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The nation notices Phillip, to heck with the cold and it looks as if Seantrel is the favorite to start against Notre Dame

We had our news conference with Al Golden today.


While the ailing UM defense has gotten back middle linebacker Denzel Perryman, as you know, it has likely lost starting defensive tackle Olsen Pierre for the Notre Dame game. Pierre did not practice Tuesday again. Golden said he was "doubtful'' for Saturday. The coach said Corey King will likely replace Pierre, and freshman Dequan Ivery will be included in the rotation. Ivery has not played yet.

Defensive end Shayon Green (knee) wore a yellow (limited) jersey in practice Tuesday, as did linebackers Jimmy Gaines (ankle) and Perryman (ankle). You've got to figure that UM coach Golden is being cautious and making sure these guys don't get hurt more, or again, leading up to the game. Shayon, I've noticed, has been limping at times on that same right knee on which he's had two reconstructive surgeries. And Jimmy was sidelined Monday with a boot over his left ankle.


UM sophomore Phillip Dorsett has had two breakout games in a row, and the nation has noticed. The Tallahassee Quarterback Club Foundation announced Tuesday that Dorsett was one of 11 receivers added to the Biletnikof Award Watch List. Dorsett, who went to Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas High, leads UM with 28 receptions, 464 receiving yards and three touchdowns through five games. He had a career-high nine catches for 184 yards at Georgia Tech and then outdid that with seven catches for a career-high 191 yards and two touchdowns against North Carolina State last weekend.

 "I honestly didn't even know that,'' Dorsett told me Tuesday. "It's a great honor, obviously. Every receiver wants to be on that list, but I'm focusing on Notre Dame. We've got to go out there and get that W.''

Junior Allen Hurns was on the Biletnikoff Award Preseason Watch List.


*Golden was asked what he thought of neutral site games.

"Well,'' he answered, "I'd prefer it to be neutral.''

*The game Saturday at Soldier Field is technically a neutral site (less than a two-hour drive from South Bend, Indiana), but everyone knows it's a home game for Notre Dame. The Irish will serve as the home team and will have basically the entire stadium rooting for them. (Or at least most of it! The Canes fans will do their best to be heard, I'm sure. They are a devoted bunch when we see them at away games.)

I was told by UM that Canes fans have three separate scattered sections at Soldier Field.

*When Golden was asked about the Canes' second- and third-quarter lulls (UM has scored 47 points in those quarters compared to 125 points in the first and fourth quarters), he said, "I wish I had the answer to that. We're constantly striving for consistency and yet we're inconsistent... Sometimes that just comes with experience.''


Seantrel Henderson has the edge to start at right tackle, judging by Tuesday's practice.

"If I had to tell you just by observing,'' Golden said, "I would tell you Seantrel was better than [Ereck] Flowers today.''

The Canes now don't have two offensive tackles for this game: Ben Jones, who has an injured foot; and Jermaine Johnson, who is not on the team right now, Golden told us Monday. That will put a lot more pressure on the UM line, which is going against a great defense. They'll need their conditioning to come through Saturday.

*Miami practices tomorrow morning, but Golden has cut off access to the players after today. We usually get them on Wednesdays.


Al Golden wants no excuses about the cold that is expected Saturday in Chicago. As of 4 p.m. Tuesday, weather.com had Saturday's nighttime low for Chicago at 37 degrees and the high that day at 51 -- with 20 percent chance of rain and winds at 16 miles an hour.

Keep in mind that the game begins at 6:30 p.m. Chicago time, 7:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

"I hope we're not to the point where we have to all huddle around the heater,'' Golden said. "I hope we're all tough enough to just go out and play.''











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Stating "Curse",

ND is garbage and KSU would curb stomp the piss out of them. They'll be exposed as the overrated frauds they are soon enough and Miami just may be the team to do it.

