will spank them.

Everything will have to go right for UM to win this game. I just want to see good effort and intelligent playing. I'm certainly not expecting a win. UM's defense is just not ready for the big-time yet and will make ND's offense appear much better than it is.

Notre 49 UM 24

Good answers there Mr. Ibis. I guess I just assumed this in the way we seem to get pushed around against "good" teams. Fact is, we have only played one good team so far, and we know how that went. Sat. will be a true test to whether we have really improved or we just got lucky against GT and NCState. I don't believe they will let us run like you say, they will make Morris perform, along with the receivers. I just hope we have improved.

@fightinglbis you gave UM too many pts, more like ND 49 - um 10!!!!!

I agree alot of things are working in Notre Dame's favor for this game. First the game is scheduled as basically a home game for Notre Dame, the time of the game which will begin in the late afternoon also does not bode well for our team. Just as last weeks game the weather advantage was ours and this week it is suppose to be cold. The plus side to this is our QB has a strong arm and the wind should not be an issue.
Everything on paper says we should lose this game but I am wondering how much of this has to do with the showing we had at the last Sun Bowl game when we had no HC and we were a much weaker team physically and mentally. Rees doesn't have that strong of an arm and the guy that started for them the last few weeks is young but dangerous as a runner. Great that we have Denzel back though. I know one thing that is for sure whether we win or lose this team will not quit and besides logically speaking this game is not our ultimate goal this year. Winning the Coastal and getting to the ACC title game and winning it is our ultimate goal this year. But to win this game would be oh so sweet.

Pay attention to detail throughout the remaining practices this week, and carry that same approach into the game. This game is there for the taking, everyone has to play within their capabilities, and follow the instructions and game plan of the coaching staff.

Canehater "curse",

Talking to yourself again? I didn't make any predictions. Your life is that miserable and you're so stupid this your lame ass attempt at trolling? Jump! Pull the trigger already! Suicidal loser...

Mike S,

I figured that would be your response. More BS to help out your original BS huh? Hell you're probably just another curse screen name anyway. Miami was picked to lose to GaTech and NC State but now that they upset them they're no good right? The only team that pushed Miami around was KState and they've beaten OU and are undefeated. Were you expecting National Championship this year out of this young squad because KState is National Champion caliber. ND has been beaten nobody and aren't on KState's level.

Miami can beat ND if they play 4 quarters of mistake free football. ND refs will do everything they can to make sure ND wins. Can't wait to see the BS calls that go their way.

Ibis, I agree with you. Like Jimmy said and never forget it, don't put the game in the referee's hands or we will lose. I know just from the Ga TEch game the ref's will screw a team over.

Posted by: championships is all that matters | October 02, 2012 at 09:38 PM

Notre Dame has not has a cold weather game either, and a good share of their players are from warm weather climes.
I do agree with those above that we can't let our offense sit on the sidelines for a 7-8 minute (15 real minute) drive.
I hope if we win the toss, we DON'T defer, but receive, windy field or not.

Posted by: FightingIbis | October 02, 2012 at 10:05 PM

Ibis, UM has a LONG history of being hosed by the officials when playing ND.
Do we know, as the away team, if the officials are ACC? I thought the NC state crew did a pretty much even handed job. No holding calls on our TD's etc.
I'd rather have an SEC crew if not, as they will do all in their power to keep Alabama, LSU, etc as the prominent undefeated teams.

ND would only schedule Miami if Miami's home game was at a Neutral site in their backyard. If this is our home game then they get their refs as well. They also got a buy week which means an extra week to heal and prepare. LOL! Talk about BS. Typical chicken shyt ND. Might as well call themselves the Gayturds...

They get home field, their own refs, and an extra week to prepare for a young underdog team that they should beat easily. Miami has nothing to lose and ND has everything to lose. How sweet it would be to beat these child molesters even when they set the game for ND to win.

Preview: Miami (Fla.) Hurricanes at No. 9 Notre Dame Fighting Irish
By Matt Rybaltowski | CBSSports.com

October 2, 2012 6:58 pm ET

1 | Comment

Notre Dame DE Stephon Tuitt (left) and the Irish will look to slow Miami's explosive offense Saturday night at Soldier Field. (US Presswire)

Miami (Fla.) (4-1, 3-0 ACC) vs. No. 9 Notre Dame (4-0) at Soldier Field

Kickoff: Saturday, 7:30 p.m. ET (NBC)

Spread: Notre Dame by 13

Watchability: High. Nearly 25 years have passed since the famed Catholics vs. Convicts game in 1988, a 31-30 victory for Notre Dame. The Irish clinched the win when the Hurricanes failed to convert on a two-point conversion with 45 seconds left. It marked the first of back-to-back matchups in which the winner of the game went on to become the national champion. The schools have combined for 13 Associated Press National Championships in their respective histories. The series ended in 1990 when then No. 6 Notre Dame outlasted No. 2 Miami 29-20. The teams have not met in a regular-season game since. With a win, Notre Dame will improve to 5-0 for the first time since 2002.