Let's talk about your chicken shyt Gayturds shall we? LSU is going to bend that douche Muskrat over and stick it deep into the heart your dumpster fire of a program you got up there in Canesville. I see Urban Myth's "the Liar" heart is doing just fine at OSU. He burnt your rising program to the ground and hauled ass out of town for greener pastures on a bed of lies. LOL!!!

Have fun putting that fire out in Canesville. It took Miami 10 years until Golden came to the rescue. Miami is on the up and up and UF will be stuck in mediocrity like the days when that douche Zook was running things.

Man that War Canoe is going to look nice in our new Athletics Building. Golden can show recruits who is the king of FL when they visit.

This is going to test are toughness. I'll never forget the champs bowl game against Wisconsin in our own freakin state. Shannon's weak minded team could not take the cold and looked like little girls.

Also, i'm having nightmares if Tenuta is coaching ND. I remember the fits his defenses at GT used to give us. Blitzing on every play.

I hate to state the obvious, but Miami must play significantly better on defense to have a chance to win. I am hoping they have been holding something back on defense up to this point. If they play the same type of defense they have been playing so far this season they will get blasted. Notre Dame is coming off of a bye week and I am sure their coaches have been studying Miami's defense and are ready to exploit it. Miami must show something new on defense. Come out in a new formation (5-2 or 46) just to throw them off and make them adjust. Playing a soft zone throughout the game again will result in a loss. The young players have 5 games under their belts now so there should be no excuses.

I'm thinking the kids on the D are getting sick n tired of hearing how many yds they give up, and how good the O is.

This is an inner team competition, and I'm thinking they come out and lay the wood to ND, and have the BEST defensive perfomrance of the year, as ND is probably thinking they're going to walk the dog on our D.

This is a motivator for our D and I think they'll answer the bell. God I hope so. GO CANES!!!!!

Gary Stevens was the offensive co-ordinator while at The U Jim Gallo....YOUR CREDIBILITY IS AT ABOUT A 1% SIR. You have no clue about what your talking about. Please stop posting.

ColaCane high on coke wishing for the D to do what they can't.
SunnyDee more cautious but still hoping and praying for some defensive miracle that won't happen.
Wishful thinking, hoping and praying...........
Mike just afraid as he should be
WimpyIbis delUsional and irrational on a jealous rant against the Mighty Gators with his canoe trophy fetish and dreams about recruiting that won't come true
GoldencrapAge still in denial and also jealous of the best team in the State of Florida.
I state the facts, you choose to get mad, you don't wanna hear the truth cause it hurts.
Fact is your D gives up close to 500 yards per game and about 40 points.
Fact is KSU is the only team you have played that is any good and has a defense.
Fact is you could not score on KSU.
Fact is ND has a good defense.
Add it all up and you get a very educated prediction, pain for the sorry canes, shades of Manhattan.
All your wishful thinking, hoping and praying are baseless.

A top ten opponent, away game, nationaly televised and cold weather. If the "U" happens to pull off this victory, it should be considered one of the greatest of all time. Right up there with beating FSU in 2000, Oklahoma on the road in 1986 and Penn State in 1981. The thing that worries me the most is how this game will affect next weeks game versus North Carolina. A poor showing could mean a big let down for the "U". And that could spell disaster for the North Carolina game.

Strong wind and cold weather are not good conditions for the passing game. In my opinion that means whoever runs the ball more affectively wins the game. Therefore, Defense! Defense! Defense! must show up if we are to have any chance at victory.

Oops I think the Oklahoma game on the road was in 1985 not 1986. In 1986 I believe we played Oklahoma at the Orange Bowl. My bad.

Please forgive me if I am going to strain golden's or his supporters' little pea brain, but

WHY doesn't golden and his staff get ALL of the players ready to play both offense and defense??

IF either the off or def is too long out on the field, put in a sub here and there including first string players on the other side of the Cane team.

Sure, you have to be in shape to play both ways and you have to learn both offense and defense for your position on each side of the ball.