Shining stars: Notre Dame: Manti Te'o. The Butkus and Lombardi Award nominee has forced five turnovers (three INTs and two fumble recoveries) in four games, which equals the total for No. 14 Oregon State and No. 17 Oklahoma combined. Irish defensive coordinator Bob Diaco says Te'o swarms the ball like a 210-pound linebacker but hits with the ferociousness of a 250-pound defender. Although Diaco's proclamation that Te'o is the best football player in the land might be an overstatement, Te'o should merit consideration for All-American honors if his stellar play continues. Miami: Stephen Morris. In last week's 44-37 win over NC State, the junior quarterback had 271 passing yards at the end of the first quarter. Since 2004, only three quarterbacks in FBS have thrown for more yards in a quarter. How impressive was Morris' performance? Consider this: The Irish are only allowing 178.75 passing yards per game and have yet to allow a 200-yard passing game this season. Morris finished with a school and ACC conference record 566 passing yards. Morris leads a quick-strike offense that has 12 scoring drives of two minutes or less this season. Notre Dame is accustomed to getting off the field. In a 20-3 win over Michigan State on Sept. 15, the Spartans ran 17 plays in Irish territory. In the second half, Michigan State had just one play past midfield and ended all eight of its drives in its own territory.

Who could steal the show:

Notre Dame: Tyler Eifert. Irish coach Brian Kelly is searching in vain for ways to increase the senior tight end's production. Opposing defenses have rolled their coverage in Eifert's direction to limit Notre Dame's top offensive threat. Eifert is averaging 17.6 yards per catch but only has nine catches this season. Miami must avoid explosive gains against Eifert like the 58-yard reception it allowed to Kansas State TE Zach Trujillo last month. Miami: Duke Johnson. The freshman running back has had a schizophrenic opening to his career. He rushed for 58 yards combined in games against Kansas State and NC State, including 19 in the 39-point loss to the Wildcats. In Johnson's three others, he's rushed for 301 yards (8.85 yards per carry) and four touchdowns. If Johnson can force an additional safety in the box it might prevent the Irish from doubling Hurricanes receiver Phillip Dorsett. In Miami's last two games, Dorsett has 16 catches for 375 yards and three touchdowns.

You going? Ranking the road trip: In an effort to boost recruiting, the Notre Dame athletic department is looking to schedule one game a season at an NFL stadium each season. Soldier Field is fewer than 100 miles from South Bend. The atmosphere should be electric.

Magic number for Notre Dame: 3.5. The Irish are ranked ninth in FBS in sacks per game with 3.5. Sophomore Stephon Tuitt has six and is ranked second in the nation with 1.5 sacks per game. If the Irish can pressure Morris, they may keep Miami off the board. Notre Dame is allowing just nine points per game.

Magic number for Miami: 32. The Hurricanes can put up points in bunches but have had trouble stopping opponents. Miami has allowed 32 points or more in all but one game this year. With the Hurricanes' offense facing its most daunting test of the season, it will need help from the defense.

The game comes down to: Eliminating deficiencies. Notre Dame is ranked 84th in rushing offense (140.25 ypg) but will have a sizable advantage up front. A starter on the Irish offensive line weighs an average of 304.4 pounds -- 20.1 pounds more than their counterparts on the Hurricanes' defensive line. Miami's pass defense is No. 91 (269.0 ypg), but Notre Dame's inconsistent passing attack also failed to crack the top 75.

Prediction: Miami 28, Notre Dame 27.

nd plan is to keep morris on the sidelines.....they are going to try to ice our offense. nd will let their defense win the game for them in the end. however from reading coach kellys transcript from the nd website....they are gonna try to go fast with their offense to match ours. tommy rees will be their trigger man from the spread offense

"Q. Miami has shown a penchant for throwing the ball deep. How does that affect your team offensively this week?
COACH KELLY: No, it just means that we're not going to be facing a one dimensional team. Obviously they're going to want to stretch the field. They're looking for one on one match ups. They're trying to stretch the football down the field. Look, a good defensive team has got to be able to play both the run and the pass. So this will be a challenge for us. But it's not just for our four guys in the back end. It's linebackers being in the right place. It's getting pressure on the quarterback. It's just another really good challenge for our defense as we move forward"

see this is where our defense hurts us....if nd is successful stoping morris and the deep ball....will our offense wilt and give the game away?

typo....defense wilt and give the game away

Q. You mentioned Miami's tempo is a defense that likes to rotate play to play with personnel. What kind of challenge does that present to Bob and how he's shuffling personnel in and out?

COACH KELLY: Yeah, that certainly, they don't play the whole game that way, but certainly they're going to use tempo to try to keep personnel groupings but it works both ways. That means they can't change personnel either. It changes things for our personnel groupings going in. But it definitely limits them as well. So we're prepared to play no matter which way it happens.

cane defenses in the past never did this....always basically the same players all 4 quarters

Love the positivity I'm finally seeing here guys. Good stuff. I'm gonna stick with my previous prediction that the Canes will win 21-14. I'm seeing a big run from Duke Johnson to the house and 2 receiving TDs from either of our WRs. I would love to see Dorsett smoke'em down the sideline looking back at them.

As I said before. Look at NDs schedule and the points that they have put up. Then look at the schedules of those they have played. Not impressed one bit.