But just like cross training on submarines or in any smartly run business, you have to have people who can do whatever needs to be done anywhere on the line or in the backfield or corners.

Canefan 72, valid question.

He doesn't do that, because the days of playing bth sides of the ball are long gone. The plays on offense and on defense are too complex to just toss them out there and let them play. It is also why no other teams do that anymore, with the rare exception of players like Deon Sanders. When Sam Sheidls moved to defense, there was no longer a chance that he would play offense, because the playcalling is too complex to keep track of, even with imple offenses and defenses.

Commodore Golden man battle stations!
Load the torpedos and missiles! Aim for the Golden Dome.
No you idiot I did not mean my head. I meant the opponent!
Cross train everyone including water boys and mascots. We need as much manpower as possible.
Maybe we can limit the Domers to under 400 yards.
Maybe we can score north of 50 points.
Oh no you sunk my battleship!

Gallo, the field will be fine. Its a pro stadium with top notch field. It does get bad by December after freezing for 2 months straight the grass cant grow.

Would rather have that field than ND home field, they would have stopped cutting the grass 2 months ago.

Al, the Submariner, very creative writing. I love it.
But I think you are right. How can Miama score more than 50 points in the cold with 350 pound ND linemen draped all over our ball carriers, water boys, the Ibis whose goose is cooked.

This game is going to be a repeat of KSU. KSU II. Oh woe is me. Poor little Hurry Canes, so young, so vulnerable, so inexperienced, passing game they have been playing on sandlots since grade school too complicated, cold weather, frostbite, football as hard as a brick,

Just mail in the win to ND. Like ND coach Lou Holtz says, Miami is NO competition for the domers.

Stating, Canesfan72, Al the Submariner "Curse",

You make no bones about being the same person anymore curse. Sounds as if you're one step closer to actually pulling that trigger, jumping off that building, hanging yourself in your mommy's garage. I'm all for it!

War Canoe is in Miami because the chicken shyt Gayturds are... chicken shyt. LOL! Must suck to finally beat the Canes with your best team in history against our worst team in history that came down to the fourth quarter and still not get that handcrafted wooden war canoe back in Canesville. But congrats, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn occasionally. Don't worry, the canoe is safe and sound in Gables and will be proudly displayed for all to see who the kings of FL are in football. It will look nice next to all of our 5 National Championships.

I'll make sure to watch LSU slaughter the yellow turds in the Swamplands of Canesville this weekend. Muskrat is going to lose his cool like he has in every game and I'll be laughing. Why no mention of Urban Myth and his heart conditions? He was going to retire from football and spend time with his family due to heart complications? Then that glorious OSU job came available and he took the promotion from that dumpster fire he created in Canesville. LOL!!! I thought it was really funny when Muskrat hired that fat tub of lard and all you Gayturds told the world that between Muskrats defense and Tub of Lards offense you would be all world last year. Where is tub of lard now? UF already has a second OC under Muskrat? LOL!

And then there's Corrine Brown. Who could ever forget that dumb biotch who gradulated the Gayturds? Go Gata!!! Here's a nice youtube clip if anybody has forgotten.


Commodore Golden I see an ice field up ahead!
Good eye Captain Clueless Morris! Better call in for an icebreaker, that wooden canoe you brought will not be enough.
Who dares bring a wooden canoe to a submarine battle?
Not I, your Captain, the canoe was stolen from our nemesis in the North. Colonel Onofrio thought it would help stop the Domers. Frankly it has failed to stop anyone so far but the Colonel has not another plan.
It is up to me, your Clueless Captain to bail us out. I will try to outscore the Domers.
Good work Captain do not forget the icebreaker!


Al the Submariner "Curse",

Typical Gayturd revisionist history. The War Canoe wasn't stolen. Miami won the last game of the annual rivalry and the war canoe was given to the winner of the annual rivalry. You clowns know what it takes to earn the war canoe back. Man up or STFU!

We all know the Gayturds will never grow a sack so that Canoe will be in the new athletic building forever.

As for Captains, Colonels, Submarines, and Icebreakers? Can't get much gayer than that. Congrats on making gay look gay. That was flamboyantly gay. Maybe you should write a gay love letter to your gay love interest before killing yourself? Just a thought...

Funny how Miami has been picked to lose by every troll hater on this blog as well as the media- going back to the BC game. The only celebrity that I saw pick Miami on ESPN was actually Jerry Jones of the cowboys during gameday. And guess what? in 4 games (BCU excluded)you losers have been wrong 3 times. That's a 75% failure rate thus far. Sound like Obama's economic policies.

Miami vs ND. I say its 50-50. Truth is the Miami team being so youngis very inconsistent. I'm hoping and I am tending to believe it will be 24-13 U.

I'm putting on the ibis hat.

All hands on deck! All hands on deck!
Hey, let go!!!!! I said d.e.c.k. you fool!
Sorry Commodore, I'm nervous regarding our next battle, I hear the Domers are big and strong and don't play nice.
Do not be afraid my Captain, did you bring the icebraker?
Afraid not, remember we hail from Miami. But I got me a thermal blanket and some isotoner gloves. Does that make me like Dan the man?
Fat chance my Clueless Captain. Just go out and execute the plan. Bring in the Air Force, we need lots of fire power to compensate for Colonel Onofrio and his canoe.

Ay Sir, our boys are ready and well bundled up no snow angels on the sidelines this time I promise.

Will someone here at the Herald ever step up and ban this idiot CaneFan72 along with his 5,000 other IDs
Its obvious the shim doesnt know a thing about sports

Oh My!!!

Manny is a your typical lack of morals or ethics journalist "laughable at best". He'll take any traffic he can get even it the majority of the posts are nothing more than flames from a douche Gayturd fan. The curse has been trolling with epic failure for years. He'll commit suicide one day and some new Gayturd douche will take his place. In short Gayturd fans are douchebags...

Very funny that Gator fans STILL come on our blog using other bloggers monikers because they don't have the balls to give their REAL names, lol. Another funny thing is when do the GATORS ever go play in the cold??? NEVER is the answer.

At least Miami heads north EVERY year once or twice. Sometimes to play BC or MD, and 2 or 3 times a year when we were in the Big East. So I think a STFU is in order here.


I second your STFU. Hell the Gators haven't scheduled an OOC opponent outside FL in 25 years. They are the epitome of chicken shyt. But they play in the SEC blah, blah, blah. Nothing but excuses out of those losers from Canesville.

Notre Dame Head Coach Lou Holtz.
"Notre Dame should be in the BCS championship game because on the rest of the schedule Notre Dame has no competition."

Miami is not going to be any competition for Notre Dame.
Notre Dame players are going to use Miami Hurricane players for doormats to wipe their feet on.

Miami players will only be up for this game for the first two minutes. Then, they will fold up like a cheap suit. golden and defunnio will walk around confused like the morons they are. Moron Cane fans will be wailing and bawling talking about next year, just you wait and see. booo hoooo hoooo.

But wait, Miama has a siren and fat shalalhahaalalaaha and dumb coaches. (Other teams have wins.)

Hey Moron from 72 the team is coached by Al Golden not Randy Shannon or Larry COker. This team doesn't quit.

According to Notre Dame Head Coach Lou Holtz, the closest the score is going to be for Miami is zero-zero when the game starts.

Then, Miami players are going to be humiliated like at KSU who is sharing around the number 7-10 BCS ranking, ie, top ten in the country.

And Miami and golden are where? Way off in the distance, light years behind Notre Dame. On the scoreboard, all Miami is going to see is the back of Notre Dame, pulling away.

ColaCane, it is unanimous. They haven't scheduled a road contest outside of FSU and their conference since Big East Syracure HUMILIATED them on the road. Their claim of seeking a "more national schedule" apparently meant grabbing national patsies for home freebies from such places as Louisiana, Montana, and whereever Furman comes from. Cowards, just like their troll.