Jim Gallo,

The Canes defenses of the past were also playing upperclassmen. When you have 15 upperclassmen missing from the previous year and you have 19 true sophomores and freshmen in your defensive two deep you have to rotate players until the light turns on. If they're going to have ME's at least let them make them at full speed.

The defense started back to square one this season. There was no continuation from last year. The defense started out as one of the worst defenses in the nation last year. By years end it had progressed by leaps and bounds. Expect the same this year and beyond. Nowhere to go but up until this is a championship caliber D.

Coach D is the goods and he isn't going anywhere.

Jimbo, I have to agree with you. In the past we played with basically our starters and maybe one or two other guys to give them a breather but that was before Florida State started intoducing the spread offense to the whole country. Now you have to rotate players in and out more to keep them fresh and present some assemblence of a pass rush. That is one of the few ways I really see the game has changed. I know this if we can consistently run the ball and hit big plays and stay up on them it will be to our utmost advantage. The game will be decided by our recievers catching balls, Morris making good decisions, our ability to run the ball and our DB's covering their recievers. If we can make them one dimenional and force them to pass then we are in good shape. If not its a toss up. I know this much our QB and receivers have been one of the hottest in the country and theirs has be somewhat influx.

They key for Miami will be stopping the run we do that an force notre shame to pass and beat us we will win. Mike James and our tight ends must find a way to keep the o on the field. There were a lot of good post on here today lets keep that going.

The excuse me.

Tally, I agree with you as long as our DB's make good plays on the ball and our D line gets pressure on Rees. I still feel the freshman QB they have could be their most dangerous weapon against us.

but nd is going after morris in a big way......he is gonna see ALOT of pressure. well have to see how he reacts to being hit on that hard surface...nd weakness is qb and injuries at the secondary so nd will come hard at morris. they have to protect morris and keep him on the field as long a possible. less quick stikes....they have to try to wear nd defense down not the other way around. the enviroment is gonna be hostile both fan base and weather/field....we have never played like that this year. manti te'o looks like he should be in prison...

just read they are gonna start everett golson instead of tommy rees....they are gonna do what they did with michigan.....if goldson wilts....ress comes in to save the day.....see this is where we should win this. our dc better take advantage of this...a nd backfield in a little disarray miami has to come hard at this and create turnovers from the qb position.

Jim, I wonder does this gholsten kid have trouble reading defenses and is he accurate. I really hate Notre dame and haven't watched him real closely to see what the kids strengths and weaknesses are. I know he can run so I would be a little weary of blitzing him unless I spyed him. From what I have seen of him though, he seems to be a passer first and runner second as opposed to Klein at K-state. I know this they had last week to game plan and I know Brian Kelly will have something he hasn't shown yet.

We have a good idea that the conditions on the field will be cold and slick. It would be nice if there was some kind of way we could practice with somewhat those conditions. Obviously its not cold in the gables but maybe the coaches could simulate them practicing on a slick field. I remeber when we played at vtech a couple years back and it was cold and rainy. We did not play well in conditions like our namesake. Soldier field is one of the worst fields to play on. It's patchy and cut high for teams that come in there with a lot of speed. The conditions plus the field conditions will eliminate our speed advantage. Remeber that garbage field we played Wisconsin on in Orlando after the fla state high school championships had been played there and another college team came and played on that field a day before us. Notre dame will have some very physical łb!s that will present a different type of problem for our offense. I do think if our oline takes the game to them then we have a good shot. I also think coach d's scheme fits more for this style of team. I don't think we need to blitz either one of their qb's can pick us apart. We must keep a backer on them in case they try to run with them. Notre dame has had a bye week to prepare as we'll so we will se some new wrinkles. The game would be a nice stage for us to play well and I look forward to Saturday.

The staff could be contacting Hester to get a good idea of how he prepares to play on that field.

Look on the bright side Canes, at least Miami has faced and done well against a 3-4 defense already this season. Dorsett, Scott, and Hurns could give this secondary of ND's fits. They've never seen speed like this and a QB with an arm like Morris's. I truly believe ND hasn't been tested and the bye week could actually hurt them because they could come out a little rusty. As for rain, Miami got a lot of practice time in this offseason in slick conditions. This team has a completely mindset than the weak minded Radio corched teams. This team is Utough ready for ND. What good is a tough front seven if the secondary is getting torched? Look's like we'll pass to open up the run.

Get some Canes!!!


Chicago will turn out to be just like Manhattan.
ND is more like KSU than your typical ACC pansies. Morris will revert back to his usual self with multiple picks. The Catholics will squash the Convicts again.
All your baseless predictions sound the same as what you were saying just before the KSU game. Same empty talk and same results will lead to same despair after your team is exposed again. Play a good team and get beat. Beat a pansie and get all puffed up. Repeat. Losers.

Stating the Obnoxious, you have been right 1 out of 5 games so far with your own "baseless predictions".

We are hittig 80%, you are hitting 20%. You might want to stop putting money on your own "baseless predictions", the shocks in that trailer are not gonna fix themselves, troll.

Still picking UF to trounce LSU? LMAO @ you!

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