Miami heads north every year sometimes twice......
Get ready for this.......................
To play Maryland, BC or used to be Big Least teams back when they were really bad......LOL......
Remember when Rutgers was bad, Miami went north to play them, wouldn't play them now. Now Rutgers is better than Miami.
Better stick to Maryland and BC......
Wow cane Moron, that really means something...

Nevin'72 how wide is that pooper now??

Sorry joe.....there was 1 year 1981 where he assisted tom olivadotti on defense. then he moved over to offense as an assistant...thats what I recall. The point is that we have had incredible DC at UM. Mark D'Ofrio?...I dont think so......Everyone knows gary Stevens contribution to Um was on the offensive side of the ball....back in the day all the assistants did different things....

This blog will endure the UF trolls untill next year when we lay the smack down on the Overated gators.
Because no matter if we do good this year, the Mantra will be we didnt play an SEC schedule bla bla bla.

Miami has a better chance at a Conf Champ game this year than the Turds, FACT!

You left out Ohio State....

FightingIbis... your right but they he is a Tool of entertaining. Kinda like my Dog chasing a Laser Pointer

playgames: we will see..rain all day thurs....should dry out somewhat but 50's high for fr/sat...it favors ND. The field will slow us down....timing will be off. Golden will go conservative I bet. Cant afford turnovers with a defense like ND. they will grind the clock and us down. those new uniform look wild....im sure it will get the crowd going....I kinda like them at least they are better than oregons...Miami still has a good looking uniform...with the exception of that one with the sold green helmet...that mad me sick

D'Ofrio has been handed a gift with Everrett Golson (freshman). if he dosent put that kid on his back then he should just quit. This quarterback is VERY shaky and has a confidence problem Brian kelly has been hidding him all week....he knows he is vulnerable.....miami wins thru Golson...make them put in turnover tommy rees...wide recievers are weak and can be jammed easily.....that allows nd qb to put on his back....that 2 QB system never works..no matter what kelly says..thats what hes got. NOW lets see if D'Ofrio can do this.

yes....everyone in the whole world knows soldier field is terrible and slow....what do you know your an idiot class 2016....dumb,young and stupid. lets see cold - possibly wet - yes both play at the same field. nd is running the ball until lanes open up...kelly says he wants higher scoring game and will go down field but the Wide outs are fair and the kid will be nervous....nd runs and grinds it out early....miami offense sits on the bench blowing their breath in their gloves. the spread is 13....but i think this will be a low scoring game...not like everyone says.

Look! Lets give credit to young men where its due. ND is playing well and we have a serious challange on our hands. I was surprised they handled MSU so easily. Our out classed DC has to mix up the schemes and forse them to do things not their strengths. We certainly cannot give up huge chuncks on the ground. I really don't want to be miserable again or watch mistake filled football.

It's over.
Miama won't even show up except to go through the motions and pick up their show up check.

The Cane players or coaches have probably been paid to take a dive so the Chicago bookmakers can win on the over spread.

WOW Dicky
You have been a busy little Dicky today.
I have to admit I smiled at Al Submariner.
Enjoy your hate.
Canes win the game late 34-24. D comes up with score late to clinch it.
As always
IT'S GREAT TO BE A MIAMI HURRICANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ wimpyIbis

You said KSU was over rated, before they humiliated you.
You say ND is over rated, they will destroy you
You say the Gators are over rated, we will whip you again next year just like the last time we played.
You say FSU is 3rd in the state, they will cream you again just like last year.
The canes are not like old money, the canes are a has been, an after thought, a shadow of a football program.
Your reality is play a good team and get whipped, beat a pansie and get all wet. DelUsional fools.

Another moronic post on the site of a team it doesn't like.
Just stating the obvious!

Just stating another obvious
IT'S GREAT TO BE A MIAMI HURRICANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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